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The GameCube apparent the aftermost time Nintendo fabricated a acceptable home console. Despite actuality priced competitively, it launched able-bodied over a year afterwards the PS2 and at about the above time as the Xbox, and concluded up finishing in third place. 

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That’s because the animate aloof didn’t accept the colossal third-party abutment of its competitors – the generation’s blemish hit, GTA, skipped the GameCube entirely. The alone Metal Gear bold on Nintendo’s apparatus was a remake. Mainline Final Fantasy entries abhorred the console, aloof like they did during the N64 era. But that doesn’t beggarly the animate lacked a abundant library – Nintendo consistently turns out abstract for its own hardware, and the GameCube has a ton of absurd games. 

Below, we’ve angled up 20 of the best GameCube games, from Accident Bros to The Simpsons: Hit and Run, the closing of which one affiliate of the TechRadar aggregation insisted on abacus to the account (sorry, Ikaruga!). If you’re cerebration of starting a GameCube accumulating – get authority of an official basic cable and amateur attending appealing acceptable on a HD TV at 480p – all these titles activity a nice abode to start. 

If Nintendo anytime brings GameCube amateur to the Switch as allotment of Nintendo Online, these are all aerial on our ambition lists. We’ve additionally included two added amateur that you can already comedy on Switch that can’t be absent from any account of the greatest GameCube titles.

Time has been affectionate to Wind Waker. Admitting its cel-shaded activity appearance drew some side-eye at launch, it’s age-old a lot bigger than added amateur from the era, and gave a bearing of Nintendo gamers a wide, accessible sea to biking in that acquainted abundant (even if the GameCube’s limitations meant that absolutely wasn’t the case).

Set in a adaptation of Hyrule area best of the commonwealth is underwater, and your assembly are pirates rather than aerial fairies, Wind Waker has a spirit of activation chance clashing its added land-locked predecessors. It additionally appearance a series-best booty on Princess Zelda.

Playing symphonies on your conductor’s billy – actually administering the apprehension into music – was a admirable reimagining of Zelda 64’s ocarina, too, alike if the GameCube controller’s C-stick was a bit fiddly to assignment with. 

Surely the Wii U’s HD board will appear to Switch eventually? If not, we’d adulation to revisit the original.

Hit and Run may not be the best graphically able GameCube title, but it was cool accepted – overall, the bold awash 3 actor copies beyond all formats. 

It’s calmly the best Simpsons bold of all time (which isn’t that hard), aggregate a berserk mix of abusive Grand Theft Auto 3-style accessible apple gameplay with the agreeable amusement you’d apprehend to acquisition in your admired Simpsons episodes. 

It’s riddled with glitches and dodgy physics, but it’s acutely fun to comedy a sanitized adaptation of GTA as your admired Simpsons characters, and aggravating to bare a adverse abstruseness involving atramentous Sedans and apprentice wasps in the process. We couldn’t get abundant of it in 2003, and we’re still bedeviled to this day.

The abominable ‘Capcom Five’ activity saw the Street Fighter administrator accomplish to bringing bristles amateur to the system. They were Dead Phoenix (which never came out), offbeat ballista PN03, Resident Evil 4, Killer7 and this game, a side-scrolling beat-’em-up from the administrator of Devil May Cry. 

This fantastic-looking bold is like a exploring a active banana book, and your everyman-turned-superhero appearance Joe has the adeptness to acceleration up or apathetic bottomward time as he punches his way through enemies. Screens become active with enemies, and Joe can contrivance rockets in slow-mo afore punching them aback at his opponents. 

It gets acutely boxy in afterwards chapters, but Viewtiful Joe is one of the best visually characteristic amateur appear on the system, alike if the alternation never got the big sales it adapted afore vanishing into obscurity.

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Award Background Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock – web template design hd | web template design hd

While it lacked a GTA, the GameCube did get a agglomeration of the amateur aggressive by GTA, like the asperous True Crime: Streets of LA and above Simpsons game. But it additionally got the amalgamation to Spider-Man 2, abundantly advised one of the best accountant amateur of all time.

While the PS4 Spidey bold surpasses it in appealing abundant every way, the accessible apple web-swinging in this bold was aloof perfect, and we wouldn’t apperception revisiting it for old times’ sake. The added affair anybody remembers, of course, is Bruce Campbell’s absorbing account of all the tutorials hidden about New York. 

The afterlife of the Dreamcast was a acceptable affair for Nintendo, which got absolute amateur like Sonic Chance 2, Skies of Arcadia and Cool Monkey Brawl out of the deal. But it additionally opened the aperture for collaborations with Sega, including this new adaptation of the fast-paced antagonism series.

And assumption what? It was bedrock hard, but it looked amazing. Sadly, F-Zero has been absent aback afresh (save a Japan-only GBA bold that appear a little later), with Captain Falcon now best accepted for agreeable “Falcon punch!” to newer ancestors of Nintendo fans. 

Modeled abundant added afterwards the N64’s Pokémon Stadium than any mainline Pokémon titles we’d apparent before, Colosseum was a thrillingly accomplished 3D Pokémon game. Set in the arid arena of Orre, it put you in the shoes of an accessible from the nefariously-named Aggregation Snagem (snag ‘em!), with the technology to actually abduct Pokémon from added trainers.

This is still Nintendo, of course, so the bold fabricated abiding you alone blanket ‘Shadow Pokémon’ who bare to be rescued – and concluded up extenuative the day, banausic banausic banausic – but throwing a crooked Pokémon brawl still carries the above chance it did aback in 2004 aback Pokémon Colosseum aboriginal released. Follow-up Pokémon XD is additionally account blockage out, although now you can aloof comedy Brand and Shield on a home console. 

Part first-person ballista and allotment addle chance in the attitude of archetypal Metroids, Prime was one of Nintendo’s boldest reinventions ever. In the easily of Texas-based Retro Studios, Samus Aran was brought into 3D after sacrificing annihilation that fabricated Cool Metroid on the SNES so great. This densely arranged bold is like one continued puzzle, as you bulk out how to use Samus’ accoutrement to adeptness new genitalia of its behemothic map. 

Prime is to Metroid what Ocarina of Time or Cool Mario 64 were to their corresponding series. It’s not a ballista aboriginal and foremost, really, instead absorption on exploration, addle analytic and multi-layered ecology design. With a angry atmosphere and abundant complete design, Metroid Prime absolutely makes it feel like you’re exploring an cabalistic conflicting world.

The GameCube launched in Japan with aloof three games, and this one was Sega’s aboriginal accomplishment on a Nintendo console. You cycle a monkey, in a ball, about mazes abounding with bananas, after absolution your monkey abatement off of the edge. The affair is, though, you don’t ascendancy the monkey – you ascendancy the level, angry your simian acquaintance around.

This is acutely addictive, but Monkey Ball’s absolute abracadabra is arguably in its minigames, which activity some of the best bounded multiplayer adventures on the console. Monkey Target lets you cycle your monkeys off a access and coast beyond an ocean, as you advance to acreage them on specific targets to account points. And Monkey Bowling is absolutely what it sounds like: a monkey in a brawl actuality accursed at some pins, with the aim actuality to get a strike. One of the best Sega amateur ever, and the contempo Monkey Brawl bold didn’t absolutely accept the above effect.

The GameCube Mario Kart isn’t absolutely admired as the best – you’ll appetite Mario Kart 8 on the Switch for that – but its abstraction of two players administration one kart was absorbing at a time aback bounded address was acceptable a big deal. One would drive in the game’s address mode, and the added would use items. Characters had appropriate weapons that were altered to them to accumulate it interesting, andand players could according their boosts at the starting band for an extra-fast kick-off. 

A lot of the advance actuality would become alternation mainstays, too, including Yoshi Circuit and the alienated Baby Park, which is aloof a goddamn oval.  

It’s a arrant abashment that we haven’t apparent an official TimeSplitters board or reboot yet. The TimeSplitters alternation mashed calm brash British amusement (the acceptable kind) with an atrocious bulk of pop adeptness references – and TimeSplitters 2 is the best access of the three. 

Not alone is the history-jumping advance abundant to comedy both abandoned and cooperatively, but it sees you affair a agenda of awe-inspiring and blithely clichéd characters that you can afresh accept alike added fun with in multiplayer. Appetite to comedy as a sexy, abstruse agent? Or a buck in a waistcoat? TimeSplitters 2 can board and that’s what makes it angle the analysis of time. Get it?

Smash Bros on N64 was about a ancestor for what a Nintendo angry bold could be – and Melee accomplished the abeyant into a fast-paced, fan service-packed masterpiece. This is the arrangement for what avant-garde Accident amateur would become, and to a ample annex of fans, it’s still the series’ finest hour (even admitting Ultimate on Switch is the one to comedy these days, aloof for the arduous afflict of characters, worlds and references).

With a awfully broadcast agenda and memorable stages – Big Blue, a affective F-Zero-themed level, has you jumping amid hover cars during a chase – this aboriginal GameCube bold angry Accident Bros into a phenomenon. It’s the console’s acknowledged game, from a time aback the angry bold brand was in decline. 

The GameCube launched after a Mario game, which in hindsight was a weakness – and Luigi’s Mansion, a puzzle/exploration bold that emerged in the deathwatch of the adaptation abhorrence access of the backward ’90s, took its place. This abbreviate but acutely appealing bold has Luigi exploring a abode abounding of ghosts in adjustment to acquisition a absent Mario.

Luigi acquires a Poltergust 3000, which about transforms him into a ghostbuster, and over time, added of the abode opens up for you to analysis out. It’s such a altered alms from Nintendo, but it was a sleeper hit – over a decade later, Luigi’s Abode 2 decidedly broadcast on the idea, while 2019’s Luigi’s Abode 3 was a accident hit. 

The birth of Mario RPGs is still abnormally underappreciated – indeed, AlphaDream, developers of the carriageable Mario and Luigi games, went out of business in 2019. The turn-based 2D Paper Mario games, meanwhile, accept been on aperture aback 2016, with developer Intelligent Systems instead absorption its absorption on Fire Emblem aback then. 

The Thousand Year Aperture was the series’ best entry, a attractive and funny aberration on archetypal RPGs that let you accomplish timing-based moves to enhance your attacks (which the South Park amateur would afterwards evidently rip off). The affairs of accepting addition access feels abbreviate appropriate now, but this GameCube access would be appropriate at home on Nintendo Switch. 

Eternal Darkness suffers from the actuality that best bodies apperceive its best secrets by now. This adaptation abhorrence bold appearance ‘sanity effects’ which are advised to spiral with the player, like authoritative them anticipate their TV has angry itself off, or that you’ve been hit with a accouterments absurdity in the average of the game. 

That fabricated the history-spanning Eternal Darkness into a band hit, alike if it was never a massive arrangement seller. Unsurprisingly, the meta elements of the bold bent the absorption of Metal Gear architect Hideo Kojima, who got developer Silicon Knights to co-create the MGS1 board for GameCube. You can alike see some of Eternal Darkness’s access on allegorical PS4 abhorrence bold PT.

It’s adamantine to aces one Tony Hawk’s bold for GameCube – Tony Hawk’s Underground is addition admired of the TechRadar aggregation – but this is an best admired that represents the alternation at its aiguille in acceptance and acclaim. The blueprint is appealing constant with the PlayStation entries that kicked the alternation off. It’s accessible to aces up and comedy a Tony Hawk’s game, but the accomplishment beam aloof keeps activity as players try and exhausted their own scores.

Let’s achievement the alternation comes aback afresh anytime – Activision’s efforts to animate it in the accomplished decade accept been mostly poor. 

While it absent out on Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, the GameCube got this hardly aberrant board of the aboriginal stealth activity archetypal instead. The Twin Snakes is a nice-looking reinterpretation of the PSone aboriginal that has some of MGS2’s gameplay retrofitted into it, like first-person aiming and the adeptness to adumbrate adversary bodies. 

It’s not absolute – the change in music and voice-acting takes some accepting acclimated to – but it’s a anomaly Metal Gear admirers charge to analysis out. This is still the most-up-to-date adaptation of what’s advised the best in the MGS alternation by abounding fans.

Though a darker booty on the series, Twilight Princess brought an abundantly accurate affection to mainline Zelda games. This is a Hyrule buried in shadow, with aphotic Twili creatures that bead out of portals in the sky – and a accompaniment that rides you about the map while you’re angry into a wolf, abolition Link’s accepted ability of attributes in a accurate (and bestial) twist.

We got some abundant new items, such as the Spinner, or the Double Clawshot that let you shoot at boundless acceleration from bank to bank – and alike if active about as a wolf wasn’t absolutely as agreeable as Link’s accepted brand and bow-based combat, it absolutely befuddled things up.

Rogue Squadron on N64 was a abundant arcade ballista that put you in the cockpit of an X-Wing, A-Wing and more, demography you to a array of locations set in the Star Wars universe. In Rogue Leader, developer Factor 5 set its architect college and approved to bout the accurate attending and complete of the movies exactly, from the way X-Wing engines are lit to the complete of laser building on the Afterlife Star’s surface. 

Considering this is an 18 year-old game, it’s still so abutting to the movies you apperceive central and out. Its aperture level, the advance on the Afterlife Star, mimics the feel of that set allotment so well. Afterwards efforts like the Battles of Hoth and Endor are additionally affably abutting to the absolute thing. Rogue Leader is still a best Star Wars game, alike if it kept its predecessor’s camp adversity spikes.

The third entry, Rebel Strike, has its moments as well, but awry on-foot sections accomplish it the bottom game.

The Mario amateur are already appealing madcap, but Cool Mario Sunshine still feels actual abundant like its own beast. Sunshine’s amount artisan – a baptize jet beggared to your back, which you can use to spray, hover, or rocket-blast into the sky – offers an amazingly fun way to collaborate with enemies, abrade townspeople, and cross the all-embracing platforming of this aggressive 3D game. Sure, you’re about charwoman up graffiti best of the time, but isn’t it nice to accomplish a admirable island apple-pie again?

As the bold that alien Bowser Jr – as a blurred artist, no beneath – gave us blood-tingling bang-up fights on a dispatch roller coaster, afraid races, and the affecting stakes of a plumber aloof aggravating to adore his gosh-darn vacation, this is absolutely a Mario bold you should revisit.

Animal Crossing was appear on the N64 in Japan, afore actuality upgraded and repackaged for the GameCube a little later. This sedate activity sim became an abrupt hit, with players affective into a apple abounding with nice beastly creatures to collaborate with. They bandbox up their abode with appliance and alike playable NES games. 

It’s not the adaptation we’d acclaim arena today – the Switch version, New Horizons, is the one to get in 2020 – but this bold was awfully cogent for Nintendo. It landed appropriate about the time amateur were adorning abroad from absolute genres, and it’s no abruptness players are acutely invested in Beastly Crossing all these years later. 

The GameCube was the animate to own if you absolutely admired Resident Evil. As able-bodied as alms re-releases of Resident Evil 2, 3 and Code Veronica, it was the home of three absolute Resident Evil amateur – Resident Evil 4 (though it eventually concluded up on PS2), Resident Evil 0 and this board of the aboriginal access in the series.

Despite actuality fabricated alone a bearing later, this was a cogent audiovisual check of that aboriginal game, amping up every adversary appointment and set allotment into article scarier. In abounding ways, this was the bold that set the rules of how to board a archetypal finer – Capcom followed the beats of PlayStation aboriginal while abolition amateur expectations. It’s the above access that fabricated Resident Evil 2 Board such a accident hit.

You can already get this one on Switch, and appealing abundant every added animate about these days.

This one is already on Nintendo Switch, too, and it’s still a amusement to comedy today.

The absolute birth of avant-garde third-person shooters goes aback to Resident Evil 4. That over-the-shoulder aiming was taken anon from the game, and begin its way into Gears of War, GTA 4 and aggregate that would follow. Alike admitting it’s not that alarming compared to accomplished Resi amateur – admitting it absolutely has its moments, if you’ve anytime approved cutting the basin abreast the alpha of this bold – it’s a masterclass in set allotment design. 

You comedy as abettor Leon S Kennedy, who’s beatific to a abundance ambit in Spain to retrieve the president’s babe from a agglomeration of fanatics, including a abbreviate demon man who dresses like Napoleon. 

What’s alluring about this bold is how it surprises you at every turn: aboriginal you’re actual a crank aggression while you’re barricaded in a abode with boilerplate to run. Afresh you’re angry an adversary that alone responds to sound, authoritative gunshots potentially baleful for you. And afresh the bold throws a new adversary blazon alleged regenerators at Leon, and they can alone be dead by application a thermal imaging ambit to seek out their organs and sniping them. 

New locations bandy in added threats, complete bang-up battles and the alone button-mashing quick-time contest in history that aren’t a absolute decay of time. Now you can comedy it on appealing abundant every animate going.

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