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Payment fabricated in affiliation with Memberships are non-refundable, whether fabricated online, in-person, or contrarily except as especially declared herein. Online bill payments are currently attainable 24 hours/7 canicule a week. Amuse apprehend the instructions beneath to advance these acquittal methods. You will be appropriate to access your countersign for either an online or blast payment. Associates are amenable for advancement the candor and aegis of your assigned password. To accept a countersign re-issued the Affiliate of Almanac can appeal a displace of the countersign by logging into Anniversary Manager by entering e-mail abode on book and baddest forgot password. Aloft accepting a accurate request, TicketMaster will e-mail a acting countersign to login and reset.

Please CLICK HERE to apprehend the abounding Ticketmaster acceding and conditions, which administer to all Miami Dolphins bold tickets.

To accomplish a acquittal over the internet:

2. Click the figure at the top appropriate MEMBER.

3. Access your Affiliate anniversary cardinal and password.

4. Baddest the balance and access your acquittal information.

To accomplish a blast payment:

1. Call the Miami Dolphins Appointment capital band 1-888-FINS-TIX.

2. Baddest the blast advantage #1 to allege with a adumbrative Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm.

Ticketmaster ‘Ticket Forwarding’ allows the chump of almanac to abolish a “specified bold on the affiliate acceptance card” and advanced a “Virtual Ticket” to a acquaintance or business associate. The “Virtual Ticket” generates a new barcode and is formatted as a printable book (Adobe Acrobat Required). Back printed at home and presented at the gate, the print-at-home acceptance allows acceptance into the stadium. Certain time restrictions and added altitude may administer to Acceptance Forwarding. There are no accuse for acceptance forwarding.

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– Amuse note: ADA sections are aloof for ADA able assemblage alone and their guests. Amuse see barter behavior categorical on this website for added clarification.

NFL Acceptance Exchange: Buy and Advertise Dolphins Tickets

The Miami Dolphins and the NFL accept partnered with Ticketmaster to acquiesce our Associates to column their alone bold tickets for re-sale on a aggregation accustomed website. Once that website is enabled for 2015, Associates can log on to their anniversary via Anniversary Manager and baddest ‘SELL.’ Aloft beat sell, a new browser window will attainable to the NFL Acceptance Barter website area Associates can column their alone bold tickets for sale. Once your acquaint tickets are purchased, the barcodes on your acceptance agenda for the authentic bold are annulled and new barcodes are issued to the buyer.

– Payments/Credits: Once your acquaint tickets are sold, the bulk of the auction bulk is accustomed to either your Associates Account, beneath a 10% fee. Fees and accuse for application the Acceptance Barter anniversary are accountable to change.

Unless a acquittance is requested in writing, that acclaim will abide on your Associates Anniversary and activated to any approaching column division or face-lifting payments. If you do not ambition to accept money from tickets you accept resold through NFL Acceptance Barter accustomed to your Associates account, you may change your Acceptance Barter contour so that any resale money is beatific anon to you. NFL Acceptance Barter Chump Service: 1-888-635-5944 or [email protected]

To go beeline to NFL Acceptance Barter now, amuse CLICK HERE.

– Reminder: The Miami Dolphins Acceptance Appointment and Ticketmaster are the alone official outlets for Miami Dolphins acceptance sales. Tickets purchased through added avenues may be invalid, affected or baseborn and may not be honored.

– If utilizing ADA tickets, amuse chase the barter activity above-mentioned to announcement tickets for re-sale. ADA sections are aloof for ADA able assemblage and their guests only.

Membership Transfers are bound to an “Immediate Ancestors Member” if a claimed account, or an “Affiliate” if a aggregation or accumulated account.

Upon annulment or separation, we will anniversary a acceding acceding assimilation or alteration of associates to one or both of the parties. After acceding or agreement, the tickets shall backslide to the Miami Dolphins who shall accept the appropriate to bisect the tickets amid the parties or contrarily abolish the account.

Please acquaintance a Associates Anniversary Rep to appeal a Miami Dolphins Division Associates Alteration Appointment Anatomy or CLICK HERE for the form. Added acceding and altitude apply, as declared on the form.

A change of abode can be submitted by application any of the afterward options:

1. Complete and abide the abode change anatomy with a accurate photo ID.

2. An abode change can additionally be fabricated via fax (305-943-6811) with a archetype of a accurate photo ID or in being at the Dolphins Acceptance Office. Ensure alert commitment of tickets, notices and added anachronous advice by befitting abode and blast advice accepted on your Associates Account. If you accept assorted accounts, amuse announce all anniversary numbers that are impacted by the abode change. Associates Accounts cannot be afflicted to or appointed as ‘in affliction of’ a being or entity

Change of abode appeal acclimated to avoid the Associates Alteration activity may aftereffect in abolishment of the applicative Associates Accounts.

MEMBER POLICIES (subject to change from time-to-time)

A Miami Dolphins Associates is a capricious authorization issued annually by Miami Dolphins, Ltd. (“Miami Dolphins” or “Dolphins”), as licensor. Payments fabricated in affiliation with Memberships are non-refundable, whether fabricated online, in-person, or otherwise, except as especially declared herein. If a Associates is revoked by Dolphins after cause, Member’s absolute antidote shall be a acquittance of any amounts paid for which no agnate Associates allowances accept been provided, which acquittance determinations shall be fabricated by Dolphins in sole discretion. Associates shall not be advantaged to any acquittance in any added circumstance, including, after limitation, if the Dolphins abjure my Associates for cause, which shall include, after limitation: (i) abortion to accomplish appropriate payments, (ii) abuse of any Miami Dolphins or amphitheater policies, as adapted from time-to-time, including, after limitation, assertive or inappropriate behavior by me or any being that utilizes my tickets, which assurance shall be fabricated by the Dolphins in their sole discretion; (iii) resale of tickets for an bulk beneath than face value. Memberships and Affiliate are accountable to the terms, altitude and behavior (including the “Fan Code of Conduct”), accustomed from time to time by the Dolphins. The accepted behavior may be adapted and/or supplemented at any time by the Dolphins. Any modifications or new behavior will be able back adopted. Associates should not await aloft or accept any apprehension that the behavior anon applicative will be applicative at any time in the future.


Members are admired barter of the Dolphins, the Dolphins will agilely attack to board its customers. However, the befalling to authorization a Associates from year-to-year, at any bench location, is a advantage accepted by the Dolphins, which may be revoked at any time. Neither a Membership, nor the befalling to authorization a Associates from year-to-year, constitutes any anatomy of acknowledged or candid right, including after limitation an accurate or adumbrated contract, lease, option, appropriate of aboriginal refusal, adumbrated trust, or assumption interest. There is no automated appropriate to authorization a Associates from year-to-year, nor is there any acceding that this advantage will be offered or accepted by the Dolphins. Associates should not anatomy any abode of assurance on the advantage to authorization a Associates or Miami Dolphins tickets from year-to-year, nor can there be any accepted appropriate to authorization a Associates annually. The advantage to authorization a Associates and Miami Dolphins tickets from year-to-year is not “property” and creates no acreage rights whatsoever beneath accompaniment approved or accepted law or beneath the United States Defalcation Code. Additionally, bench area shall be accountable to change by the Dolphins in its sole discretion.


Except as especially set alternating in this section, Associates and accounts are nontransferable, including after limitation appointment or alteration to a third-party, change of names (except aloft acquiescence of a alliance affidavit or cloister adjustment evidencing the same), or declared assignments to an “in affliction of” status. A Affiliate may not either voluntarily or by operation of law, assign, encumber, sublicense, or contrarily alteration a Associates (collectively, “Transfer”), EXCEPT that a Affiliate shall be acceptable to Alteration a Associates (i) to an Affiliate if the Affiliate is a partnership, association or bound accountability company; or (ii) to Immediate Ancestors Associates as added declared in the Miami Dolphins Associates Alteration Appointment Form. Associates shall not be accounted to be acreage of an acreage in defalcation and are not communicable beneath the United States Defalcation Code. In the accident that a Affiliate files for aegis beneath any affiliate of Defalcation Code, the accountable Associates shall anon become abandoned and of no added force and effect, and the Dolphins shall be advantaged to resell the Associates to a third-party in its sole and complete discretion.

If the Affiliate of Almanac is deceased, the cloister appointed Claimed Adumbrative may alteration the Associates to one or added of the asleep Division Acceptance Anniversary Member’s Immediate Ancestors Associates as authentic above. The Claimed Adumbrative charge accommodate affidavit by the courts acceding him or her to act in that accommodation and advice or affidavit to authenticate that the transferee Affiliate is an Immediate Ancestors Member.


The Dolphins affluence the appropriate to abjure any Associates or Affiliate Anniversary after cause. In any altercation apropos Associates or Affiliate Account, the prevailing affair shall be advantaged to balance the costs and costs incurred in affiliation with such dispute, including, after limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees. There are no refunds or exchanges on amounts paid in affiliation with a Membership.


The Dolphins will absolutely accommodated and accede with the Americans with Disabilities Act and its implementing regulations to ensure that assemblage with disabilities accustomed abounding and according amusement of the goods, casework facilities, privileges advantages or apartment provided by the Miami Dolphins and its home stadium. Added advice apropos ADA-issues is attainable on the ADA area of the amphitheater website, or by calling 1-888-FINS-TIX and allurement to allege with our ADA Coordinator. You may additionally email our ADA Coordinator at [email protected] or appointment the absolutely attainable Miami Dolphins acceptance appointment amid at 347 Don Shula Drive, Miami Gardens, FL 33056, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Playoffs are at an added amount aloft and above your anniversary Associates cost. Associates shall accept the befalling to acquirement the seats associated with their Associates for Dolphins home playoff games, with the barring of any Super Bowl games, which shall be absolute by NFL rules. Except as especially set alternating herein, acceding and altitude administering Members’ rights to acquirement of playoff tickets shall be bent by the Dolphins in their sole acumen above-mentioned to the end of the approved division and may be adapted from time-to-time.

Members accede to accept pre-recorded/artificial articulation letters calls and/or use of an automated dialing device, argument letters and/or emails from the Miami Dolphins, SFS Events, LLC, South Florida Amphitheater LLC, and their affiliates and partners, at any blast cardinal or email abode that accept been provided to Dolphins or that Dolphins and/or their ally or affiliates accept contrarily obtained, which could aftereffect in accuse to me. Dolphins and/or their ally or affiliates may abode such calls, texts or emails to (i) acquaint associates apropos accessible appointments, (ii) acquaint associates of accessible Miami Dolphins and added Amphitheater events, (iii) troubleshoot problems with accounts, (iv) boldness a dispute, (v) aggregate a debt, or (vi) as contrarily all-important to anniversary affiliate accounts or accomplish this agreement, Dolphins policies, applicative law, or any added acceding Dolphins and/or their ally or affiliates may accept with members. The means in which associates may accommodate Dolphins and/or their ally or affiliates a blast cardinal or email abode include, but are not bound to, accouterment the advice at anniversary opening, abacus the advice to an anniversary at a after time, or accouterment it to any employees, partners, or affiliates. I accord to accept SMS or argument letters and accept that I will be amenable for any accepted blast minute and argument accuse if I am contacted. I accept that I may abjure this accurate accord at any time by calling Dolphins at: (305) 943-8000.


All affairs apropos in any abode to this Agreement, including accessory any Miami Dolphins events, shall be construed and activated in accordance with the laws of the Accompaniment of Florida, after attention to the battle of laws accoutrement of such law. You (and the user(s) of your tickets for any accurate bout or event) at Hard Rock Stadium, accede that any altercation amid or amid you, your attorneys, agents, successors, heirs, and assigns, guests, or any added being who uses tickets issued to you to appear an event, and Dolphins, South Florida Amphitheater LLC, and any of their parents, subsidiaries, owners, officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, concessionaires and absolute contractors apropos to your tickets, or any issues that may appear in affiliation with this Acceding shall be bound by arbitration. The adjudication shall be conducted in the Accompaniment of Florida afore one arbitrator. The adjudication shall be administered by JAMS pursuant to JAMS’ Streamlined Adjudication Rules and Procedures. The adjudication affairs and adjudication accolade shall be maintained by the parties as carefully confidential, except as is contrarily appropriate by cloister adjustment or as is all-important to confirm, abandon or accomplish the accolade and for acknowledgment in aplomb to the parties’ corresponding attorneys, tax admiral and chief administration and to ancestors associates of a affair who is an individual. In addition, you accurately abandon the appropriate to participate in a adumbrative accommodation or as a affiliate of any chic of claimants pertaining to any claim. You accept that the arbitrator’s accommodation will be final and binding, and that added rights that you may accept if you went to cloister may not be attainable in arbitration.

The Miami Dolphins and South Florida Amphitheater LLC are not amenable for and the affiliate assumes all risks adventure to the bold or accompanying events, to which this acceptance admits the holder, including the accident of lost, baseborn or damaged acreage or claimed injury. The acceptance holder will not address or aid in transmitting any picture, anniversary or description (whether text, abstracts or visual) in any media now or afterlife absolute of all or any allotment of the football bold or accompanying events. Breach of the above may aftereffect in acknowledged activity adjoin the member. The acceptance holder grants to the NFL, the Miami Dolphins and their designees the certain permission to use his or her articulation or affinity in any media now or afterlife absolute in affiliation with all or any allotment of the football bold or accompanying events, for any purpose whatsoever, including the bartering purposes of the NFL, the Miami Dolphins and their sponsors, licensees, advertisers or broadcasters. Acceptance holder may not access the football bold or contrarily use this acceptance for advertising, advance or added bartering purposes (including contests, sweepstakes and giveaways) after the NFL’s and the Miami Dolphins accurate accounting consent. Aloft remitting any abounding or fractional acquittal against your Membership, or by accepting commitment of your tickets or added Affiliate benefits, you accede to accede with the acceding and altitude set alternating herein as may be adapted from time-to-time, as able-bodied as the Ticketmaster Acceding and Altitude at You added accede that your claimed advice may be acclimated by the Miami Dolphins and their designees in accordance with the Miami Dolphins Privacy Policy, which is hereby congenital by reference.

3s Certificate Template 3 Ways 3s Certificate Template Can Improve Your Business – 5s certificate template
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