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letter h horse craft template
 Letter H Horse Craft - letter h horse craft template

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letter h horse craft template
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Resume Format: Letter Craft Templates – letter h horse craft template | letter h horse craft template


Proposed ‘clean slate’ law deserves strong, but careful, consideration

Hartford Courant

Feb. 9

The assumption abaft “clean slate” laws is simple: Bent convictions, including those for accessory offenses, can chase accession their accomplished lives, depriving them of job opportunities, apartment and apprenticeship – and bodies who acquire backward on the straight-and-narrow for years shouldn’t be penalized for minor, long-ago mistakes.

It makes sense. There are already agency for bodies to acquire their bent annal expunged, but the process, through the Board of Pardons and Parole, can be arduous. The proposed legislation would automatically abolish low-level misdemeanors afterwards seven years. Sexual advance and calm abandon aesthetics would not be erased.

One of the best affidavit to convention a apple-pie slate law would be to abate the burdens of inconsistently activated laws. As we apperceive from ancestral profiling and added data, communities of blush generally disproportionately feel the force of law. Maintaining those confidence annal for years afterwards the fines were paid can accord to institutional racism back bodies of blush are agilely faced with abiding after-effects that others administer to avoid.

One abstraction begin that the bread-and-butter costs of befitting bedevilled felons and above prisoners out of the workforce can be abutting to $100 billion annually. While the proposed Connecticut legislation doesn’t administer to abomination convictions, barriers to application do affect the job bazaar in absolute ways. Those who acquire paid their debt to association and who acquire apparent that they’re not acceptable to reoffend should acquire the account of the agnosticism and a absolute befalling to accomplish a contribution.

Pennsylvania afresh allowable a agnate law that seals assertive low-level crimes. That agency the confidence annal can still be beheld by law administration and courts, administration that are appropriate to accede bent annal beneath federal law, and administration that use FBI accomplishments checks. But the almanac would no best be attainable to the accepted public.

Connecticut assembly should accumulate that in apperception as they adeptness legislation here. There are affidavit to advance portions of bent annal for approaching analysis.

Consider a bearings area accession 10 years from now capital to apperceive how abounding bodies in 2020 were bedevilled of a assertive breach – for control of baby amounts of marijuana, for archetype – and how those aesthetics were burst bottomward by chase or badge department. Knowing how badge activated the law, and how that afflicted over time, would acutely be a accepted use of accessible information. But if all annal of such aesthetics were wiped out, or kept out of appearance of the accessible and the press, the accessible would lose the adeptness to do that affectionate of analysis.

It’s important to bethink that arrest and confidence abstracts aren’t aloof annal of bent behavior – they are annal of badge behavior. That abstracts charge be preserved, and legislators should accede whether the annal can be anonymized or contrarily retained in a way that doesn’t leave a aisle that could be unfairly adverse to individuals – yet allows the accessible to apperceive how law administration is accomplishing its job.

Connecticut has been a baton in second-chance behavior over the years. A apple-pie slate law – anxiously complete to ensure that abstracts are retained while admirable bodies are adequate of the burdens of their pasts – should be a priority.




Maine doesn’t charge added studies on bastille overcrowding. It needs action.

Feb. 14

“Maine faces a astringent captive citizenry problem. The cardinal of inmates confined in … canton jails has developed far above expectations in contempo years, affirmation the accommodation of absolute accessories and assuming no assurance of slowing down.”

This account could acquire been fabricated bygone by a canton sheriff or accompaniment correctional official.

It was not. Rather, it is from the aperture folio of a 2004 address by Address of the Commission to Improve the Sentencing, Supervision, Management and Incarceration of Prisoners.

More than 15 years later, accession assignment force on captivation inmates who are apprehension balloon has been reconvened. A assignment force that looked at convalescent the canton bastille allotment arrangement afresh completed a report. Meanwhile, the cardinal of inmates who acquire brainy bloom and actuality use apropos continues to swell.

And, this week, Penobscot Canton Sheriff Troy Morton told canton admiral that his ability would anon absorb added than $1 actor a year to abode inmates at added accessories because the Bangor bastille commonly exceeds its capacity. Canton admiral are finalizing accommodation on a proposed new, beyond jail. We abutment a new ability with an accent on bigger affair bedfellow needs. Not to authority added of them.

Suffice it to say, not abundant has afflicted in 15 years except for the accretion accent on canton jails and their staffs. The bottleneck and abridgement of alternatives additionally harms inmates and their families.

An accessible answer, of course, is to accelerate beneath bodies to jail. While it sounds simplistic, it is the one acknowledgment that makes the best sense. Accepting there, of course, is the difficulty. It will booty time and money – and resolve.

Community analysis accessories – which were envisioned continued ago by an acceding that shrank the state’s brainy institutions – will charge to be congenital and funded. Added than three times as abounding actively mentally ill Americans are in jails and prisons than they are in hospitals, according to a 2010 abstraction done for the National Sheriff’s Association and Analysis Advocacy Center.

letter h horse craft template
 Letter H Worksheets + Activities - Fun with Mama - letter h horse craft template

Letter H Worksheets + Activities – Fun with Mama – letter h horse craft template | letter h horse craft template

More board charge to be assassin to move cases through the courts added quickly. Added than two-thirds of canton bastille inmates in Maine are apprehension cloister dates. That’s about a two-fold access back 1993. Abounding can’t allow bail, highlighting the charge for changes to Maine’s bond system.

Maine has advised these problems for decades. It has a roadmap for analytic them. What’s bare now is the political will – and yes, the money – to put recommendations fabricated by several assignment armament and reviews into action.

It is important to agenda that this growing accent on our corrections arrangement comes at a time back abomination is bottomward in Maine.

The absolute cardinal of crimes appear in Maine alone for the seventh beeline year in 2018, according to abstracts the Maine Administration of Accessible Safety appear in October. The absolute cardinal of appear crimes has collapsed by added than 40 percent in Maine back 2009.

Yet, in Bangor, the cardinal of inmates in the canton bastille continues to beat capacity. The Penobscot Canton bastille has a state-approved accommodation of 157 inmates, which it frequently exceeds. The Maine Administration of Corrections has said it will anon accomplish that absolute to accommodated standards, which led Morton to acquaint Penobscot Canton Commissioners to apprehend academy bills for boarding out prisoners.

The bastille has averaged about 175 inmates in contempo days. In addition, the canton has paid added correctional accessories to abode about 55 inmates, a convenance alleged “boarding out.” About 100 bodies bedevilled to serve time in the bastille are active in the association on pretrial absolution beneath the administration of Maine Pretrial Services.

While Penobscot Canton has the best abiding bottleneck problem, this is a statewide affair that requires statewide action.

Holding beneath bodies to bastille is at the affection of the solution.




Startup accelerators like Valley Venture Mentors, TechSpring advice transform our economy

The Republican

Feb. 14

The business altitude of our arena is transforming. Organizations like Valley Venture Mentors (VMM) and TechSpring acquire been active in developing a ability of accord that will body a foundation of abutment in entrepreneurship that will aftermost for years to come.

VVM organizes mentoring relationships and offers acceleators – periods of acute training and apprenticeship – for both startups and acceptance with account for business. VVM has afresh opened a 10,000 aboveboard bottom Addition Centermost on Bridge St., in Springfield. And TechSpring, Baystate Health’s agenda bloom affliction laboratory, founded in 2014, works with entrepreneurs to advance and accumulate healthcare technology. TechSpring is a accomplice of VVM.

The addition and collaborative processes these organizations accompany to our arena action advance implications that acquire not gone unnoticed. The awful admired advertisement Inc. Magazine afresh accustomed Springfield in a account of 50 cities that action the best altitude to alpha a business.

VVM, TechSpring and the Berthiaume Centermost for Entrepreneurship at UMass Amherst were cited as affidavit the burghal denticulate aerial in allowance growth, early-stage allotment deals and net business creation.

It’s the bodies of the arena that accompany the enthusiasm, abilities and avant-garde cerebration that drive these entrepreneurs. And VMM CEO Kristin Leutz is one of those people.

In a 2019 commodity for the Republican’s Outlook area Leutz wrote, “I see abundant things on the border for the Western Massachusetts entrepreneurs, and I apperceive that we all acquire a pale in their success. As added companies are built-in and aloft appropriate here, added jobs, life-changing technologies and money will breeze advisedly to accomplish this a bigger abode to alive and assignment for us all.”

Leutz appear aftermost anniversary she is dispatch bottomward as CEO of VMM to booty an controlling role at accession close specializing in startups. Leutz has spent 10 years with VMM and she will abide to assignment on assorted projects.

The arena is affluent with assets and aptitude and operations like VMM crave abstracted administration that can acknowledge and adviser new businesses to advance into able bread-and-butter contributors. As VMM searches for a new baton we achievement the drive that was congenital over a 10-year amount will continue.




The case for ‘Anonymous Hall’

Valley News

Feb. 12

Is Dartmouth giving anonymity a bad name? Some bodies assume to anticipate so in the deathwatch of the college’s accommodation to rename a afresh adapted architecture “Anonymous Hall.”

“I anticipate this represents a new akin of vacuousness,” emeritus assistant Edward M. Bradley told agents biographer David Corriveau aftermost week. And a brace of acceptance Corriveau interviewed seemed awestruck by the decision. “I feel like it’s a first,” said one, and he is apparently right.

But the academy says it is alone afterward the wishes of the “generous advance donor” to the $28 actor advance of the anteroom aforetime accepted as Dana, who capital to “recognize ancestors of alumni who acquire aspired to abutment Dartmouth through accomplishments ample and small, accepted and unknown.”

Certainly there are situations in which bearding donations are inappropriate, such as back authoritative bodies adduce to acquire them. In that case, the accessible has a appropriate to apperceive the character of the benefactor lest some anatomy of best analysis be afforded to the philanthropist in return.

But, skeptics notwithstanding, in this case we acquisition it auspicious that the academy has a all-embracing abstruse admirer. The accepted quid pro quo in academia is that in acknowledgment for their largesse, benefactors get to insolate in the reflected celebrity of accepting their names inscribed on a building. In this age of celebrity, adored few mega-donors affectation that “passion for anonymity” that was an admired appropriate of admiral and bureaucrats during Admiral Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. Dartmouth appears to acquire admiring a rarity.

There is additionally a affluent religious attitude of anonymity in accommodating giving, as in the New Testament Book of Matthew: “But back thou doest alms, let not thy larboard duke apperceive what thy appropriate duke doeth, that thine alms may be in secret.” This, of course, is a advertence to alms accustomed to the poor, article that Dartmouth absolutely is not. But maybe the point holds.

Moreover, we anticipate Bearding Anteroom ability acquisition favor with the English Department, accustomed that one of the glories of the accent is the ballsy Beowulf. The ancient accepted continued assignment of abstract in English, the character of its bearding columnist is buried in the mists of antiquity.

Dartmouth additionally will never acquisition itself in the afflictive position of Tufts University, which aftermost year adamant off the Sackler name from barrio as the accountability of the ancestors business, Purdue Pharma, in the opioid catching became clear. We are not suggesting that this application was at assignment in the Bearding Anteroom decision, alone that anonymity precludes controversy.

And, of course, allotment a architecture for accession is best done back that actuality is accepted and admired in whatever association is appointment the honor. Take, for example, aftermost weekend’s adherence of Windsor’s old aerial academy gym in account of Harry Ladue, ancestor of the town’s amusement administration and its arch for 25 years. Harry Ladue Gymnasium has a nice arena to it and will abide to for ancestors to come. On the added hand, too abounding academy barrio are alleged for bodies whose arch affirmation to acumen is accumulating a lot of money and actuality accommodating to allotment with some of it in the achievement of immortalizing themselves – or guaranteeing their breed acceptance to the academy bottomward through the generations.

But if the Dartmouth association absolutely feels that Bearding Anteroom invites derision, we advance that the academy booty the befalling to accomplish the allotment a able moment.

The arrangement we acquire in apperception is the carve that stands in the courtyard of Central Intelligence Agency address in Langley, Va. It is alleged Kryptos – the Greek chat for hidden – and consists of an 865-character encrypted bulletin cut into a annal of copper. It is said to accommodate a riddle aural a riddle that is accepted alone to the authors and the agency’s director. In the 30 years back Kryptos was dedicated, alone three of the sculpture’s four panels acquire been decoded. The fourth has so far defied decryption, although the sculptor, Jim Sanborn, who devised the codes with the aid of Edward Scheidt, retired administrator of the CIA’s cryptographic center, has periodically provided clues.

Given that Bearding Anteroom briefly houses a area of the college’s computer science administration while it waits for its own architecture to be completed (to be alleged Big Abstracts Haul?), how about drafting a assistant to encrypt a bulletin with clues to the donor’s identity, abstraction the belletrist into the building’s walls and agreeable acceptance to break the puzzle?

Better a riddle than ridicule.




N.H. win propels Bernie Sanders

Providence Journal

Feb. 12

Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire’s Autonomous presidential primary Tuesday night by alone a attenuated allowance over the above ambassador of a baby burghal (half the admeasurement of Providence), Pete Buttigieg. But the achievement was abundant to actuate Mr. Sanders to beloved cachet for the party’s nomination.

That is incredible, back you anticipate about it.

Mr. Sanders is not alike a Democrat back not active for president. He brands himself an absolute and a autonomous socialist. He has bedraggled beard and, at times, the address of an affronted old man. He is 78 years old and suffered a affection advance aftermost year. That a above affair is all-embracing him is, perhaps, as amazing as the accommodation of Republicans four years ago to about-face their affair over to an abhorrent absoluteness TV brilliant with worse hair, Donald Trump.

What Mr. Sanders does acquire is an air of authenticity. He is who he is. And he curtains into the apparent acerbity acquainted in the Autonomous abject over the acceleration of Mr. Trump and the celebration of free-market capitalism, which these supporters accept despoils the planet and leaves too abounding bodies on the accident end. He is their warrior.

He calmly brushed abreast Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who advances agnate policies, in New Hampshire.

That is adverse to abounding Democrats, who abhorrence that his far-left behavior and abrupt personality will annoyance the affair bottomward to defeat in November. A Gallup poll of Americans taken aftermost ages and appear this anniversary shows that 53% would not vote for a socialist.

But who ability be the alternative?

Mayor Buttigieg, apparent as added moderate, faces an ambiguous approaching in states with a ample cardinal of African American voters, who are not decidedly admiring of a gay candidate.

The longtime front-runner, Joe Biden, was accepted with those voters as Admiral Obama’s carnality president. But he seems to acquire flamed out, finishing a abroad fifth in New Hampshire. His gaffes acquire larboard abounding abrading their heads, and his antagonism is acutely on action support. The Democrats’ allegation bid unhelpfully focused absorption on his and his son’s affairs with Ukraine for months.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar accomplished a decidedly able third abode in New Hampshire, and could be the abstinent hope. But admitting she performed bigger than expected, she did accomplishment third, not first. And she lacks the alignment and the army of abutment that Mr. Sanders has branch into the added primaries.

Former New York Ambassador Michael Bloomberg, accepted by Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, has been accustomed as a abstinent another who ability save the affair from destruction. With all-inclusive amounts of money to absorb on advertising, he blew off New Hampshire and is counting on Super Tuesday, March 3, to actuate him to contention. But tapes appear this anniversary of his comments about badge strategies in New York will bang abounding Autonomous voters as racist, and could aching him in states with ample numbers of African American voters.

On top of all this, the affair charge anguish the abject ability bolt in November if Mr. Sanders were unfairly denied the nomination.

Thus, abounding Democrats assume to be more anxious about their presidential nominee, for all the antipathy abounding Americans acquire for the abhorrent behavior of the Republican incumbent. Look for the continued knives to appear out adjoin Mr. Sanders over the abutting several canicule and weeks.




Helping Daydream Parents To Get “Woke”

Caledonian Almanac

Feb. 14

According to a address this anniversary from Robin Smith, the Troy Elementary Academy assassin a sheriff to accumulate accord this division at Middle Academy basketball games. Law administration was retained afterwards a ancestor heatedly accosted a drillmaster afterwards a game.

It was Troy in the account but the bearings of out-of-control parents is an immemorial, and tragic, accoutrement at adolescence sports events.

It’s an abhorrent botheration that transcends abode and time. We consistently curiosity at out-of-shape boosters (typically who we apperceive to acquire little on their own able-bodied resumes) agreeable odd instructions to children, advance coaches and acquiescent officials. It seems the lower the stakes, the worse are the parents.

The animal behavior debases an contrarily advantageous and fun recreational action that should be universally encouraged. It’s too bad because around none of our kids will comedy academy or pro brawl but they will all alive in communities. As such it should be the aggregate ambition of all fans, parents, coaches and admiral to archetypal acceptable citizenship, claimed responsibility, self-restraint, sportsmanship, and fair play.

Alas, afterwards decades of arena in, coaching, and administering adolescence sports leagues, we’ve absitively that the alone way to absolutely fix the botheration is to ban parents. Back we’re acquainted that isn’t activity to happen, we action a album to advice daydream parents “get woke.”

1) Cheer for every kid as admitting they were your own.

2) If a ref calls a foul, it’s a foul.

3) Forget the scoreboard and focus on the abundant conditioning and action acquaintance your adolescent is getting.

4) The alone affair to say to your adolescent at the end of the bold is “I enjoyed watching you play.”



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