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For the aftermost few months, I accept been arena about with a printer that feels both actual agnate and actual different. The Peopoly Phenom feels like a accepted MSLA adhesive printer, like several I accept afresh reviewed, except it has one huge aberration — it’s enormous.

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The admeasurement of the printer is not alone impressive, but it’s additionally fabricated me amend what it agency to accept a adhesive printer, and who it could account by accepting one of these absurd machines in their lives.

$2,000 at Matterhackers

Bottom line: The Peopoly Phenom is absolute for starting your aboriginal mini-mass assembly business, or for authoritative behemothic adhesive prints to wow your friends.

What you’ll adulation about Phenom by Peopoly

I printed the Flash archetypal you see aloft for an editor here, Russell Holly. His aboriginal helmet was produced on a baby FDM printer by some friends, and the archetypal from CAMACHOISBOSS had to be breach in bisected to fit on the book bed. We’ve all been there, defective to cut a archetypal up and accomplish it fit the apparatus you have, and authoritative it attending accomplished afresh isn’t easy. With the Phenom, I was able to book this full-size helmet in bland Siraya Tech fast resin, in one distinct piece. Without the band bottomward the centermost and some appealing accomplished painting by me, the helmet looks as it should for a Flash cosplay.

The adhesive vat in the Phenom is massive, and can calmly booty one liter of resin

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The Phenom handled this ample print, demography 47 hours to print, and argument it out like it was nothing. It’s calmly the longest book I’ve done on a machine, and, astonishingly, it could do it in my barn with temperature changes from the low 40 degrees Fahrenheit to the aerial 70 degrees.

If you’re a cosplayer, attractive to actualize weapons and armor pieces with basal sanding or gluing, again you should actively accede advance in a Phenom.

You may be worried, as I was, that a awning the admeasurement of the Phenoms couldn’t possibly accord you the akin of detail appropriate from an MSLA printer. However, the Phenom produces book affection as acceptable as any printer I’ve acclimated in the accomplished year. With a awning resolution of 3840 x 2160 and the adeptness to use 8x antialiasing, the Phenom was able of breeding the capacity in every book I threw at it. From the actual large, to the actual small, the Phenom acquainted like it could handle the job, and still had added to give.

When you attending at this Leonidas carve from Fotis Mint, you can see anniversary beard in the alias of his helm, with the tiny cuts and scratches above his chest. The Phenom is alike accessible to book with, application Chitubox, the about accepted adhesive slicer, as its slicer and firmware. Hence, it’s abundantly simple to aggregate a model, alveolate it, allotment it, again book it. I adulation simplicity, abnormally back ambidextrous with potentially chancy materials.

I don’t accept a ton of problems with the Peopoly Phenom, above some accessory gripes. For example, to accumulate the weight bottomward on the gigantic body plate, they autonomous for a collapsed top and collapsed bottom. Unfortunately, it’s altogether flat, and a fair aggregate of adhesive accumulates over time. If the printer were smaller, this wouldn’t be a huge deal. But if you balloon about it and booty your book out afore your scrape it off, you’re activity to be cloudburst uncured, baneful adhesive all over your shoes.

As anon as you about-face the printer on, it sounds like a jetliner has aloof taken off and is aerial anon through your skull

The added botheration is the noise. This is not a apparatus you appetite anywhere that isn’t a workshop. As anon as you about-face the printer on, it sounds like a jetliner has aloof taken off, aerial anon through your skull, and it never gets quieter. Peopoly has said it is attractive at means to abate the sound, but if the massive admirers weren’t running, your LCD cast would bake out, and the motherboard would fry on the aboriginal print. You get acclimated to the babble — array of.

The alone added affair for some will be the amount of materials. The adhesive vat in the Phenom is massive, and can calmly booty one liter of resin. It’s abundant if you appetite to book lots of pieces or one big creation, but not ideal if you’re activity to book a abate model. Because of the apparent breadth of the vat, you charge to put at atomic 250ml of adhesive in to awning the bottom. In short, accomplish abiding you top up on resin.

If you haven’t apparent Louise Driggers’ work, you absolutely should. She has fabricated some absurd pieces like Sir Pigglesby that she gives abroad for chargeless on her My Mini Factory page, and afresh fabricated a set of models that shows how the Phenom can change the bold for baby businesses.

Louise fabricated a set of 3d printable dragon chess pieces, accessible so you can book them at home. She additionally sells the abounding chess set, including a board, that she has printed herself. The chess set is big admitting — 16 pieces for anniversary side, 32 models in all — and to book them all takes a lot of time on a approved printer. Louise uses a accepted admeasurement MSLA printer and can aftermath about two models at a time. With some quick math, it would booty 120 hours of connected press for Louise to book an absolute set of 32 chess pieces on her accepted machine.

On the Peopoly Phenom, it would booty aloof 31 hours.

Because MSLA prints application the better archetypal as the time scale, you can book the absolute chess set on aloof two body plates from the Phenom, with all alpine pieces on one, and all the pawns on the other. That’s 20 hours for the baron bowl and aloof 11 hours for the assurance plate.

Having a Phenom would beggarly Louise could aftermath four times added chess pieces per hour than she can currently. For a baby business that makes models, that akin of accumulation assembly cannot be understated. Accepting your own small-scale in your garage, one that can rapidly ancestor new models as able-bodied as book them in bulk, could change the way we anticipate about the accomplishment of art.

Now, of course, $2,000 is a lot of money, but it isn’t an absurd sum for a printer of this admeasurement and caliber. The Phenom prints abnormally well, and can book ample models or lots of models with according ease. But my issues with it are almost notable, and the positives far outweigh the downsides.

4.5 out of 5

I would acclaim the Phenom for anyone attractive to booty their MSLA adhesive press to the abutting level. If you are a cosplayer and you appetite to accomplish molds of your prints, this is an accomplished printer to do so. And if you’re activity to accomplish at a adequate scale, one or two Phenoms would be ideal. And for me, I’ve enjoyed my time with the Phenom and will abide to use it to accomplish alarming prints for my friends.

Massive body for the masses

If you accept anytime capital to accomplish your amusement into your job, this is the abode to start. It’s the absolute advance to advice you grow.

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