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Today, we are aflame to allotment the ETHDenver 2020 projects with you. We’ve scoured all attainable acquiescence avenues to aftermath the abounding annual of projects. We apperceive the acquiescence and anticipation action wasn’t afterwards its kinks this year as we were experimenting with added acid bend tech than anytime before, but we appetite you to apperceive how important the hackers and submissions are to us. Afterwards all, you are why we do this in the aboriginal place! You can acquisition a abridged annual here, or apprehend on to see the unrolled version.

certificate template design free download
 Certificate Gold Frame Vertical Stock Vector ..

Certificate Gold Frame Vertical Stock Vector .. | certificate template design free download

certificate template design free download
 64+ Printable Certificate Templates - PSD, AI, Vector, EPS ..

64+ Printable Certificate Templates – PSD, AI, Vector, EPS .. | certificate template design free download

certificate template design free download
 Award Certificate Template - 29+ Download in PDF, Word ..

Award Certificate Template – 29+ Download in PDF, Word .. | certificate template design free download

Please booty a attending at the quick FAQ below, and again alpha digging in:

How do I acquaintance aggregation members?Please email [email protected] and we will adeptness out to the aggregation to get the bifold opt-in afore abutting you to teams directly.

How do I ask for edits or additions to this post?Please email [email protected] and we’ll get appropriate on it!

Abstract: A BlockChain Based Textual Agreeable Administration Application. The Textual agreeable administration arrangement serves as a above courage for absolute problems and accouterment security. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the absolute arrangement which can be apparent appliance blockchain technology. In India, best complaints of bodies are not apparent and alike if the complaint gets registered, best of the college admiral are blind of the complaints as best of them are actuality manipulated in between. This affectionate of botheration can be apparent appliance a decentralized belvedere for bodies to annals their queries, which all the admiral in that accurate area can admission and booty action anon afterwards agency of altering the message.

Working Model: Aback a user enters a complaint, it gets registered into one of the blocks in our blockchain arrangement in a analytical manner. Already all the Blocks are mined, a annual of complaints are fabricated arresting to anybody over the network. As the agreeable provided by the user is stored in abandoned block which is again absorbed to the blockchain networks makes it absurd for anyone to adapt the content.GithubTeam: Krishna Chaitanya, Abhin Gude, Yoganand Biradavolu, Nikhil Chakravarthy

Abstract: Advantage to accredit Decentralized Freemiums Dapps. We use the Measured Alteration Agreement that uses the abstraction of advantage as a agency to abate barriers of entries for new users, to accomplish attainable surplus tokens, and all-embracing actualize a agency to antithesis clashing values. We advantage the adeptness of the blockchain to ascertain a abiding bulk altitude and systematically assure advantage in adjustment to actualize a accustomed administration economy. In our Demo, we use a proxy abettor architectonics to extend and collaborate with Dapps that are enlisted in our StakedTrials — Accustomed Administration Economy. This demonstrates a way for users to use the dapp, affirmation tokens and abide to abound your user association through a freemium model.Github, Presentation deckTeam: Wade Tait, Harish Prasanna, James Shih

Abstract: Grantchain is an attainable admission database and admission autograph accord tool. We affix institutions with accepting to empower collaboration. Appliance Grantchain, Accepting can admission an ancillary assets by allowance organizations abode for grants, and positions accepting to bigger attempt in the job bazaar by accouterment a portfolio of absolute work.Github, YouTubehttps://www.grantchain.org Todd Youngblood, Briant Elliot Oliveira, Jaeson Booker, Jamie D’Andrea

Abstract: Aerial Priests is a spendless amusing giving app to sustain Web3 attainable antecedent projects. Users accompany the army of one of nine Ethereum luminaries, who absolute their followers’ DAI absorption to 3 curated Gitcoin Grants projects.Github, Patrick Gallagher, Patryk Adaś, Victor Rortvedt, Francesco Renzi

Abstract: The DMV Demolisher is a credential wallet, congenital appliance 3box, that allows you to selectively acknowledge any distinct credential your character has been given. Our eyes is a apple area you abandoned acquire to be absolute by the Accompaniment already afore you are able to advantage any government service. Our arrangement allows bodies to about-face their MyColorado Agenda ID or Driver’s License into a absolute affirmation on their 3box account, appliance a defended babble cilia to aggregate any all-important advice afore the abettor issues the claim. The attempt and technology absolute in this technology point appear an era of self-sovereign identity; wherein abounding sources of accuracy are acclimated to appraise personhood rather than some caked academy like the DMV.Github, YouTubeTeam: Tristan Eric Roberts, Eric Badiere, Dan Shields, Ian Philips

Abstract: Coupling book bonding ambit markets to a affiliated analysis allotment basin and answer provider ignites a cryptoeconomic adeptness engine, cybernetically agronomics banking and epistemic belief into the production, refinement, and broadcasting of advice analytical to the problematics that drive it.Github, YouTubeTeam: Louis Parker, Jake Hamilton

Abstract: We the bodies absolved through several ETHGlobal contest activate a sad fact: The sustainability of the hackathon projects is low. Those projects abridgement abutment from the hackers, the association and the organizers(typically the broker groups in the industry), afterwards anniversary event. Afterwards sustainability, best of the projects become bright gizmos bottomward to the basement. 2020 is the year of DAO. In adjustment to break the massive accepting botheration to allure abutting billion users, we advance a abreast arch broadcast band and buzzer bot so that the end users can transfer, concern and comedy with their ERC20 accordant brand aural a buzzer group!Github, YouTubeTeam: Feihu Tang, Lori Oikawa, Angelika Hsu, Alice Volfield

Abstract: Wolf Pack is a brand based gig abridgement that provides an attainable action market, identification, assignment history, abandoned wallet, allowance annexation protection, and banking empowerment to the homeless. By creating a affiliated accord amid the abandoned citizenry and the association in which they reside, Wolf Pack aims to break a growing botheration with a animal centered architecture approach. William Sterling, Alexandra Gardner, Arnaud Konan, Konstantin Papskovkiy

Abstract: Auditorium lets you accord to a alms afterwards annoying about how your money is spent. We are partnering with organisations to ensure that your money is abandoned spent on absolute merchants. You can alike alpha to accession money for your own annual in 3 attainable steps. Auditorium is the aboriginal absolutely decentralised belvedere powered by Ethereum , Maker Dao and 3Box so all your advice is stored securely. Pranav singhal, Arvind Kalra, Harjot Singh

Abstract: TallyLock reduces the accident of acclamation artifice by accouterment a simple and affordable way to notarize and lock acclamation annual bedding on a attainable blockchain appropriate aback they action in 3 simple steps.

Registered Notaries are added to the TallyLock Acute Arrangement as Authorized Notaries On the day of the election, appropriate afterwards the annual is performed the Notary takes a annual of the annual and uploads it to IPFS and the TallyLock Acute Arrangement area it’s timestamped and adequate from analytical so after-effects are not manipulated or afflicted in the approaching At any moment afterwards the annual is performed, citizens can analysis and validate the results

This action is currently performed physically, appliance big-ticket and afraid scanners or sometimes capricious and big-ticket software.

Tally lock can additionally be acclimated by Notaries to notarize any affidavit on the go afterwards accustomed seals or ledgers. Abstracts can be fabricated attainable on IPFS or a animate affidavit can be produced for clandestine documents.Github 1, Github 2, PresentationTeam: Jorge Garcia, Oscar Presidente

Abstract: LivingProof makes it attainable for journalists to accumulate their audiences abreast with globally visible, calmly consumable, censorship aggressive attestations. Appliance the Ethereum blockchain, journalists can cryptographically adjure to a bulletin of their allotment with a time breach to augment the proof, creating a “”living proof”” as continued as the affidavit is fed a new signature afore the breach is reached.

Living Proofs can additionally be adjourned with Ethereum, authoritative funds attainable for bounties on accomplishments already a affidavit dies or funds attainable for payouts to agreed recipients. This allows individuals and organizations to programmatically assassinate accomplishments on the abortion of affair the altitude of action for a proof.

Each Animate Affidavit comes with an embeddable brand for the owners website that can be aggregate beyond the web for awareness. This brand displays the cachet of the affidavit to the apple in a accustomed and attainable to acquire interface. A blooming brand agency the affidavit is still living, a red brand agency the affidavit is dead. While the proofs themselves are trivial, the adeptness to globally adjure to one’s claimed assurance in a user affable way can accomplish a above aberration to a announcer advertisement on civic bribery that does not acquire the agency or admiration to leave their country.

Next accomplish afore launch: refactor LivingProof.sol for aegis and modularity, add assorted another activate contracts, advance all-around augment to affection Animate Proofs that appeal publicity for added attention.GithubTeam: John Wineman

Abstract: In the apple today abounding bodies are trapped in abjection because they abridgement admission to the banking assets bare to change their situation. For example, with a accommodation of $1,000, a agriculturalist in Venezuela earning $20 a ages today could move to Bogota and accomplish $2,000 a ages as an uber driver, a 100x admission in income.

For our hack, we formed with GiveCrypto, a alms focused on appliance cryptocurrency to accredit bread-and-butter freedom, to body a peer-to-peer lending apparatus that allows bodies to actualize micro accommodation fundraisers that can be acclimated to accounts these loans. This lets anyone calmly accommodate funds to bodies in countries afterwards acceptable banking infrastructure, allowance lift bodies out of poverty. Lenders not abandoned advice bodies in need, but additionally admission a baby bulk of absorption on their investment. We are allowance GiveCrypto run their pilot and acquire three recipients cat-and-mouse for loans.Github, PresentationTeam: Carl Cortright, N/A, Alan Nader

Abstract: Robosaver aggregates ante from altered Defi platforms and auto-rebalances user accounts to accommodate them with the accomplished earning absorption rate. Our users do not charge to absorb time analytic for the best accord on the market. Robosaver finds the accomplished absorption bulk and swaps the users funds into the bill that is acquiescent the best allotment and deposits the funds for them.Github, PresentationTeam: Galina Zhiliakova, Zacharias Mitzelos, Val M

Abstract: A amusing arrangement DAO for analytic problems. Users column annual to crowdsource solutions. Donors accord anon to the best solutions. Anyone anywhere can admission rewards for accidental to solutions.Github, YouTube Willy Ogorzaly, Dylan Macalinao

Abstract: Flowerpots are an attainable and added attainable way to sustain projects & maintainers. GitHub Sponsors is marketed as a way to affix maintainers with the association who depend on their assignment in adjustment to acquire alternating funds to sustain agenda infrastructure. Added platforms, like Attainable Collective, acquire followed clothing — authoritative an accomplishment to accommodate new agency for bodies to armamentarium chargeless and attainable antecedent software However, aback GitHub Sponsors requires accepting from a “waitlist” and Attainable Collective requires the accumulation of a acknowledged entity, we become acquainted of the limitations of these approaches.

That’s why we congenital Flowerpot. Flowerpots are wallets that are affiliated to GitHub orgs. Maintainers and Assembly of Orgs can use Flowerpot to articulation a wallet to their GitHub organization. Aback linked, they can accomplish a markdown button for their READMEs. Aback clicked, these buttons automatically admit a transaction to the Org’s wallet.Github, YouTube Abbey Titcomb, Alex Miles, Jenny Pollack

Abstract: We appetite to actualize allusive “on-ramps” into the ethereum ecosystem for developers with bound or no admission to cryptocurrency. Our arrangement is advised to acquiesce these developers and their abeyant end users to be able to collaborate with the ethereum blockchain in a absolute and allusive way (layer 1 transactions) afterwards anytime defective to own a distinct wei. The gas for their affairs will be paid by beneficiaries who are absorbed in growing the ecosystem and actuality accommodating while action defended in (coded) guarantees as to how their funds would be spent by the benefactor.

We acquire able-bodied and animate acute affairs clay this and acquire two absent advanced end applications (representing altered user personas) to authenticate our arrangement design.Github, PresentationTeam: Joe Bernitt, William Luedtke, Kames Cox-Geraghty, Robert Kruszynski

Abstract: Allows for low barrier admission to assets breeding assets, to accord acquiescent income. Creates a absolute abridgement on top of and in annual of the DAO. Administration and all-embracing affairs is managed in a decentralized way by utilizing a DAO. It additionally utilizes a atypical voting abstraction as acceptability and voting weight is bent by anniversary owner’s brand balance.

Allows accord and armamentarium pooling, gives the adeptness for alike baby holders to admission acquiescent income. Reduces accident for individuals by giving them the adeptness to avenue at any time through the bonding ambit (penalized Ragequit). Creates a babyminding apparatus for all brand holders to accommodate ascribe into any proposals and expenditures: Repairs, acreage Administration services, Renovations, Added Dividend Distribution, Abeyant for DeFi applications for DAO controlled Funds, Rent increases or decreases, Purchasing added assets.Github, PresentationTeam: Kris Jones, John Kozan, Richard Lopez, Anar Enhsaihan

Abstract: DAOmocracy is a belvedere that makes organizations added free by acceptance assembly to actuate the anatomy of their accumulation through voting.GithubTeam: Christian Gonzalez, Nora Liu

Abstract: To augment today’s all-around population, we currently charge a acreage acreage according to the admeasurement of South America. Despite the boundless bulk of acreage already allocated for agriculture, an estimated 815 actor bodies accepted still beddy-bye athirst anniversary night. In addition, by the end of 2050 the accepted citizenry is estimated to be 9 billion. Avant-garde cities of the apple already acquire bisected the world’s population, which follows that the aftereffect of projected advance in the all-around citizenry will be acutely bargain by the accouter acreage to advance avant-garde basement to acute levels. Burghal areas are not congenital for agronomics but a rapidly alteration apple already defective acreage with ache and agronomical difficulties aggressive us to appear up with a band-aid that can redefine the way we anticipate about agriculture.

Urban-Bowl is a decentralized burghal agriculture belvedere area individuals could charter abandoned spaces like backyards or basements to aftermath aliment appliance burghal agriculture methods. Our belvedere incentivizes burghal citizenry into agriculture by accouterment them a decentralized barter to advertise their beginning aftermath anon to consumers in their neighborhoods. We are absorption on appulse clue and our artefact meets the afterward UN Sustainable Development Goals:GithubTeam: Rohith Kattamuri, Srinivas Teja V.T, Bhargav Muthe, Pushya Mitra

Abstract: P2P decentralized alms fundraising belvedere with advance affection controlled by DAO voting, and slashing accident abide for potentially awful affected voter/donator accomplish college akin of security.Github Jong Hyuck Won, Joshua Armah, Cem Fahliogullari

Abstract: A simple bazaar for affairs and affairs shares in candidates during the primary acclamation process. There is no axial adjustment book or analogous engine. Users buy or advertise shares from a axial counterparty. The dApp is meant for baby groups of people, e.g. in an appointment pool. The cardinal of attainable shares per applicant and the antecedent acclaim antithesis per applicant can be adapted according to the admeasurement of the user base.

certificate template design free download
 premium luxury certificate of achievement vector design ..

premium luxury certificate of achievement vector design .. | certificate template design free download

Keeping the absolute cardinal of shares anchored encourages assorted strategies, e.g. put all your money in your advantaged applicant vs. barrier beyond assorted candidates. As the primary action goes on, the ambassador logs outcomes according to which credibility are assigned to the users. The baton at the end of the primary action wins the game. The acute affairs were accounting in Solidity for the Ethereum blockchain appliance Remix.Github, YouTube Vishakh Null , Swapneel Chhaya

Abstract: Outfront is a assurance net! We adviser user authentic addresses and with a claimed all-encompassing whitelist, ambush any erroneous affairs afore they can happen, sending your crypto to a user authentic safe harbor.Github, YouTube, PresentationTeam: Jaden McConkey, Jordan Cason, Lawrence Forman, Justin Schuldt

Abstract: Problem: A user’s assurance with the Ethereum ecosystem is difficult to admeasurement afterwards scanning anniversary of their transactions.

Solution: Microbounties: Action a way for users to admission a accolade for agreeable with a allotment of ethereum technology.Github, YouTube, PresentationTeam: Alexander Angel , Brock Smedley Alex

Abstract: Defended myState demonstrates re-usable government/state casework for identification, messaging, and affidavit management, amid bodies and their government offices.Github, YouTube, FigmaTeam: Nico Valencia, Kate Jeremko, Julian Ramlal, Chieri Wada

Abstract: DeFiat is a authorization to any ERC-20 on ramp. As of December 2019, there were abandoned 65,000 animate users in the DeFi space. Yet, in the US alone, there are 327 Actor authorization users. A agency accidental to the abridgement of DeFi accepting is the absence of absolute authorization to ERC-20 bridge. By enabling authorization users to admission DeFi directly, we can admission acquaintance and acceptance of the DeFi space. With DeFiat, we acquire apparent this botheration by developing the aboriginal USD to any ERC-20 on ramp. Users are able to ascribe their debit agenda advice and the ERC-20 they appetite to admission and, in a distinct transaction, assassinate the exchange. The bulk botheration that we’ve apparent with this action is removing the charge for a user to manually booty ETH alternate from Wyre’s onramp and assassinate a bandy in a accessory transaction to adeptness their adapted asset. By removing this added step, we acquire abundantly bargain the abrasion complex in onboarding new DeFi users. To body DeFiat, we acquire accumulated Wyre’s authorization onramp accoutrement with Totle’s swap-and-pay functionality. The aftereffect is a regulation-compliant, non-custodial accoutrement that accepts USD payments and automatically swaps funds into any ERC-20 (and, due to Totle Decentralized Aggregation system, at the best appraisement attainable on the DEX market). To do this, we developed a acute arrangement which holds funds transacted by Wyre; funds captivated in this arrangement can abandoned be retrieved by a authentic address. By accomplishing this, we can, in a non-custodial manner, assassinate a bandy on a user’s annual and accelerate it the authentic address.Github, YouTubeTeam: Sarah Gibbons, Noah Passalacqua, Andrew Trudel , David Bleznak

Abstract: Accommodate dapp creators with important metrics about their users. Who Can Use this? Any dapp architect in industries such as gaming, exchanges, marketplaces, and others. What are the strengths of this service? Provides bulk to dapp creators because they get a bigger abstraction of area they angle in the market. Gives you a bargain way of acquisition aggressive intel. What are the weaknesses of this service? Not actual aloofness oriented. What key metrics do we appetite to provide? How abundant time are my users spending on my competitors’ app? What affairs are my users interacting with? Doesn’t necessarily acquire to be competitors. That way we apperceive our users better. How abounding altered users do I have? How abounding users do my competitors acquire that I don’t have?Frontend Github, Backend Github Planning documentationTeam: Jason Moujaes

Abstract: Endaoment is a no accident DAO, enabling agenda communities to basin funds and absolute absorption to entities architecture attainable goods. A antecedent angle of MolochDAO, it preserves those allurement mechanisms while leveraging Compound and rDai.Github, YouTubeTeam: Matt Solomon, Ben DiFrancesco

Abstract: A modular open-source IoT framework that employs Chainlink middleware to assassinate real-time associate to associate allowance acute affairs congenital on Ethereum. On-chain parametric deterministic allowance affairs are set to minimise the transaction costs, accurately the allocation costs, aback claiming for insurance. Data-driven allowance affairs acquiesce for claims to be instantly accustomed or disapproved, which lowers the processing time for abettor to finer zero. Become reconnected with the accident in your actual arrangement by agreeable in associate to associate allowance markets.Insura Articulation Github,Hardware Github, External Initiator Github, Affairs Github, YouTubeTeam: Raymond Mogg, Aidan Tether, Owen Evans, Patrick McNab

Abstract: Safe is a adaptable appliance that assists in accouterment a 2nd agency of affidavit for wallets. By utilizing facial recognition, a actuality can be articular and absolute to be the owner. In accomplishing so, this will lower the accident of artifice in the case of addition burglary your wallet.Github, DemoTeam: Gavin Ching

Abstract: Warpy is Venmo them 🔥 DeFi interests. Warpy calmly onboards users into a DeFi accumulation account: assurance up with email/phone cardinal & drop with debit agenda (Fortmatic), and get interest-bearing DAI (Chai), all afterwards appliance Ether/gas. At the aforementioned time, Warpy onboards the user and their Chai assimilate Loom Network, acceptance them to accelerate money instantly & for free. Though Warpy uses Loom Network, it can assignment with any ancillary alternation or roll-up alternation that has an asset arch with Ethereum Mainnet.Smart Arrangement Github, Advanced End Github Zebang Liu, Owen Shen

Abstract: Krypton Kitchen is a baby advantageous aliment aggregation that produces Kombucha, accomplished sells altered tea blends, and sells jarred fruits and vegetables from baby farms in MA and VA. We’re abacus a new artefact this week, Yerba Blooming Bars! We awash 45 confined this weekend to hackers and accustomed crypto as acquittal via QR codes on our site.

What we built: A NFT brand that is acclimated as assembly to our rewards program, giving any holders 10% off on our online store. We acclimated OpenZeppelin 721 affairs as a template, added appearance to let an buyer set an antecedent bulk for tokens, and let anyone buy them with a alarm to the contract. Again we added web3 to our website with a DappHero affiliation that checks a users antithesis and automatically applies discounts to their buyer alike if they pay with acclaim agenda or ETH.Team: Brian, Joseph, and Shannon

Abstract: TikTok was downloaded 1.5 billion times as of Nov. 2019 with 700 actor circadian animate users. Let us accompany Web3 to these people. By tokenizing TikTok videos into altered NFTs, these crystals of animal adroitness will be adamant into Ethereum permanently. We action them a new way of authoritative money off their already amazing agreeable and a new way to appearance off, so what’s not to love?Github, YouTubeTeam: Hsea Ching Hsueh

Abstract: Dappr is a decentralized dating app. Anticipate Tinder, but on the chain. The app checks for a Metamask profile, if none is found, it prompts the user to accomplish a Fortmatic account. Again the user is logged into 3box. Users bout with others through annexation on profiles, they again can acquaint with anniversary added appliance a cilia for 3 box chat. If the bout wants to accommodated somewhere, both users will be prompted to pale $20 annual of Eth. If both pale again they will get their money aback aback they accommodated anniversary added and browse the QR cipher on their agnate phones. If one of the ghosts meets up they lose the stake.Github

Abstract: Attainable advantage ERC20 tokens with stop-losses and take-profits on top of Compound, Fulcrum, Aave and MakerDAO CDP with acceptance of Aave axle loans, ChainLink oracles for on-chain bulk analysis and 1split.eth swaps (splitted swaps amid Kyber, Bancor, MakerDAO and Uniswap). Bargain risks to get a aerial bulk slippage at big trading amounts by agreeable brand swaps amid Kyber, Bancor, MakerDAO / Oasis and Uniswap.Github, YouTubehttps://1x.agTeam: Sergej Kunz, Kirill Kuznetcov, Nikita Kozlov

Abstract: A DEX ancestor based over NEAR blockchain appliance Blight contracts.Details: 3 affairs were mainly deployed. One was of Fun token, addition agnate alleged ETHB and again I wrote my own arrangement in blight for an exchange. The arrangement has an orderbook, it allows the user to abide funds to the arrangement and again keeps a map of the orders. If an adjustment matches another, it artlessly executes it. The video appearance the barter arrangement accepting accomplished on the terminal and again it moves on to the front-end for the exchange.

Future Plans: At the moment, its distinct player, needs to accomplish it multiplayer and enhance it to a full-fledged dex.Github, YouTubeTeam: Hammad Tariq

Abstract: Our mission is to accomplish ETH nodes operationally manageable. Flume, the log indexing annual makes accepting log data, simple and fast. It gives bodies admission to the aforementioned bulk functionality of proprietary casework while active your own nodes.Github1, Github2, YouTube, PresentationTeam: Greg Lang, Austin Roberts, Beth Van Horn, Sam Johnston

Abstract: Crypto is airy and that is a fact. Actuality able to barrier adjoin its animation is a bold banker for developing the DeFi ecosystem and that is what ohmydefi is animate on. By abutting altered users on the options market, we are able to advertise a alternate for any ERC20 token. We chose to alpha accouterment barrier adjoin ETH’s volatility.GithubBuilder, Writer, Hedge Rafaella Baraldo, Guilherme Guimarães Viana, Robson Silva Junior, Luiz Ottino

Abstract: We “watch” the makerspace on-chain appliance a laser axle sensor. We again use our aphotic layer, iot wifi datastore http abracadabra to aback abstracts of # of bodies casual into and out of the maker amplitude every 30min and broadcast on the blockchain (using chainlink’s brand / api) the-graph fetches this from the blockchain acceptance us to broadcast is afore your actual eyesWebsite InterfaceIOT SensorChainlink Acute ContractThe Graph APIWebsite CodeTeam: Iain Nash, Evan Trumbull

Abstract: Alfred is a dApp for self-sovereign award that walks bodies through the accomplish all-important to actualize a “crypto will,” provides a accord algorithm for breeding proof-of-death, and enables executors to pay debts and administer assets at the bang of a button. With Alfred, bodies can alteration their cryptocurrency and tokens to crypto-natives and accomplish it calmly attainable to individuals who don’t advance their own agenda wallets.

Alfred combines abstracts from a array of sources including cyberbanking afterlife advertisement systems (EDRS) run by accompaniment governments and the Amusing Aegis Afterlife Index as able-bodied as obituaries and amusing media with a asleep man’s about-face that gives the executor, beneficiaries, and the allegedly-deceased a way to accredit whether or not proof-of-death has been achieved. Already proof-of-death is established, Alfred gives the appointed abettor the adeptness to accomplish the asleep individual’s outstanding debts and the acute arrangement distributes their assets to beneficiaries either “as-is” or acclimatized for Ether acknowledgment to our affiliation with Kyber.Github, YouTube, PresentationTeam: Ken Hodler, Aaron Anderson, Morgan Sherwood, Seth Goldfarb

Abstract: Centralized eBook marketplaces booty a huge allotment of the acquirement pie for the annual they provide. They actualize a centralized assurance archetypal amid publishers/authors and the end consumer. TexTEGRITY removes average men like Amazon and creates a decentralized assurance archetypal that allows publishers/authors to actualize and administer artefact listings.Github, YouTube Dave Anderson, Mitchell Valentine, Tai Kersten, Nach Dakwale

Abstract: UpsideDai is a awful leveraged arrangement for aberration (CFD) congenital on the bulk aberration of Dai. This enables bazaar makers and speculators to barrier adjoin and bet on the Dai´s bulk aberration from the peg. The CFD enables aerial advantage (20x) while actual basic able (100% collateralization). UpsideDAI helps to antithesis the DAI peg by enabling bazaar makers to arbitrage the bulk of DAI.Github, YouTube, Presentationhttps://upsidedai.comTeam: Alex Scott, Chris Maree, Diego Mazo, Haythem Sellami

Abstract: Patreon congenital on an out-of-the-box tokenized bonding curve. Admirers acquirement an artist’s brand and accretion admission to absolute content. Artists booty a fee on every brand purchase/sale.

Content creators are underpaid. Admirers don’t acquire a allusive and mutually benign way to anon abutment their admired artists. Bound allows agreeable creators to added monetize agreeable in a atypical way. Their profits calibration alongside the advance of their committed fanbase, and the admirers acquire to above forms of value:

Enjoy the allowances of an absolute “”club”” that provides admission to exceptional content. For example, a artisan could action aboriginal anthology downloads, animate merchandise, Bound-exclusive concerts, etc. For as continued as a fan holds the token, they absorb admission to all accepted and approaching rewards.

The adeptness to advance in and accumulation off of the abstract bazaar about the approaching success of an artist. Aboriginal adopters are adored the most, but alike those who adeptness lose money by affairs aback into the bonding ambit at a accident still abutment the agreeable creator.

Artists are able to always accumulation as continued as bodies are affairs & affairs the token, and they are able to accredit a added allusive affiliation with their fans.Github, YouTubeTeam: Jérôme Rastit, Jeremy Stern, Hal Hyatt, Michael McKain

Abstract: Medici is a belvedere with Youtube and Twitch integrations with the appetite to abound to accommodate with all agreeable conception platforms. The belvedere enables both users and agreeable creators to quantify important metrics on-chain such as; likes, views, subscriptions, time spent watching videos. These abstracts metrics can again be quantified and represented on-chain via a point mechanism. The point apparatus enables acceptability to be initially accustomed and through acceptability amidst users a bankrupt bend abridgement can be accustomed about this audience: ie through avenues such as a swag abundance or NFTs.Github, YouTube Ashley Morgan, Jacob Parker, Clarence Liu, Leo Vigna

Abstract: This action consists of ERC721 P2P lending through escrow Acute Arrangement and dApp demography affliction of Acute Arrangement transactions. By lending ERC721 borrower has to pay accessory annual of ERC721 antecedent annual added absorption that is set by lender and stored Acute Arrangement appropriately can be claimed by lender in case borrower refuses to acknowledgment ERC721 afterwards lending aeon ends. By enabling the adeptness to accommodation any NFT, LEND721 creates new clamminess for agenda collectibles and basic land. With the actualization of new platforms like Rocket DAO, which offers loans adjoin ERC721, accouterment and acceptance a acquirement beck for NFTs will acquiesce for lower APR and bigger acclaim lines.Github, YouTubeTeam: Deimantas Spucys, Drew Harding

Abstract: Do you abundance your clandestine keys in the cloud? Is it safe for companies to alternation ai models on your “”anonymized”” data? We hid a SECRET HASH central of GPT2 (a abysmal acquirements accent model), “”interrogate”” it to win a compensation in CHAI (Dai DSR acquired token).Github CJ Carr, Julien Heller, Saga Arvidsdotter,

Abstract: File administration and affidavit of actuality of files for Advance Colorado TrackGithub, YouTubeTeam: Solange Gueiros, Adrian Giannini

Abstract: A web3.dart App appliance agitate to affix cancer/leukemia patients to platelets donors on a P2P basis. A convenient babble to affix bodies and accomplish a admired band amid them.Github, YouTube, ReadME Juliana Passos

Abstract: TemporalX IoT is an IoT cobweb arrangement comprised of assorted ESP32 chips, including an ESP32-CAM dent which streams a webcam on the meshnet. The meshnet is bridged to a MKR1000 lath action as a approved WiFi network, giving the adeptness to avenue cartage from the meshnet to hosts on the approved WiFi network, although I didn’t get a adventitious to apparatus the acquisition of traffic, about the meshnet is bridged to the approved wifi network. Additionally there is a backend comprised of TemporalX, S3X, and a ambiguous LibP2P node. TemporalX S3X are acclimated to cull the mjpeg beck advancing off the ESP32-CAM and does a few things:

GithubTeam: Alex Trottier

Abstract: Our abstraction was to body a dapp that allows Eth holders that appetite to validate in Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 an attainable way to anonymize their deposits to the alarm alternation drop arrangement on Ethereum mainnet. We succeeded in accumulation and deploying the drop arrangement to Kovan forth with uploading and acceptance the antecedent cipher on Etherscan. We additionally auspiciously acclimated Carl Beek’s Ethereum 2.0 Toolkit to accomplish accreditation to use with deposits to the drop contract. We additionally adapted and deployed an amend tornado banknote to Kovan to acquire 32 ETH deposits. We additionally created a dapp to activate attached the workflow calm to airing the user through tornado deposit, withdrawal, accreditation bearing for Eth 2, and again drop to the alarm alternation drop contract.

We acquainted this celebrated clearing of ETH from Ethereum 1.0 to 2.0 with constant deposit/transfer amounts of 32 ETH could accommodate a aerial likelihood of anonymity for new and continued time users of Ethereum 1.0 that acquire little to no aloofness on the accepted mainnet.GithubTeam: Alex Fisher, Bryan Edelman, Kevin Vitale, Mike Jadick

Abstract: Advice TBDGithubTeam: Aditya Asgaonkar, Lakshman Sankar

Abstract: Advice TBDGithubTeam: Nathaniel Gentile, Zak Cole, Nathaniel Blakeley

Abstract: Accelerate your Cryptokitties out on a arrest in a massive bang-up battle. Anniversary CK submitted performs an advance on the boss, and if the bang-up is still alive, the CK is angry into a Wrapped Cryptokitty and stored in the boss’s contract. Aback a Cryptokitty defeats the boss, the cat charcoal animate and its buyer wins a ton of Wrapped Cryptokitties and any DAI submitted to addition the Cryptokitty in its arrest attack.Github Ben Heidorn, Michael Arnold, Paul Gadi, Mark Pereira

Abstract: The Ethsplainer 2.0 is an educational apparatus that peels aback the blind and strips abroad the abracadabra from blockchain abstracts formats. Users of all levels can assay assorted blockchain abstracts formats and accretion newfound compassionate of frequently apparent but not generally accepted abstracts constructs.Github, YouTubeTeam: David Alexander, Ronald Stoner, Peter Hendrick,

Abstract: Journalists are consistently afflicted for advertisement on politically or socially advancing topics. Threats or added forms of browbeating acquire been acclimated throughout history to accredit accustomed political structures to advance their adeptness and anticipate dissidence. Repercussions for advertisement can generally go as far as concrete abandon or death, as in the case of Jamal Khashoggi.

How do we break this? MuckRaker is a dApp that enables journalists to be anonymously accurate by a set of assemblage who would appetite to sponsor their work. MuckRaker enables assemblage to chase for journalistic works based on content, location, and a baddest few added tags. Allotment is candy through MetaMask and Ethereum mainchain. Aloofness is important in the closing accomplish of the journalist-patron interaction. Quorom Tessera is a accustomed best for advancement clandestine acute affairs in adjustment to abide action letters (the accomplished arbitrary for the work) to the patrons. This affection enables assemblage to verify their journalists’ assignment afterwards any potentially anecdotic advice in the abode to thepublic.

How did we do this? We acclimated IPFS for our broadcast abstracts abundance and Quorom for our permissioned blockchain system. The React front-end applicant displays the advice and enables payments with MetaMask. Assignment needs to be done on bigger decentralization and privatizing affairs aback possible. We were additionally attractive into a chain-swap feature, area a Acute Arrangement on main-chain would affair contest through an Answer to excellent and alteration money on our permissioned chain, and a agnate breeze would accredit banknote out.Github, PresentationTeam: Aneesh Saripalli, Luis D. Osta

Abstract: A meme DAO implementing futarchy appliance a sample ERC-20. Uniswap is acclimated both as an ICO apparatus for the ERC-20 and as a bulk oracle. The bulk of this brand is speculated on through a combinatorial anticipation market, which drives the DAO’s decisions.Github, YouTubeTeam: Alan Lu, Thor Kamphefner, Brayton Goodall

Abstract: Appliance RenVM to collateralize DAI with BTC. Accelerate absolute BTC and get DAI, simple as that.Github, YouTube Loong Wang, Chris Mooney, Andrew Cassetti

Abstract: We congenital a arch amid Web2 and Web3 with a SAML character provider. This enables users to assurance into the bags of SAML acknowledging apps appliance a KeepKey accouterments wallet, and administer their user abstracts via 3Box. A users character is compared adjoin a acute arrangement that manages the roles a user has in an alignment and kept in accompany beyond Web2 and Web3Github, PresentationTeam: Greg Taschuk, George Weiler

Abstract: We aim to lower the abundant collateralization appropriate by best DeFi protocols by tokenizing user identity. ID abstracts is encrypted and captivated in an erc20 brand which is again anesthetized to the Lendroid protocol. Under accustomed claim altitude the borrower charcoal bearding but on absence their character is exposed.Github, YouTubeTeam: Bryan Campbell, Dennis Juanito, Siva Ragavan

Abstract: Traditional email is not acceptable for spam resistant, aloofness axial and user affable interaction.

Key things Liame is solving: 1. Abstracts Affairs — Your wallet is your admission to your emails 2. Spam — Every bulletin beatific requires blockchain affidavit adjoin user authentic preferences. Every email is a altered assortment that is befuddled abroad afterwards acknowledged bulletin send, no added guessable email addresses! 3. Aloofness — Wallet based accounts beggarly public/private keys ascendancy end to end encryption 4. Free Communication — Finally blockchain acute affairs can appoint with users for allusive decentralized appliance events. 5. User Experience — Appliance articles like WalletConnect, artlessly browse into examination your inbox.

We advised to add two features: 1. Email proxy — abundance a another area emails could get forwarded. Useful if you acquire assorted wallets. 2. Decentralized arrangement broadcast band — Implementing agnate tech to gas base arrangement for ambiguous email delivery.

Why “Liame”? We antipodal how email is delivered and controlled, seemed applicable :)Gitlab, YouTubeTeam: Mike Purvis, Trevor Clarke, Hushel Roberts

Abstract: ShopiFi is an ecommerce plugin to instantly drop funds into a DeFi protocol. Any e-commerce band-aid can install the plugin to acquiesce boilerplate users admission to Compound, Basin Together, and Chai all via a acclaim agenda or Apple/Google Pay. To authenticate ShopiFi, we launched an e-commerce armpit affairs breakfast cereal, alleged “General Shills”, because atom is an important allotment of a (re)balanced breakfast.Github, YouTubehttps://general-shills.webflow.ioTeam: Jordan Lyall, Corbin Page

Abstract: Bitcoin Admission allows you to alpha earning absorption on your Bitcoin. Drop your Bitcoin to actualize TBTC (tokenized Bitcoin), catechumen your TBTC to Compound Bitcoin, and alpha earning absorption while still HODLing. Bitcoin Admission additionally allows you to barter for ETH and added interest-bearing tokens via our UniSwap integration. Also, deployed on IPFS Textile. Note: Since there is little/no clamminess for TBTC, we could abandoned bandy via a uniswap basin (TBTC to ETHER).Github, Demo File, Demo, FigmaTeam: Jonathan Schwartz, Parker Place, Jonathan Sanders, Trucy Phan

Abstract: Traditional 2x leveraged ETFs can acquiesce consumers to advance a affiliated bifold acknowledgment to basal assets on the banal market. moonETH (mETH) aims to accommodate a agnate asset on the Ethereum blockchain via a tokenized 2x ETH asset with all borrowing managed by a affiliated acute arrangement and rebalanced via Oracle. Basal assets are a MakerDAO Collateralized Debt Position (CDP).Github, Presentation, CLI RunTeam: Jacob Caban-Tomski, Tanner Moore, Jordan Reindl, Robert Hauser

Abstract: Crypto accoutrement about acquire poor UX so we congenital Bux to advice developers conduct simple UX tests. Bux connects developers anon with users who are incentivized by payments. Users admission Bux tokens by commutual UX tests and tokens are acclimated to acquirement added UX tests.Github, YouTube Ryan Yosua, Rachael Drennan, Adrian Hanft

Abstract: niftInsure is a agreement that enables anchored appellation NFT insurance. The acute arrangement allows an NFT buyer to appeal a adduce for allowance on an NFT in barter for a premium. If the NFT buyer pays the exceptional (in DAI) they again acquire the appropriate but not the obligation to advertise the NFT to the insurer at any time during the appellation (American put option). The insurer instantiates the allowance arrangement with a basin of funds such that they charge advance a accustomed arrangement of assets to liability. In abbreviate niftInsure helps with NFT bulk analysis and clamminess while unlocking NFT lending with abundant stronger bulk guarantees!Github, YouTubeTeam: Will Sheehan, Hans Enlin

Abstract: Attainable Bribery-Resistant Quadratic Allotment for ETH Attainable GoodsGithub, PresentationTeam: Auryn Macmillan, Adam Stallard, Paul Cowgill, Tommy Cox

Abstract: We admit that decentralized applications strive to be ‘zero fees’ for transfers amid users. However, there is no acceptable way of monetizing the annual as a result. How is it attainable to monetize a acute arrangement for a annual while advancement 0 fees? Introducing LedgerLocker…

We congenital a all-encompassing staking agreement that allows acute arrangement buyer to admission absorption while advancement annual balances. Any DAI that is accustomed from the acute arrangement can be directed to DSR area the acute arrangement buyer is the almsman of the interest.

We appetite users to accumulate their funds but additionally acquiesce acute arrangement owners to monetize their casework through interest. Anticipate POOLTOGETHER but instead the antithesis is action beeline to the owner.

Any time DAI gets transferred into the acute contract, the acute arrangement will catechumen the DAI into DSR. The acute arrangement keeps a antithesis of the DAI for anniversary user. As such, aback a user wants to withdraw, the acute arrangement will booty the DAI out from DSR and alteration it aback to the user. The acute arrangement buyer earns all of the absorption generated by the DAI as acquittal for the service. In our acute contracts, we chose to use DAI, about we congenital our acute arrangement in a ambiguous way such that it can be continued to assorted lending tokens such as Fulcrum or Compound. Additionally, it can be absent to use ANY ERC20 or ETH and admission absorption off of it.Github, Presentation, Finalist demoTeam: Haardik Kumar, Jason Du, Ryan Ouyang, Jonathan Xu

Abstract: Our eminent commutual apple brings opportunities beyond assorted industries, but requirements of trusted and accurate abstracts sources are necessary.

We are creating a decentralized barter for a shared-economy of apprentice abstracts and services. Users from about the apple can assay our barter and acquirement absolute time/streaming abstracts or changeless abstracts from a set of accepted abstracts sources (e.g. robots, IoT devices). With drones and adaptable robots, we acquiesce users to set aeronautics paths for free navigation, and briefly acquiesce for the teleoperation of such systems.

In our platform, we advantage a ChainLink answer that links abstracts of assorted abstracts sources that are present in a distinct area — for example, a set of drones analysis an agronomical field, or a set of temperature sensors. In turn, the Answer can accommodate a distinct antecedent of accuracy that provides harder guarantees on the authority of the abstracts .

We advantage EtherMint for faster transaction time and to lower the gas bulk of our acute contracts, as able-bodied as for interoperability and the adeptness to accomplished tune the accompaniment alteration argumentation for our altered requirements. Our set of acute affairs accredit the acquirement of the abstracts and accredit permissions admission to the machines.Github, ArxivTeam: Irvin Cardenas, Antoine De Vuyst, John May

Abstract: Implementation of Pit bold meant for clandestine deployment of Ethermint for teaching traders.GithubTeam: Tai Kersten

Abstract: Rest applicant for the cruise bore as able-bodied as a alloyed PR on the tutorials Repo.GithubTeam: Theo Ephraim

Abstract: Today iOS backups go to iCloud area others acquire admission to it. Our command-line annual runs a bounded advancement from your iPhone and pushes it to IPFS and pins it. It is encrypted locally afore pushed to the pinning annual of your best to abundance it in decentralized servers acceptance abandoned the user to acquire admission to their data!Github, YouTube, PresentationTeam: Cody Hatfield, Steve Derezinski

Abstract: Sending acquittal through a crypto abode is adamantine for bodies to bethink and verify. Acculturate pay allows you accelerate a acquittal through area name, which assembly with agnate crypto addressGithub — acculturate pay, Github — unstoppable domains resolver, YouTubeTeam: Xuefeng Zhu, Sirong Li

Abstract: The approaching of adaptable auth. SAFENET protects adaptable buzz users by audition SIM changes and advice third parties of apprehensive activity. This solves the accepted SIM-Swapping advance area hackers phish for claimed capacity and use amusing engineering to bandy SIM cards and change passwords on careful exchanges to abduct crypto.GithubTeam: Mitchell Opatowsky, Michael Coon, Michael Powers, Michael Cohen

Abstract: Mint, split, and absorb NFT biological cells. Attempt to accomplish altered and appropriate beef and abstain accepting rekt!

Mint new beef anon from the arrangement at a bulk of .008 per cell. Corpuscle art is procedurally generated appliance the accidental ethics assigned during minting. The beheld complication of the corpuscle depends in allotment on the absolute accumulation of the cell. Beef are minted with a accumulation of 8. Any corpuscle with a accumulation of 8 or beneath is a akin 1 cell. The accumulation beginning for anniversary akin is alert the antecedent level. A amateur may absorb any two beef they own into a new cell. The analysis of the alloyed corpuscle are sampled from the ascribe beef based on their admeasurement of the absolute accumulation actuality combined. E.G. A corpuscle with a accumulation of 8 has a baby adventitious of influencing the abiogenetic aftereffect aback amalgamation with a corpuscle with a accumulation of 100. Aback amalgamation cells, the consistent accumulation can alter greatly. The table beneath describes the anticipation of altered accumulation altering outcomes. A amateur may bisect any corpuscle they own into two beef of abate accumulation with identical genetics. The administration of accumulation amid these disconnected beef will ambit from 50–50 to 70–30 at most. The absolute accumulation of the consistent beef is according to the accumulation of the ancestor cell.Github Alex Hansen, Nate Hart, Jacob C

Abstract: The botheration MemeTogether solves People’s faces and choir are acceptable composable and communicable like “money legos.” DeepFake technology is convalescent the affection of memes and faceswaps w/o permission of users.

We are creating a Dapp that allows the Association to Meme calm and additionally rewards the buyer of the face and articulation data. Additionally the Memetogether artefact creates the following:

1) A staking apparatus that creates a college akin of charge to the meme created, ensuring that it is aggregate 2) Allotment Compute: An affiliation with Compound, area the DAI bound for 7 canicule generates an interest, that is acclimated to angel the computational costs and additionally angel the AI aptitude to actualize aerial affection memesGithub, YouTube, Overview, Presentation password: tMMT6L3BnC!gTeam: Arif Khan, Joseph Turner

Abstract: Agreeable creators can use this basic to monetise their content. A content-creator can use our basic to set an address, an angel (although we accept this could aggrandize into added media) and a acquittal amount. Our basic will again becloud the agreeable to abstruse it. Paying some ETH will abolish the becloud and accomplish the agreeable visible. Imagine an artisan monetising an online exhibition, an illustrator ensuring they get paid for their work. Maybe some of the Spankchain performers could additionally accomplish use of this… Mike Lockwitz, Ryan Cordell

Abstract: No-loss action to accolade association voted content.Github Shadman Hossain, Tsolmondorj Natsagdorj

Abstract: A ancestor Hemp tracking system.GitlabTeam: Jeff Prestes, Mike Wyszinski, Dulce Villarreal

Abstract: Accomplish aerial end snaps in a snap. A architect apparatus for creating metamask snaps via openrpc. Additionally with this applique includes a separate, stand-alone apparatus and website: Ambassador Snaps, a apparatus to create, adapt and assassinate JSON-RPC requests to metamask plugins: Github snaps openrpc generator, Github — ambassador snaps, Xops — Github — ambassador snaps, YouTubeTeam: Zachary Belford

Abstract: DApp that runs anon in Car acceptance Drives to calmly pay for ammunition appliance Ethereum. Communication and acquittal is done via acute contract. UI Browse QR cipher at the gas pump to get the eth abode of the station. UI appears on Car’s blow awning dashboard to accredit payment. The impact? DeVi makes award and appliance ambiance affable another fuels easy.GithubTeam: Derrick Wilson-Duncan

Abstract: Metamask x Kyberswap. Integrated Kybernetwork anon into Metamask for brand swaps.

Abstract: Win Crypto from your friends.GithubTeam: Pablo Peillard and team

Abstract: Adaptable apps can use advantage subgraphs too! We capital to appearance added developers that a agitate appliance can use The Graph to concern subgraphs aloof like a Gatsby.js / React.js can.

We acclimated the Compound subgraph to affectation a annual of accumulation ante per cToken markets. Accustomed added time we could see the abeyant for abacus notifications aback accumulation ante change appliance graphql subscriptions. Beyond that we additionally appetite to add sign-in capabilities on the app with wallet affidavit so we could concern abstracts based on the animate in users account.GithubTeam: Jonah Walker, Gabe Greenfield

Abstract: ASTROETH — is an out of this apple idea…. from the simple plains of the buffy comes the amplitude age technology of the money lego future! Not aloof accustomed ETHS either…. but rather ETHs that WENT TO SPACE BRO… SPACE. Neal Armstrong didn’t bulb an ETH applicant bulge aback he went on his aftermost moon mission so we will aloof acquire to accomplish for low apple orbit.

ASTROETH are appropriate ERC20 that acquire taken the bubble arch of agenda $.25 to the bewitched acreage of stars… abandoned to be beamed at the freaking acceleration of ablaze to a cobweb of 66 added SATs (not satoshi’s you nitwit… SATELLITES) anyhow, it makes its way aback to the normie internet and BAM… NOT JUST LEVEL2… but a accomplished added level.

Abstract: Added arrangement for acknowledge startup landing pageGithub, SiteTeam: Saurav Tomar

Abstract: Accord coffee plsGlitchTeam: Pablo Peillard, Benjamin Sarquis Peillard

Abstract: Activate an ENS absolute addendum and capital to see how attainable or difficult it’d be to accommodate unstoppable area and IPFS resolutionGithubTeam: Pablo Peillard, Philip Prophet, Benjamin Sarquis Peillard

Abstract: Chrome addendum to handle .crypto and .zil area redirectsGithubTeam: Saurav Tomar

Abstract: ENSLogin is an action to accommodate dapps built-in admission abutment for all wallets, in a decentralized way. This relies on a accepted SDK that dapps acquire to include, and independent, wallet specific, modules. While not yet actuality assembly ready, ENSLogin already supports metamask, opera, authereum, portis, torus, ledger, and now/soon unilogin.GithubTeam: Hadrien Croubois, Miguel Mota

Abstract: ENSnap is a toolbox that will accommodate aggregate bare to collaborate with ENS, from name resolution and lookup to area allotment and configuration.GithubTeam: Hadrien Croubois

Abstract: 2020 is the year of DAO. In adjustment to break the massive accepting botheration to allure abutting billion users, we advance a abreast arch broadcast band and buzzer bot so that the end users can transfer, concern and comedy with their ERC20 accordant brand aural a buzzer group!Github, YouTube

Abstract: Currently Kickback does not acquire any meta accident advice (title, date, etc). Added ipfsHash acreage and handleUpdateMeta accident handlerGithubTeam: Makoto Inoue

Abstract: This dashboard shows stats about Fortmatic staking. Stats include:

SplunkTeam: Jayson Jacobs

Abstract: On-chain URL shortener for SKALEGithub, YouTube Saurav Tomar

Abstract: The bolt brazier affection over IPFS offers a simplified, defended and able band-aid to aggregate the aftereffect of broadcast computation. IExec is able-bodied ill-fitted to administer ciphering acknowledgment to the decentralized barter for accretion resources. With iExec, ample simulation is disconnected in abounding tasks that optimizes the assets acceptance and the time to solution. But aback simulation is completed, the aftereffect accumulating is burst and added complicated to achieve. Bolt simplifies and improves the process.GithubTeam: Eric Rodriguez

Abstract: There are accoutrement and platforms that can assay blockchain and DLT abstracts — about annihilation exists that enables buidlers to actualize acute UX dashboards.. until now. Splunk’s latest dashboard framework removes artistic architecture boundaries and lets you accomplish abstracts beautiful. Aggregation Splunk created one such archetype for OST and Pepo!PresentationTeam: Stephen Luedtke, Nate McKervey

Abstract: We created an endpoint to affix MythX and Hashgraph’s deployment consoleGithubTeam: Pablo Peillard, Benjamin Sarquis Peillard

Abstract: DappHero Templates is a ability hub to download/buy/access web3-enabled templates with the DappHero engine. Sydney Lai

Abstract: Simple Customized Donation arrangement that can be acclimated and adapted by anybody else. Fabricated in WebFlow. Can additionally be acclimated to accelerate eth to any custom address.

Abstract: A web app that construe eth abode into a spectrum of colors congenital appliance Dapp Hero. James Shih

Abstract: In my project, and most, users will charge to accomplish UI decisions based on onchain data, like how abounding tokens bodies have, whether they are logged in, or what the aftereffect of arrangement calls are. There are no docs on absolutely how to do this yet on DappHero, and all the ethics affective from affairs are easier to get, but amid statically in HTML. I angled an absolute tutorial on simple arrangement calls and fabricated 2 examples of appliance jquery (with abounding comments) to accomplish activating decisions based on whether users acquire approved to log in and administration after-effects of arrangement calls.Glitch 1, Annihilate exampleTeam: Joseph Schiarizzi

Abstract: Lottery with Acute Arrangement and DappHeroGithubTeam: Ermano Nicolas Joseph

Abstract: On-chain URL shortener for the abreast blockchainGithub, YouTube Saurav Tomar, MD Halim

If you got this far, congratulations! Thank you for demography the time to attending through all of the admirable ETHDenver submissions. We’re appreciative to acquire absurd hackers from about the apple appear assignment and comedy with us, and we attending advanced to their assignment animate on continued afterwards the event. See you in 2021 for the Year of the Spork Marmot!

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