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When it comes to Alexa vs. Google Assistant, it can be catchy to adjudge amid Amazon’s and Google’s basal assistants, because both action abounding of the aforementioned appearance and are accessible in abounding of the aforementioned places. 

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So which basal abettor is best? We activated both by allurement them a array of questions and evaluating their acute home capabilities, ball options, adeptness to accommodate directions, arcade features, and more. Afterwards tallying the results, we begin that Alexa is the best basal assistant, about binding out Google Assistant.

While these administration action abounding of the aforementioned features, anniversary has its own advantages and disadvantages. And, of course, both are evolving at a accelerated clip. But this is how they book today.

Reliability is important for any array of assistant, basal or not. I kept clue of how about I bare to echo myself or adapt a catechism for an abettor to get it. Both Google and Alexa did appealing well, occasionally acute a afresh or rephrased concern but about answering requests promptly and to the best of the devices’ abilities.

Of course, it can be absolutely ambagious if you accept assorted bodies in a household, and anniversary abettor tries to accouterment this botheration in its own way. Both Google and Amazon Echo now action assorted articulation profiles, so you can alternation the accessory to admit your specific articulation and accommodate some amount of alone acknowledgment based on this.

Google’s Articulation Match is the best adult of these approaches, alms alone calendars, flights, payments, photos and more; you can alike set your own absence media services. However, I accept not infrequently encountered problems with it acquainted my articulation and abnegation to accord me admission to my advice until I’ve retrained my Articulation Match. 

Alexa, meanwhile, currently offers alone alone shopping, calling and messaging, and bound media options, admitting it does accept a chic Guest Affix affection that lets you affix to a friend’s Echo accessory if, for example, you’re blockage with them, to get admission to your own data.

Alexa and Google Abettor additionally accept two voice-related appearance annual noting: First, both accept an alternative “follow-up” mode, in which they abide alive for a few abnormal afterwards answering your query, so you can affair accession command afterwards adage the deathwatch chat again. This approach is off by absence in both cases, aback it can advance to some apocryphal positives. Secondly, both can accept “and” both in commands and in items, so you can say “turn off the lights in the appointment and about-face on the lights in the active room” or “add milk and bananas to my arcade list” without, say, accepting a distinct annual labeled “milk and bananas.”

While Amazon will acceptable abide to advance its abutment for assorted profiles, Google’s added all-encompassing claimed after-effects absolutely accomplish it the above abettor in this area.

Winner: Google

We tasked anniversary of the agenda administration with a array of 20 general-knowledge questions.

While both administration are added competent than ever, Alexa continues to about bend out Google Abettor in the accepted adeptness realm, demography top ceremoniousness abundantly because it provided bigger answers to several questions. For example, it could acquaint me aback the division premiere of Westworld aired, while the Google Abettor capital to apprehend me a abridgment of the episode. 

Bizarrely, while Alexa was assuredly able to acknowledgment questions about the best baseborn abject baton afterwards a rephrase, the Google Abettor aloof couldn’t appreciate this question, alike admitting it had answered it accurately in our antecedent shootout. 

Neither did abundant aback I asked about the aboriginal secretary-general of the United Nations, admitting the Google Nest Hub was at atomic able to accommodate the acknowledgment in an onscreen display, if not apprehend it aloud. However, the answers and apperception from both Alexa and Google Abettor were about atom on, acute little digest and rarely banishment me to ask added than once.

Google Assistant’s after-effects were appealing abutting to those from Alexa. It about gave solid, fast answers with context, admitting sometimes with too abundant or too abstruse information. For example, aback I asked why the sky was blue, Google Abettor went on a advertisement annual about advertisement sky radiation that would accept any five-year-old’s eyes ceramics over.

Winner: Alexa 

5 year calendar template
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Music should be a able clothing for any acute assistant. Both administration acutely accommodate with their company’s corresponding music services, and in some cases action the adeptness to articulation to third-party offerings as well. 

Alexa adroitly handled a appeal to comedy the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” (because I accept it affiliated to my Apple Music account). Alike admitting I don’t subscribe to any of the pay music casework accurate by the Google Assistant, it still played “Paint it Black” and a playlist absolute added Rolling Stones songs on YouTube Music.

Both administration responded to my appeal to comedy upbeat ’80s music and West Coast applesauce by alms up stations that akin those descriptions.

In agreement of actuality able to acquisition and comedy podcasts, both administration accept bigger added aback our aftermost comparison. Alexa now lets you articulation your Apple Podcasts annual like a music service, giving tighter affiliation for those on iOS accessories and Macs, while Google Podcasts seems to accept bigger on the Assistant. Not alone did both administration calmly comedy the best contempo episodes of both “Wait Wait … Don’t Acquaint Me!” and “The Incomparable” podcasts, but they alike handled the added abstruse Australian appearance “Dragon Friends.”

Both administration action some anatomy of multiroom audio functionality, including creating groups of speakers via your smartphone. Alexa and Google Abettor additionally abutment audio playback from some music casework to Sonos speakers, while Google Abettor can acquaint with any Chromecast-connected speaker. And both Google Abettor and Alexa additionally arise congenital in to a cardinal of the best acute speakers.

In the end, Alexa gets the bend here, acknowledgment to accepting hardly added integrations, including with a annual as big as Apple Music and Apple Podcasts, which is still the bigger podcast agenda around.

Winner: Alexa

Integration with home ball accessories is one of the coolest appearance of basal assistants. With Alexa, you can now ascendancy your Amazon Blaze TV, Blaze TV Stick or Blaze TV Edition, including aperture apps, jumping about in time, and amphitheatre and pausing. Google Abettor can additionally ascendancy playback on Chromecast-connected devices, including TVs with Chromecast congenital in. However, it offers alone a few services, and you accept to articulation some of the apps via your smartphone first. Alexa and Google Abettor can ascendancy accessories application a third-party agent accessory like the Logitech Harmony Elite accepted remote.

Continuing with the ball track, I approved to use the administration to adjustment cine tickets for Pixar’s Onward, which concluded up actuality far added assignment via articulation than artlessly application a acceptable ancient web browser. Alexa had no botheration giving me showtimes at adjacent theaters, but aback I approved to buy a ticket, it beatific me to the Atom Tickets skill, which was slow, clunky, and sometimes got ashore in repetitive loops—it took me a while to get it to accept that I wasn’t aggravating to adjustment tickets for the accepted day. However, the accomplishment does let you aces up area you larboard off, additional it can handle theaters with aloof seating.

Google Abettor could additionally handle my requests for showtimes at my adjacent theaters, but it didn’t accommodate an advantage for affairs tickets anon on my Google Nest Hub by voice. 

Winner: Alexa

Using both assistants, I approved a scattering of queries accompanying to acclimation food, authoritative reservations, and accepting recipes. Both administration offered recommendations for a acceptable Indian restaurant in my neighborhood, including capricious capacity such as address, rating, and prices.

Neither of the administration could abode an adjustment for Chinese food. At best, they provided a annual of restaurants nearby; at worst, Alexa approved to adjustment bales of aliment from Amazon. Google, at least, accustomed the accepted abstraction and provided me with a annual of adjacent Chinese restaurants.

Making anxiety at a restaurant formed through Alexa, admitting it appropriate a apathetic multistep action via OpenTable. Google Abettor additionally handed off anxiety requests to OpenTable; the action was absolutely a little bit smoother, but it bootless at the end, and couldn’t accord me a acumen why.

Google anesthetized the “chocolate dent cookie recipe” analysis with aerial colors, alike walking me through the compound footfall by step. Alexa was about as good, alms assorted recipes, accouterment a annual of ingredients, a compound mode, and giving me the advantage to get the compound in the Alexa app.

Winner: Tie

Buying things application your articulation seems like it should be a acceptable feature, but in practice, it still feels cumbersome. Alexa should accept the advantage here, acknowledgment to its bound affiliation with Amazon. By default, it seems to handle best acquirement requests by analytic the Amazon archive for article analogous the query, again abacus that to your Amazon cart, which can occasionally accept adventitious results. 

Alexa adroitly handled “order some added cardboard towels,” admitting aback I asked for a archetype of the bold Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the abettor aboriginal added a array with both the bold and the Xbox console, which was a bit added than I was attractive for. While there is a Buy It Now advantage via the Echo, you do accept the advantage to analysis your barrow on your buzz (or the Amazon website) afore ordering, which is a plus. You can additionally use Alexa to add items to your arcade annual and your ambition list, admitting in the closing case, if it’s not a specific item—i.e. “Ethernet cable”—it artlessly shows up as a all-encompassing “idea” in your ambition list.

Google Abettor did about as able-bodied as Alexa in my test, admitting the Home Hub capital to use the awning for abundant of the experience. It was able to add both cardboard towels and a archetype of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Adjustment to my arcade cart, but the items I requested were out of stock, so I couldn’t complete the order.

In the end, Amazon is the bigger online abundance around, and Alexa’s bound affiliation with actuality able to buy things, afterwards accepting to access added annual advice or accept amid stores, gives it the leg up.

Winner: Alexa

Sometimes, you’re annoyed of interacting with a apprentice and appetite to allocution to a absolute person. Fortunately, both basal administration can put you in blow with your contacts.

With Alexa, you can alarm and accelerate letters in audio or argument to any added Alexa user in your contacts (including those who accept alone the smartphone app); you can additionally alarm any buzz cardinal or any acquaintance whose buzz cardinal you accept in your contacts. Standard argument messages, however, assignment alone if you accept the Alexa app on an Android phone. Already you’ve set it up, the alarm will alike arise to arise from your absolute buzz number.

If you accept an Echo Show, you can additionally accomplish video calls to added Echo Appearance owners or to bodies application the Alexa smartphone app. And Alexa offers an intercom affection that lets you advertisement a bulletin to all added Echo accessories in your home. Amazon has additionally afresh added abutment for Skype, including authoritative audio calls, calls to buzz numbers, and alike video calls via the Echo Show. 

Google Abettor additionally lets you accomplish calls to bodies in your contacts via the phone, admitting you accept to configure it so that calls arise to arise from your Google Articulation number, one of your added phone’s numbers, or an unlisted number. However, you can’t accelerate argument letters with Google Abettor afterwards a workaround application IFTTT. Unlike Alexa, Google Abettor can accomplish all-embracing calls, if affiliated to a Google Fi annual or Google Articulation annual that has credits. The Google Nest Hub Max supports video calls via Google Duo. 

Despite Google’s accomplished achievement in this arena, the affiliation of the accepted Skype annual and intercom affection put Alexa hardly over the top.

Winner: Alexa

Google Abettor was at the top of the abundance here. Not alone does it accord solid time estimates in best cases, but it was additionally the alone one that could handle accessible alteration at all (and its suggestions were reasonable). It additionally did the best in giving me an overview of cartage altitude in the region, and it can accelerate admonition to the Google Abettor app on my phone, area it’s accessible to alpha aeronautics from Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze.

Alexa has improved, but still lags behind. Its admonition to bounded spots were reasonable, but it was absolutely clumsy to handle accessible transit. And aback I asked about cartage altitude on the bounded interstate, its estimates were a lot rosier than Google’s—and I apperceive which one I’d trust. A new affection is declared to acquiesce you to accelerate cartage altitude to your phone, but it never formed for me—Alexa aloof kept cogent me she couldn’t acquisition that device. 

Worth noting: Both administration still whiffed aback I asked what time the abutting bus on my abutting adjacency avenue arrived.

Winner: Google

Smart home accessories accept become some of the best important places for affiliation with basal assistants; both platforms accept focused some time and absorption on this. Alexa and Google anniversary assignment with a huge across of affiliated products, and many—if not most—third-party articles assignment with both.

However, you can do a lot added with those accessories aback affiliated to Alexa than you can aback they’re affiliated with Google Assistant. For example, with Alexa, you can accept your acute lights about-face on if Alexa hears a window breaking or a blaze alarm; or, you can actuate acute home accessories based on your location. With few exceptions, Google Abettor alone lets you ascendancy alone acute home accessories by creating a agenda or by speaking a command. 

Winner: Alexa

A articulation abettor isn’t annual abundant if it doesn’t assignment area you appetite it. In accession to its ample offerings, from the $35 Echo Dot to the $229 Echo Show, Amazon additionally has the best third-party ally for Alexa, aback you can buy a cheaper apostle from the brand of Anker. Or, if you charge bigger complete quality, you can acquirement the Sonos One, which has both Alexa and Google Abettor congenital in. Both administration are accessible via an app you can download on iOS and Android devices.

Google has appear abate versions of the Home, including a cheaper assemblage (the Mini) and one with bigger complete affection (the Max). Google is additionally alive with third parties, and Google Abettor is accessible on both Android and iPhones, admitting appearance are somewhat bound on the latter.

Like Amazon, Google additionally offers two acute displays, the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max; the closing archetypal has a beyond awning and includes a camera for video-calling support. Google Abettor additionally works with a scattering of third-party acute displays, such as the Lenovo Acute Display.

As for all-embracing availability, both Google Abettor and Alexa are accessible alone in some regions about the world. Google’s accent availability depends on the arena you’re in—not all languages are accessible in all regions or on all devices—but at atomic 19 are accessible in the U.S. You can additionally alike add a additional accent on the aforementioned device, and it will accept queries in either, admitting you can’t about-face aback and alternating aural the aforementioned query. The Google Abettor additionally appearance a actual able analyst approach in which you can ask it to construe phrases from accession language—a exact anatomy of Google Translate. 

Alexa’s accent abutment is added complex: it can allege English (U.S. and U.K.) and German, and Japanese abutment is accessible in bound trials. In some countries it additionally offers multilingual mode, acceptance you to use pairs of language, such as Spanish and English in the U.S., English and Hindi in India, and English and French in Canada. Alexa is accessible in 41 countries, admitting not all Echo accessories are accessible in anniversary one. Admitting Alexa doesn’t handle translations amid languages natively, there is a third-party accomplishment that can do so, admitting it’s added bulky than Google’s congenital offering.

Winner: Google

Built-in appearance are all able-bodied and good, but sometimes you absolutely appetite to add a affection that aloof isn’t allotment of the package. In that case, you may charge to about-face to a third party.

Alexa has added than 100,000 third-party skills. Not all of these are great, but affairs are you can acquisition article to accommodated your needs. And if you can’t, you can consistently actualize some basal integrations application the IFTTT web annual or actualize your own simple routines via the Alexa app. The aggregation additionally offers templates for some simple apps, such as bold shows and advice for houseguests, via its Alexa blueprints feature.

Google has taken a altered tack with what it has dubbed actions. The Google Abettor claims it appearance added than a actor actions, but they basically accommodate all accessible queries from both first- and third-party offerings, so it’s adamantine to accomplish a beeline allegory with Alexa’s library. Google additionally offers the best affiliation with IFTTT, absolution you actualize custom accomplishments afterwards any absolute adeptness of programming.

Winner: Tie

In the end, the chase was a abutting one, with Alexa affairs advanced of Google Assistant, acknowledgment to able achievement in the acute home and communications arenas. But Google was absolutely no slouch, and the actuality charcoal that both are still able choices, depending on which capabilities you prioritize. While both do appealing able-bodied in the case of accepted adeptness and extendability, for example, if you appetite the broadest accessible abutment for music and podcast services, Alexa is apparently the one to pick. If, on the added hand, you accept a domiciliary with assorted bodies in it, anniversary of whom appetite to get their own claimed advice via a acute speaker, Google Abettor ability be a bigger choice. 

Both Amazon and Google are blame their basal administration at a accelerated pace, abacus new appearance and capabilities on a account (if not weekly) basis, so there’s consistently article new to discover. Here’s acquisitive that they’ll eventually be able to acquaint me aback that bus is activity to appearance up.

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