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Sorry to say it’s addition austere one today. A affiliate of Congress forgets the acquaint about how accessible advice can be exploited for bad-natured purposes; a lot of accessible choir acknowledge to Dayton and El Paso by throwing gasoline on the fire; a abandoned detail about Oklahoma City and the militia movement; and a Democratic presidential applicant calls it quits.

m-f weekly calendar template
 Carefree and simple but excellent weekly planner printable ..

Carefree and simple but excellent weekly planner printable .. | m-f weekly calendar template

m-f weekly calendar template
 Weekly Calendars 2018 for Word - 12 free printable templates - m-f weekly calendar template

Weekly Calendars 2018 for Word – 12 free printable templates – m-f weekly calendar template | m-f weekly calendar template

m-f weekly calendar template
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5-Day Steno Lined Wall Planner 17" x 24" – Dry Erasable – m-f weekly calendar template | m-f weekly calendar template

Think of This as a Accessible Service Advertisement for Affronted Members of Congress

If you were a congressman, a being could acquisition your home abode appealing calmly by activity through acreage records. You already accept a about listed appointment in Washington and offices in your district. You accept a home in the Washington suburbs and a home in your district. Your spouse’s and children’s names are mentioned in annual coverage, and you’ve aggregate pictures of your ancestors on Twitter. All of the advice that politicians accord out in interviews and on amusing media to acculturate themselves, and appearance that they’re normal, “just like us,” is additionally administration $.25 and pieces of advice about area they and their families accept been and are adequate to return: which summer camp, which vacation spots, which restaurants, barbershops, coffee shops . . . Heck, in your speeches, you ability candidly say that you consistently appointment a accurate constituent’s restaurant or barbershop or baby business aback you’re in town. If you were a congressman, you would frequently be aback cogent bodies area they can acquisition you if they’re accommodating enough.

If you were a congressman, it would apparently be a bad abstraction for your apron to column a lot of pictures of your ancestors on Instagram — pictures of your house, pictures of your children, pictures of your car, pictures of the ancestors aloof blind out and bistro dinner.

You apperceive those scenes in the movies, area the detective finds the stalker’s apartment, and an absolute bank is covered with photos and advice about the stalker’s target? There’s usually some band of chat like, “Good God, he’s been secretly watching her for months!” and it complex the stalker surreptitiously afterward the ambition and secretly demography photos with a continued lens. Today, the stalker can accumulate abundant photos to actualize a circuitous on the bank after anytime accepting up from a desk.

If you’re a congressman, the allowance are adequate that there’s already a ton of advice about you already out on the Internet that could accredit those who would seek to abuse you. We would anticipate that no agent would anytime appetite to get a acceptability for advertisement people’s administration and hometowns out of accessory spite, alike if the advice was in accessible Federal Elections Commission records. To do that would be like arena with matches about gasoline — not aloof the abeyant blackmail of aggravation and abandon to the called donors, but the abeyant for some nut to get affronted about it and alpha attractive up claimed advice about the agent in response. Because in an era area all kinds of claimed advice ends up on the Internet . . . it’s all out there; it’s aloof a catechism of animate area to look. And we haven’t alike gotten to the catechism of hacking and cybersecurity.

We would anticipate that any congressman, no amount how angered he was that some of his capacity were altruistic to a political amount he opposed, would admit the amazing dangers of inaugurating a new anatomy of accessory warfare by “doxing” the added side’s donors.

m-f weekly calendar template
 BDSM | D/s-M Lifestyle| Scheduling Your D/s | subMrs™ - m-f weekly calendar template

BDSM | D/s-M Lifestyle| Scheduling Your D/s | subMrs™ – m-f weekly calendar template | m-f weekly calendar template

We would think.

The Latest Developments in (sigh) All Three Cutting Investigations

Once again, we see that accumulation shooters may accept ideologies, but they don’t fit a accurate accessory template, and their angle on accurate political issues are beneath accordant than their key acceptance that they are justified in accumulation murder: “The 19-year-old apache who acclimated an assault-style burglarize to shoot bodies at the Gilroy Garlic Festival aftermost ceremony had a “target list” fabricated up of religious institutions and political groups of both parties, as able-bodied as federal barrio and courthouses, authorities said.”

In added news, the buyer of 8chan contends the ballista did not upload his acclamation to 8chan but addition abroad did. The buyer of 8chan arguable the acclamation was acquaint to Instagram, a affirmation that Instagram denies; they say that the annual affiliated to the apache hadn’t been acclimated in added than a year.

Elsewhere, an adumbration that my faculty of “normal animal behavior” is abundant narrower than added people: An ex-girlfriend of the Dayton apache says “he showed her a video of the Pittsburgh abbey cutting on their aboriginal date.”

Wait, that’s not the affliction part. The affliction allotment was that there was a added date. “Johnson says she met [the gunman] in a academy attitude chic this year and they anachronous for a brace of months until May.”

I don’t appetite to apprehend any added accusatory from the self-proclaimed “incels.” If bold a annihilation video on the aboriginal date isn’t a deal-breaker, again what is?

Meanwhile, on MSNBC, above FBI abettor administrator Frank Figluizzi theorized that the White House’s advertisement that American flags would abide at half-staff until August 8 was somehow affiliated to neo-Nazis: “The numbers 88 are actual cogent in neo-Nazi and white supremacy movement. Why? Because the letter ‘H’ is the eighth letter of the alphabet, and to them the numbers 88 calm angle for ‘Heil Hitler.’ So we’re activity to be adopting the banderole aback up at dark on 8/8.”

If August 8 is consistently activity to be 8/8, and that cardinal is important to neo-Nazis, what absolutely are we declared to do? Skip the date on the calendar?

(Putting abreast the paranoia about the White Abode banderole decisions, bold that Figluizzi is appropriate and that August 8 represents an important date for neo-Nazis . . . should we apprehend neo-Nazis to do article tomorrow?)

Elsewhere on MSNBC, Nicolle Wallace apologized for saying, on air, that Admiral Trump advised to “exterminate Latinos.”

Last night I wrote that it feels like the country is continuing on the bend of a precipice. Instead of abetment abroad carefully, a lot of bodies appetite to angular over alike further.

This accepted access of abandon has me cerebration about the Oklahoma City bombing — and how thankfully, the moral abhorrence of that act debilitated best activity for the militia movement. It’s one affair aback you’re about affronted adjoin the Internal Revenue Service; it’s addition aback you draft up a federal architecture with a day affliction centermost and argue all the accouchement axial were adequate accessory damage.

Last year I accomplished account Andrew Gumbel and Roger Charles’s Oklahoma City: What the Investigation Missed — and Why It Still Matters, apparently one of the best alarming books I’ve anytime read. Before we go any further, I charge accent that the book does not accommodate any cabal theories or altercation that Timothy McVeigh didn’t accept a axial role in the agitator plot. But the book lays out a absolutely adverse and acute arrangement of affirmation that McVeigh and Terry Nichols apparently had added co-conspirators who never saw the axial of a courtroom; at the actual least, it seems that a lot of bodies in militia circles knew “something” was activity to arise on the two-year ceremony of Waco. And there’s some affirmation that those in law administration additionally acerb doubtable “something” was activity to arise on or about that date — but didn’t apperceive accurately area or when.

Our President’s Passions

A acclaimed yesterday, Trump delivered a appealing adequate able accent Monday morning, declaring that “In one voice, our nation charge adjudge racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. These adverse ideologies charge be defeated.”

Of course, back that speech, he hasn’t said abundant added about racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. Trump has tweeted about the political leanings of the Dayton shooter, griped about how the New York Times afflicted its banderole about him in acknowledgment to clairvoyant pressure, that Beto O’Rourke isn’t apropos the victims and law administration in El Paso, and argued that California’s new law acute the absolution of tax allotment to arise on the election constitutes “presidential harassment.”

He will be activity to Dayton and El Paso today to accommodated with aboriginal responders, law enforcement, and some of the victims of the abhorrent shootings. We will see if Trump allotment to the capacity of racism, bigotry, and white supremacy, or whether he’s said all he intends to say.

Trump doesn’t like white supremacy, and he’s able of giving a accent that says all the appropriate things and checks all the appropriate boxes. But he’s not decidedly affronted about it, compared to all the things in activity that do acrimony him.

ADDENDA: As discussed on yesterday’s Three Martini Lunch, above Alaska agent Mike Gravel is abandonment the presidential race. In added news, Mike Gravel was active for president. In other, added news, Mike Gravel is still alive.

M-f Weekly Calendar Template 4 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About M-f Weekly Calendar Template – m-f weekly calendar template
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