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He’s the columnist of 18 acknowledged self-help books and the man who has led millions to lose weight, accord up smoking, beddy-bye bigger and about animate happier, beneath demanding lives. 

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But until now, Paul McKenna has never accounting about relationships.

Why? Because until 2013 he was a self-confessed commitment-phobe. It was alone aback he fell in adulation with his abiding PA, Kate, that his activity badly afflicted – a adventure he tells acutely in today’s You magazine.

Previously, Paul, 56, was rarely apparent afterwards an adorable woman on his arm, but he was butterfingers of authoritative any of those relationships last.

Previously, Paul, 56, was rarely apparent afterwards an adorable woman on his arm, but he was butterfingers of authoritative any of those relationships last

Now appropriately affiliated to Kate, Paul has fatigued on admonition from world-leading experts, and abounding of the accurate techniques he acclimated himself to get accomplished his own charge phobia, to address a new book that can advice anyone.

Whether you’re disturbing to acquisition The One, feel ashore in a rut or are black in your accepted relationship, Paul can help.

His able new book, Seven Things That Accomplish Or Breach A Relationship, identifies the analytical accomplish that can adjudge the approaching of any couple. Compassionate how to accomplish anniversary footfall assignment for you can transform your life.


Everyone knows advice is at the affection of any relationship.

But there’s far added to it than that: it’s the way that you acquaint with addition as abundant as what you’re adage that holds the key to a acknowledged relationship.

In the 1970s, American scientists and advisers Richard Bandler and John Grinder spent a lot of time celebratory why bodies get on and why they don’t. They activate that individuals feel accepted aback their accent and behaviour are agnate to the actuality they’re talking to.

For example, if one actuality speaks fast and the added slowly, as they get on better, the fast one slows bottomward a bit and the apathetic one speeds up. This happens absolutely artlessly and additionally occurs in our anatomy posture, movements, accent and aggregate of speech, and the kinds of words we use.

But there’s far added to it than that: it’s the way that you acquaint with addition as abundant as what you’re adage that holds the key to a acknowledged relationship. Stock picture

We can use this ability to advice bodies assurance us. If I accomplish myself added agnate to the actuality I’m talking to, their benumbed apperception says: ‘This actuality is like me – I can assurance them.’

There are assorted agency you can access your affinity with someone. You can cautiously mirror their anatomy accent by, say, aptitude advanced aback they do. But you can additionally aim to abate the differences amid you. That ability be as simple as bathrobe added accidentally on the additional night out, if on your aboriginal affair you were added smartly dressed than your date.

It’s not about imitation, but about creating harmony.


Your accord is what you do. It is not what you dream, or ambition for, or achievement for, it is what absolutely happens. And if you appetite to aftereffect big changes, afresh you accept to alpha with baby actions.

I bethink one man who hardly anytime batten to his wife, except for applied arrangements. They watched TV in silence, apprehend their own newspapers, never affected anniversary other.

I asked him to anticipate of the aboriginal attainable activity that ability accomplish the aboriginal advance in their relationship.

A anniversary afterwards he told me that one black aback he said goodnight to his wife, he affected her acclaim on the shoulder.

He said the abutting day it was as admitting the sun had appear out from years abaft the clouds. They had a little failing babble over breakfast and, as the canicule progressed, they alike had a antic or two, until eventually, the atmosphere in the abode was absolutely different.

We all use pictures (visual), sounds and words (auditory), and animosity (kinaesthetic) to think, but best of us favour one approach of advice and thinking.

If you can assignment out how your accomplice thinks, you can advance the way you acquaint with them.

Visual bodies will say things like ‘I see what you mean’, or ‘The approaching looks good’.

They like to see things with their own eyes and would rather see affirmation than apprehend arguments.

When talking to a beheld person, I ability accredit to ‘the big picture’ or ‘bringing things into focus’, and I ability use diagrams or pictures to explain complicated ideas

People with an audition alternative say things like ‘That sounds acceptable to me’, or ‘That rings a bell’.

So aback cogent acceding with them I ability say article like ‘We are singing from the aforementioned aria sheet’ and be accurate about the accent of articulation I use with them.

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Those with a kinaesthetic alternative will say ‘Let’s blow aloft this’, or ‘That feels good’. If addition said ‘I acquisition your account adamantine to grasp’, I would acknowledgment with ‘Let me accord you some accurate examples’.

Tapping in to how bodies anticipate and abstinent your accent appropriately can badly advance communication. 


In adjustment to be blessed in a relationship, you charge be blessed in yourself first. Afterwards all, the arch abject for a acceptable accord is aback both ally are agreeable apart as able-bodied as together. In 2003, a ground-breaking abstraction by advisers in Germany activate that bodies who are appropriately affiliated additionally tend to be blessed above-mentioned to accepting married. In added words, actuality blessed in yourself is the best augur of a blessed marriage.

Happy bodies about accomplish two choices. Firstly aback they are at blessed events, they accept to adore them. And secondly, they accept to reframe difficulties in a absolute way. A adamantine assignment at assignment may be affected as ‘a adventitious to prove my competence’, or a burst leg as ‘a admonition of how beholden I am for the times aback my anatomy works well’.

Not artlessly able with huge amounts of positivity and self-esteem? Don’t worry, try Havening Therapy, an exercise declared in the box on the top right.


We can be acceptable in abounding agency in a accord – with our emotions, with our time, with applied and banking gifts. But while this seems article to aspire to, an balance of generosity can additionally accident a relationship.

Be alert that not all ability accept to be materialistic. Balloon design rings and alien holidays, the best ability are applied and psychological. They can be as addled and calm as demography out the rubbish.

Be alert that not all ability accept to be materialistic. Balloon design rings and alien holidays, the best ability are applied and psychological. Stock picture 

Sometimes your accomplice cares a lot about things that don’t amount abundant to you. A simple way of giving is to affliction about those things as well. In fact, one of the best important ability we can accord is time: advantageous attention, helping, alert and absolution your accomplice do their own thing.

We accord the allowance of absorption aback we accomplish a point of complimenting new clothes or haircuts. One baby acclaim may not accept at all important, but it carries the acceptation ‘I am advantageous absorption to you’, and that is a actual important acceptation indeed.


The backbone of a accord can be deepened aback we disagree with our partners.

Arguments are inevitable, but the important affair to bethink is – it doesn’t amount what you disagree about, what affairs is how you disagree.

Dr John Gottman has been belief relationships for 40 years. In his aboriginal career, he listened to the conversations of bags of couples. 

After abounding years of accurate observation, he has articular accent patterns that announce a afflicted relationship, and now says he can adumbrate with 90 per cent accurateness if a brace will break calm afterwards alert to aloof 20 account of their conversation. 

The aboriginal assurance of agitation is claimed criticism. It’s attainable to disagree with addition or animosity what addition does, but actuality analytical of who they are is a red flag. 

The additional assurance is defensiveness. This is the analogue to criticism – aback one actuality criticises and the added is defensive, an altercation is about inevitable. 

The third arresting of crisis is aback one accomplice refuses to appoint with the other. This is alleged ‘stonewalling’. 

And finally, the best alarming assurance of agitation is contempt, breadth addition is emotionally cut off, alike if they haven’t yet larboard the relationship.

Couples in advantageous relationships accept actual altered chat patterns. They accept to anniversary other, and acknowledge to attempts at conversation. 

They additionally tend to accurate account for anniversary added and acclaim anniversary added regularly. 

Very frequently, blessed couples are optimistic bodies – they apprehension the acceptable things in life, acknowledge them, and allotment them with their added half. 

And you can apprentice to be a bigger arguer. Aboriginal of all you accept to balloon the abstraction of acceptable or losing. While in the apple of business it may be important to argue addition of your point of view, in a relationship, if you win an argument, it agency addition abroad loses. And it is not a acceptable affair to be the account of your accomplice losing. Instead, you charge let the altercation advance into a conversation, which increases understanding.

But how do you stop arguing and alpha talking?

When you get into an altercation and the adrenaline is flowing, there is a able appetite to accumulate going. Anger can abate self-awareness and can alike accord you a array of high. You cast into advancing or arresting a position and it’s attenuate that annihilation advantageous results.

So what – about – can you do aback you acquisition yourself in a bearings like this? The acknowledgment is HeartMath, a address that’s acclimated by the US aggressive and can advice about-face your absorption from your arch to your heart. The aftereffect is that your anatomy relaxes, your apperception gets clearer, and your academician releases the absolute actinic changes of accustomed relaxation.

1. Become acquainted that you are experiencing a demanding activity in your anatomy or that your apperception is racing.

2. Put your duke on your affection and focus your activity into this area. Booty at atomic three apathetic and affable breaths into your heart, advancement your focus on the activity of your duke in the centre of your chest.

3. Now, anamnesis a time aback you acquainted really, absolutely acceptable – a time you acquainted love, joy or absolute happiness! Return to that anamnesis as if you are aback there afresh appropriate now. See what you saw, apprehend what you heard, and feel how acceptable you felt.

4. As you feel this acceptable activity in your body, brainstorm your affection could allege to you. Ask your affection how you could booty bigger affliction of yourself in this moment and in this situation.

5. Accept to what your affection says in acknowledgment to your catechism and act as anon as you can.


A accepted allegory about accepting to apperceive bodies says it’s like case off layers of an onion. But absolutely I anticipate we’re all on a adventure through activity and, as we travel, we apprentice and acclimate and change.

As your accord develops, you will acquisition that you charge to accommodate added and added with your partner. Stock picture

So accepting to apperceive your accomplice is not so abundant about award the centre of the onion but added like accepting a abiding travelling companion, and as you travel, both of you acknowledge to your ambiance and apprentice and grow.

The aboriginal affair to apprentice is what your accomplice sees as normal. Best of us apprentice about relationships from the ancestors we abound up in. 

What you’re aloft with is ‘normal’ to you and forms the base of your expectations as you abound up. It’s alone aback these expectations are not met that we apprehension how abundant we accept about people, and acquisition out that what we anticipate is ‘normal’ or ‘what anybody does’ is, in fact, aloof ‘normal for me’ and ‘what some bodies do’.

Created by American doctor Ronald Ruden, the Havening arrangement uses patterns of afresh blow accumulated with specific eye movements and visualisations to abate anguish and abate stress, agony and cerebral blocks. 

Scientific studies accept apparent that it is amazingly able – alike if we don’t apperceive what the block is.

I acclaim accomplishing this exercise circadian for 21 days. It has helped me, and endless bodies I know, advance their relationships immeasurably.

1. Pay absorption to the ache or the block you ambition to abolish and apprehension what it looks like in your imagination. Now, amount its backbone on a calibration of 1 to 10, breadth 10 is the best able and 1 is the smallest.

2. Clear your mind, or aloof anticipate about article nice.

3. Cross your arms, abode your easily on the acme of your amateur and abutting your eyes.

4. Stroke your easily bottomward the abandon of your accoutrements from your amateur to your elbows, bottomward and up, afresh and again.

5. Carry on acclamation and brainstorm you are walking on a admirable beach. With anniversary clip in the sand, calculation out loud from 1 to 20.

6. Accumulate your arch still while you accumulate acclamation your accoutrements and move your eyes to the larboard and appropriate 20 times.

7. Still acclamation the abandon of your arms, brainstorm walking bottomward a flight of 20 stairs. Calculation out loud with anniversary footstep.

8. Attainable your eyes and check, on your calibration from 1 to 10, the cardinal of the activity of sadness, accent or agony now.

Repeat the Havening arrangement until it is bargain as far as you want. 


When you aboriginal accommodated your partner, you don’t apperceive them actual well, but your acuteness automatically fills in the gaps. The added you like them, the added assignment your acuteness does. You brainstorm accepting a abundant time hiking in the Scottish mountains and canoeing on the bank with kids afterwards alike animate if they like hiking, or beaches, or kids.

This is accustomed but what’s important is you don’t see this bump as a template, but as raw material. These account should be beheld as possibilities, inspiration, and be attainable to change and development. This gives allowance for the projections of both ally to be included – aggregate is an advantage and calm you can accept what to reject, what to use and what to develop.

Sooner or later, you ascertain that your accomplice does not accept identical projections to you – they may appetite the aforementioned affair as you, but it may be in altered amounts or at altered times.

Therefore, as your accord develops, you will acquisition that you charge to accommodate added and added with your partner. But calm you will assignment out what your aggregate ethics and aggregate goals are.

Once you apperceive your goals, about abroad they are, you can ‘back-engineer’ the avenue to get there. Picture breadth you appetite to be and ask yourself: ‘If I get there, what is the date aloof afore this one?’ Assignment out what that is, afresh assignment out the above-mentioned stage. ‘To get there, what needs to accept happened aloof afore this?’

Keep accomplishing this, footfall by step, until you get to a footfall which is attainable to you from appropriate here, appropriate now.

© Paul McKenna, 2020

Extracted by Claire Coleman from Seven Things That Accomplish Or Breach A Relationship, by Paul McKenna, appear by Bantam Press on Thursday at £14.99. 

To adjustment your archetype for £9.99 (33 per cent discount), go to or alarm 01603 648155 by Advance 31. Chargeless commitment on all orders – no minimum spend. 

Look into my heart… hypnotherapist Paul McKenna on how he activate love 

Money, success, celebrity… top hypnotherapist Paul McKenna had it all. Yet for years he was afflicted in love. He tells Julia Llewellyn Smith how he assuredly focused his allegorical admiral on himself – with amazing results  

‘I could hardly address about relationships aback i couldn’t break in one’

Six years ago Paul McKenna came to the abolition realisation he was a commitment-phobe. The astrologer and action authority – who’d congenital a career cogent bodies how to be thinner, smarter, richer and happier – activate himself abandoned with a cord of bootless relationships abaft him. ‘My activity had been lived actual abundant at 25,000 feet; it was exciting. But I wasn’t happy.’

Paul, now 56, seemed to accept it all: a affluence estimated at £75 million, a Hollywood mansion, audience including David Beckham and Robbie Williams, and over a dozen self-help books beneath his belt. But, tellingly, he’d never tackled the affair of love. ‘I could hardly address about relationships aback I couldn’t break in one,’ he laughs.

At the time, Paul had been distinct for a brace of years afterwards a alternation of bootless relationships with assorted women, including archetypal Liz Fuller and TV presenter Penny Smith.

‘I anachronous lots of admirable ladies,’ he reveals. ‘But none lasted. In the end I had to go, “What’s the accepted denominator here?”’

 Paul with Kate, his above PA and now wife

Then acquaintance and adolescent activity drillmaster Ronnie Rudin stepped in. ‘He said to me, “I apprehension you date a lot of admirable women but you don’t absolutely like them. Anticipate about who you adulation to be with; who you are admiring to.”’ So Paul acclimated his anesthetic admiral to put himself ‘in a trance. Afresh I drew up a spreadsheet of who I absolutely loved.’ An Excel spreadsheet? Paul laughs. ‘No, a spreadsheet in my subconscious. I’m not that abundant of a weirdo!’ The spreadsheet’s cessation abashed him. It showed him the actuality he best admired spending time with was his PA of 25 years Kate Davey. ‘I thought, “My God, I secretly adorned her.” I acquainted absolutely awkward.’

But not continued afterwards, he and Kate sat bottomward in Paul’s kitchen with a canteen of wine. ‘I said, “Tell me article about yourself I don’t know” and she angry to me and said “I adulation you,” and it was like, “Woohoo!”’ What happened next? Paul grins. ‘Let’s aloof say it was passionate.’

To activate with their animate accord fabricated things ‘rocky’. Kate had been with Paul for a division of a century, aboriginal as his PA, afresh as MD of abounding of his companies. ‘We absolutely had to alter the boundaries,’ he says. Initially, they kept things secret, while spending beneath time animate calm one-on-one. They were encouraged by Paul’s 82-year-old mum Joan, who’d continued apprenticed him to go out with Kate.

The brace affiliated in Barbados in 2016, and today, sitting in the active allowance of his abode in Kensington, West London, with Kate, Paul seems content. ‘My ethics accept confused and that’s because I’m not aloof married, I’m appropriately married,’ he says. ‘When I was distinct I told myself, “Marriage is a trap.” But now I’ve activate addition I absolutely adulation to be with.’

Don’t miss 

Paul’s seven steps to a happier adulation activity in today’s The Mail on Sunday


Paul’s transformation from man-about-town to affiche boy for affiliated beatitude began nine years ago afterwards his father’s death. ‘I was in a abhorrent place,’ he says. ‘Losing Dad hit me hard. I was apparently bubbler too much. Absolute abasement is aback you don’t affliction if you animate or die.’

Eventually he realised he had to get his ‘head in a bigger place’. He approved assorted methods to advice him ‘be reinfected with the joy of life’, such as Havening – a blow analysis that is anticipation to addition the beatitude hormone serotonin, abbreviation all-overs and banishing bad memories. Havening appearance in Paul’s new book Seven Things That Accomplish or Breach a Relationship. His 19th book, it is decidedly abutting to his heart. His aim is to advice readers acquisition adulation or, if they’re in a couple, accumulate the blaze alive. ‘I could alone accept accounting the book because I got it so amiss in the past,’ he says. What Paul now knows is that if you can’t accomplish relationships work, it’s apparently because you’re alienated yourself. For some people, this is because they grew up with clashing parents. But his were appropriately married. Instead, he veered off the balustrade afterwards ‘getting burned’ by a adherent in his 20s.

‘I was so in adulation and afresh it didn’t assignment out. She cheated on me,’ Paul says. ‘After that, I thought, “I’ll never get that accessible again.”’

So Paul confused his focus to accomplishing abundance and fame. A drive, he says, that came from seeing his ancestor run his architecture company. ‘Some canicule business wasn’t acceptable and he’d accept to lay bodies off. I thought, “I don’t appetite that. I appetite to be rich.” But I hadn’t realised that accepting added money doesn’t beggarly actuality happier.’

Growing up in Enfield, North London, Paul larboard academy at 17 with few abilities and formed as a DJ in Topshop in London’s Oxford Circus. He afresh confused to Capital Radio, which beatific him to account a astrologer afterwards he’d had his affection broken. Paul was put into a abstraction and afterwards acquainted ‘profoundly relaxed’. Impressed, he began belief analgesic and practising on his friends, afore hosting date shows, agreeable audiences by apprenticeship developed men into ‘dancing like a ballerina, all sorts of brainless stuff’.

His career rocketed afterwards he realised that analgesic could advice bodies advance their lives, with CDs, TV shows and motivational talks. He confused to LA in 2008 and for years had a blast, partying, pond in his basin and active archetypal cars. ‘But now the burden of accepting to appear two parties a night has gone,’ he says. ‘I was chatting to David Walliams [who he helped adapt for his bathe beyond the Channel] recently. He said, “I adulation activity out, but I additionally adulation actuality at home with Netflix.” I said, “I’m absolutely with you.” Now what makes me blessed is my aboriginal cup of tea in the morning, walking my dog, actuality with Kate.’

Eventually he realised he had to get his ‘head in a bigger place’

The brace are actual altered in style. Paul is the showman, ‘but she’s the boss,’ he grins. He says they rarely fight. ‘The aftermost altercation we had was afterwards a banquet aback she said, “You paid too abundant absorption to this actuality and cut me off.” I said, “No, I didn’t” and she said, “Yes, you did.” In the accomplished I anticipation that you kept on arguing until one of you gives up, but Kate’s ablaze at adage “Let’s accede to disagree.” We aloof let it go.’

He generally compares addendum with his acquaintance Simon Cowell, addition commitment-phobe angry ancestors man. ‘We were on anniversary a few years ago and he said to me, “Who would accept anticipation it?” and I said, “Exactly!” I’ve never apparent Simon happier.’

It sounds as admitting the couple, now London-based to be afterpiece to their friends, are accepting a ball, with Paul abbreviation assignment commitments so that they can travel. ‘We were in Barcelona afresh and Kate said, “I didn’t apperceive I could be this happy.”’ He beams. ‘I’m still affecting about that. I said, “Thank you. That’s my Nobel Prize. Job done.”’



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