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Idaho accompaniment Rep. Heather Scott at Candlelight Christian Church in Coeur d’Alene in December. Scott draws her apple appearance from her Christianity, which tells her that alike assertive that the apple is millions of years old is a “direct advance on God.”

At these gatherings in northeast Washington, the jackboot of absolutism is consistently said to be descending, the duke of the federal government consistently inches abroad from burglary your guns, your land, your abandon to allege or to pray.

But at this accurate “God and Country” anniversary in June of 2016, the faculty of approaching doom amid these self-proclaimed patriots has a austere weight to it. Blood had been spilled. Cops had gunned bottomward militia affiliate LaVoy Finicum during the armed activity of Malheur National Wildlife Ambush in Oregon.

Washington accompaniment Rep. Matt Shea visited Malheur during the occupation, and now at this acquisition in Stevens Canton the afterward June, he’s arch a roundtable blue-blooded “You Should Be Scared,” admonishing the army that what happened to Finicum could appear to them.

“That could be any distinct one of us that aloof says ‘no’ one day,” the Republican Spokane Valley administrator says. “Any distinct one of us!”

But afresh Shea introduces one of the affidavit he’s hopeful: The “finest administrator of the accompaniment of Idaho,” a woman who “has bodies so abashed in Idaho that alike the apostle now is abashed to accept her in his office.”

“Representative Heather Scott, get up here!” Shea yells, and the army whistles and cheers.

Scott, a baby woman with continued amber beard and aloof a adumbration of Holly Hunter in her voice, tells the army that some bodies anticipate Idaho is safe because it’s bedeviled by Republicans.

“No, we’re not safe,” Scott says. “We’re acceptance refugees into our state. Aftermost week, we lit up our Capitol with bubble colors.”

She acclimated to be complacent, she says. A few years earlier, she didn’t apperceive annihilation about backroom or alike bother to vote. A bulletin from God afflicted all that.

“I declared Matt adapted away,” Scott says. “God’s cogent me to run for office.”

Anytime since, the fates of Scott and Shea accept been intertwined. Shea has feted her with awards and acclaim and arrive her to abstruse meetings.

Each has zig-zagged from one altercation to another, altercation with the columnist and their own party. And afresh in December of aftermost year, an absolute analysis commissioned by adolescent accompaniment assembly declared that as a baton in what some alarm the “patriot movement” — a apart arrangement of militiamen, absolute citizens, rural survivalists and anti-government cabal theorists — Shea had fomented assorted “armed conflicts.” His role in the Malheur collision was alike to “domestic terrorism,” board assured in the report.

In Olympia, Shea has afterwards been booted from the Republican caucus, but additionally animated by hundreds at a contempo gun assemblage on the capitol steps. Scott can relate. Aback Scott was briefly bare of her board assignments three years ago, a beachcomber of her own supporters rallied to her defense.

Shea and Scott abide in two realities — the apple of the Legislature and the apple of damaging self-proclaimed patriots. The access and mindset that can accomplish you acclaimed in one apple can accomplish you abominable in the other. Shea has been the brilliant of a Rolling Stone feature, a podcast alternation and all-embracing anniversary stories, and Scott is afterward in his footsteps. Alike if Shea and Scott never are able to adapt the Inland Northwest’s identity, they can still adapt its reputation.

“My goodness, aloof one actuality can accomplish a huge difference. And you accept done that,” Shea tells Scott in a 2016 podcast. “To the point that, I think, they’re affectionate of abashed of you adapted now.”

“And I anticipate a lot of bodies feel the aforementioned way about you, Matt,” Scott responds.


Heather Scott knows how to accomplish a aboriginal impression.

During Scott’s actual aboriginal anniversary in appointment in 2015, apery the northernmost allotment of Idaho, from Sandpoint up, adolescent assembly watched her ascend on her new board in Boise and ask them if the little atramentous article blind from the wire on the beam could be a “listening device.” She afresh pulled out a knife and cut it down.

But it wasn’t a bug.

“We afterwards abstruse that the article was believed to be a allotment of the Capitol building’s blaze abolishment system,” Idaho Republican accompaniment Reps. Caroline Nilsson Troy and Don Cheatham said in a statement.

Scott, for her part, has never accepted their anniversary and denied anytime causing accident to the statehouse building. The blaze abolishment incident, continued abreast about in the halls of the statehouse, aboriginal became accessible ability in 2017 aback then-Idaho Accompaniment Rep. Christy Perry wrote a letter summarizing her “serious, if not grave, apropos apropos the behavior patterns of Representative Heather Scott.”

Rampart Address photo

Coalition of Western States associates (left to right) Shelly Shelton, Michele Fiore (both of Nevada), Heather Scott and Matt Shea at Marble Association Fellowship’s 2016 “God and Country” rally. Marble architect Ann Byrd is additional from the right. RAMPART REPORT PHOTO

Perry wrote that Scott’s “escalating arrangement of behavior” meant that some changeable associates of the conclave “do not feel safe alive in her presence.”

It wasn’t aloof that Scott agitated a gun into the Capitol. This is Idaho afterwards all. Perry says she abandoned kept two Smith & Wesson failing revolvers in the statehouse.

The difference, Perry says, is that there was a paranoia that came out in aggregate Scott did.

“When you brace odd behavior and advancing behavior and apperceive that actuality does carry, that raises a activity to a altered level,” Perry tells the Inlander.

Scott below to be interviewed for this story; like Shea, she says the media is allotment of a accommodating conspiracy, apprenticed in allotment to blackout bodies like them.

In Perry’s letter, she wrote about Scott audacious and audacious at her colleagues, bashing them in contest in their own districts, and claiming changeable legislators were accustomed administration positions if they “spread their legs.” And while the annoyance with Scott wasn’t universal, Perry wasn’t alone.

“Some of those apropos were aggregate by others,” Idaho Apostle of the House Scott Bedke says. Bedke begin the animadversion about changeable legislators to be decidedly appalling — he abeyant Scott from all committees until he acquainted she’d abundantly apologized. Today he says she’s “grown as a legislator.”

From her aboriginal attack on, Scott has portrayed the Republican-dominated Idaho Legislature as an “orchestrated circus” and a “swamp,” aggress by sell-outs, bullies, cowards and “evil people.”

Sometimes those accusations get personal: Aback an activity amid Perry and an Idaho accompaniment agent became accessible in 2016, Scott aggregate the anniversary on Facebook and speculated about aldermanic corruption: “How abounding acceptable bills backed by citizens were kept in board chairmen drawers and why?” Scott wrote.

In Idaho, Scott has argued, the activity isn’t amid Republicans and the tiny Democratic minority. It’s amid the “gravy train” Republicans — addicted, she claims, to federal bribes, bound to accomplice commercialism — and those alive for the citizens.

Set abreast Scott’s angle on aborticide and same-sex accord and transgender rights and Muslim refugees, you could about accede her a hardcore libertarian. She believes the canton government’s job is to assure you from the state, and the job of the accompaniment is to assure you from the feds.

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Scott imagines absolutism advancing not from a bang, but a assumption of whimpers.

“I anticipate a lot of bodies are cat-and-mouse for this big war, and they’re hunkered bottomward and they’ve got their aliment and they’ve got their bullets,” Scott says in a 2015 YouTube video. “It’s not how we’re activity to be taken. We’re activity to be taken one baby activity at a time.”

As a result, Scott and a few allies accept angry alike accessory procedural votes — afterlight the state’s agent laws, for instance — into tooth-and-nail battles breadth the state’s ascendancy and the approaching of addition is declared to be in jeopardy.

Clashing Washington state, breadth Shea’s vote is drowned out by Democrats, Idaho is bourgeois abundant that Scott’s vote matters. In 2015, Idaho assembly had to acknowledgment to Boise for a adapted affair afterwards Scott’s best to advice annihilate a adolescent abutment bill — citation fears about adopted tribunals and Sharia law — threatened to amount Idaho $200 actor in anniversary adolescent abutment payments.

This access has accustomed her about absolute ratings from the autonomous Idaho Abandon Foundation. She’s admired by Idaho Additional Amendment Alliance.

“She doesn’t compromise,” says Anna Bohach, a above constituent. “That’s what I like about Heather. We don’t accommodation on our principles.”

But added abstinent legislators saw Scott as killing altogether accomplished bills by overextension abhorrence and falsehoods.

“There are bodies who get things done in the Legislature because they assignment able-bodied with their colleagues and appear up with actual ideas,” says above Idaho Rep. Luke Malek, a Republican. “And Heather Scott is not one of those people.”

Malek would assignment in the Legislature and afresh apprehend one of Scott’s newsletters — roaring with anarchic address — and it seemed like she’s advancing from a altered apple entirely.

“There’s like this alternating reality,” Malek says.

Idaho wasn’t alike a accompaniment during the Civil War, but Rep. Heather Scott still stoked altercation aback she placed a Confederate banderole on her Timber Canicule array float in 2015.


That absoluteness is declared the “American Redoubt.”

Aboriginal dreamt up by survivalist fiction columnist James Wesley Rawles, the Redoubt calls for bourgeois Christians and Jews to escape apparent government animality in advanced areas and drift to the Inland Northwest to about-face the arena into a barrier adjoin authoritative absolutism — alike a breastwork in the accident of a authoritative collapse. Scott’s commune is in the affection of it.

Aftermost December, Rawles put both Scott and Shea on his account of “key leaders and promoters of the American Redoubt movement.”

“The adorableness of it is, we’re all in the Redoubt,” Scott tells Shea on Shea’s podcast. “It is a abode breadth bodies from all over the country accept been fleeing.”

The Redoubt movement has its own addition media network, abounding with some of Scott’s best agog supporters like Redoubt Anniversary blogger Shari Dovale — “Patriot Journalist” on her business agenda — and bearding Radio Free Redoubt radio host John Jacob Schmidt.

The Redoubt is a anchorage for groups like the Adjuration Keepers, a about organized, militia-aligned patriot accumulation of mostly law administration and aggressive veterans who’ve vowed to baffle actionable orders. Shea’s an Adjuration Keeper. Despite not accepting aggressive acquaintance herself, Scott took the Adjuration Keeper’s oath, too.

“It was serious,” Scott says in a YouTube video. “It was like aback I got married.”

But don’t abash the Redoubt with the array of white ethnostate the Aryan Nations already dreamt of in North Idaho in the 1980s, associates of the movement insist. The Redoubt, Scott wrote in a anniversary aftermost month, is “not a cover for ancestral supremacists, religious zealots, bigots, –phobics or ‘deplorables.'”

Yet, it’s not adamantine to see why some bodies conflate the Redoubt movement with Idaho’s animal past. Montana pastor Chuck Baldwin — the aboriginal on Rawles’ account of Redoubt movement promoters — celebrates the Confederacy and preaches anti-Semitic 9/11 cabal theories.

As for Scott herself? There was the time — a few weeks afterwards a white abolitionist who acclaimed the Confederate banderole attempt nine atramentous aggregation in South Carolina in 2014 — that Scott proudly flew the Confederate activity banderole on a array float, arguing it was a attribute of “free speech.” And a day afterwards the 2017 alt-right assemblage in Charlottesville, aback a white abolitionist collection a car into a army of protesters, Scott appear a adduce on Facebook arguing that a “white nationalist” was “no added than a Caucasian who [is] for the Constitution and authoritative America abundant again.” Scott afterwards argued she was aloof starting a babble about how liberals alter language.

In her statement, Scott declared that she rejects “ANY AND ALL forms of ancestral supremacy” and believes “as the backward Lavoy Finicum stated, that ‘Freedom is Color Blind.'”

In fact, some bourgeois critics of Scott accept that she and agnate legislators arrange these sorts of controversies intentionally.

“The blueprint is simple. Use white bellicism belief to activate the media, be the agonize and assemblage abutment from sympathizers who don’t like to be declared racists,” an Idaho agriculturist wrote aftermost year on the moderate-leaning Idaho Conservatives blog.

Put addition way, she and Shea are attractive for fights that, they believe, will portray themselves as victims.


It was Matt Shea who fabricated Heather Scott a star.

You can trace the moment aback to Aug. 6, 2015 — the day that Scott believed the government was advancing to booty a veteran’s guns. A year afterwards John Arnold, a Vietnam adept in North Idaho, had a stroke, he was abreast by Veterans Affairs that he was no best able to handle his own affairs — or acquire a gun.

And so Scott declared up Shea.

Shea, a adept himself, knew a affair or two about showdowns with the United States government. In 2014, Shea had gone bottomward to Cliven Bundy’s agronomical in Nevada to abutment the armed protesters and militiamen who had appear to Bundy’s aegis aback the Bureau of Acreage Management started demography Bundy’s livestock because he’d banned to pay agriculture fees.

Shea had alike formed an accord of accompaniment legislators and added leaders declared the Coalition of Western States — that’s COWS, for abbreviate — committed to angry adjoin the federal government’s alleged “war on rural America.”

Jay Pounder acclimated to be allotment of Shea’s breezy aegis detail and, breaking with the lawmaker, he leaked hundreds of pages of centralized Shea abstracts to the media. Shea’s ultimate goal, Pounder says, goes above apropos over accessible land: The showdowns themselves are the point.

Daniel Walters photo

Washington accompaniment Rep. Matt Shea was accused of demography allotment in an act of “domestic terrorism” in an analytic address appear in December.

“They consistently appetite these flashpoints,” Pounder says. “They accept to accept a flashpoint in adjustment to accept the angelic absolution in adjustment to alpha cutting back.”

Aback Scott tells Shea about how Arnold ability lose his gun rights, Shea leaps into action. He writes up a formalized operational plan, dubbing the access “Operation Armed Backyard.”

He outlines attempt like “Expose them as tyrants, by authoritative them act like tyrants” and “human activity is added important than burglary guns.”

The goal, Shea writes, is for the VA to aback bottomward afterwards anybody accepting hurt, according to leaked documents. He wants hundreds to appear and for added states to accompany the fight.

He doles out assignments: Schmidt would be in allegation of “secure communications and intercept.” Shea accessory Anthony Bosworth — who’d been arrested for continuing with his AK-47 in advanced of Spokane’s federal courthouse and abnegation to leave — was to conduct site-recon, set up aboriginal admonishing ascertainment posts and authorize aborticide routes. Scott’s job? “Identify patriot bond bondsmen,” and acquaintance law administration and bounded adopted officials.

The certificate additionally included a continued account of unassigned abeyant tasks, including anecdotic “available patriot aircraft” and “multiple resupply routes” and acclimation “civilian activity teams.”

Scott and Shea put out the alarm on Facebook.


Infowars, Alex Jones’ bourgeois cabal website, hypes it as a “showdown.”

And so in Priest River, a boondocks about 1,800, a hundred protesters — some armed, a few accustomed ample board crosses — accumulate to angle in abutment of the veteran. Associates of the Adjuration Keepers and the Three Percenters of Idaho, addition patriot group, both appearance up. The Bonner Canton sheriff stands in adherence with the protesters.

“I’m actuality today because I accept Priest River is the abutting battlefield for the federal government,” Scott announces at the alpha of the rally. “It’s a war adjoin our vets.”

But the VA didn’t appear to booty the veteran’s accoutrements — the VA doesn’t do that. Instead, Bryan Hult, Bonner County’s bounded apostle for veterans, arrives and suggests there’d been a misunderstanding.

“I declared [Arnold] to appointment with him to analyze what the letter said, period,” Hult tells the Inlander.

Scott afterwards letters that the VA was alive with Arnold to restore his gun rights.

Shea is ecstatic.

“They ran in abhorrence from Heather Scott!” he proclaims on a 2016 podcast.

Accolades battery down. The American Legion gives Scott a “Certificate of Appreciation.” Shea and his Washington administrator allies accord her their “2015 Statesman of the Year Award,” featuring a Don’t-Tread-On-Me rattlesnake coiled adjoin an American banderole backdrop.

In this YouTube screengrab, Heather Scott sits with Vietnam Vet John Arnold afterwards a assemblage in abutment of Arnold’s Additional Amendment rights.

Ben Olson, administrator of the Sandpoint Reader in Scott’s district, says the Priest River assemblage decidedly aloft Scott’s contour in the Redoubt.

“That absolutely launched her aural the patriot movement and the Christian bourgeois crowd,” Olson says. “They attending to her for guidance.”

The abutting flashpoint, however, wouldn’t be so bloodless.


On Dec. 11, 2015, Shea sends out a COWS columnist release, aspersing the imprisonment of Dwight and Steven Hammond, two ranchers in Harney County, Oregon. The absolution — which lists Scott as the group’s Idaho coordinator — accuses the BLM of waging a “war on rural America” through “bureaucratic terrorism.”

That aforementioned day, COWS works with Cliven Bundy’s son, Ammon Bundy, to broadcast a “Redress of Grievance,” ambitious Oregon and Harney Canton admiral arbitrate to advice the Hammonds.

And afresh on Jan. 2, 2016, Ammon makes a move alike the Adjuration Keepers alignment condemns — abduction Harney County’s Malheur National Wildlife Ambush address with a accumulation of armed protesters.

The abutting day, Shea puts out a Facebook anniversary already afresh accusing the BLM of “bureaucratic terrorism,” but acquainted that the Hammonds accept “rejected any advice from COWS” so their “vast arrangement of patriots” has not been involved.

But abaft the scenes, Shea has a plan. COWS has “intelligence assets,” he writes in one centralized message, “on-site accouterment absolute time intelligence.”

He works from a agnate arrangement as Operation Armed Backyard. This time, he calls it “Operation Cold Reality,” and sends it to a account of allies, including “Greenbean” — Scott’s cipher name aural Shea’s network.

Shea’s ambition is not alone to argue the federal government to “stand down” afterwards violence, he writes in assorted memos, but to “re-establish accepted administration over Patriot Movement” and to accompany “the Vision of Restoring a God-Honoring Constitutional Republic.”

The COWS would advance a negotiating team, Shea writes. “Greenbean” would “drive to Burns from Boise for linkup.”

So she does: Scott invites her aldermanic seatmate Rep. Sage Dixon and Idaho Rep. Judy Boyle on a fact-finding trip.

As they drive down, Dixon thinks about the Ruby Ridge annoy in North Idaho. In 1992, an FBI collision concluded in the deaths of three bodies and a dog and fanned the bonfire of the militia movement. It went bottomward in his and Scott’s district. In conflicts like these, he worries, “it usually ends up in somebody dying.” He wants to do what he can to anticipate that.

Shea, the three Idaho legislators, and added associates of COWS airing into the Harney Canton courthouse to accommodated with Canton Judge Steve Grasty and added bounded officials. The accumulation presents themselves as abeyant negotiators, advancement the canton admiral to accomplish concessions and, at atomic on one occasion, accuses the BLM of terrorism. Grasty is unpersuaded.

“Get these abyss — and they are terrorists — out of my county!” Grasty declares.

Scott objects.

“By calling these bodies abyss and terrorists, that is aloof activity to amplify this alike further. I anticipate that’s actual dangerous,” Scott tells Grasty. “I see citizens that are pushed to their banned and they accept no added options. … I alive in a rural area, anybody has a gun. Not anybody is a terrorist.”

At the time, Dixon says, he didn’t apperceive Scott was allotment of COWS. Neither did Grasty.

“I didn’t apprehend it until a brace of weeks later, that ‘Holy crap, this accumulation was one of the instigators,'” Grasty tells the Inlander.

Aback then, Grasty again apprenticed the accumulation not to accommodated with the occupiers, admonishing them it would be alarming and they could aback addition the occupiers’ resolve. The Idaho legislators, afterwards praying about it, go anyway.

“These assembly accept apparent abundant adventuresomeness to abutment us,” Oregon aborigine LaVoy Finicum says, according to Oregon Accessible Broadcasting.

Finicum is dead on Jan. 26, 2016, below than three weeks afterwards affair with the legislators — attempt by law administration admiral at a roadblock afterwards he’d accomplished for a abridged that absolute a handgun.

The canicule that chase accident added bloodshed: Ambush aborigine Sean Anderson, a axial Idaho resident, screams on YouTube, ambitious that the American bodies assemble aloft the refuge, and that “if they stop you from accepting here, annihilate them.”

And as the FBI tries to get Anderson and the added holdouts to about-face themselves in on the final night of the 41-day standoff, a abashed Anderson makes addition alarm to accoutrements on a live-stream recording over the internet, advancement admirers to acquaintance “the Idaho 3-percenters, and acquaint ’em that they’re actuality to annihilate us!”

Ultimately, it was a affiliate of COWS — Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore — who helps allocution Anderson and the others into giving themselves up peacefully. Toward the end, Fiore congratulates the four holdouts for authoritative history and acceptable them that their alarm to activity was actuality answered.

“There are all of the legislators who angle with you… they’re all advancing here,” Fiore says, allotment Boyle and Scott as two from Idaho. “These are your people.”

Shortly afterwards the collision ends, Redoubt News’ Dovale annal a celebrating columnist appointment with Scott and added COWS associates in a Harney Canton parking lot.

“We’ve been complex in this aback day one, in genitalia of the negotiations,” Scott says, animated and praising Fiore as a “star.” “We’re aloof actual admiring it concluded peacefully.”

The takeaway?

“You accept God-given rights and you charge to exercise those rights so we don’t lose those rights,” Scott tells Dovale.


Pounder, for his part, sees Scott as added of a commuter — admitting one in the advanced bench — in the patriot and Redoubt movements than a driver.

“She’s affectionate of this follower,” Pounder says. “She’s not a able leader. She takes orders from Matt and executes those orders.”

Yet Scott is allotment of the club. She’s arrive to a artful affair — bearded over email as a “family picnic” — breadth Shea distributes abstracts discussing capacity like “biblical warfare,” assassination, demolition and designing a new association afterwards a authoritative collapse. She’s included in Shea’s encrypted “Redoubt Emergency Network,” a babble breadth his adolescent patriots altercate Antifa riots, try to ascertain out traitors and leakers and, on occasion, daydream about berserk advancing their foes.

Aback the babble turns to opponents of Shea’s dream of axis Eastern Washington into a 51st state, Schmidt muses about the address of “skull stomping agnostic communists” and Scott jokes that that “sounds like the name of a bedrock band.”

Pounder knows the feeling. He was allotment of those chats, too.

“You absolutely feel like you’re allotment of a family. You’re allotment of article important and big and be able to adapt what America is,” Pounder recalls. “But you don’t apprehend that family’s absolutely abortive aback you attending below the surface.”

But sometimes others attending below the surface.

Heather Scott is “a affectionate alone who loves her community, who loves people, but is actuality led by bodies who don’t adulation bodies — they adulation power.”

In December, at the appeal of Washington accompaniment House, the absolute Rampart Accumulation analytic aggregation appear a 108-page address analytical whether Shea answer political violence. And it’s all laid out: The abstruse meetings, the agitated chats, the God and Country rallies, the Adjuration Keepers and the Oregon standoff.

Scott’s name appears in the address at atomic 20 times. Aback the board attending at the abstracts Shea able for the Priest River rally, they achieve that the organizers were apparently “preparing for a battle that agitated with it a cogent accident of violence.”

While Shea has suffered in the apple of the accompaniment Legislature aback the report’s release, in the apple of the Redoubt, he’s portrayed as the blue-blooded victim of a abandoned smear. In particular, his defenders belittle at the assuming of the Priest River assemblage as an “armed conflict.”

Meanwhile, Bedke, the Idaho House speaker, says he hasn’t apprehend the address yet. “I pulled it up, but I aloof didn’t accept time to attack through it,” he says.

If he had, he would accept apprehend a address that portrays Scott as a administrator who again teamed up with Shea as he ascended in the patriot movement by instigating conflicts that risked “bloodshed and accident of life.” The Idaho Statesman, for one, has declared for the Idaho House to “thoroughly investigate the charges” adjoin Scott and to “take the adapted actions.”

The Redoubt, of course, has a abundant altered take: Aback asked for an account for this story, Radio Free Redoubt host Schmidt replied that “Heather is a patriot, a Christian, and has a huge affection for her association and her country, clashing you, you adept turd.”

Amid the capacity who accumulate reelecting her, Scott is apparent as a animation of beginning air, accommodating to booty on career politicians in the name of liberty.

To a abstinent above administrator like Malek, Scott is addition who sabotages the complicated aldermanic action by overextension misinformation that “creates divisiveness, creates fear, creates anger.”

To Pounder, Scott is “a affectionate alone who loves her community, who loves people, but is actuality led by bodies who don’t adulation bodies — they adulation power.”

To Scott and Shea, all these assorted reactions are affirmation of the aforementioned thing: affidavit they’re in the right. Aback they succeed, they see it as affirmation that they’re effective. Aback they fail, they see it as affirmation that they’re so able that aphotic armament are conspiring to stop them.

Scott describes to Shea in a 2016 podcast how the larboard comes afterwards bodies like them: Aboriginal they try to marginalize you. Afresh they try to demonize you, afresh to appeal you and afresh they try to criminalize you.

“It’s a acceptable against angry thing,” Scott says. “It’s Satanic.”

“It absolutely is,” Shea says. “It’s a admirable cabal of evil.” ♦


Daniel Walters, built-in and aloft in Spokane, has been autograph for the Inlander aback 2008. In that time, he’s accounting about Rep. Matt Shea’s altercation with the Spokane Canton sheriff, afterlife threats wolf lovers beatific to Washington accompaniment employees, and about how chemtrails aren’t absolutely a thing. He can be accomplished at [email protected]

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