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The ecosystem of aerodynamics apps that run on carriageable accessories afflicted this year, with the account that Boeing purchased the developer of ForeFlight, apparently the best accepted cyberbanking flight bag (EFB) app for pilots. This not alone underscored ForeFlight’s growing use by able pilots but additionally Boeing assemblage Jeppesen’s acceptance that its own EFB apps were not as accepted as ForeFlight.

id card template size
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id card template size
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Of the three platforms for carriageable accessories acclimated by pilots, Apple’s iPad charcoal the best popular, in allotment because ForeFlight is advised alone to run on Apple’s iOS (operating system). Android-based accessories are in added place, followed by Microsoft’s Surface tablet/laptop, which runs on Microsoft’s Windows OS.

The acceptance of the accouterments belvedere has an astronomic admission on the availability of software, abnormally in the small-scale aviation market. Windows did accept an advantage aboriginal on as abounding EFB manufacturers congenital their accessories on Windows PCs, including activity through the astronomic altercation and bulk to get them certified by aerodynamics regulators. However, the acceptance action itself concluded up authoritative these accessories too big-ticket and hobbled the adeptness of the manufacturers to amend the software quickly. The bazaar was accomplished for disruption, and this came about with the development of carriageable accessories that were accessible to use, reliable, quick to update, about inexpensive, and as it turns out, not accountable to the aforementioned acceptance requirements.

Essentially, pilots aloof began application iPods, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and Windows laptops to backpack their maps and charts. Of course, there were articles that approved to ample the role of committed chart reader afore the appearance of the tablet, but none survived in the baby aerodynamics market. In what angry out to be spectacularly bad timing, in 2009 SolidFX began affairs its iRex cyberbanking paper-based accessory loaded with Jeppesen charts. In 2010, Apple apparent the iPad, and Android tablets bound followed. SolidFX concluded up suing Boeing and Jeppesen. The altercation centered on a affirmation for absent profits that SolidFX could accept becoming with its own book app if Jeppesen hadn’t created the FliteDeck app and banned to accommodate the all-important software toolkit for SolidFX to bear Jeppesen archive in its app. Of course, SolidFX could accept abhorred this affair by artlessly application U.S.-government-issued charts, which are free, but this wouldn’t accept included the archive alfresco the U.S. that Jeppesen additionally provides.

ForeFlight’s aboriginal efforts showed pilots how accessible it was to admission archive on their Apple devices, and the appearance of the iPad accelerated this shift. For users who didn’t like the Apple ecosystem, Android offered an alternative, and there are apps that assignment on both iOS and Android, such as Garmin Pilot, WingX, and iFly GPS. Some airlines assert on application Windows devices, and this larboard a baby bazaar accessible for Windows-based devices. That bazaar charcoal tiny, however, and represents a about baby allocation of the EFB software arena.

Here are added capacity about the three accouterments platforms and some of the software the pilots are aerial with.

A botheration for iPad users is that Apple keeps convalescent the accessories on a approved basis, and eventually the best accepted applications won’t run on earlier devices. The latest adaptation of ForeFlight, for example, requires iPads that can be upgraded to a added contempo adaptation of iOS. ForeFlight now lists the iPad Air, iPad mini 2, and iPhone 5S as the minimum, although earlier accessories can run earlier versions of ForeFlight. The new, arrangement entry-level iPad is additionally absolutely able of alive the latest adaptation of ForeFlight.

The iPad amphitheatre has developed with new models that action new capabilities that pilots adeptness enjoy, and this is generally abundant to activate a affairs decision. Perhaps in acceptance of the iPad’s popularity, best aircraft OEMs are carrying their achievement adding and weight-and-balance software in iPad versions. Flight planning utilities like Aircraft Achievement Group’s iPreFlight Genesis, Universal Weather’s UvGO, Collins Aerospace’s ArincDirect, Honeywell GoDirect Flight Bag Pro, and others all run on the iPad, added cementing the device’s acceptance amid pilots.

The latest and greatest iPad is the Pro series, accessible in 12.9- and 11-inch sizes. While all of the newer iPads assignment with the first-generation Apple Pencil, the Pros can use the second-generation Pencil, which has a abundant added acceptable charging apparatus breadth the Pencil artlessly attaches magnetically to the ancillary of the iPad Pro. The first-generation Pencil plugs into a Lightning port, which can be annoying and awkward.

id card template size
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In either case, the Pencil makes application apps that acquiesce cartoon and comment abundant easier, because it automatically detects and eliminates any wrist acquaintance while autograph on the screen. This is a abundant added accustomed way to address and makes application ForeFlight’s ScratchPad autograph accoutrement abundant added worthwhile. ForeFlight includes templates for ATIS, pilot reports, and IFR clearances, as able-bodied as bare pages for accounting argument or drawing, added comment on maps and charts. Best added EFB apps action comment tools, such as FlyQ, WingX, Garmin Pilot, FltPlan Go, iFly GPS, etc., including cartoon on charts, but not all acquiesce cartoon on maps.

The Pro’s awning is somewhat bluff acknowledgment to its “Liquid Retina” display, and a big advantage of the beyond admeasurement is beneath charge to zoom in back aggravating to apprehend accomplished book on charts. The iPad mini is an accomplished admeasurement for aircraft with bound space, but a little harder to apprehend blueprint advice after zooming in. The iPad Air at 10.5 inches and iPad at 10.2 inches are abundantly ample too. The capital aberration amid these two is the iPad runs on the A10 processor, not the faster A12 in the Air and latest fifth-generation mini. The Pro has the A12X, and it is the alone iPad with face recognition: the others still use the Touch ID button. For a able carriageable accessory at a arrangement price, it’s adamantine to exhausted the approved iPad, which retails for $329 but occasionally drops to $250 or lower. The Pro versions alpha at $799, but if planning to abundance added than a few apps and all their data, added anamnesis may be needed, blame the bulk higher, not to acknowledgment the added bulk of the Pencil ($99 for first-generation, $129 for second-generation).

As accepted as the Android OS is, development of EFB applications for these accessories has lagged compared to the iPad. Android tablets are accessible in a acutely absolute array of sizes and configurations, but admitting above developers like ForeFlight crumbling to anchorage their articles assimilate Android, there are some able-bodied articles accessible for the platform.

Garmin has been one of the arch Android supporters, always afterlight the Android adaptation of Garmin Pilot, although it still lags abaft the functionality of the iPad version. Garmin’s acquirement of FltPlan aftermost year added a added EFB app—FltPlan Go—to its stable, and now FltPlan Go is one of the attenuate EFB apps—and the alone chargeless app—that offers the aforementioned functionality on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. The EFB from iFly GPS additionally runs on all three platforms, and this is the alone paid-for app that offers this affectionate of multi-platform capability.

WingX continues acknowledging Android, and its Android adaptation is adequately carefully akin to the functionality of WingX on the iPad. However, the Android adaptation of WingX doesn’t action the Traca feature, which allows iOS users to trace a avenue by cartoon on the screen, nor the iOS version’s Black Box abstracts recorder.

There are a hasty bulk of Android EFB apps, including the chargeless Avare, AvPlan EFB (iOS and Android), DroidEFB, AvNav, Naviator, SkyDemon (iOS and Android), and others.

The accessible availability of arrangement Android tablets and chargeless apps like Avare and FltPlan Go (WingX is chargeless for flight advisers and alive and retired aggressive aviators) makes Android a advantageous way to backpack forth an absolute advancement EFB device.

The best aspect of Android is that the latest versions of EFB apps run altogether able-bodied on earlier Android tablets.

Sadly, one of the best avant-garde book computers, Microsoft’s Surface series, is the least-supported by aerodynamics EFB app developers. While aboriginal versions of the Microsoft book suffered from achievement issues, the latest Surface articles are a well-designed addition to iOS and Android devices. The Surface runs the abounding adaptation of the Windows 10 OS, which makes it added of a two-in-one tablet/laptop than a approved tablet. This agency the Surface can run any Windows program, authoritative it a advantageous all-in-one computer for assignment and to run the few EFB apps that are accessible in Windows.

I’ve been testing a Surface Go for the accomplished year, and it the alone tablet-type computer I can backpack that can run the InDesign software that we use for annual layouts forth with the EFB apps that are available. To get the aforementioned functionality in the Apple world, I accept to backpack two devices, an iPad and a MacBook Air.

This Surface Go is the LTE Advanced archetypal and includes Wi-Fi and LTE cellular connectivity.

There are three EFB apps that run on Windows computers, but alone two accessible to the accepted public. This version, with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of accumulator added 4G cellular connectivity, GPS receiver, and Wi-Fi, sells for $679. If cellular account is not needed, the entry-level Surface Go with 64-GB accumulator and 4-GB RAM sells for $399, but it would charge an alien GPS. Battery activity for the Go with cellular is up to 8.5 hours. With a 10-inch screen, this Go weighs 1.17 pounds, not including the Blazon Cover. An accessible berth ($132.99) makes abutting the Surface book to alien accessories easier, with two high-definition video ports, a gigabit Ethernet port, four USB 3.0 ports, and an audio output.

The Go is a solid computer and tablet, and at 10 inches, aloof about the absolute admeasurement for a array of flight decks. Advantageous accessories accommodate the Surface Slim Pen ($149.99) or Surface Pen ($99.99) and Blazon Cover ($129.99), which includes a trackpad. The Pen is a accessible way of interacting with the Go, and the Blazon Cover makes accounting abundant easier, although I begin the trackpad somewhat over-sensitive. Back aerial with the Go, I begin it formed bigger to use the touchscreen, either with a feel or the Pen, instead of the Blazon Cover.

Jeppesen’s FliteDeck has continued been accessible in a Windows version, but not for aloof anyone to buy, alone for ample agile operators like airlines, some of which debris to get on the Apple bandwagon. Jeppesen doesn’t see a bazaar befalling for a Windows adaptation of FliteDeck for alone purchase, which apparently has a lot to do with Boeing’s advance in affairs ForeFlight and that ForeFlight is the company’s focus for EFB apps. Jeppesen chock-full acknowledging Mobile FliteDeck VFR on December 31, 2019, affective absolute subscribers to ForeFlight, but the added FliteDeck versions are still accessible for the iPad for accepted users.

As for Windows versions of FliteDeck, Jeppesen provided this account to AIN: “We abide to adviser bazaar acceptance and chump requests of the Windows belvedere as an EFB technology in business and accepted aviation, but at this time it has not accomplished a akin that would acquiesce us to absolve the advance needed. Apple iPads abide to be the bazaar baton for EFBs in business and accepted aviation. In addition, we will be alive to absorb capabilities amid Mobile FliteDeck and ForeFlight Mobile over time.”

For diehard Windows users, the sole choices for EFBs now are Garmin’s FltPlan Go and Adventure Pilot’s iFly GPS. Both are capable, full-featured EFBs, although iFly GPS additionally offers constructed eyes and a vertical contour display. FltPlan Go is free, while iFly GPS is $149.98 per year, added $24.99 for the multi-platform option, which allows accompanying accession on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. A check for all-embracing travelers is that these apps primarily serve pilots aerial in the U.S., although FltPlan Go includes archive for Canada and the Caribbean and acclimate conference and flight planning in Canada, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, and Central America.

FltPlan Go’s backbone is its affiliation with the FltPlan website, which offers added accoutrement for flight planning such as airport information, checklists, weight-and-balance, ascent and landing abstracts card, and affiliation with paid-for casework such as eAPIS U.S. Customs clearance, assurance administration system, flight tracking, and all-embracing administration in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Like best avant-garde EFB apps, FltPlan Go has a moving-map with own-ship position (when GPS advice is available) and bury of terminal charts, ADS-B In acclimate and traffic, and SiriusXM Acclimate on the map. FltPlan Go works with a array of ADS-B In receivers. It additionally integrates with the X-Plane and FSX and Prepar3D simulation platforms, which agency that users can convenance aerial with FltPlan Go on either of the three accessory types afore demography to the skies.

Unfortunately, iFly GPS doesn’t yet action actor integration, but hopefully, this will be accessible in a approaching version.

The iFly GPS appearance are on par with added adult EFB apps, accurately the adeptness to baddest accession and abandonment procedures from the map and add them to the flight plan, as able-bodied as selecting an apparatus access at the destination, which is added to the flight plan and apparent on the map. Acclimate briefings are accessible via Leidos’s conference service, and iFly GPS allows the filing of flight plans. One breadth area it comes up abbreviate in allegory to added EFB apps is in the abridgement of weight-and-balance and achievement calculations. Accepted acclimate advice is accessible on the map, and it is accessible to optimize a flight plan based on distance and anticipation winds.

The adeptness to draw on the map and archive is addition accessible iFly GPS feature, aided by the Surface Pen. Sketches can additionally be done on airport diagrams and access archive and pre-loaded bare pages. In the case of sketches on charts, the assets abide with the aboriginal certificate and don’t alteration assimilate that certificate back it is overlaid on the map.

A final agenda on the three book EFB accouterments platforms: one adeptness accept that the added accepted the hardware, the added accessories that are accessible for that accurate tablet. But that isn’t necessarily true. The able-bodied Pivot cases, accepted with airline pilots, are accessible for best iPad models and additionally some of the Microsoft Surface products, although not yet for the Surface Go.

While MyGoFlight’s kneeboards and mountable cases are advised to fit best iPad models, the aggregation does accomplish cradles that can fit about any blazon of book from 7 to 13 inches, and this would assignment for Android and Surface tablets.

Ram additionally offers a huge array of bond accessories and suctions cup mounts with book cradles that can fit tablets of any size.

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