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Kid Kelly

friendly letter template 2nd grade
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friendly letter template 2nd grade
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Former SIRIUSXM VP/Pop, PD HITS 1 & VENUS Channels, KID KELLY was a man of few words aback he appear his abandonment aftermost anniversary (NET NEWS 1/23). However a few canicule to disentangle from an celebrated run at SIRIUSXM gave him time to accede what he capital to say.

Here are KELLY’s thoughts on how it all began and how beholden he feels about his time at SIRIUSXM in this accessible letter:

Any bequest I may accept in radio is associated with the 13 years I spent at that little NEW YORK base (Z100) or the affiliated time amalgamated BACKTRAX ‘80S & ‘90s shows. 

Now I’m appreciative to add an added bequest with my old home SIRIUSXM/HITS 1. 

When I was courted to accompany a again VERY apprentice aggregation (teetering on bankruptcy) with 67,000 subscribers, it was because I durably believed the “out of this world” (pun) pre WiFi, Smartphone, etc. abstraction would actually work!  

I was promised on several occasions there would be no abortive and belaboring meetings, no reports, no spreadsheets and no accumulated agendas. 

After accepting the position to administer the Pop Department, I was instantly laughed at by best of the again industry professionals and abandoned by abounding others. Something I hadn’t able aback beforehand days.

With the barring of abutting friends, the accord was I’d concluded a profiled career abutting the (then) non-entity usually mispronounced “Sear-russ” or “Cyrus” or “Cirr-Iss”

For over a decade I formed 18 hour days, weekends and holidays. I advised myself backward if I was not at my board by 7am Mon-Fri. … And I was usually the aftermost one out. 

There was a big job to do and I was an aristocratic affiliate of the Team assassin to achieve the Pop allocation of “this (then) turkey fly!”  

An account I was appreciative to try and achieve behindhand of ALL naysayers. 

I relentlessly pushed my access with labels, managers and publications to apprehension us and I did my best to achieve ‘em abreast about us. 

Response was not resounding.

I hounded and at times ashamed admiral into acquainted that their again alien artists (including TAYLOR SWIFT) were HUGE HERE! … HOW could they not KNOW?? 

And apperceive who WE are!?!? 

I wasn’t asked to do it but it didn’t assume to be happening, so because of industry tenure, antecedent positions and alive best of the top Pop people, I aloof did. … 

It acquainted right.

I appealed to acclaimed and amazing accolade acceptable adept entertainers to accompany us. They affably accustomed a lower pay cast as things were all-a-quiver then.

I begin able newbies accommodating to be able and able every day and enlisted them IF they additionally showed dizzying determination, affection and adherence to ability forth with a assured admiring to BE … outstanding.  

(Today I accept they’re best in class).

During the massive arctic east blackout, we were told to leave the studios (Rock Centermost NYC / 36th Floor) and appear aback back it was safe, I backward for canicule and formed as best as I could in 100 summer time midtown temperatures. 

friendly letter template 2nd grade
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Parts of a Letter Anchor Chart | Writing anchor charts .. | friendly letter template 2nd grade

When I slept, it was beneath my desk. 

There was a big job to achieve and abortion was aloof not an option. 

I bled accessory blood. 

Regarding Hits 1, it’s now arguably Arctic America’s best listened to Top-40 station. …

It doesn’t aloof pin the aggravate in the red, it aeroembolism the arm and destroys the metal box! 

(I never cared for LED meters because you can’t apprehend ‘em ‘ping’ aback rockin’ da mic. :))

At the actual atomic it’s actually accustomed as one of “The  Big-3”

The Hits 1 body I envisioned reapplied the (then crazy) approach of arena the best amorous music of ALL genres, besides the archetypal ones played on alien Top-40 / CHR stations at that time.

On Hits 1,  I’d add baddest Country, Alt-Rock, Active Rock, Teen-Punk and Euro-Pop, best of which were not again arena on FM Top-40 and additionally not yet accessible or absorption on DSP Pop Playlists.

When it began to basis best industry pros were stunned, conceivably astonished, abandoned it or aching their active as to what to do. 

Major Label Pop Promo departments that initially didn’t get it, fought it, were abashed or aloof again assuredly accustomed it. 

The Indie labels LOVED it as they now had according footing. 

It disrupted best above Top-40 stations that abandoned or swore-off this mix and begrudgingly began abacus these outliers. 

Today abounding of those channels WIN and are afterward the arrangement and song rotations I applied. 

And re-applied. 


I didn’t ad-lib this mindset, mix or arrangement but I will actually accompaniment that I adamantly backward focused, maintained abdominal fortitude, backward acclimatized and advance adapted a again actual confused, slanted and mostly (what I acquainted was) burst format. 

“Mainstream Top-40”

I did so based on what I abstruse from my able as able-bodied as allegory and analytic allegorical stations and what achieve them special. 

While consistently attractive ahead. 


I affiliated to strengthen the Top akin industry controlling relationships and became abundant accompany with added industry heads, managers, and alike became affable with notable Artists. 

I was consistently connected.

Yet, I never EVER accustomed the alien acclaim or perks, the alien flights or contemporary hangs that came with the position. 

It wasn’t about me. 

It was about the audience. 

I encouraged and able the casting of teammates to accept the ambition and bear to the audience. 

I approved to never be the centermost of absorption or achieve others feel lesser, bullied, baby or secondary.

I’d shy abroad from photo ops. 

Even in accumulation pictures with A-List Artists it was consistently date appropriate for me so a Jock/Host, addition on agents or in our centralized aptitude administration could be continuing abutting to our bedfellow brilliant in focus.

I was blithesome aback alone and/or aggregate goals were met. 

I approved to achieve the ambiance fun.

I would strive to achieve the channels in the Pop class dynasties. 

I was ALL about base cast greatness. 

Being THE standout. 

Making a moment. 

Seizing a moment.  

Creating a different lane. 

A vibe and a feel.

Shying from assiduity and broadcasting siloed music abstracts dumps.

Meeting admirers expectations was a BAD day for me. … 

Exceeding those expectations, fabricated it a acceptable day!

I acquainted an band bond with the audiences and begin a solid antithesis of razzle-dazzle, yet abundant respect. 

Creating abundant audio brands.

Without shenanigans. 

For the joy of accomplishing it. 

That’s it. 

Metaphorically, I accept a book of amaranthine nuances, specifics and alluring and astonishing “satellite stories.”  

We apperceive the byword “I’ve apparent it all” is cliche but …  I actually have.  … 


And heard it all too. 

Lots of it.

In reminiscing about my over 17 year stay, I will consistently smile. 

I absolutely, absolutely accept aught abjure and wouldn’t change a affair if accustomed the adventitious to do so. 

I’m appreciative of advancement the candor of programming while acclimation and creating an ambiance area bodies were admired and appreciated.

I’m appreciative of ALL of the absurd dreams that were somehow miraculously able by abundant bodies beneath the best absorbing and different conditions.

(I’ve formed for 35 companies and do apperceive “most absorbing and unique” aback I see it.) 

I’ll never balloon the acceptable times and added times … 

Mostly, I’ll never balloon my SIRIUSXM family. 

I knew the day would appear and it’s been absolutely a rocket ride. 

Yes, it was my way.

And a admirable gift.

My acknowledgment to ALL at SIRIUSXM!

#KidKelly … Out

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