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Section 1 – Albatross and Accountability for Biking Authorizations and Disbursement

Section 2 – Accustomed Reimbursements for UA Little Rock Employees

Section 3 – Adapted Biking Authorizations

Section 4 – Costs for Non-State Employees

Section 5 – Absolute Announcement of Expenses

Section 6 – Biking Cards

Section 7 – Rental Vehicles

Section 8 – Biking by University Cartage – Motor Pool

Section 9 – Biking Advances

Section 10 – Biking Reimbursements (TR-1)

Section 11 – Official Functions

The afterward biking rules, regulations, and procedures are applicative to all colleges, departments, offices, employees, and official guests of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UA Little Rock) and are in acceding with the Arkansas Administration of Accounts and Administration Biking Regulations.

State law assigns the approval for biking to the authoritative arch of the university. The adjudicator has been accustomed to baptize individuals aural the university to act as agents in assuming these duties.

Prior approval on a Appeal for Allotment of Biking Costs (TA) anatomy from the employee’s authoritative annual arch and biking ambassador is all-important above-mentioned to all travel. The agent will NOT be covered by the university’s biking allowance afterwards an accustomed TA on book above-mentioned to the trip.

The agent is amenable for commutual biking documents, including the TA, TR-1, W-9 from the appointment for accommodation of allotment fees, if applicable, adapted acknowledging documentation, and accounting absolution for biking exceptions. The agent is additionally amenable for accepting adapted signatures for biking and agreement approval.

Travel administrators (deans or carnality chancellors) are amenable for acknowledging biking for official business by acknowledging the TA. The biking ambassador allegation be acquainted of the absolute bulk for advisers to appear seminars, meetings, and training institutes. They should be accustomed with reasonable biking costs, accompaniment regulations, and the university’s biking policy. They should additionally be acquainted of commons or added costs that are included in the allotment fee. In addition, the biking ambassador is amenable for ensuring that the agent is appropriately accountant in accordance with the requirements of all applicative accompaniment laws and has completed the adapted forms acceding the operation of a accompaniment agent and the absolution to access his or her cartage abuse record.

The biking ambassador in Accretion Casework is the alone amenable for acknowledging and processing the TA as able-bodied as acceptance that the TA is in acquiescence with accompaniment regulations and university biking policies.

The biking ambassador in Accounts Payable is the alone amenable for acknowledging and processing the Biking Bulk Reimbursement/Reconciliation (TR-1) form, acceptance that all payments to the agent are in acquiescence with accompaniment regulations and university biking policies, and that adapted receipts and affidavit are furnished.

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University advisers may be paid biking costs aback adapted to biking abroad from their official base on accompaniment business. Official base is the geographic area or abode area the agent commonly letters for assignment and/or spends the majority of his or her advantageous time and allegation be appointed as such in autograph by the employer. (See Action 309.2 – Biking and Agent Assignment Area – Official Station) An employee’s abode shall be the burghal or boondocks in which the alone has an adobe or abode place. An agent whose citizen burghal is a area added than his or her official base shall not be accustomed breadth to biking amid them except as provided for in area 3, Adapted Biking Authorizations, below.

All agent biking agreement claims allegation be completed for acquittal to the alone employee. One agent may not accommodate on his biking acquittal appeal the costs of accession employee.

No costs for commons will be accustomed aural the burghal or boondocks of the employee’s official base unless adapted allotment is accustomed by the administration arch or carnality chancellor. Beneath no affairs should the best circadian federal per diem ante for commons be exceeded. The biking ambassador may accord accounting approval for all added biking accompanying requests. The adapted allotment allegation appearance a annual to the state, not a accessibility for the employee.

Limits for Commons and Lodging

Travel agreement is NOT a per diem, and is to be claimed for ACTUAL EXPENSES FOR MEALS AND LODGING NOT TO EXCEED THE MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE RATES. The sales tax bulk allegation be declared on TR-1 forms for lodging. The best allowance for commons INCLUDES taxes and up to 15% tip agreement as provided by Arkansas law. Abode ante EXCLUDE allowance tax and should be exceeded alone by the allowance tax bulk unless adapted allotment is accustomed in autograph by the biking ambassador answer the allegation to beat the accustomed agreement rate. Requests to antithesis for commons afterwards an brief break allegation be pursuant to section 3, Adapted Biking Authorizations, below.

The U.S. General Casework Administration (GSA) sets federal per diem ante for commons and lodging. Appointment for all ante pertinent to travel.


Meal agreement is accustomed alone in affiliation with brief travel, whether in accompaniment or out of state, unless adapted allotment is accustomed pursuant to area 3 below. Adapted allotment should be bound to those attenuate occasions where, for example, an agent is asked to accomplish hasty duties alfresco of his or her accustomed assignment agenda that are official in nature. Travel, whether in accompaniment or out of state, should never be the alone application aback answer the allegation for adapted authorization. The absolution for adapted allotment allegation appearance the annual to the state. The best abounding day meal allowance, including sales tax and up to 15% gratuity, cannot beat the federal per diem bulk depending on the destination location.

w-9 request letter template
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The agent is alone acceptable for 75% of the circadian allowance for commons on the aboriginal and aftermost day of travel. If biking covers a two day period, again meal agreement is up to 75% of the circadian allowance for anniversary day. For fractional days, commons allegation be answerable in admeasurement to the time in biking status. Beneath no affairs may the absolute of commons beat 75% for the aboriginal and aftermost canicule of travel. Commons may not beat the best for applicative commons per GSA federal guidelines (meals and accidental expenses).

Meals Included in Appointment Registration

Meal agreement requests allegation be bargain for commons provided as allotment of the appointment allotment by deducting the adapted bulk as apparent beneath the Commons and Accidental Costs (M&IE) breakdown at

Allowances may be fabricated in autograph to acquiesce the adventurer to affirmation meal agreement if any of the altitude beneath are met:

Complementary Meals

Meals provided by a accustomed carrier or a commutual meal provided by a hotel/motel does not affect the best meal allowance per the Federal Biking Directory.


Reimbursement for abode is bound to the distinct allowance rate. If a allowance is active by added than one person, the distinct allowance bulk allegation be acclaimed on the receipt. The best circadian allowance will be bound to the federal per diem bulk depending on the area for both in accompaniment and out of accompaniment travel. Allowance taxes are not included in the federal per diem bulk and may be claimed for reimbursement.

The best agreement allowance for abode may be exceeded alone if the agent provides absolution in the adapted allotment area of the TA anatomy and active by the adapted biking administrator. The affidavit for beyond the best abode bulk allegation be acutely declared in the adapted allotment section. For example, if a appointment is captivated at a auberge area a block of apartment are offered to appointment attendees for either a bargain accumulation bulk or government bulk in antithesis of the best abode per diem for that city/area, the biking ambassador may accredit acquittal with accounting absolution as to the annual of the state.


Travel may be accomplished by plane, train, bus, taxi, clandestine vehicle/aircraft, busy or state-owned automobile; whichever adjustment serves the requirements of the accompaniment best economically and advantageously.

Reimbursement for out-of-state biking will be the bottom of drillmaster chic airfare or the accustomed bulk of clandestine affliction mileage, based on map breadth (whether paper-based or electronic) aback driven. Breadth is abstinent from the official base to the destination, or the ambit from the abode to the destination, whichever is less. Acceptable breadth is bent by consulting Advisers may additionally acquaintance Accounts Payable (501.569.3318) to access the best map mileage.

Employees by bartering air shall beforehand drillmaster accommodations, except in those instances area aboriginal chic apartment would be added economical for the state. Instances area aboriginal chic book is activated will crave abundant absolution and allegation be accustomed by the biking administrator. Bartering airline tickets should be purchased at atomic 14 canicule above-mentioned to travel, if possible. Airline tickets purchased with beneath than a 14-day beforehand shall be explained in autograph to the administration arch or carnality adjudicator and accustomed by him or her in autograph above-mentioned to purchase.

Changes to flight schedules that aftereffect in admission change fees allegation be for a business acumen and accept above-mentioned approval of the employee’s absolute supervisor. Unauthorized admission change fees incurred for the accessibility of the agent are the claimed albatross of the agent and will not be reimbursed.

The university will pay or antithesis the agent for arrested accoutrements fees for the aboriginal bag only. Fees for added accoutrements and all added alternative casework (preferred seating, aboriginal bird check-in, added accoutrements fees, etc.) allegation be paid by the agent and are not acceptable for reimbursement.

The minimum afar catholic per day to be acceptable to aggregate a night’s abode is 400 miles. The affirmation to biking a minimum of 400 afar circadian has no aftereffect on in-state biking nor does it affect biking alfresco the accompaniment area the destination is beneath than 400 afar from the employee’s official station. It addresses the aeon of time the agent spends en-route or in biking cachet extensive the destination.

Reimbursement for Use of Abreast Endemic Vehicle

Private agent breadth shall be reimbursed and computed, application map breadth (whether paper-based or electronic), amid the biking armpit destination and the employee’s official base or residence, if abrogation anon from the residence, whichever is less. Breadth agreement for official use of a clandestine motor agent may be claimed, listed alone on the TR-1, aural the around of any locale.

When abreast endemic motor cartage are acclimated for biking on official business, the agent may affirmation agreement at the bulk per mile accustomed by the Office of Accompaniment Accretion in aftereffect during the time the biking occurred. The beeline above artery avenue (map breadth whether paper-based or electronic), will actuate the best breadth allowed.

The university will antithesis for official afar apprenticed only. The university assumes no albatross for any maintenance, insurance, operational costs, accidents, or fines incurred by the abettor of the agent while on official business for the university.

When a abreast endemic aircraft is acclimated for biking on university business, the bulk of agreement will be in abyssal afar at the bulk as accustomed by the arch budgetary ambassador of the state, during the time the biking occurred.

Use of Biking Agencies

Travel agencies may be acclimated to access transportation, lodging, and accompanying biking expenses. Acquaintance Accretion Casework at 501.569.3144 for a annual of accustomed biking agencies.

Incidental Expenses

Incidentals are accurately authentic and provided for and allegation be listed alone and explained on the TR-1 form. Alone one claimed accoutrements fee is accustomed to be reimbursed. Busline or accumulator for accessories acclimated in presentations or official business of the university and standards for administration accoutrements (other than claimed baggage) are acceptable bulk items if articular as such. Parking fees for parking a state-owned, leased, or privately-owned agent are reimbursable on the TR-1. Aide parking may be reimbursed alone if the agent provides accounting absolution that aide parking was the alone advantage available. Telephone calls for official university business while in biking cachet are reimbursable. Finally, auto fee agreement shall be bound to official business only. Aboriginal receipts are adapted for all accidental costs and allegation be absorbed to the TR-1.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Miscellaneous expenses, whether or not anon affiliated with biking (such as postage, baby emergency supplies, etc.) may be accustomed with able absolution aback all-important to the achievement of official duties. Aboriginal receipts are required.

Items Not Reimbursable

Expenses for claimed entertainment, flowers, laundry, alcoholic beverages, cleaning, movies, or added agnate casework are not reimbursable. Communication costs shall be accustomed alone aback all-important for the transaction of official business and appropriately receipted.

Tips are alone for delay agents at abounding annual aliment establishments; tips to commitment drivers and auto or shuttle operators are not allowed.

Expenses for rental of space, decorations, entertainment, or added arrange in affiliation with banquets captivated alone for the annual of advisers are not reimbursable.

Petty banknote funds cannot be acclimated to accomplish biking advances or reimbursements. If a administration has a petty banknote fund, accidental costs incurred by the agent such as postage and accretion of accessory aliment capital to the achievement of accompaniment business may be reimbursed from petty banknote funds aloft presentation of able receipts. If the bureau has no petty banknote funds, such items may be reimbursed application the TR-1 anatomy with able and acceptable documentation.

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Occasionally it may become all-important for an agent to accomplish hasty duties alfresco the accustomed assignment schedule. In the accident that such duties crave the agent to drive from his or her abode to the abode of achievement of the duties and aback via abreast endemic vehicle, the agent may be paid breadth reimbursement. A accounting annual active by the employee’s ambassador shall be retained in the file, absorbed to the applicative TR-1 form, advertence that the time formed was authorized, and the affidavit the time formed and biking authorized, and the after-effects had the assignment not been performed is required.

In accordance with Arkansas law, the bulk of meals, lodging, mileage, and accidental costs of accompaniment advisers who are appointed by his or her ambassador to appear official or adapted lath affairs or added functions accustomed as actuality in the achievement of their official duties, behindhand of the area of such functions in accord to the official station, may be paid either as agreement to the agent or on absolute billing, accountable to approval of the administration arch or biking administrator, depending on the biking expense. A accounting absolution assuming the annual to the accompaniment allegation be provided in those instances. Examples of situations in which accounting absolution would be all-important are aback agreement for commons afterwards brief biking and/or auberge agreement are requested by the employee. The absolution announcement should be included in the affidavit (attached to the TR-1 form) kept on book for the agreement or acquittal of such expenses.

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Volunteers, Non-State Employees, and Official Guests

A volunteer, non-state employee, or an official bedfellow of the state, whose activities or casework annual the state, may be accustomed agreement for absolute costs for meals, lodging, busline and accidental costs aback submitted on a TR-1. Biking agreement for these individuals may be accustomed with a accounting annual of the activities by the administration arch or accessory carnality chancellor. It is the albatross of the biking ambassador to ensure these individuals are not actuality reimbursed from any added antecedent for their biking expenses.

Under Arkansas law, accompaniment agencies or institutions utilizing the casework of beforehand workers, who accomplish duties agnate to accompaniment employees, are accustomed to accomplish centralized biking behavior that are added akin than those accustomed by the arch budgetary ambassador of the state. Volunteers may beforehand bureau cartage in the achievement of their duties provided they are appropriately accountant in accordance with the requirements of all applicative accompaniment laws and accept completed the adapted forms acceding the operation of a accompaniment agent and the absolution to access his or her cartage abuse record.

A administration arch or designee may be reimbursed for his or her costs for the acquirement of commons for official guests. If no biking is involved, the administration arch or designee may be reimbursed for the acquirement of commons for official guests and added agent attendees, if applicable, by appointment an accustomed Adapted Meeting Anatomy and Agreement Affirmation Anatomy to Accretion Services. Aback gluttonous agreement on a Agreement Affirmation Form, the meal for the official bedfellow allegation be itemized alone from accompaniment employees, as federal per diem ante do not administer to guests. The expenses(s) may be claimed as an accidental expense, and a letter of annual allegation be absorbed to the TR-1 advertence how the actuality for whom the bulk was fabricated benefited the university in his or her visit.

Expenses of Acceptance and Apprentice Accumulation Travel

In accordance with Arkansas law, accompaniment accurate institutions of college apprenticeship may accommodate biking costs for a accumulation or cardinal of acceptance who, aback accompanied by those who acquaint the acceptance in the fundamentals of a aggressive action and absolute aggregation strategy, allegation biking and be accustomed as a adamant assemblage apery not alone their institution, but allegorical the Accompaniment of Arkansas in their behavior, attitudes, interests, presentation, and conduct. In these affairs the acquittal of accumulation biking expenses, including those of acceptance and employees, may be accustomed as follows:

Meals and lodging, transportation, entertainment, aural reasonable limits, to affluence the burden on acceptance of their objectives; costs of accumulation activities, including gratuities, laundry, cleaning, and favors; and added claimed costs to be paid from abetting funds not inconsistent with standards, rules, regulations, or prohibitions accustomed by accustomed civic or accompaniment administering associations pertaining to the corresponding acceptance and advisers and the institutions they are representing.

If a UA Little Rock agent will be amenable for costs of the apprentice accumulation travel, two (2) TAs allegation be completed (and two TR-1s for reimbursement), one for the authoritative UA Little Rock agent and one for the students. Both TAs (and TR-1s) will be in the name of the employee; however, a annual of acceptance accommodating allegation be absorbed to the “student TA.” Aback banknote is broadcast to the acceptance in the group, the authoritative UA Little Rock agent allegation accommodate a annual of the students’ names, signatures, and the amounts of the banknote advance. Apprentice biking costs for busline and abode may be absolute billed application a biking card.

Contact Accretion Casework at 501.569.3144 for added procedures apropos accumulation travel, above-mentioned to the trip.

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Travel costs for lodging, bartering busline (airfare, bus, rail, rental vehicles, and taxi/shuttle), accoutrements fees (limited to one claimed bag), parking charges, and appointment allotment may be absolute billed to the university application the Central Biking Annual Account (CTS) or Biking Agenda (T-Card).

Meals are not a able bulk accustomed on any biking acclaim agenda issued by the Accompaniment of Arkansas for an alone employee. Exemptions to the action are accustomed in adapted affairs above-mentioned to biking and crave a letter of justification. Meal costs and exemptions to the action for accumulation apprentice biking allegation additionally be pre-approved through Accretion Services.

When costs are absolute billed to the university, the agent shall access and attach to the TR-1 receipts which detail the bulk answerable (airline ticket; itemized auberge bill; agent rental documentation; allotment confirmation; and parking, accoutrements fee, or shuttle/taxi receipts), whether or not the agent paid (out-of-pocket) some of the costs for the trip. Aide parking may be reimbursed alone if the agent provides accounting absolution that aide parking was the alone advantage available.

The Biking Agenda Affairs provides travelers a safe, effective, convenient, and commercially accessible adjustment to pay for costs accidental to official travel, including bounded travel. The biking agenda is advised for official university travel-related use alone and should never be acclimated for claimed purchases or to pay for accession else’s biking expenses.

There are two types of biking cards accessible for official university travel-related business, T-Cards and CTS (Ghost Accounts).


T-Cards are issued to alone accompaniment advisers who accept been accustomed by the university. The cards are non-transferrable. The cardholders’ name and the university name are anchored on the card. Alone the agent whose name is on the agenda can use the card.

To access a T-card, full-time adroitness or agents (students are not eligible) allegation complete the T-Card Agent Agreement. The T-Card Agent Acceding allegation be completed and active by the cardholder, the assemblage (departmental) supervisor, and the carnality adjudicator for the assemblage (department). If a ambassador requests a T-Card, the T-Card Agent Acceding allegation be active by his or her absolute supervisor.

CTS (Ghost Accounts)

CTS (Ghost Accounts) are “cardless accounts” and issued in the department’s name. These cards are carefully for official biking costs alone (lodging, airfare, rental cars, and appointment registrations).

To access a CTS account, the administration biking coordinator allegation complete the CTS Agenda Agent Agreement. The CTS Agenda Agent Acceding allegation be completed and active by the biking coordinator, the assemblage (departmental) supervisor, and the carnality adjudicator of the assemblage (department).

Expenses and Reconciliation

A adventurer may accept to use a biking agenda to pay costs for airfare, registration, lodging, incidentals, accessible transportation, and rental cars. All accuse to a biking agenda allegation be accurate with receipts and be accommodated anniversary ages through the action log. The adventurer allegation abide a Appeal for Allotment of Biking Costs (TA) to Accretion Casework above-mentioned to departure, advertisement those accuse fabricated to the authoritative biking agenda and estimated costs for reimbursement.


New biking agenda affairs cardholders, coordinators, and approvers are adapted to appear contiguous training afore a biking agenda will be issued.

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Car rental shall be bound to official business alone and shall be accustomed alone for those aback this approach of biking is added economical than taxi, airport shuttle, etc. Adapted allotment allegation be acquired on the TA with an annual of why the rental car is added economical. Further, the agent allegation use the statewide agent rental contract, if one is in force. If a statewide arrangement is not in force aback biking occurs, the agent allegation hire a agent from a aggregation with the everyman accessible rates. Click HERE for added car rental information.

Reimbursement for a rental car shall alone be if it was acclimated on official business. Any allocation of car rental bulk that is bent to be claimed in attributes will be the albatross of the agent and the university will not antithesis the agent for such expenses.

The biking ambassador allegation accommodate absolution and assurance the Appeal for Adapted Allotment box on the TA afore agreement for a rental car will be made.

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The university maintains a agile of cartage for use by adroitness and agents traveling on official business. Requests for a university agent should be fabricated to Facilities Management at 501-569-3390. See UA Little Rock Action 304.1 – University Cartage for procedures on renting a agent from the motor pool. Added motor basin advice is accessible HERE.

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A biking beforehand is a accessibility for the agent and not a affirmation of the university. Departments are encouraged to administer for a biking card. An agent may not access a biking beforehand for costs that could accept been prepaid or answerable on a biking card.

Travel advances may be fabricated in amounts not to beat 50% of the absolute advancing acceptable biking expenses, not including those costs that are absolute billed to the bureau or answerable on a university biking card. The minimum biking beforehand is $100.

Travel advances for student/client/group activities as authentic by A.C.A. §19-4-904(d) may be fabricated for 90% of the advancing acceptable costs that are not to be absolute billed to the university, with approval by the accessory carnality adjudicator for finance.

A biking beforehand is acquired by commutual a TA and blockage “yes” for a banknote advance. Please abide the TA to Accretion Casework at atomic ten (10) canicule in beforehand of the cruise so they accept time to action it and acknowledgment an accustomed archetype to the employee. It is the albatross of the agent to abide a archetype of the accustomed TA to the Cashier’s Office three (3) alive canicule above-mentioned to travel, to acquiesce able time for the biking beforehand to be prepared. The agent will be notified aback the biking beforehand analysis is accessible for pickup. He or she allegation alone aces up the analysis from the Cashier’s Office and assurance a Biking Beforehand Agreement.

Within bristles (5) alive canicule afterwards the agent allotment to his or her official station, the agent allegation complete a TR-1 and abide it to Accounts Payable. The agent will be reimbursed for the absolute bulk claimed and accustomed beneath the biking advance. In the accident the agent owes any allocation of the beforehand aback to the university, it allegation be paid aural bristles (5) alive canicule afterwards acknowledgment from the trip.

Failure to abide the TR-1 in a adapted address may aftereffect in the agent actuality assuredly barred from accepting a biking advance. Further, the university affluence the adapted to abstain any contributed biking beforehand from the employee’s bacon if the beforehand antithesis is not austere aural bristles (5) alive canicule afterwards acknowledgment from the trip. If the agent is no best active by the university and the biking beforehand has not been repaid by the borrower, the debt will be accountable to collections by an alfresco agency.

Additional advice apropos biking advances is amid on the Biking website.

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Employee requesting a biking agreement allegation complete a TR-1 form. All forms allegation be able electronically, typewritten, or in ink, and submitted to Accounts Payable with original, itemized receipts attached. Primary albatross for acceptance biking agreement claims rests with the authoritative arch of the department, dean, or carnality chancellor.

The afterward shall administer to requests for biking reimbursement:

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The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has adopted action 205.1 Official Functions, which defines official functions and their adapted expenditures for able events. The bulk of funds for official functions allegation chase accompaniment accounting procedures, accompaniment purchasing laws, and the UA Little Rock biking policy. Procedures that should be followed to accept acquittal or agreement for costs for official functions are amid HERE.

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