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This a “Here is the time adjoin which we had been warned in the allegorical admonition of Ubayyi Bn Ka’b and that of Abdullah Bn Mas’ud;

Here is the time about which we had been told that the accuracy would absolutely become abhorrent to altruism while canard and the act of banditry would become globally deified; Were this time to amble aloft the appropriate adeptness of this era, afterwards any change, the bearings would adeptness a date area no one would anguish over the annihilation of a about or rejoice over the address of a new baby”.

By an Arab Poet


Peace, actuality a accustomed calmness that makes accouterment for innocence, is a altered advantage in the activity of man. Its amount cannot be abstinent on the calibration of gold or that of silver. Any activity afterwards accord is a activity afterwards worth.

Peace, in a angrily circuitous association like Nigeria, cannot be by bald chance. Any peaceful adherence in such a association can abandoned be by a anxiously planned apple of activity with appalling but abstruse pillars. Such pillars accommodate endurance, altruism and alternate account based on alternate compassionate at accumulated and clandestine levels. The accustomed arrangement of accord in any acclimatized association is based on acquaintance acquired from history.


This commodity is not new. It was aboriginal appear in this cavalcade in 2012, aloof three years afterwards a satanically adverse accumulation of bandits alleged Boko Haram in Nigeria emerged. The aforementioned commodity was republished afresh aback some readers alleged for its alliteration because of its appliance to this agitated time. And, now, a new trend of appeal for it is acceptable cutting on castigation sincerely. Incidentally, the accustomed bearings seems to accept transcended adoration abandoned as Nigeria is now bombarded from all believable angles, by all elements of war, afterwards any austere accouterment for peace.

The Wings of History

History is an airy article with two airy wings aerial beyond ancestors in time and in space. One of those wings is absolute while the added is negative. It is abandoned with history that the present becomes the ancestry of the accomplished while the approaching awaits the billy of chain or contrarily from the present. No active nation or association or alike individuals can dream of a accessible approaching afterwards a actual present based on a memorable acquaintance of the past. The web of activity is like a allurement which no adamant aspect can bypass on its way to accessory glory.

A Bolt of Uncertainty

Today, adjoin what affliction to be a admired heritage, Nigeria is, acutely casual through a bolt of ambiguity as she rolls aback the fibres of the approaching into those of the present and weaves both calm into the vestiges of the past. Such is a assurance of a asleep nation cat-and-mouse to be interned. What affectionate of  war is not burglary Nigeria today, in acrimony of Allah’s abounding bounties? The armament of the present assume to accept connived with those of the accomplished to accordingly appoint in angry bottomward the approaching with a assurance to depriving the ancestors yet approaching of any achievement of appropriate existence.

For decades, Nigeria has been affected by the alleged leaders to appoint in political, bread-and-butter and amusing warfare afterwards acceptable any. Now, with a religious ambit advancing to accompany all these, at this time, can there be any advantage for Nigeria added than advantageous the amount of peace?

Like a breaker agilely affronted about at the instance of an airy tempest, a affray of religious anniversary engendered by a abandoned political Pandora has about angry Nigeria into a acreage of curses. God! Area are we activity from here?

MUSWEN’s Alarm for Harmony

In the accomplished few weeks, the Muslim Ummah of South West Nigeria (MUSWEN), which is the awning anatomy for all the Muslim Communities/Councils and Organisations in the six states of the Southwest region, was accountable to watch, helplessly, the alarming trend of crisis in some genitalia of Yoruba acreage with its accessory band to ethnicity and religion.

Coming anon afterwards a amusing civic altercation that was precipitated by the #End-SARS’ adventure of misfortune, which about ran the country aground, the indigenous burdened crisis in the Southwest drew addition all-around absorption to this alleged behemothic of Africa.

The Scenario

Just aftermost week, the Muslim Ummah of South West Nigeria took a accessory appearance of Nigeria of the 1960s/1970s and absitively to appear up with a columnist account advantaged ‘A Alarm for Harmony. The account went thus:

“In the accomplished few weeks, the Muslim Ummah of South West Nigeria (MUSWEN), which is the awning anatomy for all the Muslim Communities/Councils and Organizations in the six states of the Southwest Arena was accountable to watch helplessly, the alarming trend of crisis in some genitalia of Yoruba acreage with its accessory band to ethnicity and religion.

Coming anon afterwards a amusing civic altercation that was a precipitated by the #EndSARS adventure of misfortune, which about ran the country aground, the indigenous burdened crisis in the South West of Nigeria drew addition all-around absorption to this alleged behemothic of Africa.

The accomplished book worrisomely came to MUSWEN, not aloof as a apperception bugler, but also, as a admonition that, by nature, beastly life, like ecology weather, does not accept a abiding feature.

The Source of Clemency

It is from the aggregate of agitation today and calmness tomorrow that charity arises to advertise the atmosphere for peace.

From time to time, beastly beings are reminded of the three phenomena that sustain their actuality on earth. These are life, bloom and peace.

Without those three phenomena, there will be annihilation to alarm beastly life.

But then, there is an airy analgesic with which to abrade the asperous apparent of life, abnormally in times of turmoil. The name of that analgesic is patience, which generally serves as the address of peace.


As a religious body, we, Muslims, never balloon the role that afterlife plays in our lives, whether in acceding of accident or that of pleasure.

Here, in Nigeria, we are bodies of assorted indigenous backgrounds with altered cultural identities alloyed calm by abrupt circumstances, to frequently become citizens of a distinct country, is a amount of destiny.

Today, we are in a bearings whereby if such afterlife had not alloyed us calm and accustomed us a accustomed character as Nigerians, we would accept begin ourselves in a agnate bearings in addition acreage with the labels of altered nationalities and we would accept had no best added than to coexist in peace, therein, willy-nilly.

America for Instance

Today, about everybody in the apple acknowledges the abundance of the United States of America as a foremost country in the abreast world. Yet, at the accumulation of that country, the citizenry of the all-inclusive acreage that became USA were not from the aforementioned indigenous or cultural background.

The cede which they had to accomplish at that antecedent date of their country was acceptance of backbone that served as the analgesic of accuracy in the advance of their coexistence as citizens of the aforementioned nation.

From that altered situation, the age-old bodies and the articulate socialites in Nigeria affliction to accept activated the acquaintance they learnt from America’s history to authoritative Nigeria a abundant country.

Qur’anic Counsel

Allah had told us, in the Qur’an, over one and a bisected millennia ago, that assortment of colours, cultures, tribes and tongues is the abstruse of the abundance of nations.

This is independent in affiliate 49 ballad 13 of the Qur’an thus:

“Oh mankind, We accept created you as males and females and We ancient you into contest and tribes so that you can collaborate (and draw admirable advantages from your interaction). Surely, the actual best of you are those who abhorrence Allah best (in thoughts and in actions).

Thus, to alive calm in harmony, factors like considerateness, patience, tolerance, and adeptness charge reflect in our conducts as affirmation of piety.

This is the time to know, in Nigeria, that aegis is neither by the abundance or affection of bayonets with which the army or the Police are able nor by coil indigenous muzzles to authenticate ahead of power.

Rather, aegis is about acceptable governance, absence of corruption, able affliction for the underprivileged and intelligential watch.

If, admitting the differences in our ethnic, cultural and brainy backgrounds, we can still barter calm in the aforementioned markets and our accouchement can appear the aforementioned schools as accompany and compatriots, we charge apperceive that there is abundant added to accretion from accord than from disharmony.


Oneness of Citizens

By our social, bread-and-butter and political interactions as able-bodied as inter marriages, so far, beyond the country, we accept tacitly accustomed our absoluteness as citizens of the aforementioned country. And, for the account of accord and harmony, all these charge not be disrupted by one beastly adventure or another. Nigeria is our accustomed activity of affluence which charge not be angry into a accident for our accouchement to inherit.

God absolve Nigeria!”

Purpose of Religion

By its architecture and intents, adoration is declared to be, not abandoned a catholicon for all beastly cerebral ailments, but additionally a abatement analgesic for any airy ache. Ironically, however, religion, in Nigeria, today, has been angry into a poison   afterwards any accouterment for an antidote. And through our usual   attitude tagged Nigerian factor, we assume to be angled on burning the bolus of that adulteration afterwards absorbed its alarming repercussion.

The Factors of Ignorance

The factors that culminated in what we now abnormally alarm religious commerce, religious   assailment or abandonment or abandonment or terrorism, emanated abandoned from the band of benightedness which bad babyminding has perennially incubated in address for hatching. And, could annihilation accept afflicted bad babyminding as abundant as ignorance? Yet, benightedness would not accept had a role to comedy in our religious or political lives if we had approved the will to absolutely chase the credo of our religions and abstruse from the acquaint of history afterwards cyberbanking on affected assumptions and beguiling rumours.

History as a Teacher

History as a abecedary consistently has a assignment in its backing to advise those who are accessible to apprentice from time to time. But, unfortunately, best beastly beings, abnormally Nigerians, debris to apprentice any assignment from history and the amount is what we are advantageous today.


In 1962, Nigeria’s Governor General, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (who after became Nigeria’s aboriginal President in 1963), paid a three day official address appointment to the again Premier of Northern Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello, in Kaduna. Dr Azikiwe was accompanied by his wife, Flora. The host Premier mobilized all the accouterments of appointment in honour of his guests whom he accorded an unprecedentedly baroque hospitality. The three canicule appointment enabled those leaders’ wives to become so accustomed with anniversary added that Flora additionally arrive the Bellos to the East on a agnate visit. By the time the appointment ended, Dr. Azikiwe had become so abundant afflicted that at the point of abandonment he captivated Ahmadu Bello’s easily and acclaim pleaded with him to “please let us balloon our differences”.

In acknowledgment to that affecting but absorbing gesture, Sir Ahmadu Bello said in an appropriately gentle, baritone voice: “No sir! Rather than apathy our differences, let us accept them. I am a Muslim from the North. You are a Christian from the South. It is abandoned by anecdotic and compassionate those differences advisedly that our affability can absolutely bloom and endure”. There and then, Dr. Azikiwe nodded in acceding with his host’s argumentation and accustomed the actuality that one could not balloon what has not been articular and understood. The assignment to apprentice from this acquaintance is that of alternate compassionate afterwards pretentiously across-the-board annihilation beneath the carpet. That is the assumption aloft which the alliance of political aberrant advisers who acquisition themselves in a collective government is generally based in Nigeria. It is additionally the assumption aloft which affiliation of abounding Nigerian businessmen and women is based admitting their cultural incompatibility. But that assumption is not activated to Adoration in Nigeria admitting the actuality of a anatomy alleged Nigeria Interreligious Council (NIREC). And, this is because of accessible but arguable admission to bargain abundance by assertive counterfeit charlatans who are greedily masquerading in the abbey of adoration and affectation themselves as   religious leaders.

Stages of Ignorance

For bags of years, peoples of all contest and tribes beyond the apple thrived vaingloriously on cultural benightedness while advertence their calamities to abstruse armament and blaming such mysteries on what they alleged witchcraft. In the past, actuality in Africa, millions of accouchement were affected to die in infancy, by their own parents, out of arduous ignorance, while the aforementioned parents angry annular to accusation what they alleged ‘ABIKU’ or ‘OGBANJE’ for the accumulation infanticide which they apparently engendered. With time, however, apprenticeship and adeptness of science brought about the apparatus of assorted vaccines with which accouchement were immunized adjoin altered diseases thereby giving those breed the   befalling to survive. And, this has enabled us to know, today, that the abstruseness which we already alleged ‘ABIKU’ or ‘OGBANJE’ was a delicacy for benightedness in African acceptance of those days.

Now that the canicule of cultural benightedness assume to be over, Nigerians accept devised addition agency of ailment by alive to religious benightedness which enables them to alter the infanticide of the yore with avant-garde day genocide through agitation and banditry. It is hoped that one day, absolute apprenticeship and not bald articulacy will additionally advice us to affected the bogey of religious benightedness and actuate our country to the accelerating basement on which she affliction to accept been abode for long.

Qur’anic Testimony

If it had admiring the Almighty Allah to accomplish all beastly beings one distinct chase with one colour, one argot and one religion, He would accept done so afterwards accepting any concern from any quarters. But as the acknowledged Omnipresent and Omnipotent entity, His accommodation to alter His creatures cannot be faulted because it is from that assortment that all creatures accept consistently acquired able benefits. In the apple today, there are altered contest and tribes of beastly beings with altered colours, languages and cultures anniversary activity as absolute and, yet they all collaborate absolutely with one addition to the account of all and sundry.  This is in accordance with the words of Allah in Affiliate 49 ballad 13 of the Qur’an thus: “Oh mankind! We accept created you from a macho and a changeable and classified you into contest and tribes that you may collaborate absolutely with one addition (and thereby draw from the advantages therein). Verily, the best honourable amid you afore Allah are the best pious ones. Allah is All-knowing and best acquainted with all things”. Q. 49:13

Other Creatures

What is accurate of beastly beings in the aloft quoted Qur’anic ballad is appropriately accurate of added creatures. For instance we can all see that on a single   artifice of abundant acreage on which a array of plants may abound to anatomy an orchard but anniversary bulb will angle out with altered foliage and fruits. Some of those fruits may be sweet, some may be absinthian and some may be sour. Some may be abounding and some may be fruitless. Some may be copse of gargantuan aspect while others may be accustomed legumes. Yet they are all fed by the aforementioned soil, watered by the aforementioned rain and photosynthesized by the aforementioned sun. Their altered foliage, sizes, heights and tastes notwithstanding, they all action finer and advantageously according to the purpose for which they are created. In the ecosystem, no timberline in an orchard will anytime allege addition of address fruits altered from its own and no beastly will accusation addition for accustomed a affection or for cutting a colour altered from its own. No bang will anytime asperse alike a fingerling in the ocean for administration the aforementioned baptize with it. Ditto the apple of birds, reptiles, and that of insects.  Alike as plants, animals, aquatics, reptiles, birds and insects, those creatures apperceive that for aggregate Allah does there is a acumen which may not be instantly accepted but will become accepted later. It is abandoned amid beastly beings that bigotry and allegory exist, based on ignorance.

Parable of Religion

We can additionally analyze the aloft affection to a bearings central a football amphitheater area there is a array of sections such as State Box for the high class, State Box Extension for the Middle Chic and accepted ancillary for the lower class. At the access of the stadium, anniversary actuality obtains a admission according to his or her banking adeptness which determines his status. And that qualifies him for a bench in any of the sections in the stadium, according to the cachet of the admission obtained. Afterwards ageism to the categories of the tickets they obtain, all the assemblage in the amphitheater are authorised to watch the bout for which they accept paid. If at the end of the bout however, a spectator, who was advantaged to sit in the State Box, turns annular to say that addition spectator, who sat at the accepted ancillary of the stadium, did not watch the match, others about them will sarcastically achieve that article ability accept gone amiss with the anima of the accuser. The positions from which those assemblage watched the bout ability be altered but the actuality charcoal that they all watched the aforementioned match. That is the apologue of adoration in the lives of alone beastly beings.

The Mission of Religion

In Islam, all appear religions are like an admiral accustomed by a nation in addition nation to strengthen her adept affiliation with the host nation. The Ambassadors appointed to administer such admiral may be afflicted from time to time aloof like the adopted action which guides those ambassadors, but the admiral charcoal intact, barring any abrupt circumstances. So is the case with the Prophets of Allah. They ability accept appear at altered times and from altered acreage with altered tongues. They ability accept brought altered books appear in altered languages but their mission was one and the aforementioned because their Creator who appointed them as Ambassadors is abandoned one and He cannot be pluralized. Muslims accept that all the Prophets and Messengers who accept appear into the apple to adviser flesh were from one and the aforementioned God who created the universe. Thus, Prophets Ibrahim (Abraham), Ismail (Ishmael) Ishaq (Isaac), Musa (Moses), Daud (David), Isa (Jesus) and Muhammad (SAW) as able-bodied as others who preceded them or came average them brought the aforementioned bulletin of monotheism through which flesh was counselled to adoration one God and be cocked in conduct.

In Qur’an Affiliate 2 ballad 285, Allah admonishes Muslims adjoin acute amid His Apostles thus: “The Apostle of Allah, Muhammad, (SAW) believes in what has been appear to him by his Lord, and so do all the (Muslim) faithful. They all accept in Allah and His Angels, His Books as able-bodied as His Apostles. We do not discriminate adjoin any of His Apostles. They say ‘We apprehend and obey. Grant us your absolution oh Lord! To you we shall all return”.

Religious Rivalry

As a Muslim, you cannot accept in one of those Apostles and discount in others. And you cannot accept in one of the appear Books while aporetic in others. That is why no accurate adherent of Islamwill anytime accurate abhorrent accent adjoin the actuality of Jesus or accusation the misdemeanour of a Christian on Christianity as some Nigerian Christians do adjoin the actuality of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Islam as a adoration aback they accidentally accept an abhorrent appointment with a disobedient Muslim as if there are no disobedient Christians in Nigeria.  Were Nigerian Muslims additionally to accompany such a annoyed acrimony into adoration abnormally in their propagations, the country alleged Nigeria would accept apparently been continued forgotten.

Unity of God

Although the modalities for admiration God may alter from acceptance to acceptance and from altar to sanctuary, this does not change the advance of their acceptance in abandoned one God. Thus, the acrimony amid Muslims and Christians, especially, in Nigeria, over who is spiritually appropriate or amiss is a artefact of ignorance.


As accomplished by Christianity and Islam through their appear books, respectively, the areas of activity that charge our cooperation are by far added absolute than those in which we differ. For instance, both the Bible and the Qur’an admonition altruism to adoration one God. They deliver acceptable accomplishments to neighbours and added adolescent beastly beings, about and privately, irrespective of religious lineage. They apostle acceptable affliction for our parents, our children, the age-old ones amidst us and the handicapped. They appetite affection to our spouses, absolution for our offenders, charity with our adversaries and affection in achievement to the vanquished. They advise us adjoin cheating and any anatomy of corruption. They forbid theft, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism and aloft all the killing of adolescent beastly beings, extra-judicially, for whatever reason. They additionally acquaint us adjoin provocation, aggression, oppression, corruption and breach alike as they accent the conciseness of this apple and the aftereffect of the hereafter. In all these, we accept a accustomed affection to accordingly bouncer us.


The few areas in which we alter are abstruse and absolutely personal. They are not areas on which beastly beings are accustomed the adeptness to canyon judgement. Abandoned the Almighty God can adjudicator on them. Such are the areas which we accept will pave our means into the Paradise. But back paradise is for individuals and not for religious blocks why are we angry anniversary added as religious bodies on the base of acceptance or disbelief? Afterwards all, the adventure to Paradise or Hell is a amount of best for every individual. And no one can acquaint with attention who will go to Paradise or go to Hell. Such is the advantage of God which He has not assigned to any beastly actuality and which no beastly actuality can and should appropriate to himself or herself except one who wants to comedy God.


Perception of God

As an adherent of a religion, you can abandoned apperceive your God according to your acceptance and that should not account any rancour amid you and adherents of any added religion. As Nigerians, we abide in the aforementioned country, eat the aforementioned foods, alcohol the aforementioned water, abrasion agnate dresses, barter in the aforementioned markets, allotment the aforementioned offices and absorb the aforementioned money. Our accouchement appear the aforementioned schools, address the aforementioned examinations and access the aforementioned certificates. We intermarry beyond tribes and ethnicities as able-bodied as religions. All these anatomy a stronger band that affliction to affiliate us abundant added than the abstruse ones which generally abuse to breach us apart. In a bearings area the factors of activity that affiliate us grossly beat those that bisect us will it not be brainless to abandon accord and cooperation for the acceptance of atrocious acrimony and annihilative antagonism?

Bless Nigeria!

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