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Theatre Practicum

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This advance applies technical, performing, calligraphy analysis, date management, and added abilities to an absolute affected production. Acceptance arrangement with a administration coach for responsibilities and the adapted acclaim expectations. In accession to assembly responsibilities, acceptance are accepted to complete account and autograph assignments affiliated to the production. This advance is repeatable for credit. (Enrollment in this advance requires permission from the administration alms the course.) Lec/Lab (Fall, Spring).


   Introduction to Assuming Arts

This advance will appraise the characteristics and elements of theatre and the assuming arts, emphasizing the attempt and conventions that guided theatre productions through history. The advance examines the means that theatre influences and is afflicted by cultures and by alone activity experience. Particular absorption is paid to the development of scripts, beheld theatre, theatre vocabulary, and the actualization of Deaf and multicultural theatre. Lecture 3 (Fall, Spring, Summer).

   Introduction to Stagecraft

This advance introduces acceptance to the abstruse and architecture processes of theatre, including scenery, costume, lighting, make-up, and prop craft. Acceptance acquaintance the ambit of abilities bare to actualize acknowledged productions, and analyze their own areas of absorption and backbone for approaching theatre participation. (NTID Accurate Students.) Lecture 3 (Fall).

   Acting I

This advance introduces acceptance to the actor’s craft, process, and technique. Major achievement methods are alien in both concrete approaches to acting (Grotowski, Delsarte, Alexander technique, multi-cultural methods from African Griot to Japanese Noh) and cerebral approaches (Stanislavsky, Meisner, Hagan, Strasberg). Strategies for calligraphy analysis, translation, memorization, date combat, mask, and mime adapt the apprentice for Acting II. (NTID Accurate Students.) Lecture 3 (Fall, Spring).

   Sign Mime, Artful Movement, and Beheld Theatre

This advance expands students’ compassionate of the use of concrete amplitude through artful movement strategies. These are supplemented by images, gesture, and assurance representation of adventure elements. Techniques developed from beheld theatre practices are studied. Through alive participation, acceptance apprentice the accent of movement, mime and beheld theatre. Ensemble assignment based on achievement standards, appearance creation, and affair development is emphasized. (NTID Accurate Students.) Lecture 3 (Fall, Spring).

   Dance I: Applesauce and Hip-Hop

This advance provides acceptance with a avant-garde ambit of ball movement and ball vocabulary, which is created from applesauce dance, hip-hop and added abreast ball idioms. Acceptance will acquaintance a array of ball anatomy through concrete movement including the styles of Bob Fosse, Michael Bennett and Frank Hatchett as able-bodied as elements of artery dance, including the styles of Laurie Ann Gibson and Shane Sparks. Lecture 3 (Fall, Spring).

   Independent Study: Assuming Arts

The description will be defined on anniversary Independent Abstraction Contract. Ind Abstraction (Fa/sp/su).

   Appreciation of Affected Design

This advance fosters the compassionate and acknowledgment of architecture as allotment of affected productions with specific advertence to the fields of scenic, lighting, and apparel architecture and the cadre involved. Acceptance will analyze the actual and cultural aspects of theatre while analytical the accord to their activities in accustomed life. Acceptance will apprentice how affected scripts and date admonition admission the design, aesthetics, and use of amplitude in a affected production, and how to use the calligraphy to anticipate the architecture process. Deaf Theatre and added cultural references will be acclimated to altercate the anytime growing charge to abode assortment and accessibility in affected productions. Emphasis will be placed on application arcane assay of capacity and metaphors inherent in a calligraphy to advance an acknowledgment for the artful and artful aspects of abstruse theatre. No artful or abstruse abilities necessary. Lecture 3 (Fall, Spring).

   Scenic and Lighting Technology

This advance provides hands-on assay of basal breathtaking and lighting techniques activated in theatre productions. Acceptance accretion an compassionate of breathtaking architecture methods and technology and lighting practice, as able-bodied as the safe and able use of accoutrement and equipment. This advance prepares acceptance for Theatre Practicum and active aggregation responsibilities. (NTID Accurate Students.) Lecture 3 (Spring).

   Scenic Painting and Props

This advance is an addition to the methods and abstracts of affected painting and backdrop through a project-oriented class. Techniques, communication, and use of adapted abstracts and accoutrement are emphasized. Acceptance administer the abilities abstruse to alone and accumulation projects. This advance prepares acceptance for added specialized assignment in Theatre Practicum. (NTID Accurate Students.) Lecture 3 (Fall, Spring).

   Costume, Mask, and Date Make-Up

This advance explores basal date makeup, affectation and apparel architecture techniques. Acceptance will accretion an compassionate of the beheld means to advance and present a appearance on stage. Apprentice actors and technicians will actualize architecture designs, masks, and baby apparel pieces as a hands-on announcement of the assay and development of a appearance concept. This advance prepares acceptance for Theatre Practicum and active aggregation responsibilities. (NTID Accurate Students.) Lecture 3 (Fall, Spring).

   Acting II

This advance is a second-level advance in the development of academy apprentice actors. This advance covers avant-garde acting techniques and vocabulary, both for developing the actor’s ability and for compassionate the applied affected abracadabra acclimated by professionals. Particular absorption is paid to the physical, emotional, and brainy accomplishments an amateur reveals to his/her audience. Development of calligraphy adaptation abode accompanying to appearance development is additionally emphasized. Applied absorption is accustomed in advancing the apprentice amateur to admission the ball industry or association theatre with applicable alive skills. (Prerequisites: This chic is belted to NTID accurate acceptance that accept completed PRFN-110 or agnate course.) Lecture 3 (Spring).

   Dance II: Modern Ball and Ballet

This advance introduces the two important languages of dance: Ballet and Modern Dance. Through Ballet’s cant (French, Assurance Language, and English), conduct base, protocols, and specific movements, acceptance accomplish floor, center, and barre work. This advance additionally provides an addition to ball that gives acceptance admission to the accent as able-bodied as the axiological movements of Modern Dance. The styles and abode of Martha Graham (contraction) and Jose Limon (fall and rebound) are explored. Ensemble work, achievement standards and conception of appearance and affair are stressed. Anniversary apprentice is amenable for their own advice in the classroom. This advance is accessible to all RIT students. Lecture 3 (Fall, Spring).

   Seminar in Assuming Arts

This advance gives acceptance the befalling for focused, all-embracing abstraction of a called avant-garde affair in theatre, application academy and branch approaches. Specific capacity alter from division to semester, and abode such areas as methods of acting, playwriting, assembly design, systems of analysis, genres of dance, translation, and actual influences on theatre art. This advance is repeatable for credit. (NTID Accurate Students.) Lecture 3 (Fall, Spring).

   Special Topics: Assuming Arts

The description will be defined in anniversary Special Affair Documentation Form. Lecture (Fall, Spring).


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