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In the 2010 midterm election, voters from all over the abode gave Admiral Obama what he himself alleged “a shellacking.” And oh boy, was it ever. You could be a absolute addle-pate and get adopted aloof by accepting an R abutting to your name—and that year, by the way, we did aces up a fair cardinal in that category.

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Retaking ascendancy of the House of Representatives put me in band to be the abutting Apostle of the House over the bigger apprentice Republican chic in history: 87 anew adopted associates of the GOP. Aback I was authoritative over a ample accumulation of bodies who’d never sat in Congress, I acquainted I owed them a little tutorial on governing. I had to explain how to absolutely get things done. A lot of that went beeline through the aerial of best of them, abnormally the ones who didn’t accept accuracy that got in the way. Incrementalism? Compromise? That wasn’t their thing. A lot of them capital to draft up Washington. That’s why they anticipation they were elected.

Some of them, well, you could acquaint they weren’t advantageous absorption because they were aloof cerebration of how to fundraise off of abuse or how they could get on Hannity that night. Ronald Reagan acclimated to say article to the aftereffect that if I get 80 or 90 percent of what I want, that’s a win. These guys capital 100 percent every time. In fact, I don’t anticipate that would amuse them, because they didn’t absolutely appetite aldermanic victories. They capital block issues and conspiracies and crusades.

To them, my allocution of aggravating to get annihilation done fabricated me a sellout, a butt of the Democrats, and a traitor. Some of them had me in their architect from day one. They saw me as abundant of an “enemy” as the guy in the White House. Me, a guy who had appear to the top of the administration by advertisement bribery and blame bourgeois ideas. Now I was a “liberal collaborator.” So that took some accepting acclimated to. What I additionally had not advancing was the admeasurement to which this new army hated—and I beggarly hated—Barack Obama.

On acclamation night 2010, afterwards Republicans fabricated massive gains, Admiral Barack Obama makes a buzz alarm to Congressman John Boehner, the presumptive admission apostle of the House.

By 2011, the bourgeois advertising basics had managed to about-face Obama into a baneful cast for conservatives. Aback I was aboriginal adopted to Congress, we didn’t accept any advertising alignment for conservatives, except maybe a annual or two like National Review. The alone bodies who acclimated the internet were some geeks in Palo Alto. There was no Drudge Report. No Breitbart. No kooks on YouTube overextension alarming nonsense like they did every day about Obama.

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“He’s a abstruse Muslim!”

“He hates America!”

“He’s a communist!”

And of advance the absolutely absurd business about his bearing certificate. Bodies absolutely had been brainwashed into assertive Barack Obama was some Manchurian applicant planning to abandon America.

Mark Levin was the aboriginal to go on the radio and cascade off this crazy nonsense. It got him ratings, so eventually he abject Hannity and Rush to Looneyville forth with him. My longtime acquaintance Roger Ailes, the arch of Fox News, was not allowed to this. He got swept into the conspiracies and the paranoia and became an about bugged figure.

Fox Account CEO Roger Ailes in 2006.

I’d accepted Ailes for a continued time, aback his assignment with George H.W. Bush in the aboriginal 1990s. He’d gone to academy in Ohio, and aback we had that connection, he approved me out at some accident and alien himself. Years later, in August of 1996, aback I was in San Diego for the Republican National Convention, I concluded up accepting banquet with Ailes and a adept broadcasting controlling alleged Rupert Murdoch. At that banquet they told me all about this new TV arrangement they were starting. I had no abstraction I was alert to the outline of article that would achieve my activity a active hell bottomward the line. Abiding enough, that October, Fox Account hit the airwaves.

I kept in blow with Roger and starting in the aboriginal 2000s, I’d stop in and see him whenever I was in New York for fundraisers. We’d shoot the breeze and allocution politics. We got to apperceive anniversary added appealing well.

Murdoch, on the added hand, was harder to know. Sometimes he’d allure me to watch the Super Bowl in the Fox box, or he’d stop by the office. Wherever he was, you could acquaint he was the man in charge. He was a businessman, authentic and simple. He cared about ratings and the basal line. He additionally capital to achieve abiding he was advanced of any political or action developments advancing bottomward the line. He was consistently allurement who was up, who was down, what bills could canyon and what couldn’t. If he entertained any of the cool cabal theories that started to booty over his network, he kept it a abstruse from me. But he acutely didn’t accept a botheration with them if they helped ratings.

At some point afterwards the 2008 election, article afflicted with my acquaintance Roger Ailes. I already met him in New York during the Obama years to appeal with him to put a bridle on some of the crazies he was putting on the air. It was authoritative my job aggravating to achieve annihilation bourgeois that abundant harder. I didn’t apprehend this affair to change anything, but I still anticipation it was bullshit, and I capital Roger to apperceive it.

When I put it to him like that, he didn’t accept abundant to say. But he did go on and on about the agitator advance on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, which he anticipation was allotment of a admirable cabal that led aback to Hillary Clinton. Afresh he categorical active plots by which George Soros and the Clintons and Obama (and whoever abroad came to mind) were aggravating to abort him.

“They’re ecology me,” he assured me about the Obama White House. He told me he had a “safe room” congenital so he couldn’t be spied on. His abode was actuality adequate by combat-ready aegis personnel, he said. There was a lot of artful talk. It was like he’d been account whacked-out spy novels all weekend.

And it was bright that he believed all of this crazy stuff. I absolved out of that affair in a daze. I aloof didn’t accept the absolute federal government was so abashed of Roger Ailes that they’d breach about a dozen laws to accompany him down. I anticipation I could get him to ascendancy the crazies, and instead I begin myself talking to the admiral of the club. One of us was crazy. Maybe it was me.

I accept no abstraction what the accord amid Ailes and Murdoch was like, or if Ailes anytime would go off on these batty tangents during affairs with his boss. But Murdoch charge accept anticipation Ailes was acceptable for business, because he kept him in his job for years.

Places like Fox Account were creating the amiss incentives. Sean Hannity was one of the worst. I’d accepted him for years, and we acclimated to accept a acceptable relationship. But afresh he absitively he acquainted like busting my ass every night on his show. So one day, in January of 2015, I assuredly alleged him and asked: “What the hell?” I capital to apperceive why he kept bashing House Republicans aback we were absolutely aggravating to angle up to Obama.

“Well, you guys don’t accept a plan,” he whined.

“Look,” I told him, “our plan is appealing simple: we’re aloof activity to angle up for what we accept in as Republicans.”

I assumption that wasn’t acceptable abundant for him. The chat didn’t advance actual far. At some point I alleged him a nut. Anyway, it’s safe to say our accord never got any better.

Besides the acquaintance “talent” at Fox, with their best of guests they were authoritative bodies who acclimated to be binding characters into able media stars. One of the aboriginal prototypes out of their class was a woman alleged Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann, who had represented Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District aback 2007 and fabricated a name for herself as a absurd anytime since, came to accommodated with me in the active aeon in backward 2010 afterwards the election. She capital a bench on the Ways and Means Committee, the best able board in the House. There were abounding associates in band advanced of her for a column like this. Bodies who had waited patiently for their about-face and who also, by the way, weren’t afire crazies.

There was no way she was activity to get on Ways and Means, the best celebrated board in Congress, and jump advanced of anybody abroad in line. Not while I was Speaker. In beforehand days, a affiliate of Congress in her position wouldn’t alike accept dared ask for article like this. Sam Rayburn would accept laughed her out of the city.

So I told her no—diplomatically, of course. But as she kept on talking, it dawned on me. This wasn’t a appeal of the Apostle of the House. This was a demand.

Her acknowledgment to me was calm and matter-of-fact. “Well, afresh I’ll aloof accept to go allocution to Sean Hannity and everybody at Fox,” she said, “and Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and everybody abroad on the radio, and acquaint them that this is how John Boehner is alleviative the bodies who fabricated it accessible for the Republicans to booty aback the House.”

I wasn’t the one with the power, she was saying. I aloof anticipation I was. She had the ability now.

She was right, of course.

She was a bourgeois media angel and, by then, the bourgeois media was already eyeing me skeptically. She had me area it hurt. Alike if I capital to advice her, and I abiding as hell didn’t, it wasn’t a accommodation I had the ability to achieve on my own. That ability belongs to a abstruse but actual important accumulation alleged the Steering Committee.

I knew there was no way the Steering Board would accept putting Bachmann on Ways and Means. The votes aloof weren’t there. If I alike pushed the issue, they wouldn’t accept let me leave the affair after band me into a straitjacket. But then, Bachmann wouldn’t go on TV and the radio to explain the nuances of House Steering Board procedure. She’d aloof rip my arch off every night, over and over again. That was a cephalalgia I bluntly didn’t appetite or need.

I appropriate the House Intelligence board to Bachmann as an alternative, and mercifully, she admired it. It would be a acceptable branch for anyone absent to body up their adopted action chops for a run for president, which she was already considering— Lord advice us all. None too admiring was the man advancing to booty up the gavel as administrator of the Intelligence Committee, Rep. Mike Rogers from Michigan, an army adept who had additionally served in the FBI. So I took my chastening from Rogers, and Bachmann took her bench on the committee.

The funny affair is, Michele Bachmann angry out to be a actual focused, accomplished member—even admitting she spent a few months afterwards in 2011 on a brief attack for president. She showed up to the committee, did her homework, and concluded up acceptable over her adolescent associates with her dedication. Mike Rogers was impressed—and I accept to admit, so was I. The accomplished bearings concluded up alive out able-bodied for everyone. As one of those old Boehnerisms goes, “Get the appropriate bodies on the bus, and advice them acquisition the appropriate seat.”

In January 2011, as the new Republican House majority was clearing in and I was accepting adapted to the Speakership, I was asked about the bearing affidavit business by Brian Williams of NBC News. My acknowledgment was simple: “The accompaniment of Hawaii has said that Admiral Obama was built-in there. That’s acceptable abundant for me.” It was a simple account of fact. But you would accept anticipation I’d alleged Ronald Reagan a communist. I got all kinds of bits for it—emails, letters, buzz calls. It went on for a brace weeks. I knew we would apprehend from some of the crazies, but I was afraid at aloof how abounding there absolutely were.

All of this applesauce bouncing about was activity to achieve it boxy for me to cut any deals with Obama as the new House Speaker. Of course, it has to be said that Obama didn’t advice himself abundant either. He could appear off as lecturing and haughty. He still wasn’t authoritative Republican beat a priority. But on the added hand—how do you acquisition accepted account with bodies who anticipate you are a abstruse Kenyan Muslim traitor to America?

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas and Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., armchair of the Tea Party Caucus, accept as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky. speaks during a account appointment with Tea Party leaders about the IRS targeting Tea Party groups, Thursday, May 16, 2013, on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Under the new rules of Crazytown, I may accept been Speaker, but I didn’t authority all the power. By 2013 the anarchy conclave in the House had congenital up their own ability abject acknowledgment to abject bourgeois media and outrage-driven fundraising cash. And now they had a new arch absurd arch the way, who wasn’t alike a House member. There is annihilation added alarming than a adventuresome asshole who thinks he is smarter than anybody else. Ladies and gentlemen, accommodated Senator Ted Cruz. He enlisted the crazy conclave of the GOP in what was a absolutely dumbass idea. Not that anybody asked me.

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