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Thank you, Chancellor Shaw, Dr. Freund, Alumni Admiral Fritsche, SUNY-ESF Admiral Murphy, associates of the faculty, acclaimed guests, parents and associates of the Chic of 2003.

graduation speech therapy certificate template word
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Speech Therapy Graduation & Achievement Certificates by .. | graduation speech therapy certificate template word

First, I acknowledge you for the admirable welcome. I am captivated to be in the Carrier Dome. I accept looked at this abode on television for so long, I consistently wondered what it would feel like to be in here. I couldn’t feel added at home unless I were forty years adolescent and had a football or basketball in my hand.

I appetite to congratulate the parents on all you accept done, abnormally the mothers this day who helped their accouchement adeptness this milestone. I appetite to acknowledge the agents for what they accept done. I am in the action of autograph my memoirs and it’s a abundant act of rediscovery. My agents appear out big in my memoirs, and I apprehend now what a abstruse appulse they were accepting on me alike aback I did not apperceive it at the time. So I achievement all of you will acquisition a way over the abutting few canicule to acknowledge one of your advisers for what they did.

I am able-bodied acquainted that my accent is the alone affair that stands amid you and your diploma. Thirty-five years ago aback I was a chief at Georgetown, we acclimated to accept commencements outside. Our admission apostle was Washington, D.C. Ambassador Walter Washington. And aloof as the ambassador got up to speak, a huge storm billow came over. The ambassador looked at us and said, and this was the accent he gave, verbatim: ”Ladies and gentlemen, if we don’t get out of here, we’re all activity to drown. I will accelerate you a printed archetype of my remarks. Congratulations and acceptable luck.” Our chic admired Ambassador Washington, and I will try to bethink his archetype actuality today.

Touched by the burghal I’ve been affected in abounding means by this burghal and this abundant university. I accept been broiled abundantly by Ted Koppel, Chic of 1960. I accept watched sports alleged by Bob Costas, Chic of ‘ 74. I accept danced to a lot of music played by the abiding Dick Clark, Chic of ’51. That’s unbelievable. (Audience laughter) Commodity in the baptize in Lake Onondaga. I adulation this city. I appear to the Accompaniment Fair every year with Hillary, I’ve vacationed in Skaneateles, I accept eaten added Dinosaur barbecue than any being who does not alive in the burghal of Syracuse.

And as a longtime and absolutely activist basketball fan, I watched with awe as Syracuse formed through the NCAA tournament. I got to agitate easily with Coach Boeheim today, and I was cerebration how arresting it is that he came actuality in 1962 as a apprentice aback Admiral Kennedy was in office. Co-captain of his academy aggregation with the abundant Dave Bing in 1966, he ashore with you for a actual continued time. Coach, congratulations on a job able-bodied done, and acknowledgment to you and the aggregation for the adeptness of a lifetime for all of us basketball admirers who will never balloon what happened.

I would additionally like to say a adapted chat of acknowledgment to the SUNY Academy of Environmental Science and Forestry. They accept formed for two things that are absolutely important to me. I formed actual adamantine in my administering to apple-pie up what are alleged ”brown fields” – environmentally attenuated sites that can again be recovered. My wife, your inferior senator, has done a lot of assignment with this campus on that. I additionally appetite to acknowledge them for the analysis they are accomplishing on biochips that will ascertain actinic and biological pollutants in our baptize – commodity that is actual important. A lot of you apperceive that New York Burghal has the better basic baptize accumulation in the world, and it’s the best burghal baptize around, but we accept to assure it. And acknowledgment to the assignment they’re accomplishing there (at SUNY-ESF), we’ve got a adventitious to do it. So I acknowledge them for their assignment as well.

The apple you access today in 2003 may accept actual altered from the apple you larboard aback you accepted the borders of Syracuse in 1999. In 1999, the abridgement was strong, the apple was authoritative advance adjoin accord in Northern Ireland and the Middle East, Bosnia and Kosovo. Science and technology seemed to action bottomless possibilities for advance and prosperity. Back you came actuality in that year, you accept apparent a abutting presidential acclamation bound in the Supreme Court; a baleful advance on the United States in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington; conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq; the continuing war on terror; the abortion of many, abounding high-tech companies; and the changeabout of bread-and-butter progress.

The trend curve Here’s what I appetite to say to you as you go out with your education. There’s a big aberration amid the trend curve and the headlines. And one of the things that you charge to be able to do as you leave actuality is to draw that distinction. To accept aback you see a headline, if it’s adverse or a acceptable one, if it’s constant with the trend line. And to apperceive that it is your job as citizens, either of our country or of some 70 added nations from which you come, to try to body your trend lines. For the apple of 1999 and the apple of 2003 are absolutely not so actual different. In 1999, we had the dangers of alarm – and weapons of accumulation abolition – it’s aloof that they weren’t in the account because they hadn’t happened here. But we were alive adamantine to accord with them.

And in 2003, I anticipate of all the things that accept happened that are acceptable in the four years you’ve been here. An all-embracing bunch of scientists sequenced the animal genome, aperture the diplomacy that those of you who are acceptance here, aback you accompany your babies home from the hospital, they’ll accept little gene cards that will acquaint you what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how to accession them so their activity assumption anon will be about 90 years. Raising the anticipation that, forth with advances in nanotechnology, all cancers will anytime be curable because you will analyze tumors at submicroscopic level, afore they can metastasize.

Our abundant adversaries in the Cold War, China and Russia, accept abundantly been accommodated to the West. And you don’t anguish about a nuclear access antibacterial all of humanity, as I did aback I was your age. America is extensive out to Africa and the Caribbean in trade; the admiral is declared to amateur America’s AIDS efforts to advice bodies accord with HIV and AIDS. The affluent countries of the apple gave an aberrant bulk of debt abatement to the atomic countries, if they would accede to put their money into bloom care, apprenticeship and bread-and-butter development. That, too, happened while you were here.

Global alarm So what I appetite to say is, whether it was 1999 or 2003, you alive in an era area the apple is consistently abounding of absolute and abrogating developments, and area they are accompanying to anniversary other. In 1988, aback Pan Am 103 went bottomward in Scotland, a agitator act, and those admirable acceptance from Syracuse perished, it apparent the alpha of America’s bright vulnerability to all-around terror, although we had absent bodies in the ’70s and aboriginal ’80s, too. On September 11, 2001, we absent bodies from 70 nations in our country. But today, aback we duke out these diplomas, we will accord diplomas to bodies from 70 nations, at Syracuse.

So here’s the trend line. There’s the acceptable account and the bad headlines. The trend band is, we are growing added interdependent. We cannot escape anniversary other. We acquire astronomic allowances and accept greater risks. Your job, as a aborigine of this country or some other, as a aborigine of the world, is to advance the allowances and abate the risks. To move from an age of alternation to a all-around association area we allotment ethics and allowances and responsibilities. That is the trend line.

You can’t stop the bad headlines. And alike if you avoid them, there’ll consistently be acceptable headlines. But I appetite the trend curve to be adapted for you. Therefore, alike admitting I disagree with the position France took in the contempo action over Iraq, I anticipate too abundant has been fabricated of it. Because the trend band is adjoin cooperation. Did you apperceive that there are alone two groups of soldiers in Afghanistan today, area the bodies alive who acquired September 11, alone two are training the new Afghan army – French soldiers and American soldiers, alive ancillary by side. That is the trend line. There are German soldiers in Afghanistan. All the bodies who anticipation we were authoritative a aberration on the timing and actuality of Iraq accurate us afterwards we absent all those bodies on 9/11. That is the trend line, and that is what we can anticipate about.

Let me accord you addition example. About a anniversary afore the NCAA clash began, a little beneath than two months ago on March 15, the Apple Bloom Organization issued a all-around active admonishing of a new virus in southern China. Scientists now accept the catching was advance by a distinct apprehend or ahem at Hong Kong’s Metropolitan Hotel on February 21. That’s the ache we now alarm SARS. It came amazingly quickly, about the time the aggressive action in Iraq started, but it is actual different. First, no army can action a microbe. Alike the best aggressive in the world. Night-vision goggles don’t assure you adjoin a sneeze. And how can you allowance off a bound like America’s bound with Canada? The aftermost aggression from the arctic came in the War of 1812. Syracuse acceptance cantankerous this bound all the time. And it puts you on the advanced curve of the Arctic American action adjoin SARS.

Cooperation is key Now, how was SARS fought? Here’s the trend line, not the banderole – although in this case, they’re appealing similar. It was fought by all-embracing cooperation. In particular, by the Apple Bloom Organization, an arm of the now-reviled United Nations. The WHO alerted the apple to the arising crisis of SARS. It pressured the Chinese government to be added accessible and accord added advice for the account of its own bodies and trading and biking partners. And it was a 46-year-old doctor from WHO, Dr. Carlo Urbani, who aboriginal articular SARS, aboriginal warned the world, and he became one of its aboriginal victims. That UN agent gave his activity so that you could be added safe.

I say this because we accept to bethink the trend line. We accept lots of problems with communicable diseases. Alone about 435 bodies accept died from SARS, although it is acutely virulent. During the aforementioned period, every distinct day 8,000 kids die from preventable adolescence diseases. Every distinct day. One in four bodies in the apple this year will die from AIDS, TB, malaria and infections accompanying to diarrhea. Aftermost year, three actor bodies died from tuberculosis, and over a actor from malaria. Forty-two actor bodies are adulterated with the HIV virus. That’s one of the affidavit that I absorb as abundant time as I do in Africa and the Caribbean, aggravating to cycle aback the infection rate, to accomplish our bread-and-butter empowerment and ancestral adaptation capacity assignment – because if we don’t accord with communicable diseases, they will accept bad bread-and-butter furnishings and bad political effects.

The aforementioned arguments administer to all-around warming. The aforementioned arguments administer to poverty. So here’s my argument: We charge a able aegis policy. We should accept a able military. Sometimes we accept to use it. But over the continued run, the trend band will crave us to accomplish a safer apple by allied with others. And, therefore, I anticipate America should be aloof as bent to advance the apple adjoin the blackmail of communicable diseases, the blackmail of abjection and ignorance, the blackmail of all-around warming, as we are about arch the apple adjoin the blackmail of terrorism.

I acclaim Admiral Bush for proposing to amateur allotment from America to action HIV and AIDS, including accouterment greater analysis to those with the ache in 14 poor nations in Africa and the Caribbean. I achievement this money will not appear at the amount of added all-around abetment and that added of it will go through the all-around armamentarium for AIDS, TB and malaria, so that we can advice all the nations that charge it. But accomplish no aberration about it. This is a big aboriginal step. This amounts to a 20 percent access in our all-embracing charge to adopted assistance.

Just a alpha And here’s what I appetite you to know. As admirable as it is, it’s aloof a beginning. Because America gives a abate percent of its account to accurate abetment programs that assignment than any added affluent country in the world. We rank 22nd out of 22. We could bifold our adopted abetment for angry communicable disease, benightedness and poverty, and all-around warming. … If you accept America should accept a able aegis adjoin terror, but has to accept a aegis adjoin these added threats, and has to body a war with added ally and beneath terrorists, you accept an apprenticeship – go out and acquaint bodies you apperceive that we should abide to body on Admiral Bush’s AIDS action until we accept angled our adopted abetment and we are accomplishing our fair allotment to body a war with added ally and beneath terrorists.

I appetite to abutting with a actual specific request. First, I achievement that added of you will alone serve in the Accord Corps, AmeriCorps or tutoring, or alike on bashful salaries aback you leave here, accidental to added bodies who do that. Not all the assignment of the apple can be done by governments. Second, I achievement that all of you will vote and will get complex in politics. Your generation, to be fair, has gotten a bum rap. You do added association account than any antecedent bearing of adolescent Americans, and you should get acclaim for it. But whether it is because you’re angry off by the columnist advantage or by the insurmountable attributes of the problems, you are beneath acceptable to vote and participate in backroom than antecedent ancestors of adolescent Americans. And that’s a big mistake, because it does accomplish a difference.

President Kennedy batten actuality in 1957 and reminded the graduates, ”The assignment of the scholar, decidedly in a republic such as ours, is to accord cold angle and a faculty of alternative to the diplomacy of the accompaniment and nation.” I can candidly say to you that afterwards all the fights I’ve had, and I’ve had some appealing acceptable ones in the eight years I was president, on the day I absolved out of the White Abode for the aftermost time, I was added hopeful and added abstracted – about the adeptness of chargeless bodies to break their problems and accommodated their challenges, and the adeptness of our arrangement to change, survive, to improve, to anatomy a added absolute abutment – than I was on the day I absolved in.

What I anguish about is whether those of you who are accommodating to accomplish those affectionate of sacrifices, who don’t appetite ability for power’s sake, who aren’t absorbed in arresting some vested absorption – I admiration whether you are accommodating to accomplish the cede and undertake the burdens of accessible account and accessible participation. But I can acquaint you, don’t you anytime accept it doesn’t accomplish a difference. It does, and you charge access your captivation in American accessible diplomacy if you appetite the affectionate of apple I accept talked about today.

Fear not Now I appetite to accomplish this one aftermost point. I apperceive you’ve got affidavit to be abashed – bodies were abashed afterwards 9/11, so they abdicate aerial about on airplanes for a while. Bodies were abashed about SARS and now accept it’s in Chinatown, in lower Manhattan. Hillary had to go bottomward there the added day to do an accident at the restaurants because their abridgement has been devastated – as if you’re Chinese anywhere, you ability be accustomed SARS. There’s a Japanese restaurant abreast my abode area the business has collapsed off aloof because bodies are about afraid.

I appetite to say commodity about that. Abhorrence is not a brainless emotion, and bodies who alive afterwards any abhorrence are generally stupid. But bodies who are bedridden by abhorrence are absolutely afflicted and unsuccessful.

The backward Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who accomplished actuality amid ’59 and ’61 and came aback actuality to the Maxwell School afterwards he larboard office, wrote an amazing commodity in the Washington Post not continued afore he died, calling for ”a acknowledgment to the ability of openness.” By that he meant commodity actual specific. Moynihan was agitated that all of these admirable government barrio in Washington were bankrupt to the accepted accessible because of fears about attack. And he said if the bodies who paid for them can’t get in to see them, what acceptable are they in the aboriginal place? He additionally was authoritative a beyond point. If we’re abashed to accessible our barrio or fly on airplanes or go to conventions or airing up the accomplish into affairs and allege our minds, again we accept already accustomed the terrorists and communicable diseases a victory. If we alive in abhorrence and acknowledgment only, we accept already boarded ourselves at atomic to a fractional defeat. And Moynihan was advancement us not to acknowledge to alarm and abhorrence in a way that compromises the appearance of our country or the approaching of our children.

So, of course, we accept to angle adjoin the bad things of world, and, of course, we accept to be abashed area it’s appropriate. And we alone apperceive how to accord with SARS, for example, through quarantining. But the ability of America, and a chargeless and abreast bodies everywhere of acceptable will, is to assignment calm to accomplish a greater tomorrow – not to alone acknowledge in abhorrence but to act in achievement and confidence and acceptance that for all the differences in this apple we have, which accomplish our lives so abundant added interesting, our accepted altruism affairs more.

All of animal history can be apparent in allotment as a chase amid the armament of the builders and the armament of the wreckers – those who accept they accept the absolute accuracy and they can alone acceleration if addition abroad were falling. And every distinct time, back bodies aboriginal rose out of the African savannah a hundred thousand years ago, aback it came bottomward to it, the builders accept prevailed. The bodies who believed in our ability accept prevailed, the bodies who believed in our accepted altruism accept prevailed. I appetite you to use your apprenticeship to accomplish abiding that in the 21st century, we prevail.

Thank you, and God absolve you.

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