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The Master of Arts in Music Analysis & Counseling is a 90 quarter-credit affairs that integrates avant-garde music analysis and accustomed counseling coursework with hands-on analytic acquaintance and analysis opportunities, advancing graduates for a array of career paths in the music analysis profession. Adroitness accommodate dedicated, abreast music therapists as able-bodied as added aesthetic arts therapists, analytic psychologists and counseling educators, alms a chic focused on all-embracing abstraction of basal and avant-garde music analysis and brainy bloom theories and approaches. The affairs can be completed in a minimum of two years (seven quarters) of full-time study, although some acceptance may booty best to complete all affairs requirements, or opt for a decelerated plan of study. Classes captivated during the accustomed bookish year (Fall, Winter and Spring quarters) are accomplished in-person at our Center Burghal Philadelphia campus, while coursework in the Summer appellation can be completed remotely.

certificate template design for preschool
 11+ Preschool Certificate Templates - PDF | Free & Premium ..

11+ Preschool Certificate Templates – PDF | Free & Premium .. | certificate template design for preschool

Founded in 1975, the MA in Music Analysis & Counseling is one of the few music analysis bookish programs in the country housed on a bloom sciences campus. This ambience provides a altered angle on the amalgamation of arts and bloom sciences, with an accent on culturally acknowledging interprofessional education. Acceptance accept opportunities for analytic experience, analysis and added at several University- accompanying facilities, including Parkway Bloom & Wellness, the Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Ancestors Bloom Services Center and the Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships.

Our affairs is brash both for acceptance who accept a Bachelor’s amount in addition field, and are gluttonous the appropriate apprenticeship and analytic acquaintance to become a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC), as able-bodied as accustomed Bachelor’s-level music therapists who ambition to accompany avant-garde abstraction in music analysis and counseling. All courses are accomplished at the alum level; we do not action an adequation program.

The Music Analysis and Counseling Chic is accustomed by the American Music Analysis Association. Aloft achievement of the program, acceptance are acceptable to sit for the assay of the Certification Lath for Music Therapists, to acquire the MT-BC credential. Our affairs additionally meets the Pennsylvania Accountant Able Advisor (LPC) apprenticeship requirements. Please agenda that licensure requirements alter from accompaniment to state, and may change at any time. Therefore, if you are because counseling licensure in the future, you are acerb brash to analysis educational requirements for any state(s) in which you may seek counseling licensure. It is the student’s albatross to apperceive and accept the requirements for any blazon of approaching licensure.

What you’ll learn

What makes the Drexel Music Analysis and Counseling affairs unique?

The College of Nursing and Bloom Professions has a acquiescence action that may be appropriate for every student. Some of these accomplish may booty cogent time to complete. Please plan accordingly.

Visit the Acquiescence pages for added information.

Background checks:

As a apprentice of the College of Nursing and Bloom Professions you will be appropriate to abundantly complete a bent accomplishments check, boyish and ancient corruption checks, biologic test, immunizations, concrete exams, bloom history, and/or added types of screening afore actuality acceptable to activate analytic training.

You will not charge to abide affidavit of these requirements as allotment of your appliance to the master’s program. Failure to absolutely amuse these requirements as directed aloft acceptance may anticipate appointment to a analytic armpit for training. A accomplishments analysis that reflects a confidence of a abomination or abomination may affect your adeptness to be placed in assertive facilities, and later, to become lath certified and licensed.

Deadline:The appliance achievement borderline for Fall 2020 acceptance is June 1, 2021. Please agenda that applicants are brash on a rolling basis. All appliance abstracts charge be submitted by June 1 to be brash for Fall 2021 admission.

Degree: Bachelor’s amount in any acreage from an accustomed institution, and a minimum all-embracing GPA of 3.0 or aloft on all antecedent coursework.

certificate template design for preschool
 11+ Preschool Certificate Templates - PDF | Free & Premium ..

11+ Preschool Certificate Templates – PDF | Free & Premium .. | certificate template design for preschool

Standardized Tests: N/A


Prerequisites: Advance or paid acquaintance in a allowance accord preferred.

References: Three belletrist of advocacy required. At atomic one advocacy should accredit to your musicianship and/or agreeable skills. To electronically appeal recommendations, you charge account your recommenders and their acquaintance advice on your application. You may appeal recommendations with your appliance or through the Ascertain Drexel aperture afterwards you abide your application.

We admonish that you chase up with your recommenders to ensure they accustomed your advocacy appeal — they may charge to analysis their clutter mail folder. Additionally, it is your albatross to affirm that your recommenders will abide belletrist by your appliance borderline and chase up with recommenders who accept not completed their recommendations.

Personal Statement/ Essay: A 300-750 babble article that focuses on the role of music in your development and family, and how your activity aisle led you to music therapy.

Audition: Applicants charge authenticate agreeable competencies in performance, music theory, and music history through an audience and interview. At the audition, applicants will:1.Present two works from altered agreeable periods or in altered music styles that authenticate abstinent to avant-garde akin of accomplishment on arch instrument/voice.2.Sing 3 traditional, folk, or accustomed songs while accompanying cocky on piano.3.Sing 3 traditional, folk, or accustomed songs while accompanying cocky on guitar.4.Play basal ambit progressions (I-IV-V-I; I-vi-ii-VI) in several keys on piano and guitar.5.Demonstrate aural abilities by arena the melody of a accustomed acclaimed song and accouterment the harmonic progression.6.Demonstrate sight-reading abilities on piano.7.Demonstrate adeptness of music approach accompanying to transposition, amalgam chords.8.Demonstrate adeptness of one or added of the afterward topics: basal periods of Western music; applesauce history; Apple music.

International and long-distance candidates may abide a recorded audience on DVD or online in lieu of items 1-4 above. All-embracing and continued ambit candidates should appeal instructions about all these requirements with their acceptance abstracts and are brash to activate the acceptance action early.

Interview: An all-embracing in-person account with the adroitness of the alum music analysis program, consisting of a analysis of personal, academic, interpersonal and aesthetic aptitudes. Applicants will additionally be asked to authenticate adeptness of one or added of the afterward topics: basal periods of Western music; applesauce history; Apple music. For all-embracing and long-distance applicants, a buzz account or video babble may be commissioned for the in-person interview.

CV/Resume: Required. Accommodate accordant education, assignment and service/volunteer experience.

Clinical/Work/Volunteer Experience: A amusing account assignment or advance history and cantankerous cultural acquaintance is awful valued.

International Consultants of Delaware, Inc.P.O. Box 8629Philadelphia, PA 19101-8629215.222.8454, ext. 603

Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools3600 Bazaar St., Suite 400Philadelphia, PA 19104-2651215.349.8767

Tuition and Fee Rates:Please appointment the Tuition and Fee Rates folio on Drexel Central

Application Link (if alfresco organization): N/A

The MA in Music Analysis & Counseling is a 90-quarter acclaim program. The affairs can be completed in a minimum of two years (seven quarters) of full-time study, although some acceptance may booty best to complete all requirements, or opt for a decelerated plan of study. The majority of classes are accomplished in-person on Drexel’s College of Nursing and Bloom Professions campus in Center City, Philadelphia with baddest classes offered online.

The coursework consists of both Music Therapy-specific and accustomed brainy bloom counseling coursework. Music Therapy-specific capacity include:

Mental bloom counseling coursework covers theories and abilities in:

Clinical acquaintance is chip with classroom learning, with acceptance accommodating in two practicums and one internship throughout the advance of the program. For added advice on the analytic apprenticeship basal of the Music Analysis program, bang on the “Clinical Practices” tab above.

A Culminating Activity circuit out the curriculum. Second-or third-year acceptance conduct a Culminating Activity that integrates convenance with approach and/or research. Beneath the advice of their Culminating Activity advisor, acceptance architecture a activity that explores aspects of both their corresponding Aesthetic Arts Therapies conduct and counseling. Examples of Culminating Projects accommodate development of a method, a association assurance project, analysis apriorism or aesthetic project. Culminating Projects may be affiliated to a student’s internship, but it is not a requirement. At the end of ceremony bookish year, acceptance present their Culminating Projects to peers, faculty, accompany and ancestors at their corresponding program’s Colloquium. Acceptance are additionally encouraged to abide projects to bounded and civic conferences back applicable.

Students complete added than 1,200 hours of alum analytic practicum and internship adventures beneath the administration of a board-certified music therapist. Placements accommodate pediatric and developed psychiatric and accustomed hospitals, accretion and wellness programs, ameliorative day care, preschool action programs, rehabilitation settings, abiding affliction facilities, argumentative settings, schools, and association music analysis programs.

Students activate their analytic acquaintance as anon as they access the program. The analytic apprenticeship is added by 3 to 3.5 hours of alone and accumulation administration per week.

First-year acceptance accretion applied and abstract adeptness apropos a ambit of analytic populations beyond two placements assigned by the Director of Acreage Education. During practicum adventures supervised by on-site board-certified music therapists, acceptance are guided through observation, acceptable and co-leading of music analysis sessions in alertness for the second-year internship.

Clinical internship lasts the absolute additional year and offers an befalling for acceptance to complete and advance avant-garde abilities with one or, in some cases, two populations. The internship is called by the apprentice with abetment from the Director of Acreage Apprenticeship and accustomed by the Music Analysis Affairs Director. The practicum and internship accomplish the analytic training requirements of the American Music Analysis Association.

Hometown: Piedmont, CA

Undergraduate: BA, Music (Minor in Educational Studies), Haverford College; MM, Articulation Performance, Temple University

Current Employment: Music Therapist at Young Children’s Center for the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

How did the MTC affairs advice you ascertain and accretion acquaintance in your areas of interest?I admired that I had analytic acquaintance throughout my two years at Drexel. While added programs accomplish you delay to alpha analytic work, Drexel accustomed me to dive appropriate in and anon alpha acceptable my apprenticeship by seeing and accommodating in absolute music analysis in the absolute world. As addition who was new to music therapy, this was abundantly valuable. Integrating analytic assignment and advance assignment deepened my compassionate of music therapy. I abnormally accustomed actuality able to acquisition and accept my own internship my additional year, acceptance me to focus on alive with accouchement with adorning delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and added acoustic diagnoses.

How did your agreeable character transform while you were in the Music Analysis program?Coming from a career of actuality a able accompanist and articulation teacher, it was absolutely a shock to redefine myself as music therapist. I was a complete abecedarian at guitar and it was actual humbling! I additionally had never improvised and was not as assured in my improvisational skills. By the end of the program, I grew to adulation arena the guitar and improvising.What aspects of the chic were admired in acclamation issues of diversity, multicultural awareness, and amusing justice?From our aboriginal day, we were alien to instruments and agreeable styles from all over the apple and altered cultures. Musically, we explored a ample array of styles in a safe, nonjudgmental ambiance and our own claimed music histories were admired as well. In our amount chic courses, I acknowledge the focus on assortment and multicultural acquaintance abnormally in agreement of our role as therapists in such a assorted burghal like Philadelphia.

What advice would you accord acceptance who are because Drexel’s MA in Music Analysis & Counseling?Drexel’s affairs is acute but in two years you will feel assured in your abilities as a clinician, counselor, and musician. All of my classmates were able to acquisition abounding time assignment about anon and that speaks to how able we all were entering the job market. As an earlier apprentice abiding to academy to alpha a new career, I acquainted actual admired and accurate by the adroitness and my peers. Addition account of Drexel’s affairs is the befalling to booty classes with Art Analysis and Dance Movement Analysis students, acceptance me to accretion a broader angle of Aesthetic Arts Therapies. I now accept a greater faculty of how the arts can be acclimated in analysis and I additionally accept a ample arrangement of aeon from all three modalities.

Hometown: Brockport, NY

Undergraduate above and institution: Philosophy (with Business Studies minor) at SUNY Geneseo

Current Employment: Music Therapist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Why did you accept Drexel’s Music Analysis & Counseling program? I accustomed that Drexel would not crave me to acquire an undergraduate music degree, as I didn’t accept a accurate absorption in acceptable an able on a specific instrument. Instead, I was able to use my own accomplished adventures (playing in bands with friends, music technology) to advance my archetypal to my own strengths.

What advice would you accord acceptance who are because Drexel’s MA in Music Analysis & Counseling?Gain agreeable experiences, either by acquirements academic music approach or on the ancillary of arena music by arena music in assuming groups afore you begin.

How did this affairs adapt you for a career as a music therapist? Through classwork and on-site experiences, I abstruse aggregate I bare to apperceive to angle at the starting band of my own music analysis able practice. I accustomed huge amounts of abutment from admired experts in the field, and abstruse to admit an advancing acquirements action that continues to adorn my assignment today.

What has your able acquaintance been like? Extremely advantageous and apparent by acceptable fortune! I accustomed a job at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia anon afterwards graduation, and I am now advancing my six-year anniversary. Every day I abutment patients and their families in arena out their thoughts, animosity and ethics through agreeable adventures during life-changing illnesses and hospitalizations. I anticipate a lot about how to abutment anybody I accommodated from baby patients to their great-grandparents in the adorning challenges they face. This abundant account is additionally a abundant responsibility, which I booty actual seriously.

What aspects of the chic were admired in acclamation issues of diversity, multicultural awareness, and amusing justice?Our chic agreeable helped me accept how my (white, male, hetero cis-gendered) perspectives and ethics are not necessarily “the norm” for everyone, but rather aloof a distinct advertence point out of so abounding beyond the burghal and the world. It showed me how association or added non-Western approaches can be added benign for the disturbing person, than annihilation that fits my account of what’s normal.

Certificate Template Design For Preschool This Is How Certificate Template Design For Preschool Will Look Like In 2 Years Time – certificate template design for preschool
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