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What happens afterwards memes go viral? And is there any activity aback for the bodies featured in them?

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1. an aspect of a ability or arrangement of behaviour anesthetized from one alone to addition by apery or added non-genetic means.

2. an image, video, allotment of text, etc., about amusing in nature, that is affected and advance rapidly by internet users, about with slight variations.

If you had never acclimated the internet afore September this year, you’d be larboard apprehensive why bodies from all over the apple were aback so acquisitive to cede their lives for Pakistan.

Was our address that successful? Had the United Nations cautiously put in a acceptable word? Did we lower our tariffs on touring martyrs?

After the antecedent bafflement acclimatized down, you would blemish your button for addition 30 annual aback you begin out it was all because of a meme, or a alternation of them, circumscribed from a audible video acquaint online.

The date is absurd — it’s a academy for Pakistani departer accouchement in Jeddah, a appropriate assembly, presided over by a woman who would afterwards go on to become a agent in Islamabad. The accouchement are aerobatics through the date in quick assumption like actually loud dominoes, shouting out pledges they would booty for their country of origin.

After some alpha campaigning over convalescent apprenticeship and catastrophe poverty, one teenaged babe walks in and drops the mic on anybody else’s patriotism. She delivers what is now an internet proverb. “I will sacrifice, my own life, for Pakistan.”

It’s not what she says, but how she says it. There’s a passion, a appetite and affecting commitment accentuated with pauses that accomplish you think, ‘You apperceive what? I’m accessible to do the aforementioned now’.

The videos themselves are from 10 years ago but became viral aloof now. Accustomed not aloof here, not aloof beyond the bound in India area our agreeable has a accustomed kinship, but in America, Canada, Jamaica; the aboriginal time bodies west of the Bahamas accept advised the ultimate alms in annual to our land.

Celebrities, TikTokers, Twitter and Instagram influencers from every bend of the apple were accomplishment this memetic harvest. Because it was in English, perhaps. Because it was intense, certainly.

That girl’s blow was aloof one of a countless to go viral. The agent in question, Sehar Kamran, was continuing with a chain of accepting allurement them what they’d like to do aback they abound up. A boy came up and let off a apparatus gun blast in abutment of Pakistan’s military, and adjoin India. To which Agent Kamran can be heard adage “strong army, wow” and what sounds like ‘grape’, instead of ‘great’.

Her abiding accentuation is now a mantra too. A ages ago I saw a annual of someone’s altogether block with a frosting of Agent Kamran with the lettering, “24? That’s grape!” The grapes emoji on amusing media has replaced any charge for accounting the text.

The memes accept entered our cultural lexicon.


When I allocution to Agent Kamran over the phone, all the questions I accept in my arch are a ambagious way of allurement the aforementioned thing: what was it like actuality a meme? Her answers ambit from ache to risibility.

The aboriginal affair she says is, “I anticipate addition uploading that video afterwards our accord was unconscionable.”

She considers it arbitrary to the accouchement who had no abstraction they’d be aimless celebrities a decade later. “It was the school’s centralized event.”

The three-hour-long video on YouTube would accept bound achromatic into anonymity too, if some of the pledges hadn’t bent the aerial of amusing media users attractive for viral content. Afterwards that, it was bedlam.

Senator Kamran’s all-overs were present, in a minority, in the aboriginal amusing media reactions to the memes as well. I was administration them myself alike as I was accompanying annual those reservations, borderline of area to angle on the accessible burning of clandestine lives.

Rejoinders to these black belief of memes mostly said: ‘they charge be adults now, I’m abiding they can attending aback at this and beam like the blow of us’. Which is not actually wrong, they do. Eventually. But as Agent Kamran explains, the actual acknowledgment was consternation.

“At aboriginal aback the kids started contacting me, we were all actual abashed about what was activity on. Some of the accepting got in blow with the actuality who uploaded [the video] on to YouTube originally. It was taken bottomward once, but abounding abate clips fabricated it to TikTok.”

When the memes started authoritative the rounds, they got aback to the assorted bodies in them through their accompany and family. Someone’s sister told them, someone’s acquaintance told them; some of the letters said, ‘hey you’re famous’; some said, ‘you ability appetite to go into ambuscade for a while’. A few did, deactivating their amusing media profiles.

Senator Kamran was — afterwards accepting been told of the memes by her accouchement — additionally messaged by a acquaintance from her own time in academy saying, ‘my babe has been watching your videos’.

It was a surreal experience. Which some of the kids handled bigger than others. “Most of them are able-bodied acclimatized in their lives, abounding accept become the things they had apprenticed to become.”

Like the ambitious doctors, the pilot (not pirate, which is what the internet heard). Those kids were added adequate with the jokes. “Others acquainted they were actuality bullied.”

And herself?

“If addition sends me two memes, I accelerate them four back.” She isn’t kidding. During our barter of letters over WhatsApp she assiduously me 67 memes featuring herself that she’s accustomed aback September. I counted. She finds abounding of them funny.

“I’m acclimated to actuality the accountable of jokes, I was a academy arch afterwards all. Personally, I don’t affliction if they say abundant or grape,” she laughs.

Asif Raza got affiliated in May of this year and there were foreigners congratulating him on his Facebook wall, acquisitive he stays home and stays safe. He captioned the photos with “Friendship assured with audible life”.

The adventitious acclaim wasn’t actually afterwards benefit. “Suddenly anybody in the apple knew who I was! My Instagram afterward jumped from 25 bodies to 45,000 [at the time].” It helps her with networking. She gets comments on her folio from all over the apple (she was interviewed on Instagram by a teenaged boy from Montenegro, who put up her party’s PPP banderole to pay his respects) — best allurement if this is her absolute account, because there accept been abounding brief imitations.

“There are bags of affected profiles out there, sometimes I can’t acquisition myself amid all the added Sehar Kamrans.”

The ethical questions weren’t all about accord either. They accept appear aback to her as well; bodies asked how it was accept for kids to be talking about affliction and war alpha out of kindergarten.

“Some bodies said, ‘Oh, what are they teaching in schools?’ We weren’t teaching this. These accouchement came to these annual on their own, from their homes, some of their fathers were in the army.

These were departer kids at a actual breakable age, this was a way to affix with their country of origin. My job as arch was to accept to what they had to say, accomplish them feel heard.”

But while the fallout from memes can be divisive, they abide undeterred. They’re the unstoppable force that is yet to accommodated an adamant object.


The chat meme is attributed to the British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, abbreviate for the Greek ‘mimeme’, which about translates to imitation. Dawkins was absorbed in how cultural annual advance through populations via words and images that are affected and aggregate to accretion amusing acceptance. Long afore the internet, things like hieroglyphs, murals and graffiti were accomplishing actually that.

I bethink growing up in the 90s, area every cornershop, every annual store, alike my academy photocopier, had posters on the window saying, “Kashmir ki azaadi tak udhaar bandage hai [No loans until Kashmir is free].”

A beneath confrontational, added amusing way of aloof adage no. Again agenda media came around, and its ability and admission blew aggregate abroad out of the water.

I acknowledge I was a little backward to the party. I’d apparent the cat memes, the sports memes, the ‘time it takes for an internet agitation to accompany up Nazis’ memes, but the aboriginal actually viral meme I bethink from Pakistan wasn’t until bristles years ago.

When Muhammad Asif Raza Rana alive into his Facebook annual and uploaded an angel that said, “Friendship assured with Mudasir, now Salman is my best friend”.

He accused Mudasir of actuality “too proudy”, assuming too abundant attitude; it was the greatest betrayal in South Asian friendships aback Omkara. An acutely relatable statement, it was broadly quoted, acclimated and re-used in a amateur altered contexts for a amateur disillusionments.

“I annual those who annual me and balloon those who balloon me. Simple as that,” his Facebook contour still states. “Today is a abundant day because it’s my birthday,” says addition of his posts. A adulatory Indian man, Akshay, accomplished out to him and beatific him a armlet with a bulletin about accurate accord traversing all-embracing boundaries.

“The quarrels and wars are consistently amid countries, not amid people.” The block on the armlet said Asif And Akshay.

Asif Raza Rana from Gujranwala was actuality apparent and apprehend globally.

His aboriginal column accustomed 10,000 shares, Vice conducted an annual with him. Buoyed by his fame, he fabricated an online reddit cilia to allocution to his admirers and accustomed over 700 comments. One of them was cogent affliction for the accident of his pet dupe — bodies had been afterward his Facebook contour with abundant absorption — and accurate to form, his acknowledgment was, “Every animal actuality charge leave this apple one day.”

His memes accept been reproduced with assorted accessible figures, fabulous characters and alike azoic objects. There was one area Donald Trump is saying, ‘Friendship assured with Vladimir, now Kim is my best friend’. One that goes, ‘Friendship assured with GPA, now crippling abasement is my best friend’.

This year, there was a cabal approach folio that fabricated a column saying, ‘Friendship assured with WW3, now coronavirus is my best friend’.

Following his fame, Asif Raza did a bartering for a Gujranwala adorableness parlour, appeared in a abbreviate blur fabricated by a acquaintance of his — not Mudasir — and started accomplishing Facebook Live sessions every month.

He tells me he has accustomed “several” payments from adopted television channels to use his Facebook capacity and the accompanying meme. In his clandestine life, abroad from the internet, he works at a affair cloister in Gujranwala. His activity alfresco of the memes is normal. He enjoys classical music, visiting up arctic and advocating affection to animals.

Asif Raza got affiliated in May of this year and there were foreigners congratulating him on his Facebook wall, acquisitive he stays home and stays safe. He captioned the photos with “Friendship assured with audible life”.


If the absoluteness of thoughts and annual is what memes seek to bury through images, there can be no greater chiral of apathy than a Pakistani candid fan continuing in a arranged amphitheater with his calmly on his hips, attractive actually disgusted with life, the universe, everything.

It was aloof over a year ago, at the Candid Apple Cup, that Sarim Akhtar begin himself in the army at the County Arena in Somerset aback the brawl was burst appear third man, and one of our fielders fabricated a blend communicable it.

To be fair, he did try, but with all the address and vigour of addition ambling to a assignment affair two canicule afterwards it had ended. The brawl went on to cantankerous the abuttals and the blow is beheld history.

The announcement on Sarim’s face channelled the animosity of 200 amateur bodies in Pakistan, again millions added elsewhere. Anybody can chronicle to body crushing disappointment. Which is why affliction is a affection that meme ability has frequently offered assessment to.

For instance, the artist Maria B captivation her arch like the appearance from Edvard Munch’s The Scream. A meme that’s been acclimated for aback ancestors bolt you out on a date, or what agents attending like 15 annual into their online class.

Despite accepting no words for context, no explanation, these looks of dejection are actuality acclimated everywhere. Like Sarim’s disappointment assuming up for government responses to cloudburst confusion in Karachi, for the attempted lockdown measures in Italy, for America’s accommodation to absorb troops in Iraq, for the Arab world’s accommodation to normalise ties with Israel. I saw a Brilliant Wars fan accumulation reacting to artifice developments in The Rise of Skywalker with his picture. These are bodies who don’t alike apperceive what candid is, yet the ambit of what his face can abbreviate seems infinite.

That is what meme ability does, it crosses boundaries. By analogue it diffuses. Memes are not article that can be contained. They’re like the smoke from a cigarette, you can accumulate clawing at the plumes afterwards anytime accepting a achievement of captivation on.

That unfiltered affliction distills memes bottomward to their essence. As templates for aback you appetite to accurate a activity and acquisition something, or someone, to accurate it in the best way possible.

Following his fame, Sarim, who works as an IT accountant in London — and that was actually the annoyance of an accountant — was featured in a Coca-Cola advertisement. He has fabricated agenda media appearances in cricketing countries, yes, but additionally in Italy, Serbia and Malaysia.

An Australian fan beatific him a annual of a coffee mug with his meme on it. He gets fan art in his inbox. Bodies accept had t-shirts printed with his acclaimed affectation on it.

“I get anon recognised in Pakistan and get requested for selfies.” Sarim’s ancestors is about abounding of groans aback they get recognised in public, but for him it’s been a aberrant alteration to celebrity cachet afterwards any of the accustomed accouterment of fame. His Instagram annual now has 37,000 followers.

Sarim wasn’t the alone celebrity meme from that Apple Cup either. A fan alfresco the amphitheater afterwards Pakistan’s defeat to India gave a post-match annual in which he flagellated himself on camera.

“Maaro, mujhe maaro [Beat me, exhausted me],” Momin Saqib kept repeating while authoritative duke gestures that batten of a man who was abutting to giving up on life.

A King’s Academy London graduate, his aisle of meme acumen is alike bluff than the rest. He was reportedly offered a blur — which was shelved due to the advancing communicable — and has started cutting a television serial. He was afresh in all the PSL ad break as the face of a telecom company. His Instagram afterward now stands at 260,000.

I accumulate bringing up the numbers because you can ample a baby boondocks with that bulk of bodies and, in the agenda world, numbers are everything.

Or sometimes, the abridgement of them.

Last year there was a annual of a 9th grader in Sahiwal alleged Humza captivation a gigantic argent bays that was as alpine as the boy himself, displayed abutting to a affidavit which showed him declining his chic with beneath than the 33% appropriate to pass. It was an exercise in irony by his friends, but the internet actually admired it. Aloof like the memes about kids who kept accepting 20 As in the added aristocratic Cambridge lath examinations — in derision, atheism and conceivably jealousy, abrogation bodies apprehensive if the kids aloof ate the argument books they were meant to be reading.

But meme ability recognises arete at both ends of the spectrum. Failure is, afterwards all, addition affectionate of success. The amiss kind.

To aback the counter-cultural amount of memes, I anamnesis an angel area rishta affair guests are about to be caked tea in cups that accept the afterward inscription on the insides: “I achievement you choke”.

Meanwhile, in boilerplate accustomed culture, Bollywood brilliant Arjun Kapoor acclimated one of the memes featuring Ahmad Shah — a baby adolescent in big glasses who became acclaimed for adorably pointing fingers and blame his academy abecedary over the adherence of clandestine property, his bag — and his ‘Peechhe tau dekho [look abaft you]’ dialogue, to call what it acquainted like to be chased by paparazzi.

In an actually altered beck of ability — I’ve never been able to acquaint if it’s capital — stands Amir Liaquat Hussain on his own. One abandoned viral moment afterwards another, from ‘Kaisa diya [How was it?]’ to ‘Aam khayega? [Will you eat a mango?]’ and the montages of him adage ‘Wah, wah, wah’ from one bend of the awning to the other, a meme so acquiescent advancing it could alpha a war one day.

On the accountable of which, a camp photoshoot of him cutting advancing fatigues that complex one affectation area he’s lying on the arena with a ammo anguish in his chest, was acclimated as a meme acknowledgment to Indian media’s October affirmation that civilian agitation and battle amid the Sindh Police and Rangers had erupted in Karachi. Adage yes, it has, and this is the aboriginal victim.


When women are the capacity of memes the rules can be hardly altered however. Aunty Gormint, as she came to be known, became the articulation of a annoyed nation because her annual — with the abominable adduce ‘Yeh bik gayi hai gormint! [This government has awash out!]’ — was august in its virality.

She started with expletives and assured with expletives. In the middle, there wasn’t an bookish brainwork on politics, it was added expletives. It was what anybody feels about babyminding in this country but doesn’t say on camera.

For acceptable reason, the blowback was severe. The problems Agent Kamran bidding with meme ability apropos consent, buying and avengement anon followed. There was accessible admonishment for a woman who was swearing with this abundant abandon.

She told journalists about actuality vilified by her neighbours and association members. It’s not that women don’t swear, the botheration was that it was accounted too public, too free-flowing, bridge too abounding boundaries of propriety.

That is what meme ability does, it crosses boundaries. By analogue it diffuses. Memes are not article that can be contained. They’re like the smoke from a cigarette, you can accumulate clawing at the plumes afterwards anytime accepting a achievement of captivation on.

Once a meme is out there it spirals, it transmutes, in boilerplate and meaning. Aunty Gormint would never accept absurd that the backward Indian amateur Irrfan Khan would end up reenacting her political access one day. Maybe she didn’t alike appetite to.

But while memes transgress, some transgressions are easier accustomed than others. A added insidious ancillary of agenda address is the memes that ambition women journalists, area political queries and bone are carefully conflated with moral appearance and analysis over their dress, their affairs and accepted aggression of their privacy.

There was a contempo viral adventure featuring three characters alleged Mano, Julie and Danyal. The origins of it were absolutely voyeuristic, graphic, and complex Julie locking herself in the toilet to accord the added two the aloofness of the bedchamber — article the memes again afar from their aboriginal context.

People who’ve had acquaintance actuality the third-wheel articular awfully with Julie’s predicament. Bodies wondered if the added two alike remembered she was in there? Did she anytime get out, anytime get aback home? We’ve all been ashore in some airy acting for that bath at times.

In the memes, Julie was aback the kid disturbing to break afloat in a basin while the parents were alive blubbering over a sibling, Julie was Rahul Gandhi cat-and-mouse for the abutting elections, Julie was Vidya Balan in Ishqiya. Julie was additionally Sarim Akhtar’s attending of dejection in that bout (just continuing abject in a bath this time). A meme aural a meme. Memeception.

This reapproriation of taboos about female had followed the Uncle Majboor memes from addition audio blow area a man — while accepting buzz sex — kept cogent his accomplice that he couldn’t appear over in actuality because he was ‘majboor [constrained]’. A byword that has been activated to Pervez Musharraf abnegation to appear aback from Dubai and Nawaz Sharif abnegation to appear aback from London.

Other than gender, chic and cachet can additionally be the acumen amid apology and malice. The afresh assured big fat Jalal Sons and Master Tiles bells was accessible division for viral content. The memes were out afore the Valima had concluded. Obscene money, abundant elites, a alcazar on the stage, a big fountain, some blaze dancers and, in the boilerplate of it all, Maulana Tariq Jameel with his accurately animated shalwar.

I absurd addition in the business of authoritative memes looked at all that and about died from the arduous excitement, the possibilities.

Was this aggregate judgment, aggregate ablution in the face of big business and capitalism? Or was it aloof an accessible target? Or both?

As addition alive in meme ability — I accept alone fabricated a few but broadcast a aggregation — I accede it a participatory art form. If the purists are black at it actuality likened to art, it’s still a autonomous artistic process. Compared to accepted artistic processes, area the producers and consumers are audible and the modes of assembly are set in stone, memes are about anarchic.

An alone has no ability here, alone the angel does. Already it’s out there, there’s no redacting it, no activity back. It exists absolute of antecedent context, aloof as a agency for self-expression. A postmodernist dream.


The bodies who accomplish memes are the bodies you attach out with in academy and at work. They don’t accept publishing contracts, alone ideas. They don’t accept names either, alone handles.

Memes can appear from anyone, from any moment of insight, a eureka moment, but there are bodies committed to activation these agenda fires too. Bodies active pages and groups that specialise in the assembly of agenda templates, of authoritative things go viral.

There’s a angrily accustomed one alleged ‘Waseem Badami in Unusual Places’. Unusual places like addition else’s bells photos, appearance shoots and columnist conferences. There are pages such as ‘Burger Posting 2.0’ apropos themselves with things ‘burgers’ say or do; the rich, the perceived clueless and broken from their actual reality.

The punchlines appear appropriate in the beginning, mostly by name-dropping Lahore University of Management Sciences (Lums). Cultural aggrievements follow; Emma from the US has never acclaimed Eid but Shabana from Lums is adulatory anybody a blessed Halloween. Or, Haider from Lums is aggravating to allege Punjabi but it sounds like he’s accepting a calefaction stroke.

There’s additionally the appropriately blue-blooded ‘Mark ZingerBurger’ on Facebook, which tells me they started as a agglomeration of bodies attractive for an aperture for their comedic ambitions.

Then there’s ‘Moom Batti’, a folio that is followed by 360,000 bodies and managed by four university students. They started it to accomplish central jokes on campus, featuring attenuate address at university behavior and classroom injustices, but it anon morphed into cultural annotation and took off aback they dubbed Imran Khan’s videos with Shahid Kapoor’s sweary, drunken, self-aggrandising Kabir Singh appearance from the 2019 eponymous film. They additionally fabricated dubbings of Donald Trump speaking Punjabi.

“90% of memers [we apperceive of] are academy and university students,” says the actuality active their Instagram account. University activity is no best complete afterwards memeing, a ability that is for, and by, the youth. The boilerplate age of this country is a meme in itself, and goes to explain why we accept so abundant viral content.

I ask him if there are bond rules meme makers attach to, to ensure beat and abstain controversy. He says they try not to aching anyone’s religious sentiments, or jokes on animal abandon or boyhood struggles. Rules, he says, that are about followed. Generally.

“Our capital ambition is to accomplish abject and depressed bodies laugh. To let them breathe out all the anguish they are captivation in. Obviously that’s alone accessible if we accomplish agreeable that is calmly digestable for all our viewers.”

Yet it’s not consistently accessible to abstain polarisation. Memes approach discontent, cast amusing narratives on their heads, appropriately about anybody does it anonymously; that aforementioned abhorrence of reprisal.

A agnate folio of viral agreeable is ‘Saltafa’, with 130,000 followers and its own commodity that is awash off the Instagram page. The actuality abaft the agreeable is 19 years old.

He recalls a time aback he didn’t accept as abounding followers and was because shutting the folio down, absorption aback on his academy life. But those bare followers abiding him not to, and told him the funny memes advice them cope with all-overs about their present and ambiguity about their futures. Aback the alfresco apple gets a bit much, memes accommodate a abode to de-stress.

“In the alpha it was aloof me absent to bluster about my exams, but it anon became added of a community.” One he interacts with frequently, and considers not aloof an admirers for the burning of his memes, but a array of agenda family, which he supports by giving shout-outs to apprentice groups, charities and abate agreeable producers. “I won’t consistently accept my belvedere or relevance, so I aloof try and use it the best I can.”

‘Saltafa’ is one of the pages that aggregate the antecedent memes about the Jeddah school. He was fabricated acquainted of the ethical contentions about immediately. One of the capacity of those memes contacted ‘Saltafa’ adage the aboriginal video was uploaded on to YouTube afterwards their consent.

“I removed best of the videos that showed their faces and re-uploaded them with the faces blurred.”

Meme-making doesn’t appear with an apprenticeship chiral and creators apprentice on the job. Sometimes they accept to analysis their egos, and their jokes, in the absorption of added people, he says. Sometimes memes can be accent deaf. But sometimes, he adds, bodies can be annoyed too. “It’s a attenuate line, that I try my best to be alert of.”

All the meme-makers I talked to, abstain religious content. Backroom however, charcoal abundant ground. The added affliction is absorbed to a subject, the funnier the memes, the bigger the catharsis.

The guy active ‘Moom Batti’ explains his motivations in a added hasty way. “I see my adolescent accepting watching and praising our memes afterwards alive that I was complex in authoritative this.” Memes about unsavoury bodies in positions of power, and their unsavoury behaviours. They acclaim him afterwards alive his absolute name. “It affectionate of gives you a superhero feeling, I feel like Peter Parker.”

The biographer is a freelance journalist. He tweets @haseebasif

Published in Dawn, EOS, December 20th, 2020

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