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The Artery Runoff Manual (HRM) is WSDOT’s primary antecedent of stormwater planning and architecture requirements for highway-related work. The HRM Training Branch is a acceptance advance that is for WSDOT, bounded agencies, and consultants who do stormwater assignment on WSDOT Right of Way. It is targeted against stormwater engineers, designers, and ecology professionals whose assignment on transportation-related stormwater issues requires use of WSDOT’s 2019 HRM.

certificate of appreciation template free download ppt
 30 Free Certificate of Appreciation Templates and Letters - certificate of appreciation template free download ppt

30 Free Certificate of Appreciation Templates and Letters – certificate of appreciation template free download ppt | certificate of appreciation template free download ppt

As an obligation of WSDOT’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Stormwater Accepted Permit, this training is appropriate for anyone that designs new stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) on WSDOT ROW, modifies an absolute stormwater BMP on WSDOT ROW, or area a stormwater BMP is advised or adapted and will be angry aback to WSDOT for ownership. If you already accept a 2014 HRM affidavit number, there is a abstracted 2019 HRM Update Training so that you can accept your 2019 HRM affidavit number.

Participants are appropriate to appear every day of the training and canyon the final assay to accept a 2019 HRM Affidavit of Achievement number. This acceptance cardinal is accurate until the abutting adaptation of the HRM, which is accepted in 2024.  Any above HRM updates, supplements, or trainings will be appear on the Artery Runoff Manual web folio and through the HRM listserv.

WSDOT maintains a database of all professionals who accept auspiciously completed the training. This database may be referred to by WSDOT back authoritative approaching assignment assignments, back reviewing approaching requests for proposals, and it may be acclimated in the angle baronial belief for approaching projects.

WSDOT 2019 Artery Runoff Manual Training Branch (4 day GoToWebinar)Scheduled Training Dates: TBD

QuestionsFor advice on advance content, acquaintance Alex Nguyen. 

WSDOT 2019 HRM Update Training (only for those who already accept a 2014 HRM affidavit number)Please accelerate an email to [email protected] with “Please accelerate me the 2019 HRM Update Training Link, my 2014 HRM affidavit cardinal is” in the accountable line.

Please accomplish abiding to accommodate your 2014 HRM Affidavit Cardinal in the accountable line. Amuse additionally accommodate your abounding name in the email so we can bout your name with your HRM affidavit cardinal afore sending you a acknowledgment email with the training link. If you forgot your 2014 HRM affidavit number, amuse email Alex Nguyen. 

RegistrationThere is no advance fee for demography the WSDOT 2019 HRM Update Training. 

This two-day training chic is for Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) staff, consultants, and bounded bureau agents complex in hydraulics, hydrologic, and stormwater architecture for WSDOT projects. This two-day anterior training focuses on adapted behavior and procedures in the HM and accomplish through all capacity of the HM. Participants will accretion an compassionate of the aberration amid hydraulic and hydrology methods as able-bodied as accomplish assorted archetype exercises. The training will additionally altercate capacity and issues back creating a hydraulic abode for a WSDOT project. This training is targeted at new stormwater and hydraulic designers.

WSDOT 2019 Hydraulics Manual Training Branch (2 day In-Class)Scheduled Training Dates: TBD


certificate of appreciation template free download ppt
 Certificate Of Appreciation Template In Ppt ..

Certificate Of Appreciation Template In Ppt .. | certificate of appreciation template free download ppt

In affiliation with the WDFW and the Tulalip Tribe, WSDOT has put calm the 2020 Angle Access and Beck Apology Training. This training is advised to acquaint baptize ability practitioners on the purpose and action of angle access barrier corrections as they chronicle to WSDOT artery crossings. Participants who complete the abounding training and canyon the final assay will be issued a 2020 FPSRD affidavit number. This affidavit cardinal will be appropriate starting January 31, 2020 by all authors of the Basic and Final Hydraulic Architecture (PHD/FHD) letters accounting for WSDOT projects.

Training Overview: This training is composed of 13 abstracted video modules, anniversary of which focuses on a altered aspect of the purpose and action of angle access projects delivered by WSDOT. Participants charge watch all bore videos afore gluttonous acceptance for this training. Links to these bore videos and their descriptions are provided below.

Certification: In adjustment to accept a FPSRD affidavit number, a actor is appropriate to appearance all 13 bore videos, and canyon a absolute exam. Once a actor has beheld all bore videos, accelerate an email to Angle Access Training to accept a articulation to the exam. The assay consists of 50 questions with several from anniversary of the modules, and a account of at atomic 70% is appropriate to pass. After acknowledged achievement of the exam, the actor will accept a 2020 FPSRD affidavit number. This affidavit cardinal will be appropriate starting January 31, 2020 by all authors of the Basic and Final Hydraulic Architecture (PHD/FHD) letters accounting for WSDOT projects.

Training Materials and Resources: The assets listed actuality are advised to be acclimated in affiliation with the training modules below, and were accepted at the time of the alive webinars in July of 2020. Amuse acquaintance HQ Hydraulics to ensure you are application the best accepted adaptation of these files for your project.

Introduction: 2020 Angle Access and Beck Apology Architecture TrainingThis addition provides an overview of the angle access affairs at WSDOT as able-bodied as the cold and advised admirers of this training.

Module 1: Treaty Rights & Tribal Accustomed Assets ManagementThis bore informs on the analytical accent of compassionate and acknowledging Tribal Treaty Rights, the rights of tribes as co-managers of our accustomed assets in the State of Washington, and some of the history of how this came to be.

Module 2: WSDOT Angle Access Affairs BackgroundThis bore provides an overview of WSDOT’s angle access program.  It will call how the affairs was started, and how the affairs has responded to the US V Washington Culvert case.  The key requirements of the federal admonition and how the Department is affair them will be discussed. 

Module 3: Hydraulic Activity ApprovalsThis bore provides an overview of the origins of the State Hydraulic Cipher and how the WDFW applies the ascendancy accepted it beneath the Hydraulic Code. The presentation will accommodate an addition into what is advised a hydraulic project, what it bureau to assure angle life, and added specifically, the archetypal action that WDFW and WSDOT go through to admittance hydraulic projects.

Module 4: Hydraulic Architecture ProcessThis bore informs practitioners on the action of the hydraulic architecture starting with antecedent armpit visits and catastrophe with final Plans, Blueprint and Estimates. The bore additionally covers how the Hydraulic Architecture fits in at anniversary date of the all-embracing architecture process.

Module 5: Basic Hydraulic SurveyThis bore defines the roles and expectations of the parties involved, challenges associated with abstracts collection, the timeline of deliverables, and a accepted overview of WSDOTs role in the analysis process.

Module 6: Clay with SRH-2DThis bore gives an overview of affidavit requirements specific to hydraulic clay for basic and final hydraulic architecture letters and appendices. This bore abode the recommended approaches to clay ample coarse actual and hydraulic roughness.

Module 7: Biological ConsiderationsThis bore will acquaint on the appulse of angle access barriers to apricot and steelhead and the allowances of beck simulation structures to agrarian fish. Assets for autograph the PHD Abode and how specific activity elements account apricot and steelhead accretion in base watersheds will be discussed.

Module 8: Geomorphic Assessment for Beck CrossingsThis bore offers practitioners an activated analysis of axiological geomorphic concepts, elements of the armpit and ability assessments, and appraisal of vertical approach adherence as they chronicle to the architecture and backup of beck crossings.

Module 9: Streambed DesignThis bore provides an overview of the streambed architecture process, primarily as declared in the WSDOT Hydraulics Manual, Chapter 7.  This includes approach types, architecture approaches for high- and low-gradient reaches, bed actual allocation and mix design, and assimilation of streambed “complexity” aural structures.

Module 10: Advertence Reaches, Ample Wood, & Added Abode FeaturesThis bore reviews the best accepted WSDOT advertence ability and abode appearance policies.  The challenges associated with architecture and accomplishing of ample copse and added abode appearance in beck apology in the WSDOT ambience will be discussed.

Module 11: Hydraulic Architecture Abode TemplateThis bore informs practitioners on how to booty the advice covered in the antecedent modules and accommodate it into the basic and final hydraulic architecture reports. Anniversary area of the hydraulic architecture abode arrangement will be covered forth with expectations of those sections and antecedent acquaint learned.

Module 12: Angle Access ConstructionThis bore informs practitioners on the challenges associated with angle access architecture and accomplishing of architecture and blueprint to accommodated the activity absorbed and accommodate a artery bridge that is acceptable to angle access for the activity of the anatomy crossing.

Module 13: Post Activity MonitoringThis bore is advised to accommodate an acquaintance of the post-project Ecology Affairs at WSDOT and its framework. Capacity of altercation include: the aberration amid assessing angle access and beck performance, anecdotic specific architecture elements that can appulse angle passage, and how ecology after-effects can acquaint approaching designs.

If you accept any questions apropos this training, or accept completed the bore videos and would like to appeal a articulation to the absolute exam, amuse accelerate an email to Angle Access Training.

This training provides step-by-step instructions for stormwater clay of breeze ascendancy Best Management Practices (BMPs) and some runoff analysis BMPs for western Washington WSDOT projects. This training walks the actor through the bureaucracy and use of the connected simulation archetypal software MGSFlood. This training is targeted appear new and average stormwater designers. 

This training incorporates Artery Runoff Manual (HRM) stormwater behavior and architecture checks into the stormwater clay process. The training branch absolutely focusses added on how to do stormwater clay for WSDOT projects and beneath on the “why”. The actor will additionally apprentice how to advance archetypal inputs and how to apprehend the archetypal achievement to verify acquiescence with HRM stormwater policies. 

RegistrationThe MGSFlood Productivity Training Branch will use GoToWebinar.  Amuse use the beneath articulation to annals for the training.Thursday November 19, 2020 from 8am – 4:30pm

Please agenda there is a allotment fee of $40 per person.  This fee is waived for WSDOT, bounded agency, and added government staff.

Please use the MGSFlood connected simulation clay software for this training if you appetite to do calculations as we assignment through the archetype problems.  The training will not accommodate the actor with a authorization or archetype of MGSFlood. WSDOT advisers can download the MGSFlood software from the Software Center from their alpha menu. Other non-WSDOT participants can download a chargeless balloon adaptation of the software from the MGSFlood website.

Please download a archetype of the WSDOT Breeze Ascendancy Inputs Spreadsheet  (xlsx 67 kb):

These beneath examples are alone for WSDOT training purposes and should not be acclimated for absolute apple design.

One-day class, LMS advance code: “WSDOT DES: STORMSHED BEGINNING”Prerequisite: Hydraulics and Hydrology training course.

WSDOT uses StormShed3G to architecture conveyance systems including pipe, storm sewer, and ditches. The chic will accord acceptance accepted ability of the StormShed3G software and its capabilities forth with easily on experience. Examples are acclimated to advise acceptance how to set up basins, architecture ditches and networks, as able-bodied as how to actuate the actual architecture storm events. BMP architecture advice from the HRM is included in the training material.

Stormshed3G Beginner Training (In-Class)Scheduled Training Dates: TBD

StormShed3G Beginner Training Examples:

StormShed3G Average (WSDOT centralized training)One-day chic for Eastern Washington. LMS advance cipher TBDPrerequisite: StormShed3G Beginner course.

Students will go through several examples of runoff analysis and breeze ascendancy BMP designs. Examples include: 

StormShed3G Average Training (In-Class)Scheduled Training Dates: TBD

StormShed3G Average Beginner Examples for Eastern Washington only

Certificate Of Appreciation Template Free Download Ppt 2 Secrets About Certificate Of Appreciation Template Free Download Ppt That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 2 Years – certificate of appreciation template free download ppt
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