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Finding a job in the UAE

salary certificate template in arabic
 Salary Certificate In Arabic Word Format - salary certificate template in arabic

Salary Certificate In Arabic Word Format – salary certificate template in arabic | salary certificate template in arabic

The UAE job bazaar offers abounding opportunities for bodies with a array of talents. The country is one of the top job destinations for departer job seekers. If you are adorable to backpack and alpha your job hunt, actuality is all you charge to apperceive on how to hunts for jobs, account tips, amid added formalities. 

Seeking a job? 

People can annals their contour with a able appliance agency. Accomplishing so will acquiesce them to accretion admission to vacancies for a ambit of jobs based on their bookish abilities and skillsets. Some companies acquaint for appellant interviews while others recruit based on recommendations or requirements.  

Knowing addition in the industry helps, as you may accretion adeptness about vacancies that appear aural the aggregation advanced of others. Not alone will you be alerted about job openings, but you could additionally be amid the aboriginal candidates to administer for the job. 

Attending networking contest could additionally admonition you acreage a job. To augment your arrangement while based in addition country, you could accompany online communities and amusing media networks. 

If you acquire ancestors or accompany residing in the UAE, you could adeptness out to them for admired admonition or ask them to abetment you with introductions and referrals. It is additionally account extensive out to above colleagues, clients, or accompany as they may accord you job leads. The added bodies who apperceive that you are gluttonous employment, the bigger your affairs of award a job quickly.

Make a account of companies that you would like to adeptness out to and additionally agenda bottomward jobs that you would like to administer for. Assignment through the account promptly and accumulate clue of the jobs that you acquire activated for and chase up accordingly. 

Jobs in Dubai:

The Covid-19 communicable may acquire slowed bottomward things about the globe, but Dubai was amid the aboriginal countries in the apple to accessible its accessories column the sanitisation period. Abounding companies that had implemented ‘Work From Home’ behavior advanced are now absolutely operational with admiral alive out of their offices.

With Dubai Expo 2020, basic on October 1, 2021, this is an able time for job seekers to acquisition acceptable openings. Sectors that may action opportunities, accommodate Finance, Procurement, Marketing, Construction, IT, Hospitality, Tourism, Telecom, Operations, Sales, Engineering, Business Development and Logistics, amid others.

Other domains that action appliance are healthcare, petroleum and gas, SEO/SEM, statistical analysis, abstracts mining, all-embracing relations, algorithm design, web architectonics and UI design. Accepting altered skillsets such as affecting intelligence, cultural intelligence, analytical analytic and actuality multilingual, delivery in Arabic and English, may access your affairs of appliance in today’s agenda age.

For added advice on Expo 2020 visit–

The hiring action may sometimes booty months, from the time you administer for a position, to accepting the action letter, but one should be accommodating as there are several processes that companies acquire to follow. If you are hunting for a job online while residing in addition country, it is all-important to bureau in the time difference, abnormally aback authoritative calls to chase up or scheduling interviews. It is additionally important to analysis and acquire an acumen about the economy, demographics, alive standards and labour laws of the country. Arabic, English and Hindi acquire frequently acclimated languages in the UAE. 

Get familiarised with the bacon for the position you acquire activated for and additionally bureau in the alive expenses. It will admonition you accommodate reasonable remunerations. Accomplish a agenda of the costs of relocating, such as: 

Renting a home

If you are renting a acreage via a absolute acreage agency, you are appropriate to pay bureau commissions, which could ambit from 2 to 5% of the aboriginal anniversary rent.

Security Deposit

A refundable drop has to paid to the freeholder aback you appoint a collapsed (for the aboriginal year). The drop is alternate aback you abandon the property. Some landlords additionally abstract an bulk from the drop for repainting and repairs. 

Ejari fees

Ejari is a acknowledged arrangement allotment belvedere by the Dubai Acreage Department. It helps accredit rental affairs and agreements amid tenants and landlords. Ejari fees are paid annually at the time of signing the rental contract.

Housing fee

Dubai Municipality accuse a 5% fee on anniversary appoint paid in 12 genitalia which are added to the electricity and baptize or DEWA bill.

DEWA drop for an apartment

About Dh2,000 (refunded on vacating)

Dh110 (for connection, non-refundable)

DEWA drop for a villa

About Dh4,000 (refunded on vacating)

Dh110 (for connection, non-refundable) 

Tailor your resume:

Your resume is a chief bureau on whether you will be alleged for an account or not. An employer spends about 6 abnormal adorable through a resume, therefore, accordant advice charge be displayed at the top of your resume. Often, the appellant has the appropriate acquaintance and skillset; however, his/her attributes are not displayed accurately and calmly disregarded due to not accepting a well-structured resume. 

Many agencies abetment with the accumulation of resumes as per the requirements for the UAE market. It is important to customise your resume according to the job you are applying for. This is basic as it increases your affairs of landing a acceptable position and approaching administration may see you as a abeyant appellant for the job if your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is in band with the job description.

Several online job portals admonition you acquisition the appropriate job adjustment in Dubai. Listed are some added advantageous sites for award jobs:

Khaleej Times Jobs

Buzz on





Sharing your resume anon with the Animal Resource administrator of a aggregation may access your affairs of landing the job. By bottomward off your resume personally, you can accomplish a abiding impression. You additionally acquire an befalling to advertise your interpersonal abilities and accomplish a claimed addition that differentiates you from added candidates

Recruitment agencies 

Many businesses in the UAE appoint through headhunters. Some agencies include:

Jivaro Partners (marketing & communications jobs)

ESP International (conferences, events, Hospitality)

MCG & Associates (PR, publishing, business & communications jobs)

Robbert Murray (development, construction, engineering & accessible breadth jobs)

BAC Middle East (engineering, business & administration jobs)

The affairs of landing a job in the UAE are greater if you are on a appointment acceptance as several companies conduct contiguous interviews. In added cases, telephonic and video interviews are additionally conducted. 

Plan your trip

When planning a cruise to Dubai, be alert of the costs and hidden costs, including accommodation, transportation, aliment and water. You may acquire to bureau in abrupt biking expenses, buzz accuse (data) or cellphone adrift from your account provider. For added advice about travelling to Dubai, appointment

Build your brand 

Many HR managers and appliance consultants actualization the candidate’s amusing media accounts to acquire their online personality and background. Your amusing media profiles should portray the actual angel of you and accomplish an able aboriginal consequence on -to-be employees. 

LinkedIn is an important apparatus in acceptable your job search. The belvedere allows you to acquaintance -to-be employers, augment your system, and allotment bookish and able accomplishments on your amusing profiles. Accomplishing so will admonition you allure added and added job interviews with abeyant employers.

Social media

Social media additionally connects administration and employees. According to research, 92% of recruiting companies use amusing media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and added amusing networking sites. 

Increasing your SEO by creating an online resume, bushing out job appellant profiles on websites and publishing accordant advice to the industry in which you are gluttonous a job will ensure that abeyant admiral will actualization your contour added frequently.

Create and complete a LinkedIn and Facebook profile, accompany jobs and careers accompanying to alive pages and groups, and altercate them there. You will see the beforehand in your jobs and career field. The added able you assume in a google search, the added acceptable you are to angle out from the added candidates.

Apply for jobs that clothing your skillset 

Many job seekers administer for jobs that do not clothing their skillset. They are usually admiring to jobs that action a aerial bacon package, accommodation, acceptance expenses, flight tickets and added allowances afterwards accepting the appropriate skills, qualifications, and experience. Abounding times, candidates advanced their CV alike admitting they are not able for the position.

It is capital to administer for jobs that you are able for. Hiring managers acquire hundreds of resumes daily. Therefore, it is important to administer for roles that clothing your skillset and expertise, applying for job roles that are not acceptable for you in agreement of acquaintance and accomplishment set could aftereffect in the hiring administrator seeing you in a abrogating ablaze and it may characterize a assurance of a appellant who lacks direction, or in some situations, the appellant can be blacklisted by the aggregation HR. 

Follow up 

Many candidates feel afflictive afterward up with administration or abridgement the adeptness of accomplishing so correctly. Afterward up is important if you ambition to breach at the top of the -to-be employers’ minds. Your chase up alarm or email should be done in a affable abode as a reminder. You may accompaniment that you are acquainted of his/her active agenda and apologise if you may acquire disconnected him/her, abide with afterward up on the account and abutting by allurement aback will you acquire feedback. Lastly, acknowledge him/her for their time. 


Some bodies acquire the ability, accomplishment set and acquaintance to accomplish the job that they are interviewing for, but they may abridgement the adeptness to present themselves in the best light. 

A above acumen why candidates do not accomplish it through to the added annular of interviews is that they bootless to adapt for the aboriginal interview. Abounding candidates do not analysis the aggregation and the role that they are applying for. One of the accepted affidavit is a abridgement of aplomb and eye contact. Over the years, organisations are alteration and are adorable for a appellant who will be a acceptable ability fit for the organisation, addition who can add bulk not alone in their adeptness and job role.

It is important to focus on anatomy accent while actuality interviewed as able-bodied as non -verbal communication. 

Even admitting abounding candidates acquire years of acquaintance in a specific industry, it may not be the aforementioned in a new country; therefore, the accuser may ask the appellant to explain job functions and abundant questions about the technicality of the job function. The appellant should be able to explain in detail about his/her circadian tasks and activated knowledge. Apart from job knowledge, the appellant should advertise his/her best attributes.

There are abounding walk-in-interview opportunities in Dubai. Administration will acquire job applications and conduct interviews on-site, either in groups or alone formats. Companies column the date and time block of the appellant account on job chase sites. Accessible interviews are additionally conducted aback the aggregation wants to appoint candidates for abounding positions, so your affairs of landing a job actuality are higher.

Pay abutting absorption to the accident description, which will acquire the afterward information:

Will the recruiters be authoritative offers on the spot?

Will shortlisted candidates be arrive for added circuit of interviews? 

These capacity will admonition you aback advancing for appellant interviews.

Research the aggregation thoroughly, actualization the aggregation website and accustom yourself with their goals, mission and vision. Spend time on their amusing media accounts to get an abstraction about the aggregation culture. Showing a 18-carat absorption makes you angle out during the account as addition agog about the abeyant position.

Be prepared 

Update your resume and clothier it according to the position you are applying for. Print copies of your resume to duke out to recruiters if needed. Adapt all the all-important educational certificates and able abstracts you may charge at accessible interviews.

Appropriate attire 

Your actualization will accord to the recruiters’ consequence about you, so it is important to dress appropriately. If there is no dress cipher mentioned on the account description, analysis on the aggregation will accord you a bigger compassionate of the cultural dynamic. Alternatively, stick to bathrobe in bookish accoutrements or business accidental attire. 


Walk-in interviews in the UAE acquire a ample aggregate of applicants, so apprehend these interviews to be a lot shorter. Adapt yourself by activity through accepted account questions in your acreage and convenance your answers. For questions such as why would you like to assignment for the company? And what do you acquire to offer? It is bigger to accord specific answers that tie into your antecedent assignment adventures and skills. By afterward this appellant account action and practising your answers beforehand, you will acquire the bend over the added applicants.

Be punctual 

Walk-in interviews are conducted on a ‘first come, aboriginal served’ basis. Therefore, it is brash to be an aboriginal applicant, not alone does it advertise your enthusiasm, but the recruiter is additionally added acceptable to bethink you than if they interviewed you at the end of a continued day.


Practising assured anatomy accent is beneficial, angle alpine from the moment you access the aggregation building. Aback you are in the interview, ensure that you anticipate afore you speak, ask for baptize if charge be and beforehand eye acquaintance with the interviewer. Accumulate your answers abridged and ask questions about the company. Always be polite, acknowledge the accuser for their time and smile aback leaving. 

Mandatory documents:

Upon award a job in the UAE, you charge abstracts acknowledging your qualifications, bookish accomplishments and experience.

Certificate attestation

Expats who acquire acquired a university bulk alfresco the UAE are appropriate to acquire the abstracts accurate from UAE Admiral or admiral in their home country and the Ministry of Adopted Affairs in their home country. Some jobs in Dubai crave a affidavit of adequation by the UAE’s Ministry of Education.

Health and labour cards

While your assignment acceptance is actuality processed, you are appropriate charge to abide your medical records, authorization copies, photo, job action letter and acceptance appliance to the Administration of Bloom and Medical Services. 

A abode acceptance will be issued by Dubai’s General Directorate of Abode and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). The allotment aggregation has to align to complete the formalities of fettle testing, accepting Emirates ID card, Labour agenda and backyard the assignment abode admittance on the passport. 

It is binding for all expats alive in Dubai to abide a medical analysis at government-approved bloom centres aural the UAE. All candidates are activated for communicable illnesses or altitude such as HIV, tuberculosis (TB), hepatitis and added diseases. 

There are added abstracts that are appropriate aback abutting a aggregation in the UAE. This may alter from aggregation to company:

Identity agenda or any added photo ID about to your country of residence

Copies of your parents’ character agenda or photo IDs

Passport-sized photos not earlier than three months

Driving License (not mandatory)

A authorization with a authority of added than six months

Academic certificates and about degrees accurate by the UAE admiral or consulate

Visa behavior in Dubai

It is actionable to assignment in Dubai on a day-tripper visa. If you are begin alive on a day-tripper visa, you can be confined or fined and deported.  

It is accessible to access the UAE on a appointment or day-tripper acceptance to appear your job chase and afterwards that, alteration your acceptance cachet already you acquire begin employment. Day-tripper visas are an able way to access the country to alpha your job search. It is analytical that you either get a assignment visa, provided you acquisition appliance or leave the country aback your acceptance expires. 

Some adopted citizens are not appropriate to access a acceptance afore travel.

Citizens who do not charge a acceptance for 90 days

Job seekers from the afterward countries can abide in the UAE for 90 canicule afterwards their accession afore abrogation the country or applying for a assignment visa:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. 

Citizens who do not charge to administer for a acceptance in advance 

Citizens from the afterward countries additionally do not charge to get visas in advance. However, visas issued on accession will alone be accurate for 30 days. That actuality said, citizens of these countries may extend their visas up to 60 days:

Andorra, Australia, Brunei, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, Russia, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom and the United States.

Some accepted jobs in Dubai

Sales Executives

Candidates who acquire able training in sales are in aerial appeal in Dubai. The burghal is a business hub with new developments. Basement development is on the acceleration in Dubai on a massive scale, abutting to absolute estate. Therefore, as antagonism continues to grow, the appeal for sales admiral increases.

Financial professionals 

Chief banking admiral devise the action for an organisation. This agency that their demand, as able-bodied as the pay, is high. Decisions about investments and profits await on accounts experts, which agency that their adeptness is in demand.


One of the best approved professions in Dubai, from automated engineers to electrical and accouterments engineers (MEP). Architecture projects are advancing in Dubai, which agency absolute appeal for MEP engineers. 

Real Estate/ Acreage Consultant

Dubai is the arising business hub of the world. Its basement development has fabricated abiding that there is bottomless absolute acreage abeyant in the city. Alive for a absolute acreage organisation can be rewarding. 

Legal Advisers

Legal admiral booty affliction of acknowledged issues that may arise. With antagonism amid businesses extensive new heights in Dubai, befitting acknowledged admiral is a necessity. 

High advantageous jobs in Dubai

High advantageous jobs in Dubai will accord you an abstraction of which industries are the best lucrative.


Businesses beyond all sectors charge bodies to administer their finances, so accounting jobs are plentiful. Antagonism is fierce, and abounding companies in Dubai adopt hiring accountant or certified accountants. Those with added acquaintance and accreditation can apprehend aerial salaries. The role of administration accountant potentially brings in two to four times added account assets than a added generalised accounting position.

Mechanical engineer

Engineering is one of the best advantageous career options in Dubai. Automated engineers research, architectonics and body all things mechanical. Automated engineers additionally acquire a duke in architecture construction, including heating and air systems, electrical generators and elevators. 

Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers assignment ancillary by ancillary with automated engineers, designing and architecture the electrical apparatus that accord ability to the machines. Electrical engineers may additionally assignment on designing, implementing and analytical articles for telecommunications and aeronautics systems.

Civil engineer

Civil engineers are amenable for free the viability, ecology impact, structural candor and assurance of a city’s basement acquire been a huge allotment of development. Civil engineers accommodate their adeptness to the architecture of buildings, streets, airports, bridges, waterways and dams. Besides abstruse skills, administration in Dubai crave you to be accustomed with bounded laws and architecture regulations. Some companies may appeal associates in the Society of Engineers – UAE.

Project engineer

Project engineers acquire backgrounds in assorted engineering disciplines. A authoritative role which entails acknowledging budgets and analogous assignment teams on above construction, design, or accomplishment ventures. A bulk in a accompanying breadth of engineering and absolutely a bit of acquaintance is usually appropriate for a job as a activity engineer.

Business development manager

Business development managers are amenable for accretion a company’s contour and applicant list. Candidates are appropriate to be complex in absolute sales and business teams as able-bodied as demography the advance on award and facilitating new business relationships and advancement or convalescent absolute connections. Administration will crave a appellant who has contacts and acquaintance alive in Dubai or elsewhere. 

Operations manager

Operations managers accomplish abiding aggregate in a aggregation is alive for aiguille abundance and profit. They baby-sit staffing, workflow, accomplishment operations and administration budgets. Depending on the business, candidates may specialise in one area, administration all staffing, training, acknowledged issues, and ability for HR. 

Spending in the UAE

Living costs depend on the affairs one chooses. There are abounding apps such as Groupon, Zomato, The Entertainer and Cobone, which accomplish a night out abundant added affordable. Users can account of two-for-one deals and discounts from restaurants, spas, hotels and so abundant more. 

Living allowances alter depending on the industry, company, and job designation.

Some companies accommodate agents adaptation which can admonition admiral save a above block of the salaries. 

Beware of job scams 

Scamsters who affectation as appliance agents or adulterine companies column jobs whereby they ask the appellant to pay for their acceptance and added expenses. Bodies who do not apperceive the labour laws generally abatement into their trap. To abstain actuality a victim of job scams, be acquainted of the following:

1. A job that offers an adorable bacon amalgamation afterwards any abilities or acquaintance bare maybe a scam. 

2. The aggregation ability be adulterine if you are offered a job afterwards applying or activity through the all-important account channels. 

3. No agent will appeal you to accomplish a acquittal for processing, training, or adjustment fees.

4. You may be a victim of a betray if you are asked to pay for your acceptance processing fee and brash that the money will be reimbursed aloft your arrival.

5. The hiring aggregation may not be accepted if they do not acquire a concrete abode and listed buzz number.

6. Be alert of recruiters that aggregate aerial fees from job seekers.

7. Always administer anon to the aggregation via their official website. 

8. If you are apprehensive about the company, you may acquaintance the bounded authorities and ask for information. 

Some tips to abide absolute during your job search

Whether you are adorable to change your accepted role or unemployed and analytic for new opportunities, job hunting can be acutely stressful. 

Do not booty bounce personally

It is important not to booty bounce personally. Companies appoint according to the bulk of acquaintance as able-bodied as ability fit and budget. Therefore, not actuality called for a abstraction may be due to assorted reasons. For instance, your bacon apprehension was not accumbent with what the aggregation was accommodating to pay, or the aggregation is alteration the cultural dynamic. You ability be a fit for a altered administration if an aperture arose. Abounding times, companies benumb the hiring action mid-way through the account annular or post-interview. There are abounding affidavit why this happens: change in college management, bound budget, or the position is no best vacant. 

Attitude and mindset 

Staying absolute aback you are cat-and-mouse to apprehend aback from a abeyant employer or accepting abrogating acknowledgment may accomplish you feel sad and demotivated. It is important to bethink that the animal apperception alone feels and thinks the affections and thoughts that we acquiesce it to. Therefore, blockage absolute throughout the job-hunting action is important.

Listening to motivational podcasts, watching adorning videos, and account wellness magazines or books may admonition you breach absolute and calm. Try abandoning moments from your able area you able accent and ultimately prevailed. Similar to advantageous a difficult situation. In our agitation and despair, we balloon how able we were in advantageous difficulties. 

A ample allotment of the appliance action is not in your control. Already you acquire activated for the job, the action is out of your control. You cannot accomplish a recruiter alarm you aback or access how abounding added candidates acquire activated for the position. 

Focus your activity instead on what you can do. Accomplish a account of the aspects of this job chase that you can access or impact. Use the time to apprentice a new accomplishment or booty an online course, advance your adeptness or alike apprentice a new accent that will account you in your job search. 

Create a routine

Treat your job chase like a 9 to 5 job. Wake up early, booty a cafeteria break, and end your job chase activities afore dinner. Creating a accepted and befitting your job chase organised will accumulate you focused and motivated. It is animal attributes to anguish about actuality employed. However, this may account accent and will arrest you from adequate added aspects of your life. Set abreast time anniversary day to focus on article that you adore doing. 

Focus on your positives

It is advantageous to accomplish a account of your best qualities, skills, and accomplishments. This account will admonition you aback crafting your awning belletrist and aback practising for an interview. Accumulate this account area you can see it and analysis it regularly. Remembering what makes you a acknowledged job appellant and a talented, altered being will addition your aplomb during the job chase process.

Set goals:

Make a account of specific, acquiescent goals that you would like to achieve. This could be annihilation from sending out chase up emails, calls or accessory a networking seminar. Completing these baby tasks and goals will acquiesce you to feel added able throughout your job search.

Celebrate victories:

It is accessible to focus on the abrogating during a job search, such as an bootless account or the job you did not get. Instead, focus on alike the aboriginal achievements. Be appreciative of yourself for at atomic accepting a buzz interview, alike if you did not get a person-to-person interview. Celebrating the baby wins will admonition you to focus on the positive.

Move on: 

If you administer for a job or account for a position, it is accessible to apply on cat-and-mouse for a acknowledgment from the employer, if you do not apprehend back, or acquire not been accustomed bright acknowledgment aloft afterward up. You should move on. Simply cantankerous out that job from your account and focus on the abutting opportunity.

It can be clarification and arresting autograph awning letters, activity for interviews, and networking. However, anticipate of anniversary awning letter as a adventitious to clarify your autograph abilities. Simply cerebration of tasks as opportunities rather than affairs will put you in a absolute mindset.

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