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A Thought Experiment

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Let’s acquire that Jerusalem is the eye of the universe; the assault affection and body of Am Yisroel, and all mankind.

As we know:

From Jerusalem the apple was created.

From the dust of Jerusalem man was formed.

And, both the aboriginal lech lecha, and the final lech lecha of the Akeida—the determinative airy bookends of Avraham’s acceptable the antecedent of the Jewish people—were abiding in Jerusalem.

And so, back it comes to the affection and body of mankind, and decidedly the Jewish nation, it’s the acreage of Israel, and decidedly Jerusalem, that charge consistently be the axial focus of our aggregate thoughts, feelings, reflections, and teshuva.

Does God Speak Through the Headlines?

Mah nishtana?

From aftermost Pesach until today, isn’t that the catechism we’ve all been asking?

What’s activity on?

Wouldn’t it be abundant if God would aloof acquaint us what’s activity on?

It turns out, that to an extent, alike a cogent extent, He does. In his essays on Rosh Hashanah, R. Avigdor Nevenzal says that—

“Though we don’t acquire prophets like we already did, nonetheless, we acquire article similar: Newspapers, and the circadian news! This is the chat of God actuality delivered to us regularly, every day, in the anatomy of account and account broadcasts.” (Sichot Yom Kippur, 101)

In a agnate vein, in 1948, aloof one ages afore the enactment of the State of Israel, R. Eliyahu Dessler wrote a letter in which he addressed the abstraction of the Shofar of Eliyahu that will be articulate as the geula approaches. At that time, R. Dessler was absorption on the Abundant Depression, the Second Apple War, and the acceleration of Communism. He says that those contest were annihilation beneath than the “voice of Eliyahu.”

Yes, Eliyahu will complete a shofar, and, like on Rosh Hashanah, we are alleged aloft to acquire to what’s actuality said, admitting Eliyahu’s shofar isn’t fabricated from a rams horn, but rather from abundant contest with which we are confronted. Clearly, a all-around communicable in whose bosom we are all reeling, is, in some way, the shofar, and it’s speaking to anniversary of us.

“The final teshuva is not accessible acquire for the actuality who hears the articulation of Eliyahu speaking to him, which is Eliyahu advancing abandoned to him.” (Michtav M’Eliyahu 2:209)

With this in mind, I would argue that if, from Rosh Hashanah until Shmini Atzeret, the absolute acreage of Israel is in lockdown, and if Jerusalem, the Kotel, and Har Habayit are in lockdown, afresh could there be a shofar louder than this?

Not Aloof Addition Year

Shabbat is a day clashing any other.

Sunday is a day, Monday is addition day, Tuesday is yet another, and all six canicule of the anniversary are added or beneath addition adaptation of the aforementioned thing. The seventh day shatters the template. Shabbat is an altogether altered reality. It may alpha and end with sunset, but it’s aspect is elevated, sanctified, and absorbed with ohr Hashem in a way fundamentally clashing all the added days.

The aforementioned is accurate with the nation of Israel.

There are 70 nations. Anniversary fabricated up of bodies created in the angel of God, anniversary with altered characteristics, yet all cut from the aforementioned fabric. Am Yisroel shatters that template. It’s not one of the seventy. Inside, in the centermost neshama of Knesset Yisroel, we are different. The aforementioned is accurate with the Acreage of Israel—the eyes of Hashem your God are consistently aloft it—and the aforementioned is accurate of Jerusalem, it’s annihilation but aloof addition city, and the aforementioned is accurate of Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah is not the alpha of addition year. This Rosh Hashanah, like the actual first, launches the conception of a new reality; a absoluteness actually clashing any that has anytime existed before.

Once Aloft a Time…

… there were six canicule of creation.

In Apple 1.0, the tikkun, the adjustment and achievement of the world, could acquire been able in six days, and afresh been crowned with the altered ambit of Shabbat, but that’s not how things formed out.

Now, in Apple 2.0, what could acquire been able in six days, takes abode over six millennia. The Ari z”l teaches that aural anniversary year there is a accurate tikkun, or set of tikkunim, that are altered to that year. It is as if all of history is cat-and-mouse for the tikkun of anniversary year—indeed anniversary month, week, day, hour, and minute—to be present and actualized.

There has never been a Rosh Hashanah like this one.

Never a year like this one.

Never, it seems, abeyant for all-around activation (wokeness?) like there is now.

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For a continued time, the apple has been added focused on all-around abating and altitude change. There is a movement to actualize a all-around Bill of Rights. And now we are ambidextrous with a all-around pandemic. That word, global, does it not assume that if God is autograph the headlines, afresh the chat that He has alleged to burst beyond the advanced pages of our alertness is GLOBAL?

Is it aloof me, or do you additionally anticipate that we are declared to be cerebration globally?

We are all acclimatized to Elul and Rosh Hashanah as times of anxious absorption about a accomplished host of things. Conceivably this year we aren’t declared to anticipate about this, that, or the added thing, but about Everything. Isn’t that global? All-around includes the absolute planet. Every country and people; every individual, family, neighborhood, and city: Everyone, and every thing.

If we reflect on the Rosh Hashanah prayers, it’s bright that this is absolutely a all-around day. Rosh Hashanah may be the aboriginal of the Ten Canicule of Teshuva, but the capacity of teshuva, like those that ample the Yom Kippur Machzor, are absent on Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah is about creation, God, all mankind, the abode of Am Yisroel in the world, and all existence. That’s global, wouldn’t you say?

Here in Israel, starting with the eve of Rosh Hashanah, we will be entering an continued lockdown. A painful, alarming lockdown that will aftereffect in abysmal bread-and-butter hardship. Yet, bound bottomward we will be. Conceivably we should anticipate of lockdown as a cocoon, and conceivably aural the quiet borders of that cushion we are actuality asked to rethink, yes, everything.

To rethink—

The amount of animal life.




Beit Knesset.





Am Yisroel.

The doors to our synagogues acquire been airtight shut. As acquire the doors to our schools, our parents and grandparents homes, and the doors of all those El Al planes that already brought so abounding to Israel. According to the headlines, this is how it’s declared to be this year. This absolutely altered all-around year.

No added business as usual.

No added activity on auto-pilot.

It seems that we are declared to amend and adapt everything.

And from where? From what angle point?

From a cushion alleged Rosh Hashanah.

Why Shul?

Why go to shul this year?

What for?

Isn’t the abutting aspect of what we charge to hear—the articulation of the shofar—right actuality central our clandestine cocoons? Aren’t we actuality bound down, again, for a reason?

To me it seems that while we are bound out of so abounding of the places we so love, that there charcoal one abode we can never be bound out of: our hearts. Conceivably we acquire spent so abundant time, and invested so abundant focus elsewhere, that we acquire absent clue of area our focus, our consciousness—our hearts and souls—truly charge to be.

Our hearts are our abutting cocoons.

The abode of our centermost essence; our truest, simplest, best 18-carat selves.

Our centermost longings and accomplished aspirations.

It’s from there, that abode area abandoned I dwell, abandoned with my soul, and with God, that the best real, all-around change can booty place.

Join Us, Please

The Gemora in Brachot tells us that there are two means to accretion citizenship in Tzion, in Jerusalem: “One who lives there [is a citizen] as able-bodied as one who longs to alive there.” Is there any of us that doesn’t adjure circadian for Jerusalem? That doesn’t absolute the words Next Year in Jerusalem at the cessation of our seder, and beneath our chuppa?

Deep down, we are all Israelis, all Yerushalmim.

We are all Jews; priceless, irreplaceable instruments in the abundant symphony of Am Yisroel, indeed, in the symphony of all creation. Imagine an orchestra in which every amateur is a virtuoso, and every one-of-a-kind apparatus was crafted by a allegorical craftsman. That’s us, that’s Am Yisroel.

I accept that this year, we are all actuality asked to comedy in the aloneness of our own cocoon; to retune our instruments, and conceivably to alike barter our abutting violins for a altered apparatus altogether.

Two Shofars and A Poem

“Go my nation, access your rooms, and abutting the aperture abaft you.” (Isaiah 26:20)

Echoes of Corona?

Regarding this, our sages say that the abutting acceptation of access your rooms, is access the abutting apartment of your heart.

This year we will apprehend not aloof the articulation of a ram’s horn, but hopefully, the “still bashful voice,” of an abutting shofar.

I’d like to achieve by administration a composition with you, a composition bouncing with all-around murmurings: Acquire …

יש  There is:

There is the person:

There is a actuality that sings the song of his soul:

And aural his body he finds everything;

full, complete, airy fulfillment.

ויש  And there is:

And there is the actuality that sings the song of the nation:

He departs the borders of his claimed soul;

for he does not acquisition it to be abundantly broad;

nor does it accommodate an ideal faculty of abutting peace.

He longs—

For able heights, and cleaves with a aesthetic love,

to the aggregate accumulation of Knesset Yisroel,

and with her, he sings her song, suffers her travails, and

revels in her hopes; advertent pure, aerial concepts

about her accomplished and future.

With adulation and a astute affection he delves the abysmal acceptation of

Her abutting spirit.

ויש And there is:

And there is the actuality whose body expands added still:

Transcending the boundaries of the nation of Israel;

to sing the song of all mankind.

His body progresses and broadens; aural the aggregate celebrity of man created in His image;

he longs for its’ aggregate destiny, and anticipates its’ accomplished completion:

And from this antecedent of activity itself he draws the absolute amount of his thoughts and contemplations;

his centermost yearnings and visions.

ויש And there is:

And there is the actuality who, broader and higher, rises still:


until he is unified with the absoluteness of all existence;

with all creatures, all dimensions.

And calm with all of them he sings.

This is the one that contemplates that appropriate song (perek shira) anniversary and every day,

for this is the one that is affirmed to be allotment of the apple yet to come.

ויש And there is:

And there is the actuality who soars with anniversary of these songs attenuated calm as one:

Each of them—

Contributing their voice;

all of them, together, singing their song;

each giving to the added vitality, and life.

The articulation of joy and rejoicing.

The articulation of delight. The articulation of sanctity.

The song of the soul; the song of the nation.

The song of flesh and the song of the world;

All of them, together, harmonized aural him:

At every time, every hour.

(From the writings of Rav Avraham Y. Kook)

May anniversary of us, and the world, be adored with health, life, and all-around transformation.

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