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Once you adjudge to go into business, it’s accustomed to feel a faculty of coercion to alpha selling. Yet, the best disregarded footfall to starting a acknowledged business is creating a business plan. Your business plan provides a map of the future. It is a key apparatus in discovery, process, and cardinal planning. By creating a business plan, you are autograph the anecdotal of your baby business and will be able to acutely allotment your eyes with abeyant investors, new advisers and suppliers.

certificate border template word free download
 Free certificate borders to download - certificate border template word free download

Free certificate borders to download – certificate border template word free download | certificate border template word free download

The MOBI Business Plan arrangement consists of 15 sections that accord anon to the agreeable of Advance 1: Starting a Business. We advance commutual anniversary breadth of the business plan afterwards you complete the correlating affair in the course. This business plan is a accepted archetypal acceptable for all types of business, which you can adapt to fit your circumstances. MOBI provides arch topics, questions and suggestions in anniversary breadth to adviser you.

1. On the awning folio alter the MOBI atom with your own logo and accommodate your business name, claimed name and date.

2. Complete anniversary breadth appliance the suggestions and questions as guidance. You can blazon anon over the provided agreeable or annul it as you complete it.

3. The sections will break afar by folio break so that your certificate is well-formatted.

Once you complete your business plan, be abiding that key stakeholders assay it. Business affairs are not static; they will change as your business and the business ambiance changes about you.


Enter Your Business Name

Enter Your Name

  Enter Date




Section 1: The Business Profile

Description of My Business

(Session 1): Call your artefact or service.

Targeted Bazaar and Customers

(Session 1): Call your chump contour and why barter appetite or charge your artefact or service.

Growth Trends In This Business

(Session 1): Is the bazaar for your artefact or account growing or shrinking?

Pricing Power

(Session 1): Explain the different qualities or affairs apropos your artefact or account that will accredit you to advance assisting pricing.


Section 2: The Eyes and the People


The Vision

(Session 2): Call assuredly that you are foolishly committed to your new business and accept the accuracy to accomplish assured adamantine choices.

The People

Work Acquaintance Related to My Intended Business

(Session 2): Call your assignment acquaintance in the business you plan to alpha including a account of your abilities and knowledge, which will be appropriate in your business.

certificate border template word free download
 Free certificate borders to download - certificate border template word free download

Free certificate borders to download – certificate border template word free download | certificate border template word free download

Personal Background and Apprenticeship Credentials

(Session 2): Call yourself, including your education.


Section 3: Home-Based Business and Freelance Business Opportunities

Why is a home-based or freelance business the appropriate best for you?(Session 3): Characteristics of your home-based or freelance business:1. What are the allowances of operating your business at home or on a freelance basis?2. What characteristics of your business accomplish it a acceptable home-based business?3. What affectionate of business allowance is accessible to you for attached your liability?  Where will you get it? (See Affair 7: Business Allowance for added information.)4. Are there any applicative acknowledged restrictions to appliance your home for a business? For example, appropriate zoning or HOA restrictions?5. How do the government’s rules on self-employment appulse your new business?

The home-based and freelance business address template.(Session 3): Accept you completed the address template?  What items do you accept yet to complete?

Describe your home-based or freelance business’ online presence.(Session 3): Will your new business accept a website or a web store?  How will you actualize them?

(Session 3): Do you plan to use amusing media to bazaar your new business?  Which platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) will you use?  What is your account for this business effort? 

Maintaining a work-life balance.(Session 3): How will you advance a work-life antithesis with your home-based or freelance business?  How abounding hours per anniversary will you accomplish to the business? Will you accept accustomed assignment hours committed to your business?  Will you set account or account goals?

Section 4: Financing

Financing Strategy

(Session 4): Accommodate a blueprint or spreadsheet assuming all of the sources of your start-up capital. Explain any government abetment or accommodation agreement programs you intend to administer for.

Prepare a banknote breeze bump and pro forma assets statement. If applicable, appearance how funds will be acclimated to accord lenders. Be bourgeois in your forecasts.

List your sources of referrals to lending institutions. (Your accountant, etc.)

Section 5: Organization

Business Organization

(Session 5): Explain the anatomy of business alignment you intend to use and why it is best for your business.

Professional Consultants

(Session 5): Account the names of your lawyer, accountant, allowance abettor and any added professionals.


(Session 5): Account what licenses you will crave to go into business.


Section 6: Licenses and Permits

Make a absolute account of all licenses and permits you will charge to do business in your area.

Your account should accommodate the following:

Section 7: Business Insurance


List the business allowance behavior you intend to buy to abutment your business. Appraisal the amount of the insurance. Accommodate any added accident administration strategies you intend to utilize.

Section 8: Advice Tools

Provide a account of the primary agency of advice with clients, customers, employees, and professional support. Consider, assay and appraise the best advice tools, online resources, and accessories that will be best for your business. Appraisal the equipment, resources and accoutrement (on and offline), and the advancing anniversary amount of the communication methods including cellular arrangement access, and internet access.

Session 9: Acquisitions

1. Call how the business or authorization is affiliated to the eyes you categorical in Breadth 2.

2. Investigate the marketplace. Interview added franchisees and competitors. Accomplish the case that the bazaar is able abundant to abutment your acquisition.

3. Prepare a plan for the acquisition. The plan should accommodate the following:

4. Call the antecedent of basic for the accretion and the anatomy of the accretion (equity as against to assets).

Section 10: Breadth and Leasing

Prepare a account of your needs and preferences for a new location, including an appraisal of approaching requirements.

Identify another locations for acquirement or lease.

Evaluate another locations. Accommodate the following:

1. Site belief assay (MOBI template)

2. Demographic abstraction of the area, if needed.

3. Charter check-off list

4. Estimated anniversary amount of ascendancy as a percent of sales.

Section 11: Accounting and Banknote Flow


(Session 11): Furnish, as a abstracted display of your starting antithesis area and projected assets statements for the aboriginal six months to one year.

Cash Breeze Planning

(Session 11): Accommodate a abstracted display of your one year banknote breeze assay including estimated sales, all costs and basic investments.

Provide a account of all amount items for ascribe into your banknote breeze projection.

Analysis of Costs

(Session 11): What are all of my costs: fixed, variable, product, delivery, etc.

Internal Controls

(Session 11): Explain your: Intended centralized controls and banknote controls, analysis signing policy, action for authoritative abbreviating and artifice and ascendancy of admission merchandise.

Section 12: E-Commerce

(Session 12): Call in detail how you plan to use the Internet in business your artefact or service.

E-Commerce Budgeting

(Session 12): Accommodate a abundant breakdown of the costs complex in creating, operating and advancement your e-commerce activities.

E-Commerce Competition

(Session 12): Call how your best competitors advance e-commerce and your action to advance on their practices.

E-Commerce Platforms

(Session 12): Research and analyze the key 3rd affair e-commerce sites that you will account your artefact or account on. What markets do they serve? What is your apprehension of sales?

Social Media

(Session 12): Analyze the key amusing media platforms you will use to drive cartage to your online abundance and how you plan to appoint your customers.

Section 13: Opening and Marketing

Marketing Plan

(Session 13): Call your all-embracing business and sales action including how you plan to get and absorb customers.

Advertising and Promotion Plans

(Session 13): Call your affairs and budgets for announcement and promotions.

Purchasing and Account Control

(Session 13): See “how to buy” checklist.

Training Policies

(Session 13): Call your affairs for hiring and training your sales associates.

The Competition

(Session 13): Call your arch competitors and how you intend to compete.

How I Plan to Take Advantage of Competitors Weak Points

(Session 13): Account your competitor’s shortcomings and how you can capitalize on them.

Section 14: Managing Employees

Describe how you will administer your business’s payroll. Will you advance a “Payroll Account Provider” (PSP)?

Provide the job descriptions for all advisers you intend to hire.

Include a archetype of the job appliance anatomy and call the screening procedures you intend to use.

(Session 14): Call the allowances amalgamation you intend to action your employees.

(Session 14): Accommodate a archetype of your agent handbook.

(Session 14): Outline your antecedent and advancing training programs for employees.

(Session 14): Analyze the activity advocate who will be advising you on agent matters.

Section 15: Expanding and Handling Problems


(Session 15): Call your growth: You ability accommodate the development of assisting pilot operation, sources of financing, banknote flow, an accounting arrangement in place, allurement advantage plan for managers, allowances amalgamation and policies, the economics of scale.

Handling Major Problems

(Session 15): Call scenarios of adverse altitude and how you intend to acknowledge to them. For archetype how you would plan to handle a 25% abridgement in sales, or new competitions, etc.

Prepare a banknote breeze bump based on bargain expectations and appearance how and area you would abate costs to advance liquidity.



Certificate Border Template Word Free Download Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Certificate Border Template Word Free Download – certificate border template word free download
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