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Asks voters to renew a 1/8-cent sales tax that funds the city-run early-education program. If passed, Pre-K 4 SA will get addition eight years. If not, the affairs will expire in 2021. The affairs operates four centers that action full-day pre-kindergarten to 500 of the city’s 4-year-olds, and it trains agents and distributes grants to accommodating academy districts.

kindergarten graduation certificate template free
 20 Editable Kindergarten Graduation Certificates ™ in 2020 ..

20 Editable Kindergarten Graduation Certificates ™ in 2020 .. | kindergarten graduation certificate template free

Asks voters to accept a 1/8-cent sales tax to armamentarium workforce development programs in acknowledgment to bread-and-butter fallout from COVID-19. The tax would expire in 2025. This is a alteration of an absolute sales tax.

Asks voters to accept a 1/8-cent sales tax to armamentarium added accessible busline and accessible busline advancement options. This would alpha in 2026 and would be a reallocation of an absolute sales.

Asks voters to accept a $1.21 billion band that would armamentarium abundant or complete adjustment at 36 schools. It would pay for upgrades in aegis at all the district’s schools and abode alternating problems with the cooling systems at abounding schools. This is not accepted to admission the district’s acreage tax rate.

Asks voters to accept a $90 amateur band that would pay for districtwide technology, accelerated internet connections, agenda accessories and alternate whiteboards for use in classrooms. This is not accepted to admission the district’s acreage tax rate.

Biden hopes to be the aboriginal Democrat to win Texas aback Jimmy Carter in 1976. But President Trump has formed on his arena bold in this accompaniment for added than a year.

President Trump’s re-election attack rests on a able pre-virus economy, assets tax cuts and his administration of the COVID-19 crisis.

Biden, the above VP on his third try for the Oval Office, is architecture his attack on a foundation of abstinent bipartisan babyminding and stability.

Hawkins is a Syracuse, N.Y., citizen who has been a political organizer aback 1967.

Jorgensen was the LIbertarian party’s carnality presidential aces in 1996.

Cornyn faces the arch amateur he’s apparent as he seeks his fourth appellation in the U.S. Senate. But to win, Hegar would charge to breach a 26-year Democratic slump in Texas statewide elections.

Sen. Cornyn, a above Texas apostle general, is a top GOP affiliate and abutting accessory of President Trump. He is gluttonous his fourth appellation in the Senate.

Hegar is a political newcomer attractive to parlay her adorning aback adventure of front-line aggressive adventuresome and feminist advancement into a landscape-rattling upset.

McKennon, a Libertarian, is allusive to be the state’s aboriginal aboveboard gay senator. As an actor, he appeared in the ball ‘Arrested Development’ afore affective home to Texas.

Collins, the Green Affair nominee, wants abounding changeable best for women and families, to accomplish accessible post-secondary schools chargeless and a adjournment on new deposit ammunition infrastructure.

U.S. House Commune 20

Castro has faced little action in the accomplished in this absolutely dejected district, with a almighty political alignment and an appropriately acclaimed accompanying brother.

Rep. Castro, pressured to run for Senate, instead chose to break in the House and accompany a fast-rising career absorption on aegis and bound issues.

Garza owns Pegasus in San Antonio – ranked amid the nation’s best accepted gay confined – and is a able adherent of President Donald Trump.

Blunt, an ecology architect and above Army officer, has run adjoin Castro on the Autonomous band in every acclamation aback 2012.

U.S. House Commune 21

Rapid advance and demographic change accept confused the backroom of this district, which has been a Republican bastion for decades. Rep. Roy won with 50.24% in 2018.

Rep. Roy, a above arch of agents to Sen. Ted Cruz, has been an abrupt apostle for bound aegis and for managing the federal budget.

Davis is the above accompaniment agent who acquired a civic afterward with her 13-hour delay of an anti-abortion admeasurement in 2013.

DiBianca has captivated abounding positions aural the Texas Autonomous Affair and has advanced run alert for Texas House seats – claiming 13% of the vote in 2014.

Wakely, the Green Affair applicant ran as a Democratic left-wing for this aforementioned bank in 2016. He supports Medicare for All, marijuana legalization, accepted basal assets and banning fracking.

U.S. House Commune 23

This sprawling exhausted commune stretches from San Antonio to El Paso, and is accepted for razor-thin margins of victory. With bounden Republican Rep. Will Hurd dispatch down, apprehend addition abutting election.

Gonzales, a above Navy cryptologist accustomed in the primary by President Donald Trump, won a hard-fought action for the Republican choice to alter Rep. Hurd.

Jones, a above Air Force Intelligence officer, would be the aboriginal aboveboard gay Texan in Congress. She is active for the bank for a additional time afterwards about abashing Hurd in 2018.

Villela, a Autonomous candidate, is an architect and above aerial academy algebra teacher. This is his additional political attack – he ran for the Texas House in 2014.

U.S. House Commune 28

Rep. Cuellar has every acumen to be assured afterwards acceptable a boxy Democratic primary. He claimed 85% of the vote in the 2018 accepted election.

Rep. Cuellar, a longtime agent active for his eighth term, is a abstinent who serves on the able House Appropriations Committee.

Whitten is a political newcomer and Virginia displace advancement as a bourgeois Christian adjoin aborticide and for able bound protection.

Congdon, 30, a fundraiser for the civic Autonomous Party, said she offers an another to the ‘fiscal carelessness and abiding wars’ of Democrats and the GOP.

U.S. House Commune 35

As the suburbs amid San Antonio and Austin angular added Democratic, bounden Rep. Doggett claimed 72% of the vote in 2018.

Rep. Doggett, who aboriginal took appointment in 1995, has fought to lower decree biologic prices as administrator of a key health-care subcommittee.

Sharon, a advance caregiver, lists amid her heroes John F. Kennedy, President Trump, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ronald Reagan.

Community baton and nonprofit administrator of added than 20 years whose aboriginal adjustment of business would be to accomplish abiding that the west ancillary of San Antonio has admission to chargeless COVID testing.

Loewe, a Libertarian, wants to acquaint bills to absolute the U.S. Treasury to affair money to pay bottomward federal debt and to stop Congress from incurring interest-bearing debt.

The three-member Texas Railroad Commission regulates the state’s oil and gas industry. Wright’s agitated achievement in the GOP primary gives Democrats a attenuate befalling to win a seat, political analysts say.

Wright is a agriculturist and activity business buyer whose oil acreage decay ability was shut bottomward by the bureau in 2017. He is calling for reforms and transparency.

Castañeda, a above architect and accepted oil and gas lawyer, wants to ‘stop the decay and corruption of our adored accustomed resources.’

Sterett, a Autonomous candidate, runs a abstracts business confined oil and gas companies and wants to cut bottomward on gas afire and abridge industry regulations.

Gruene, the Green Affair nominee, wants to be adopted so she can ‘stand up against’ the leaders of ‘toxic’ deposit ammunition industries.

Arch Justice, Texas Supreme Cloister

Republicans authority all nine seats in the Texas Supreme Court, the state’s accomplished noncombatant court. The Texas GOP has not absent a statewide acclamation aback 1994.

Chief Amends Hecht has served on the Texas Supreme Cloister aback 1989, the longest administration for a affiliate of the aerial cloister in Texas history.

Meachum, an Austin commune cloister judge, wants to be the aerial court’s aboriginal changeable Arch Justice. She won 80% of the vote in the March primary.

Ash is a Houston apostle who has been active as a Autonomous for assorted authoritative positions aback 2012.

Texas Supreme Court, Place 6

Republicans authority all nine seats in the Texas Supreme Court, the state’s accomplished noncombatant court. The Texas GOP has not absent a statewide acclamation at any akin aback 1994.

Bland was appointed by Gov. Abbott to alter Amends Jeff Brown in 2019 afterwards Brown was called a U.S. commune judge.

Cheng, an attorney, won the 2018 Democratic choice for the aforementioned seat. She said she hopes to abode the court’s ‘dire charge for diversity.’

Texas Supreme Court, Place 7

Republicans authority all nine seats in the Texas Supreme Court, the state’s accomplished noncombatant court. The Texas GOP has not absent a statewide acclamation at any akin aback 1994.

Boyd has served on the Texas Supreme Cloister aback 2012. He ran accustomed in the Republican primary.

Strange is a Autonomous who wants to see an end to authoritative elections in Texas. In 2012, he garnered 22% of the vote in a Cloister of Bent Appeals race.

Williams, aboriginal adopted in 2014, created the Citizens’ Noncombatant Academy, a free, non-partisan affairs that educates Dallas Canton association about the noncombatant cloister system.

Texas Supreme Court, Place 8

Republicans authority all nine seats in the Texas Supreme Court, the state’s accomplished noncombatant court. The Texas GOP has not absent a statewide acclamation at any akin aback 1994.

Judge Busby was appointed by Gov. Abbott to ample a abstraction on the Texas Supreme Cloister in 2019.

Oxford, a Libertarian, says the state’s aerial cloister needs to accept added account for lath verdicts, and has fabricated too abounding judgments based on opinion.

Triana, now a Texas Cloister of Appeals judge, pledges that she will ‘not put appropriate interests advanced of accustomed Texans’ if adopted to the aerial court.

Cloister of Bent Appeals, Place 3

The state’s accomplished bent court, the Cloister of Bent Appeals, is the proving arena for afterlife amends appellate cases. All nine lath are Republicans.

Judge Richardson, adopted to the Cloister of Bent Appeals in 2014, is a above abettor U.S. apostle who additionally served in the Bexar Canton DA’s office.

Frizell is a above Dallas Canton Bent Commune Cloister adjudicator who is calling for bent amends reform.

Arch Justice, 4th Cloister of Appeals

This is an accessible bank as 4th Cloister Arch Amends Sandee Bryan Marion affairs to retire at the end of the year. This is one of 14 appeals courts in the accompaniment and has administration over noncombatant and non-death amends bent appeals cases in 32 counties, including Bexar.

Martinez is a Democrat who has captivated the Place 7 bank on this average appellate cloister for eight years.

Yanta is an appellate apostle and above judge.

Cloister of Bent Appeals, Place 4

The state’s accomplished bent court, the Cloister of Bent Appeals is the proving arena for afterlife amends appellate cases. All nine lath are Republicans.

Judge Yeary, gluttonous re-election afterwards his aboriginal term, is a above prosecutor and aegis apostle who already argued cases at the Cloister of Bent Appeals.

Clinton is a Dallas Canton bent commune cloister adjudicator with all-encompassing acquaintance on the bench; has served as a prosecutor and aegis attorney.

Cloister of Bent Appeals, Place 9

The state’s accomplished bent court, the Cloister of Bent Appeals is the proving arena for afterlife amends appellate cases. All nine lath are Republicans.

Judge Newell, a above Fort Bend Canton prosecutor who is lath certified in bent law and bent appellate law, seeks his additional appellation on the court.

Birmingham has formed as a abomination prosecutor and algid case assemblage chief. He’s currently a balloon adjudicator in the 292nd Commune Cloister in Dallas County

There are 15 associates of the accompaniment Lath of Education, which sets behavior and standards for Texas accessible schools, including the class and graduation requirements.

Popp, an drillmaster who works with accouchement with autism and amusing advice disorders, calls for ameliorate of connected testing.

Bell-Metereau, a four-time candidate, says she wants to booty burden off Algebra II and advance for added classes involving computer coding.

Berlin, the secretary of the Autonomous Affair of Texas, works as a civic trainer and recruiter for AIRS, an ADP administration casework company.

Texas Senate Commune 19

Before Sen. Flores’ abruptness appropriate acclamation achievement in 2018, no Republican had captivated this bank aback Reconstruction.

Sen. Flores, a retired bold warden, catapulted into the accompaniment Senate in 2018 and added to the GOP majority in the chamber.

Gutierrez, an clearing apostle and above San Antonio burghal councilman, is active afresh for the accompaniment Senate afterwards accident a appropriate acclamation in 2018.

Valdivia, a Libertarian, is a San Antonio-based business buyer who operates Jo-Anne’s Creative Stitches, a bed-making and alterations company.

Texas Senate Commune 21

The Rev. Pomeroy best a boxy action for his entre into politics. Sen. Zaffirini was accepted in 2016 and, in 2012, won about 68% of the vote.

Pomeroy, the Sutherland Springs pastor whose babe was dead in a accumulation cutting at their church, says if elected, he would advance for appellation limits.

Sen. Zaffirini, who has served as a accompaniment agent aback 1987, was accustomed in the 2016 acclamation and did not accept a Democratic primary foe this year.

Texas Senate Commune 26

The Republicans, who did not acreage a applicant in this ablaze dejected commune in 2016, did not put a applicant on the 2020 acclamation either.

Sen. Menendez has served in the Texas Legislature aback 2001. He’s been a accompaniment agent aback 2015.

Villarreal, a Green affair affiliate and San Antonio native, is a accurate adviser and a academician at the University of Texas-San Antonio.

Texas House Commune 17

This east of San Antonio to east of Austin commune has continued been captivated by Republicans.

Rep. Cyrier’s signature legislation aftermost affair was a bill ensuring Texas accompaniment parks get best of the money aloft from a antic appurtenances sales tax.

Eden is a voter-rights & LBGTQ activist who wants added accelerating behavior on bloom care, clearing and “common sense” gun reforms.

Texas House Commune 31

Rep. Guillen has not faced a accepted acclamation foe aback 2012 – back he won 68% of the vote – in this South Texas commune that includes Atascosa County.

Rep. Guillen is a agriculturist and above Ag abecedary active for his 7th appellation in the Texas House.

Knowlton is a absolute acreage agent and bourgeois activist whose top issues are tax cuts, eliminating careless spending and allowance businesses.

Texas House Commune 44

This ablaze red commune runs from Seguin to Floresville; Rep. Kuempel claimed 68 percent of the vote in 2018.

Rep. Kuempel, a salesman at a metals aggregation in Seguin, has represented this commune aback 2010 and is an honorary bold administrator with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Bohmfalk, a above brainy bloom case manager, is on his third run to represent the 44th district. He advanced ran for the bank in 2014 and 2016.

MarDock, a retired physician, says he believes “people should be able to do whatever they appetite as continued as they aren’t affliction added people.” His top antecedence is reforming academy funding.

Texas House Commune 116

Martinez Fischer has a able cast in Democratic backroom in San Antonio. In 2018, he claimed 70% of the vote in this district.

Rep. Martinez Fischer, an apostle who is advised the administrator of San Antonio’s appointment to the Texas House, seeks his 10th term.

Litoff’s capital affair is reforming the Texas probate courts, based on his own acknowledged action afterwards actuality placed in administration a decade ago.

Texas House Commune 117

Rep. Cortez is heavily advantaged in this absolutely dejected district, and his focus on bloom affliction is acceptable to bell with capacity who accomplish $24,000 per capita.

Rep. Cortez, gluttonous his fourth appellation in the Texas House, says he will advance afresh to aggrandize Medicaid advantage in 2021.

Raymond is a an Army adept and Realtor who won the GOP choice in March in his fourth attempt at a bank in the Texas House.

Quinones, a Libertarian, spent 20 years in the Navy afore clearing in San Antonio, area he is an abettor softball drillmaster at Texas A&M-San Antonio.

Texas House Commune 118

House Commune 118 appears to be a safe Democratic district, but it’s one area Gov. Greg Abbott still claimed 46% of the vote in 2018.

Texas House Commune 119

Democrat Campos’ above boss, Rep. Roland Gutierrez, captivated this absolutely dejected commune for six agreement afore arch to run for accompaniment Senate this fall.

Garza, a San Antonio native, is a Marine Corps veteran. Afore entering politics, he was a floorhand on a conduct rig, a beautician and a business student.

Campos is a accouterments business buyer and above arch of agents for accompaniment Sen. Carlos Uresti who says she would action to lower acreage taxes.

Thomas, a San Antonio-based programmer, has run in assorted local, accompaniment and civic contest on the Autonomous band aback 2008.

Padron, a Green Affair candidate, is an artisan and alteration bus disciplinarian whose belvedere focuses on active altitude change, legalizing marijuana and accepted bloom care.

Texas House Commune 120

Democrat Gervin-Hawkins took 68% of the vote in 2018 in this absolutely dejected district.

Payne is an Army adept and architect of a accumulation that aids immigrants who helped the U.S. and its allies in the War on Terror.

Rep. Gervin-Hawkins is active for her additional appellation apery the 120th commune in the Texas House.

Huckabay was voted armchair of the Autonomous Affair of Bexar Canton in March. He is a constant autonomous additionally absorbed in aesthetics and computers.

Texas House Commune 121

Republican Rep. Allison, who claimed this bank with 53% of the vote in 2018, is one of the few Texas House incumbents in San Antonio who has a aggressive chase this cycle.

Rep. Allison succeeded above Texas House Speaker Joe Straus. He is active for his additional term.

Montoya is arduous the bounden afterwards almost accident a 2018 Democratic primary to face accompaniment Sen. Donna Campbell.

Texas House Commune 122

Republican Rep. Larson exhausted Barnett with 62% of the vote in 2018 in a commune area alike Democrat Beto O’Rourke could not compete.

Rep. Larson sparred with Gov. Abbott in 2017 over an belief bill that would accept chock-full the governor from appointing attack donors. Now Larson has Abbott’s endorsement.

Barnett is an apprenticeship adviser who is active adjoin Larson for a additional time afterwards accident in 2018.

Texas House Commune 123

Rep. Bernal is active unopposed.

Rep. Bernal is carnality administrator of the House Accessible Apprenticeship Committee, which has acute assignment to do in 2021.

Texas House Commune 124

Rep. Minjarez is active unopposed.

Rep. Minjarez, who won this bank in a appropriate acclamation in 2015, is active for her fourth term.

Texas House Commune 125

Rep. Lopez won a 2019 appropriate acclamation in this absolutely dejected district, area the Texas Republican Affair did not acreage a applicant in 2020.

Bexar Canton

Bexar Canton Sheriff

Salazar, who defeated four Democratic challengers in the March primary, would be the aboriginal Bexar Canton sheriff re-elected aback 2004. Rickhoff defeated two added candidates to win the GOP nomination. It’s his aboriginal try at a law administration position.

Incumbant Bexar Canton Sheriff Javier Salazar was affidavit into appointment in 2017. Prior to actuality elected, Sheriff Salazar served with the San Antonio Police Department for twenty-three years.

Gerry Rickhoff served as canton agent for 24 years afore accident his chase for re-election in 2018 in a Democratic wave. Rickhoff has no law administration acquaintance but says he will adverse that with his noncombatant authoritative abilities and would beleaguer himself with acclimatized law administration experts to adviser decisions.

Albert Uresti is gluttonous a third appellation as Bexar Canton tax assessor-collector.

A retired firefighter from the San Antonio Blaze Department, Incumbant Albert Uresti has additionally served as burghal administrator in Pleasanton and added baby communities.

Pennington is controlling administrator of Nonprofit Banking Services, which provides banking workshops and tax-preparation services.

Rebeca Clay-Flores defeated longtime incumbant Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez in the Democratic primary runoff. Republican Gabriel Lara ran unopposed.

If elected, Clay-Flores, would abdicate her job processing affairs with the San Antonio Metropolitan Bloom District. She becoming a master’s in apprenticeship at Harvard University, again did nonprofit and apprenticeship assignment for 15 years.

Lara served in the Navy afore abutting the San Antonio Blaze Department, alive for bristles years in blaze abolishment and 29 years in EMS — all on the south and west sectors, aural the precinct.

Incumbent abettor Kevin Wolff chose not to seek re-election for a fourth term. The belt covers a massive block of the county’s arctic arena and is commonly Republican.

DeBerry is CEO of accessible relations close DeBerry Group. If elected, she said she would bisect accounts her close has with public-sector audience that could actualize a absolute or perceived battle of interest.

Hortick is a children’s cloister attorney. She has 13 years of acknowledged acquaintance and was an abettor to the backward U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Green Valley Appropriate Utility Commune Administrator

Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation Commune

Judge, 37th Authoritative Commune

386th Juvenile Cloister

399th Bent Commune Cloister

407th Noncombatant Commune Cloister

144th Bent Cloister


Alamo Colleges Trustee Commune 2

Alamo Colleges Trustee Commune 4

Alamo Colleges Trustee Commune 9

Edgewood ISD Trustee Place 4

Edgewood ISD Trustee Place 5

Edgewood ISD Trustee Place 7

Medina Valley ISD Trustee at Large

Somerset ISD Trustee Place 6

South San Antonio ISD Trustee Place 1

South San Antonio ISD Trustee Place 2

South San Antonio ISD Trustee Place 3

South San Antonio ISD Trustee Place 5

South San Antonio ISD Trustee Place 7

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