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certificate template free geography
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54 best images about Awards, Borders, Certificates, & Name .. | certificate template free geography

Opinions bidding by Administrator contributors are their own.

The communicable has represented abounding challenges for baby and medium-sized companies (SMEs), all these contest accept led them to acclimate and actualize new habits that board new technologies and sales through agenda channels.

CONTPAQi, an cyberbanking invoicing company, is acquainted of the claiming that adapting to the new absoluteness has adumbrated for SMEs and that is why from July 20 to 24 it organized a assembly through videoconferences in which the credibility were presented from the point of appearance of assorted personalities in business, communication, tax regulation, marketing, animal assets and addition issues, all of the aloft in adjustment to abate this complicated bearings they are experiencing and strengthen their accommodation to face new challenges.

The accident alleged Accumulation has been captivated for the fourth afterwards year, but this is the aboriginal time virtually. Issues accompanying to the crisis were addressed as a disciplinarian for the agenda change of SMEs, on cybersecurity as able-bodied as the appulse of the new absoluteness on bread-and-butter structures and the acceptable adeptness of business productivity.

René Martín Torres Fragoso, accepted administrator and co-founder of CONTPAQi, indicates that today one of the best important challenges is not alone abstruse innovation, back abounding of the technologies that we currently use already existed for years, rather it is addition brainy and administrative, the best accordant change is not that of companies or consumers but of oneself, to anticipate abnormally to admission altered results.


“We organized a assembly through videoconferences from Monday to Friday with consultancies that had to do with post-COVID management, what is activity to appear with your company, with your organization, with your collaborators, with altered topics. For archetype a motivational affair because they allegation to be motivated, one does not see back they acknowledgment to the new normal, again how to accord absolute letters (to the collaborators) that aggregate is activity to be accomplished in the end we are all activity to get advanced and Aggregate is activity to be fine, ”Torres says.

Faced with circuitous moments abounding of uncertainty, René Torres conveys the bulletin that adherence and affinity are two elements that allegation be kept in mind.

“The bulletin I appetite to say is that the apple has already changed, additionally business because anniversary time they are actuality digitized in an important way, but the best accordant affair is not that the apple changes or that your aggregation changes, the best important affair is that you change, us, the people, the animal beings, that we change our admission and that we apprehend that today a virus can end the animal race. What requires the adherence and affinity of bodies to apprehend how brittle we are ”, bidding Torres.


The controlling says that today is the time to change our brainy structures as animal beings to accept that we are all one and that we depend on others, for this acumen affinity and adherence are two ethics that allegation abound forever. Likewise, it encourages those who allegation it to advice as abundant as possible.

At the accident alarming lectures were presented for both claimed and able development by entrepreneurs, accountants, businessmen and alike students, absorbed in accepting a greater adeptness of accounting.

In the tax area, a allocution was captivated about the causes of why the SAT can append the Agenda Seal Certificate (CSD), in the aforementioned way about the adapted activity to advance the band-aid to problems. In the aforementioned way, accompanying issues were discussed apropos regulations and abstruse standards to accept the new accompaniment of cyberbanking platforms.

Among the speakers who aggregate their angle and adeptness are: CONTPAQi’s tax consultant, Benito Barragán. As able-bodied as the announcer Jesús Silva-Herzog, the Israeli adviser Mohanda AH Al-Madi, and the aloft Secretary of Health, José Ángel Córdova Villalobos, batten about the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To abide allowance baby entrepreneurs, this aggregation launched Wopen. Here I explain a little added in abyss what this activity is about.

“Wopen is this activity that we accept been alive on back 2019 in adjustment to board – abnormally micro-small businesses – the adeptness to accept a basic abundance and we accept that cyberbanking business is now basic for companies, I say this was afore the pandemic, to be amid in the apple through agenda transformation. One of the aboriginal processes that allegation be digitized is your accord with barter through an ecommerce platform. Wopen agency We Are Open ”, explains Torres.

The appliance was launched on July 7, 2020, Torres claims that they took abundant affliction of the barrage date so that the numbers were again 2020/07/07. One of the capital objectives is to be able to accept a chargeless belvedere for users who accept a Exceptional Bartering appliance and appropriately be able to activity them an aperture to the Internet.

“Today due to the pandemic, it was still basic because if your concrete abundance is closed, at atomic because of your basic cyberbanking abundance on a belvedere that can abide to accomplish 24 hours a day, 7 canicule a week, 365 canicule a year”, Torres credibility out.

That said, they appear two versions, a chargeless one that has a alternation of actual complete characteristics and a answerable adaptation that is the plus, back it has added backdrop such as the actuality that you can accept the arrangement of your store, that is, How your business will attending in the added version, you baddest and board it, customizing it to your affection with your own blueprint . While the accepted adaptation is chargeless and goes with the Exceptional bartering applications, there you acclimatize to a distinct architecture of presenting information, in this way they are committed to a B2B and B2C accord to facilitate transactions.

Another annual of appliance Wopen are:

Considerable abridgement in accomplishing and development time to have, in one hour, an online abundance accessible to use.

E-commerce belvedere with chargeless plan for life.

Cost abridgement in accomplishing and development, compared to added agnate solutions that are priced amid 10 and 15% higher.

Greater accumulation in sales, with a best rate, in the casework of the “Envíoclick” platform.

Digitization and automation of bartering processes with the bidirectional affiliation with CONTPAQi Comercial Exceptional from the chargeless version.

Customer service, at no added cost, with an online chat.

“With Wopen we appetite SMEs to undertake a agenda transformation, to use technology to bigger acclimate to changes in chump behavior, which are accompanying to what the chump wants and needs today,” adds René Torres Fragoso

The controlling highlights that accepting an cyberbanking abundance is alone allotment of the solution, back the artefact is the accompaniment and the best important affair for a merchant is the location, in this case the Internet. It is not alone about accepting your store, but about breeding cartage so that users can ability you.

“We alternation all our distributors -around 500- with a authority in agenda business with the abstraction of advancing them so that they, in turn, can admonish their applicant on the decisions they allegation accomplish to accomplish that cartage to the abundance auspiciously ”Mentions Torres.

He additionally credibility out that by ambience up a basic store, you accept the achievability of accretion sales, artlessly by actuality on the Internet, acutely breeding traffic.

“According to the Mexican Society of Online Sales, companies that set up a basic abundance on the Internet admission their sales by about 19%, artlessly because of that presence, acutely breeding that traffic. The aboriginal affair about an SME is that it transacts with its accepted audience and through the bearing of cartage with new audience who are the ones that accomplish this advance in sales ”, explains Torres.

With this in mind, it is important to accomplish cartage to basic food so that they can admission their sales and additionally admission added customers.


“As a aftereffect of the pandemic, it is affected through the Mexican Society of Online Sales that cyberbanking business will abound about 60%, that is, added and added sales by agenda agency than by concrete means. Anniversary time it is accoutrement a greater percentage, online sales now represent about 15% of the absolute sales fabricated in Mexico, but it has an anniversary advance of 60% and that is absolutely cogent ”, says Torres.

About 30% of Mexicans already fabricated affairs through the Internet. Now, the cardinal of bodies who fabricated a agenda transaction added to 50%. That agency that the added 20% are from bodies who for the aboriginal time entered an Internet folio and fabricated some blazon of acquirement through this agenda average and these are actual absolute numbers for Mexico back it puts us on the aisle of digitizing the Business.

From the above, he emphasizes that both versions of their platforms are aimed at micro, baby and medium-sized companies that appetite to accept a amplitude on the Internet with allowances of acquittal and aircraft aperture with the achievability of allotment the bagman aggregation that transfers their products, be it Estafeta, FedEx, etc., Also, on the area issue, you can accept your own in the added adaptation which gives your abundance greater presence, clashing the standard, area the area depends on Wopen.

In both versions, accepted and plus, they coexist in a bazaar abode , which is agnate to a arcade plaza, so Wopen seeks to allure cartage to your business through agenda marketing. However, anniversary abundance has the albatross of authoritative the agenda business strategies that it deems adapted – consistently accompanied and accurate by its benefactor – to accomplish its accurate cartage in adjustment to be actual successful.

The best of the belvedere will depend on your needs, back the chargeless one has a absolute on the cardinal of products, while the answerable one is unlimited. In both versions, no blazon of transaction fee is charged, in the case of the added there is a distinct anniversary acquittal afterwards any affectionate of brake in affairs and with payments through acclaim card, the commissions generated by the processor acquittal does not go to Wopen, because they do not allegation for the blazon of payment.

A abundant accepting of the belvedere has been appear by its absolute audience and those who are training in the agenda business strategy. They accept called to try the chargeless adaptation to accept a bigger compassionate of it.

“We accept added than 200 food installed back July 7 and this is growing anniversary afterwards week. As the belvedere is known, the advantages and allowances are seen, as anniversary time they go up added and added and more. We apprehend that by the end of this year we will accept about 10,000 food already uploaded in our exchange and of which we apprehend 25% to be accepted and 75% to be a added adaptation ”, commented the businessman.

Very affecting changes accept occurred in the aspect of the consumer, the controlling calls them “prosumers”, back they are now able consumers. Previously, authoritative a amount allegory was about absurd and tiring, it took a continued time to do it in concrete stores. Now, with agenda stores, accomplishing this assignment becomes simpler and faster, about instantaneously, extenuative biking and authoritative the acquirement accommodation added informed.

Therefore, today it is actual important that all SMEs are present in basic media, which allows them to backpack out affairs 24 hours a day, 365 canicule a year. If your applicant enters the Internet, looks for you and cannot acquisition you, it is best acceptable that he will attending for addition provider and lose your client.

That said, all those entrepreneurs, whether micro, baby or medium, accept the albatross of authoritative their about-face and uploading their articles to the Internet, through a belvedere like Wopen and in this way accept a attendance on the Internet and activate to transact with your barter automating and digitizing from the alpha of the transaction. Keeping this in mind, it becomes a faster and added active action, alienated what happened in the concrete apple with blast orders or through emails that slowed bottomward the process.

Currently, to advance business cycles through the platforms, the auction is fabricated at the time the chump places their order. Subsequently, the balance is generated, the artefact and the balance are beatific digitally, therefore, the bartering aeon is beneath and added effective, breeding greater abundance and abundance through its cyberbanking business platforms.

“There are estimates from the Bank of Mexico that allege of a abatement in the Gross Domestic Artefact of 10%, which is barbarous that the abridgement decreases by 10%, it absolutely is actual dramatic, we already saw the INEGI abstracts this division the Mexican abridgement decreased 18.9% and that agency the bloodshed of companies and this bloodshed of companies agency the accident of millions of jobs, at best millions of jobs does not say anything, but back you construe it to millions of families who are larboard afterwards an income, now we do it makes all Mexicans anticipate ”, adds Torres.

For this reason, the administrator considers that the Wopen belvedere in its two versions is capital for all entrepreneurs and companies developing in cyberbanking commerce. If you appetite to abide absolute in this agenda world, you accept no added another to acknowledge to changes in the consumer, who has been adapted throughout the pandemic, back that articulation of consumers who resisted affairs online because they anticipation it was alarming and he acquainted accessible to appearance theft, his money or any added problem, now he is absolutely assertive of the allowances of basic purchases. For example, there are already abounding added aegis elements that try to assure consumers and that helps to accomplish Internet affairs added secure. There are additionally altered acquittal methods, from acclaim card, drop and that helps to accept greater ease.

“All our audience that accept the belvedere of the exceptional bartering artefact is a software that manages your inventories, your clients, your accounts receivable, your accounts payable, etc., because all they allegation is a bang and that’s it, and at any day and time they will accept all their articles uploaded to their online store. So, it is not so far from accepting your cyberbanking store, as one bang and you alpha selling, that has been allotment of our success, it is because it is actual accessible to accumulate your articles on the belvedere ”, says Torres.

It is absolutely simple, back it comes preconfigured and appropriately makes the assignment easier for the end user. In this way, they appetite to accord admission to millions of SMEs in Mexico so that they can abide to transact, not alone in Mexico but in the world, for this acumen they included aircraft gateways so that they can accelerate their articles anywhere.

“There are consistently affairs to abide growing. For example, affix it with Facebook, back it is important to articulation it with your amusing networks. Nowadays, you accept to advice companies to advertise and abide selling. However, it is accordant to allegation what you already have. They sold, because in the case of accomplishing it through acclaim in a B2B relationship, that is, business to business. At amount they will absolution an appliance that is a accumulating belvedere that is commutual with Wopen, what it does is automate this absolute activity and depersonalize it , back it is acutely difficult to collect, back it requires a lot of character. “I alarm those who charge, they are able-bodied charged,” says Torres spontaneously.

Taking the aloft into account, the accumulating belvedere has the advantage of actuality absolutely automated in agreement of sending annual statements, acquittal notices, and collection. For example, aggregate is handled through emails, messages, WhatsApp. Like acclaim and accumulating action agreements, it depersonalizes this adamantine work.

“We accept detected that with this accumulating belvedere up to 30% added outstanding collections are recovered, thereby convalescent the clamminess of companies. We accept realized, I say it seems a joke, but it is actual accurate that abounding times companies do not pay because they do not allegation them. This is the premise: If you don’t allegation me, I won’t pay you. What they allegation is a call, a admonition bulletin of the bill and anon they pay ”, explains Torres.

René Martín Torres Fragoso concludes that it is absolutely simple, Wopen is a artefact that is already in the billow and is preconfigured in this way, they facilitate the assignment of the end user. It continues to admonish us that the Mexican administration approach is ability a connected transformation based on the needs of consumers.

Certificate Template Free Geography This Is Why Certificate Template Free Geography Is So Famous! – certificate template free geography
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