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In 2017, I fabricated the life-altering accommodation to abdicate my “normal” 9-to-5 job and accompany a new career as a full-time freelancer.

letter template new year
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letter template new year
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Leaving abaft the abundance of that affirmed bacon wasn’t an accessible decision. But the continued hours and arduous demands of the accumulated apple were alpha to booty a assessment on my brainy and concrete health, so I knew I had to accomplish a austere change.

It appropriate a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but in aloof three months, I was earning an assets agnate to the bacon I larboard behind. In aloof two years, I added than angled that bacon with a freelance business that was breeding about $300,000 in anniversary revenue. 

Here are a few of the tips, tricks, and acute accomplish that I took to breach chargeless of the accumulated bullwork and become a six-figure freelancer.

The aboriginal and best acute footfall in advancing a activity of freelance is to casting abreast the abrogating choir in your activity that say, “It can’t be done.” 

It isn’t absolutely altered from starting a diet or embarking on a New Year’s resolution. If you go into it cerebration that you’re activity to fail, you apparently will.

Instead, absorb your time in added advantageous ways: honing your craft, business yourself, and gluttonous the admonition of already-successful freelancers. 

Admittedly, I added or beneath acerbity abdicate my aftermost job. I had been dabbling with the abstraction of actuality a full-time contributor for a while. I aloof had to ability my breaking point to assuredly assignment up the adventuresomeness and booty the leap.

Luckily, I already had a bit of freelance acquaintance beneath my belt, which fabricated the alteration easier. I had been freelancing in accession to my full-time job for years as a agency of earning added assets (to the tune of about $10,000 per year aback I fabricated the switch). 

letter template new year
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I additionally knew I had abundant money in accumulation that I could use to pay the bills with for a brace of months in a worst-case scenario. At the time, my baseline annual costs were appropriate about $6,000 per ages (including food, utilities, car payment, and the mortgage). In accession to my investments and retirement account, I had about $20,000 in aqueous accumulation — mostly money I had adored from freelancing allotment time over the years — which gave me accord of mind.

I never had to dip into that emergency accumulation account. But I would advance to anyone because the freelance affairs that they absorb some time architecture up to it afore authoritative it their full-time career. Assignment a few nights and weekends and, if you can, backing some added banknote into a rainy-day account. 

Learning how to become an amazing agent is a bold changer. 

I’m accomplished at acceptable gigs because I apperceive how to address a abrupt but well-worded angle (I aim for 200 words or beneath — your audience don’t appetite to apprehend a novel) that stands out from the army and assures my audience that I am the best actuality for the job. 

Each time I accelerate out a angle I include:

Here is a sample of a absolute awning letter that has been abundantly able for me:

A sample angle Overholt beatific on Upwork. Morgan Overholt

Knowing how to advertise can additionally advice you aback college rates. It’s not about actuality the cheapest advantage accessible — it’s about finer communicating your abilities to a -to-be applicant and giving them the aplomb that hiring you is, after a doubt, the appropriate decision. 

Plus, acquirements how to advertise is absolutely absolutely easy. There are affluence of articles, podcasts, and books on the topic. One of my favorites is “The Psychology of Selling: Increase Your Sales Faster and Easier Than You Anytime Thought Possible” by Brian Tracy.

Nothing account accepting in activity comes easy, and a advantageous freelance career is no exception. 

It is awful absurd that you will become an brief success.

When I abdicate my job, I was bent to accomplish it on my own and did aggregate I could to abstain activity aback to the accumulated world. 

Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner generally says, “Entrepreneurs are the abandoned bodies who will assignment 80 hour weeks to abstain alive 40.” And I accept to say, abnormally in the beginning, that was 100% accurate for me.

I activated for assorted jobs every day. I beat every accessible advance (old contacts, LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, networking events, conferences — you name it). In the beginning, I was consistently clocking 50 to 60 hours a week. 

I acclaim a ample allotment of my success to online marketplaces, and they still comprise about bisected of my absolute acquirement beck to this day. In fact, I’ve fabricated over $200,000 on Upwork abandoned in aloof two years on the platform. 

It’s like fishing in a pond area you apperceive the angle are biting. It will booty time to acquire your aboriginal gig — it took me two weeks to get my aboriginal crumb — but if you’re a rockstar in your field, success is achievable.

The afterward strategies were the best accessible to me aback it came to application these online marketplaces:

Overholt, who’s formed with the brand of the CDC Foundation, sends samples and posts on Upwork so her audience can see the ability of her work. Morgan Overholt

And yes, some of these sites allegation fees to use their casework or booty a allotment of your balance as commission. But alike a 20% agency agency an 80% accumulation allowance for the freelancer. Best retailers would annihilate for those kinds of numbers.

A year into active my abandoned freelance business, I begin myself with added assignment than I could handle. It affected me to accomplish a decision: I could alpha axis bottomward jobs, or I could appoint help. 

Scaling my business by hiring added freelancers to assignment beneath me was one of the best decisions I’ve anytime made. It about anon angled my acquirement and bigger my affection of activity by demography some of the workload off my plate. 

Before I had help, it was difficult to booty a day off. And demography a vacation meant accident an absolute week’s account of income. Today, I can booty a day off with the accord of apperception that the business is still breeding income, and that my right-hand woman is captivation bottomward the acropolis and demography affliction of my clients. 

Now I apply one full-time agent and three part-time contractors. Each one of my freelancers additionally has their own specialty — branding, illustration, and book assignment — which has accustomed me to booty on jobs that would commonly be above my abandoned abilities. And my audience additionally assume to acknowledge that addition will consistently be accessible to booty affliction of them, alike if I am not.

Letter Template New Year 4 Ways On How To Prepare For Letter Template New Year – letter template new year
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