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This commodity helps you break the problems of Kerberos affidavit abortion back a user belongs to abounding groups.

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Certificate Vector Template – Download Free Vectors .. | certificate template svg

Original artefact version:   Windows 10 – all editions, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2Original KB number:   327825

A user who belongs to a ample cardinal of aegis groups has problems authenticating. Back authenticating, the user may see a bulletin such as HTTP 400 – Bad Appeal (Request Attack too long. The user additionally has problems accessing resources, and the user’s Accumulation Policy settings may not amend correctly.

For added advice about the ambience of the error, see HTTP 400 Bad Appeal (Request Attack too long) responses to HTTP requests.


Under agnate conditions, Windows NTLM affidavit works as expected. You may not see the Kerberos affidavit botheration unless you assay the Windows behavior. However, in such scenarios, Windows may not be able to amend Accumulation Policy settings.

This behavior occurs in any of the currently accurate Windows versions. For advice about the currently accurate versions of Windows, see Windows lifecycle actuality sheet.

The user cannot accredit because the admission that Kerberos builds to represent the user is not ample abundant to accommodate all of the user’s accumulation memberships.

As allotment of the Affidavit Account Exchange, Windows builds a badge to represent the user for purposes of authorization. This badge (also alleged an allotment context) includes the aegis identifiers (SID) of the user, and the SIDs of all of the groups that the user belongs to. It additionally includes any SIDs that are stored in the user account’s sIDHistory attribute. Kerberos food this badge in the Privilege Aspect Certificate (PAC) abstracts anatomy in the Kerberos Ticket-Getting Admission (TGT). Starting with Windows Server 2012, Kerberos additionally food the badge in the Active Directory Claims advice (Dynamic Admission Control) abstracts anatomy in the Kerberos ticket. If the user is a affiliate of a ample cardinal of groups, and if there are abounding claims for the user or the accessory that is actuality used, these fields can absorb lots of spaces in the ticket.

The token has a anchored best admeasurement (MaxTokenSize). Transport protocols such as alien action alarm (RPC) and HTTP await on the MaxTokenSize amount back they admeasure buffers for affidavit operations. MaxTokenSize has the afterward absence value, depending on the adaptation of Windows that builds the token:

Generally, if the user belongs to added than 120 accepted groups, the absence MaxTokenSize amount does not actualize a ample abundant absorber to authority the information. The user cannot accredit and may accept an out of anamnesis message. Additionally, Windows may not be able to administer Accumulation Policy settings for the user.

certificate template svg
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Vector Certificate Template Stock Illustration – Download .. | certificate template svg


Other factors additionally affect the best cardinal of groups. For example, SIDs for all-around and domain-local groups accept abate amplitude requirements. Windows Server 2012 and afterwards versions add affirmation advice to the Kerberos ticket, and additionally abbreviate ability SIDs. Both appearance change the amplitude requirements.

To boldness this problem, amend the anthology on anniversary computer that participates in the Kerberos affidavit process, including the applicant computers. We acclaim that you amend all of your Windows-based systems, abnormally if your users accept to log on beyond assorted domains or forests.

On anniversary of these computers, set the MaxTokenSize anthology admission to a beyond value. You can acquisition this admission in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlLsaKerberosParameters subkey. The computers accept to restart afterwards you accomplish this change.

For added advice about free a new amount for MaxTokenSize, see the Calculating the best badge admeasurement area of this article.

For example, accede a user who is appliance a web appliance that relies on a SQL Server client. As allotment of the affidavit process, the SQL Server applicant passes the user’s badge to a back-end SQL Server database. In this case, you would charge to configure the MaxTokenSize anthology admission on anniversary of the afterward computers:

In Windows Server 2012 (and afterwards versions), Windows can log an accident (Event ID 31) if the badge admeasurement passes a assertive threshold. To accredit this behavior, you accept to configure the Accumulation Policy ambience Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesSystemKDCWarning for ample Kerberos tickets.

Use the afterward blueprint to annual the admeasurement of the badge that Windows generates for a accurate user. This adding helps you actuate whether you charge to change MaxTokenSize.

TokenSize = 1200 40d 8s

For Windows Server 2012 (and afterwards versions), this blueprint defines its apparatus as follows:

Windows Server 2008 R2 and beforehand versions use the aforementioned formula. However, these versions accede the cardinal of domain-local accumulation memberships to be allotment of the d amount instead of the s value.

If you accept a MaxTokenSize amount of 0x0000FFFF (64K), you may be able to absorber about 1600 d-class SIDs or about 8000 s-class SIDs. However, a cardinal of added factors admission the amount that you can cautiously use for MaxTokenSize, including the following:

If you use trusted for appointment accounts, each SID requires alert as abundant space.

If you accept assorted trusts, configure the trusts to clarify SIDs. This agreement reduces the appulse of the Kerberos admission size.

If you are appliance Windows Server 2012 or a afterwards version, the afterward factors additionally affect the SID amplitude requirements:

If you accept configured Kerberos to use airy delegation, you accept to bifold the TokenSize amount from the blueprint in adjustment to admission a accurate appraisal of MaxTokenSize.


In 2019, Microsoft alien updates to Windows that afflicted the absence agreement of airy appointment for Kerberos to disabled. For added information, see Updates to TGT appointment beyond admission trusts in Windows Server.

As ability SID compression is broadly acclimated and airy appointment is deprecated, MaxTokenSize of 48000 or beyond should become acceptable for all scenarios.

A MaxTokenSize amount of 48,000 bytes should be acceptable for best implementations. this is the absence amount in Windows Server 2012 and afterwards versions. However, if you adjudge to use a beyond value, analysis the accepted issues in this section.

Size absolute of 1,010 accumulation SIDs for the LSA admission token

This affair is agnate in that a user who has too abounding accumulation memberships cannot authenticate, but the calculations and conditions that administer the affair are different. For example, the user may appointment this affair while appliance either Kerberos affidavit or Windows NTLM authentication. For added information, see Logging on a user annual that is a affiliate of added than 1,010 groups may abort on a Windows Server-based computer.

Known issue when appliance ethics of MaxTokenSize beyond than 48,000

To abate a abnegation of account advance vector, Internet Advice Server (IIS) uses a bound HTTP appeal absorber admeasurement of 64 KB. A Kerberos ticket that is allotment of an HTTP appeal is encoded as Base64 (6 $.25 broadcast to 8 bits). Therefore, the Kerberos admission is appliance 133 percent of its aboriginal size. Therefore, back the best absorber admeasurement is 64 KB in IIS, the Kerberos admission can use 48,000 bytes.

If you set the MaxTokenSize anthology admission to a amount that is beyond than 48000 bytes, and the absorber amplitude is acclimated for SIDs, an IIS absurdity may occur. However, if you set the MaxTokenSize anthology admission to 48,000 bytes, and you use the amplitude for SIDs and claims, a Kerberos absurdity occurs.

For added advice about IIS absorber sizes, see How to absolute the attack admeasurement of the HTTP manual that IIS accepts from a applicant in Windows 2000.

Known issues back appliance ethics of MaxTokenSize beyond than 65,535

Previous versions of this commodity discussed ethics of up to 100,000 bytes for MaxTokenSize. However, we accept begin that versions of SMS Administrator accept problems back the MaxTokenSize is 100,000 bytes or larger.

We accept additionally articular that the IPSEC IKE agreement does not acquiesce a aegis BLOB to become beyond than 66,536 bytes, and it would additionally abort back MaxTokenSize is set to a beyond value.

Certificate Template Svg 2 Advice That You Must Listen Before Embarking On Certificate Template Svg – certificate template svg
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