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Compliance as cipher enables a aggregation to calmly adviser its acquiescence and accident situation. Custom configurations are about deployed beyond a company’s complete infrastructure, accouterment automatic ecology and advertisement with a arresting bulk of detail. In fact, in abounding cases, acquiescence as cipher can acquaint an alignment added about its basement than any of its animal staff.

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In this webinar, we discussed:

To accommodate acumen into the approaching of this key technology, I batten with three arch experts:

Corey Scobie, CTO, Chef Software

Curtis Barker, VP, Solution and Product Architecture, Rezilion

Oded Hareven, Co-Founder, CEO, AKEYLESS

Moderator: James Maguire, Managing Editor, Datamation

Download the podcast:

Transcript – see edited highlights below:

Maguire: I looked it up and this is my abbreviate analogue would be, acquiescence as cipher agency defining your acquiescence requirements in a animal and apparatus clear language, which is affectionate of adverse in the aboriginal place, because of course, machines and bodies don’t apprehend the aforementioned language. So Corey, advice me out. What is acquiescence as code?

Scobie: Machines and bodies about don’t apprehend the aforementioned language. I anticipate one of the challenges that we accept with acquiescence in the action is that often, it takes the anatomy of a accomplished agglomeration of baggy data. So for instance, acceptable acquiescence in the action looks like a PDF affidavit that neither a animal can adapt appropriately able-bodied and you absolutely can’t automate it.

So the accomplished abstraction of acquiescence as cipher is bidding to accompaniment and the aegis aspect of the technology brand that you have, whether that’s your compute or your appliance footprint, in some affectionate of architecture that can be automated, and that can advice drive array of that automation through the DevOps pipeline, through your billow environments, etc.

The way that we break that at Chef is we use a markup language, a DSL that helps arch the gap amid what is interpreted by the automation machines and ultimately makes it absolute clear from a animal perspective, so it is in actuality code, but it’s cipher that is so simple that everybody can adapt it. Now, that may or may not be accurate in assorted altered genitalia of the absolute ambit of acquiescence for us, that’s absolutely about the accompaniment of systems and the agreement of systems, so there’s array of an aspect to that, but I apperceive that the association at Rezilion and AKEYLESS additionally accept agnate array of artifacts that can be animal interpreted as able-bodied as drive the automation systems.

Maguire: what is the accord amid acquiescence in cipher and DevOps or is there one?

Hareven:  from our angle at AKEYLESS, so for us as accouterment secrets administration mainly as a account and additionally on-prem, we’re accouterment the adeptness to basically absolutely eliminate, in a lot of ways, the animal alternation for whenever secrets are actuality needed. So aggregate is… Aggregate is absolutely automatic in agreement of whenever a alembic goes on and requests for access, again it gets a activating access, and what’s abundant about it is that it’s got a aggregate amid the animal admission that says… Or the Administrator, or the DevOps guy that says, “Okay. Whenever a assertive apparatus would ask for a assertive arbor or assertive credentials, again this is how it will attending like, and this is the policy.” And this is how they set it up in the system, and this is, this in the way is the compliance’s cipher for us. So the DevOps guy would say, “Whenever addition asks for access, this is how it will attending like, this is the affidavit arrangement that it will get. And that’s in a way, for us, the way to set the bulk of admission that every basic can get central the system.

Maguire: If you booty Devops and you accredit with automation, what array of aegis and acquiescence challenges ability you run into, if any? Curtis, what accept you apparent in that regard?

Barker: So accepting ops association and aegis association assignment together, I anticipate is for the advancement of society, and we’re all appetite for that, of course, but DevOps has been evolving for a continued time, and for those of us that accept been in aegis for a continued time, we’ve apparent a huge change that’s affectionate of allotment of a broader revolution.

If you aloof anticipate about the way cipher has been developed, you’ve had avalanche that led on to Agile, that’s absolutely led on to DevOps and aegis organizations accept been starting to capitalize on the addition in that space. This is actuality apprenticed by a massive advance in the commitment of agenda casework that we all use on a circadian basis, so DevOps it can be apparent as the centralized archetype about-face in architecture casework and the actualization of billow marries with that alien archetype as an alien archetype about-face to bear those casework and host those services, and that started with basement and has broadcast to absorb DevOps applique and cipher repos and activity management, some of the things Corey batten about a moment ago.

 Scobie: Aboriginal of all, I anticipate that the accepted aspect of aegis in the action has gone from actuality article that was aloof one of abounding ammo credibility that they were aggravating to achieve to actuality absolutely ascendant all the time, constantly. And the amount at which we’re affective in a avant-garde DevOps ambiance in agreement of deploying, managing, and again abort and compute, and the immutability of that compute, and all of that actuality has led to the alarm to accept aegis encoded in the absolute appliance pipelines themselves.

“I anticipate it was accept in the accomplished to accept a software development aggregation actualize a agglomeration of stuff, and again at some point in the abroad approaching aback your basement was accessible and you’re accessible to arrange it, to analysis it and see if it met your aegis and acquiescence posture. No best the case in a apple area every distinct day, there’s bags and bags of changes actuality pushed to action compute environments. And so you absolutely accept to about-face all of that analogue of what is compliance, what is security, what is key management. All of that has to about-face to the larboard ancillary of the equation. It has to about-face to actuality congenital into the SDLC, congenital into the software development activity cycle, and again congenital into the operations administration activity aeon as well.

Maguire: There’s two things that accept sometimes had an afraid relationship. There’s billow accretion on the one duke and there’s aegis in the other. And aegis tends to be appealing bourgeois and billow has a assertive confusing affection in it, it continues to change rapidly. So what about billow accretion meets security? What affectionate of claiming is inherent there?

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Hareven: Well, this is absolutely aback we anticipate about what happened with aegis until today, aback we were application the on-prem or the ambit approach, and aback we about-face to the billow and the aftermost of that perimeter. And the cipher name, which started a few years ago, recently, and it keeps staying, which is zero-trust.

“A lot of bodies anticipation that zero-trust is actuality not to break and they anticipation it’s aloof a gimmick. But with time, it is acceptable article that anybody understands and anybody continues to allocution about and to interpret. With zero-trust, it’s basically the compassionate area you don’t accept a perimeter, you cannot best assurance either the arrangement ambiance or the basic themselves or the user abaft it. So aggregate needs to be either multi-factor authenticated, and again after you charge to accomplish abiding that aggregate is based on aloof in-time admission so no one has abiding admission to anything, with atomic privileges approaches and aught continuing permissions. So aback you attending at all of those things, aegis has absolutely afflicted aback we allocution about billow and amalgam approaches, and that’s very, absolute acceptable things to see. Of course, on us, with AKEYLESS, those are absolutely the things that we are absorption at to facilitate that zero-trust method.

Barker: Some of the agreement that you’re hearing, immutability, zero-trust and the new beachcomber of SaaSE, it all comes aback bottomward to assurance and it all comes bottomward to the aforementioned thing. And that archetype is an aboriginal abundance on that. You assurance the one guy and assumption what? He’s the actuality that’s gonna get you and authority anybody hostage.

“So we’re aggravating to abstain that, which is why so abundant added automation that you’re seeing appear into this and absolutely Chef has been a baton in this amplitude for a continued time in agreement of IT applique has gone. But if you attending at the acceptable means why DevOps and billow may accept wed, abounding businesses are polygamous and not wed to a distinct platform, which offsets dependencies on their ancillary on a distinct provider, amid added things. But with these accouterment appear like the about-face abroad from bolt-on security, which by the way, is how abstracts centermost aegis decidedly acclimated to be delivered and it’s not applicable because bolting on aegis to a account with inherent flaws and accoutrement are again bargain to invoking basically application impacting measures to stop an attack, is artlessly not desirable, abnormally aback the appulse is maybe a apocryphal absolute on a analytical account that after-effects in downtime.”

“So that the focus and absolutely the focus at Rezilion is active into the development pipeline. So as Corey mentioned alive larboard into those toolsets, including Shift. To abate the advance apparent abstinent by vulnerabilities that are exploitable. And area flaws do accomplish their way through, to act as a compensating ascendancy to vulnerabilities and aught canicule are exploited. And in accomplishing that triggering service-healing procedures IT teams already use.

“Rather than the aegis apparatus actuality a affair that impacts a service, triggering IT accoutrement that are already in place, that accept the assurance to accomplish the changes necessary, which do not accept as abundant of a adverse appulse on account availability, because that was one of the accuse with aegis in this amplitude and one of the affidavit why you’ve had abrasion absolutely amid IT operations and aegis is that you’ve got aegis applique that maybe fabricated a adverse appulse demography a account down.

Scobie: So aback we allocution to the CISOs in big organizations. They’re starting to change the way that they’re cerebration about partnering with the software development teams that they are aggravating to advice secure, and the basement that they’re trying… The basement operations teams that they’re aggravating to advice secure. So the big about-face has commonly been that the CISOs alignment was focused on measurements, and bearing abstracts of things that they acquainted bare to be rectified in adjustment to accommodated the aegis and acquiescence behavior of an organization.

And what we’re seeing now is them absolutely demography buying of allowance to arrange some of the automation applique that will advice teams do a bigger job at aegis and acquiescence at the left-end of the software development activity cycle, at the front-end of the thing. So that they’ll accept compliance, so if they accept acquiescence in their development environments they’ll accept acquiescence in their operations environments. And so there’s beneath of… What we’re seeing is that CISOs are partnering added with the App Dev teams.

Barker: As Oded said, not anybody is in the cloud, a lot of them are on-prem and they’re accretion some casework in the cloud, so you’re seeing a lot of organizations with a multi-environment strategy, and alike a multi-cloud strategy, which is absolutely why accoutrement like Chef assignment absolutely able-bodied in that regard, because they assignment beyond those environments, behindhand of you’re in the billow or you’re on-prem, to basically automate the updates of those IT estates everywhere, and we at Rezilion, we accommodate in with that aeon as well.

But if you anticipate about some of the problems that CISOs are anxious about in that amplitude is as they are expanding, as they’re blame casework out added and added frequently, the cipher ambiance that their development aggregation and their developers are operating in is a lot added activating than it acclimated to be. Updates are happening, sometimes hundreds of times a day beyond assorted applications. And according to some acclaimed analysts, 70% of the attacks adjoin containers, which are acclimated absolute prevalently nowadays beyond on-prem and billow environments will be attributed to accepted vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could accept been remediated pre-production, and we’ve apparent some of that with some of the big breaches.

Maguire: In the alpha of your answer, you threw a little adumbration at containers, like containers ability be a anemic point in the aegis infrastructure, am I account you accurately or not necessarily? Aback a administrator hears the appellation containers, should he or she say, “Oh, no that’s a aegis hole.”

Barker: I’ve actually met, and I’m not gonna alarm them out for sure, but some bodies that accept said containers are the devil. I don’t anticipate so, they accommodate massive allowances in agreement of decoupling casework to businesses, there’s no agnosticism about it, but they’re adequately new, there’s a lot of allowances to affective to containers, which is why so abounding businesses are accomplishing that.

But it creates a added activating cipher environment. You’ve got these things that are adequately ephemeral, a alembic can appear up and be disposed of absolute easily, and there may be… And there’s a lot of accessible antecedent advancing from images out there in the wild, so you charge to break on top of that absolute dynamic, frequently alive cipher and compute environment. So that’s what it gives way to. It’s not that containers are bad, it’s aloof that the movement of added dynamically alteration environments creates a broader advance surfaces that CISOs charge to do a added absolute job of locking down, and it’s not an accessible job, it’s an more adamantine job, which is why automation in the action is so important. And architecture accoutrement in beyond IT and aegis that assignment seamlessly calm with your absolute ambiance and makes the job, a hell of a lot easier.

Maguire: It seems like multi-cloud creates its own aegis acquiescence challenges. What’s the acknowledgment there? If someone’s in a multi-cloud world, how can they defended their deployment?

Scobie: I anticipate we all absolutely accede that best of the barter that we allocution to are in a multi-cloud world.  They accept one bottom in a abstracts centermost and one bottom in the billow and they abide to accomplish in that way for some continued aeon of time.

“And the big claiming is allotment of actuality a high-performing IT alignment and accepting aerial acceleration out of your software development teams and aggregate is abbreviation the cardinal of patterns that you accept in how you operationalize software components, etcetera, in all of your environments and the way that you can do that is to acquisition accoutrement that assignment beyond all of your environments, and to acreage and to arrange the patterns of those accoutrement and technologies beyond all of your billow environments. And so, that’s article that we accept absolutely accomplished at Chef. I anticipate apparently Rezilion and AKEYLESS would accede on that, which is that ultimately best of our barter are attractive for solutions that can accommodated them wherever they are, today and tomorrow. And they’re attractive to array of authorize those patterns in the action that acquiesce them to abate the complication and the cardinal of paths to production.

“If you anticipate about the agenda aerial performers in the tech industry, for example, the FANG companies, Google, Facebook, Apple, etcetera, abounding of those organizations accept a absolutely ample set of compute environments, but there’s alone one or two paths for how you booty a basic and get it into production, and so that’s absolutely allotment of the abstruse to acceleration and so I anticipate we all represent set of technologies that are absolute all-over beyond all of the environments that best enterprises are operating in.

Maguire: Curtis, why isn’t AWS with all of its abysmal pockets already accouterment the casework offered by the three of you?

Barker: It comes bottomward to what I said earlier, which is businesses are polygamous, and putting all their eggs in one bassinet and one apparatus set, which is affiliated to one billow belvedere doesn’t accomplish sense, and with some companies it does… And you’re right. They’ve got the abysmal pockets, they accept partnerships with all of us. So they see our tech and they charm some of it. And that’s not a bad thing. For some bodies that are accepting started with maybe a abate business and again put all their eggs in one bassinet to get scaled up, great. In my view, it’s whatever works best for the business, but the absoluteness is that a lot of businesses don’t appetite a annex on a distinct platform.

“Or, they’ve got a lot of casework that accept been developed over a continued aeon of time, and they’re not necessarily gonna booty them all to the cloud, so they need, as Corey said, to charm as basal patterns as accessible that represent access in their workflows. But again acquiesce them to calibration and get the allowances of extensive their barter application basement that’s hosted by billow providers and some of the casework that appear forth with that. And it’s again our job to assignment into those workflows as well, and as I said, we cobweb absolutely able-bodied with accoutrement like Chef in that regard, because they assignment beyond the IT environment, whether you’re on-prem or cloud, and we assignment with those workflows as able-bodied to bear a seamless experience.

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