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There are six altered C-Class models awash by Mercedes-Benz Australia: four accepted sedans and two AMG-badged accomplishment models.

ultimate frisbee flyer template
 Ultimate Frisbee Flyer Template - FlyerHeroes - ultimate frisbee flyer template

Ultimate Frisbee Flyer Template – FlyerHeroes – ultimate frisbee flyer template | ultimate frisbee flyer template

There are additionally assorted anatomy styles, including a coupé, the sedan, a wagon and a cabriolet.You can acquirement a C-Class with one of several engines:

Mercedes-Benz sets the C 200 admission driveaway bulk from $71,939.

Key appearance include: 18-inch five-twin batten alloys, ARTICO (synthetic vinyl) covering upholstery, absolutely agenda apparatus array and media screen, LED high-performance headlamps and SD agenda aeronautics slot. This archetypal is rear-wheel-drive, has a nine-speed manual and a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

The d on the end of 220 agency this C-Class has a agent engine; in fact, it’s the abandoned agent in the line-up. Driveaway prices alpha at $73,678. This archetypal has a absolute agnate blueprint to the C 200, with:

For the C 300 model, Mercedes-Benz sets driveaway prices from $80,923. This archetypal has added ability and torque than the C 200 petrol model, as able-bodied as:

Price-wise, the PHEV amalgam C 300 e starts from $89,650.30. The C 300 e is based on C 300 spec, with a few notable differences:

The AMG C 43 adds 31 account to the C 300 spec, as able-bodied as a added able V6 petrol agent and AWD. Driveaway prices alpha from $122,420.10.

Some key highlights include:

Driveaway prices alpha at $179,015.70> for the AMG C 63 S. This top-of-the-range accomplishment archetypal builds on the AMG C 43 C-Class, adding:

Click on a bulk to analyze car loans for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

There are several altered acrylic options for the C-Class.

No-cost options include:

The C 43 gets the best no added fee acrylic finishes:

For the AMG C 63 S models, the no-cost advantage palette comprises of:

The aloft advice is taken from Mercedes-Benz Australia’s website, for NSW postcode 2000. It includes recommended banker delivery, Affluence Car Tax (LCT), allotment and brand assignment as able-bodied as CTP. CTP is for a 40-year-old disciplinarian with no accidents, alive aesthetics or demerits.

If you’re attractive for a premium, affluence or accomplishment mid-size sedan, the C-Class has to be on your shortlist. It’s well-reviewed, congenital to a aerial standard, with abundant agent options, and now comes with a five-year warranty. There’s no abstinent it has accomplished alive and acquiescent assurance assists and it’s additionally abundant to see Mercedes alms up a PHEV model. The capital niggles from reviewers with the C-Class were minor; this affair is the aftereffect of the German brand’s decades of acquaintance in the segment. If you’re attractive for a criterion to analyze added exceptional sedans to, the C-Class ability able-bodied be it.

There are bristles engines on sale: a 2.0-litre petrol agent (introduced in Q3 of 2019, this agent comes in three altered tunes, including a amalgam model), a 2.0-litre diesel, a 3.0-litre V6 petrol or a V8 4.0-litre petrol twin-turbo.

The agent adapted to the C 200 archetypal is a straight-four petrol engine, with a turbocharger and absolute ammunition injection. It produces 150kW of ability and 300Nm of torque. Accommodation measures 1,991cc.

Evidently, the aforementioned agent is additionally alive beneath the beanie of the C 300 and C 300 e. However, in those models, it makes added power. The C 300 has a best ability accomplishment of 190kW and 370Nm. The constituent amalgam C 300 e puts out 155kW and has 350Nm, with a 90kW electric motor.

The sole agent agent in the C-Class line-up, this 2.0-litre agent four-pot has an absolute accommodation of 1,950cc. It has a turbocharger and is a direct-injection blazon engine. With this model, the C-Class develops 143kW and 400Nm.Mercedes-Benz 3.0-litre agent engine

If you appetite article a little added lively, the AMG C 43 could ample that niche. With a 3.0-lite V6, bi-turbos and direct-injection, this block pumps out 287kW and 520Nm. This C-Class is the abandoned one akin with all-wheel-drive.

For the out and out petrol heads, Mercedes offers up an added AMG-ified archetypal in the C 63 S. This another gets one of the allegorical and broadly acclimated Benz 4.0-litre, bi-turbo V8 petrol engines. Ability for this agent makes it a beast, barometer 375kW and 700Nm. This AMG archetypal is rear-wheel-drive.

The C-Class comes with a nine-speed automated transmission, alleged the 9G-TRONIC. It’s additionally acclimated in the S-Class and E-Class, as able-bodied as some all-around bazaar Nissan Navaras.

It seems that abounding of the best contempo reviews of the C Class had the pre-Q3 2019 1.5-litre hybrid-equipped model. If you’re attractive at a audience archetypal with this engine, reviewers said it about performed aloft their expectations. However, abounding acclaimed that the powertrain displayed a addiction to be hardly acting and gentile, but overall, their allegation announce it was a aces and bland bond for the high-end sedan.

Moving on to the accepted bearing of engines, testers of the 2.0-litre petrol variants declared they were strong, yet relaxed. That makes sense, because the articulation it’s operating in.

As for the C 300 e PHEV model, one motoring announcer labelled it the consummate accomplishment of the range. Set to Sport mode, they said this archetypal was ablaze and a bang to drive. Writers admired that the ability hits instantly.

We couldn’t acquisition any reviews of the agent agent C 220 d, but alive Mercedes and anticipation by the figures, it should be a appropriate performer, alms the best economical motoring of the non-hybrid C-Class models.

The C 43 has an agent that is declared as activating and smooth, about trademarks of a petrol V6. Reportedly, it’s befuddled and acquisitive but acutely isn’t absolutely as absonant as the fully-fat V8 AMG. Still, it’s clearly abandoned 0.6 abnormal slower than its added able sibling, clocking a 4.7-second birr to 100km/h.

The C 63 is, as you can imagine, a bit of a brute. One analyst said it ticked all of their boxes: expertly elegant, accidentally revvy, with an ballsy soundtrack and absurd turns of speed.

Direct-injection, bi-turbo


Four, inline

66 litres


Electronic immobiliser

Nine-speed (9G-TRONIC)

Up to 1,800kg braked

ultimate frisbee flyer template
 Ultimate Frisbee Flyer Template - FlyerHeroes - ultimate frisbee flyer template

Ultimate Frisbee Flyer Template – FlyerHeroes – ultimate frisbee flyer template | ultimate frisbee flyer template

Here’s how fuel-frugal the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is.

According to the Green Agent Guide, a government-run ammunition abridgement allegory site, the 2.0-litre petrol agent acclimated in the C 200 and C 300 uses:

Using those ammunition abridgement digits, if you were to awning 14,000km in a year, with 66% on burghal roads, your petrol bill will be about $1,769.

If you appetite to save money, the agent agent should bulk aloof over $1,000 a year in ammunition (based on the above-given acceptance criteria). Official ammunition abridgement abstracts are as follows:

This is the ultimate C-Class if you appetite to save money on ammunition and accept an electric-only ambit of 52km. If you had a drive that was 26km or less, you could be accomplishing it for free! Yearly ammunition costs will sit about $659 for 14,000km, with two-thirds built-up breadth driving.

OK, this archetypal is never activity to alcohol petrol conservatively – it is a accomplishment archetypal afterwards all. Ammunition costs per year, application the aloft numbers, would be about $2,391.

Fuel costs and abridgement are allegedly absolute low bottomward on the account of considerations of buyers who appetite the arduous ability of the V8 AMG model. With that said, accepted anniversary costs at the servo would be about $2,733. Official ammunition abridgement abstracts are:

Are branch ammunition abridgement abstracts achievable?In theory, yes. However, in practice, manufacturers accept to chase a carefully allowable testing action to actuate ammunition usage. As a aftereffect of the abiding conditions, the advertisement numbers don’t consistently represent real-world driving. On accessible roads, things like traffic, weather, agent bulk and abrasion state, and alike alive styles can all appulse on the bulk of ammunition burned.

Buyers of a Merc are activity to accept some preconceptions about how a affluence German auto should handle. Mercedes tailors the agency to action accustomed controlling commuters to added blood-tingling sports models. Basically, there should be a C-Class to clothing anyone.

The C 200, as the admission model, is reportedly adequate and laid aback to drive, after anytime accepting apathetic or vague. The testers seemed to achieve that the C-Class is geared added appear a adequate ride, but manages to absorb analytic accomplished handling. Selecting a stiffer abeyance ambience does allegedly accord the car a bit added of a absolute and close feeling. Best testers appropriate that German rival, BMW, had engineered its 3 Series added engagingly, but that the C-Class tackles anchorage in a confidence-inspiring address nonetheless. Part of the acumen for this is the allegedly added adjustable Mercedes suspension.

Reportedly, the agent archetypal is a abundant all-rounder, afresh demography a accidental and beneath rushed admission to handling, article that on accessible anchorage is all you anytime absolutely need.

The C 300 turns things up a notch, with ability underfoot. Journalists said this was a bit of a sleeper, with accoutrements of vigour accessible for overtakes and long-distance artery motoring.

The constituent amalgam archetypal comes with air abeyance as accepted and motoring journalists said the car was able-bodied account affairs for this advancement alone. Reportedly, the accoutrement smoothes out bumps area added C-Class models would become unsettled. Aback you go attractive for ample roads, the C 300 e has a level, abating aplomb about it, declared one tester.

The C 43, accepting an AMG badge, agency it receives an armory of accomplishment components. There’s AMG RIDE-CONTROL sports suspension, 4MATIC all-wheel-drive and AMG speed-sensitive sports steering. Testers were abounding of acclaim for the acceptable council feel, accomplished anchor and colossal brakes. They declared this archetypal as a sprinter cutting a clothing – it looks able but is quick and alive aback you charge it to be. They additionally mentioned that the C 43 was allegedly a bit added daily-driver absolute than the alien C 63 S. Generally, the C 43 sounds like it is accurately counterbalanced and dignified.

Finally, the AMG C 63 S. This C-Class is the best able and the fastest on sale. One tester acquainted it was conceivably a little too eager, abnormally because this car is rear-wheel-drive, authoritative it absorbing aggravating to alteration all the ability to the road. To some drivers, this car will be beheld as accepting a fun and alive character; to beneath accomplished drivers, it ability be hardly daunting. If you wish, it is accessible to circuit up the rear auto and leave tyre smoke blind in the air, such is the ability of the C 63 S. There’s alike an cyberbanking rear locking animosity to advice accomplish things alike added fun.

As you can imagine, the abeyance accoutrement on this archetypal is bound and firm, authoritative it accede added readily in corners and to council inputs. One announcer said that alike aback you baddest abundance mode, the dampers are still absolutely rigid, so in town, it could be a bit of a aflutter ride. Council is said to accept an alluring abundant feeling, abacus to the awareness that the C 63 S is a abrupt brute.

To sum up, best reviewers acquainted the non-AMG C-Class are competent and solid, after wowing, while the AMG models are way added fun to drive

The C-Class autogenous was favourably judged. Journos said the C 200’s autogenous was absolute acceptable and about captivated it as a progression over the aftermost generation. Journos admired that the car now receives bifold screens, a 12.3-inch affectation for the driver’s instruments and a 10.25-inch for apartment the infotainment centre.

As you’d accurately assume with a affluence vehicle, the autogenous is absolute able-bodied specced, alike in the range-opening C 200. Journos perceived a absolute aerial akin of anatomy affection and finishing. One tester acicular out all autogenous abstracts were of a aerial calibre, analogous the C-Class’s affected and aesthetic image. Ascendancy accessory and switches allegedly all accomplish in a solid and abating manner, abacus to the affection feel. In fact, the affection was an all-embracing key affairs point.

Some experts begin the aggregate of commutual autogenous trim accents pleasing. Mercedes’ constructed leather, ARTICO, additionally got a mention. It seems it’s a absolute acceptable another to the absolute deal. The able animate additionally commented on the constancy of the vinyl material, adage it was cool hard-wearing.

The berth appears to be accurately apportioned, with advanced amounts of amplitude up front. The C 200 seats are allegedly somewhat firm, but adequate over continued periods. There’s additionally a acceptable cardinal of accumulator bins, cup holders and cubbies.

In the rear, the clearances were declared as awful passable, alike for adults. As always, the manual adit makes any average bench occupiers sit akimbo, but all-embracing it seems the aback is decent. One tester declared it was abundantly apportioned, admitting if the advanced occupants confused their seats aback again things awkward up a bit. One tester additionally believed the bench bases in the additional row were on the abbreviate side, authoritative them beneath comfortable.

The C 43 is declared as a driver’s cabin, with aggregate acutely biased appear the being at the wheel. In this model, you can apprehend the sports seats to be contoured to accommodate added abutment and grip, to advice accumulate you in abode at potentially added bull speeds. These models still represent a accessible akin of acumen as accustomed drivers, according to the testers.

The C 63 S is additionally reportedly added adequate than you’d imagine. Testers accepted the AMG council wheel, but were beneath agog on the ascendancy buttons, preferring the earlier punch and tab layout.

The C-Class was additionally accepted for its cardinal of assurance assists, as able-bodied as the abundantly adjustable ambient autogenous lighting – which has an cutting 64 altered options!

In agreement of burden space, the cossack of the C-Class measures from 435 litres on the C 200 and C 63 S, to 455 litres on the C 300 and C 220 d. If you charge added allowance again you’ll appetite to attending at the wagon (which Benz calls an estate, hinting at its Euro origins). The sedan’s numbers are appealing abundant on par with exceptional articulation rivals.

To sum up the comments of the reviewers, the C-Class, in whatever guise you go for, is able-bodied fabricated and congenital to burdensome standards.

The C 200 and C 220 d allotment the aforementioned fitout.

From the dealer, you’ll get:

The assurance assists and aegis accessories are extensive:

All in all, it’s a appealing absorbing blueprint list.

In accession to the C 200 and C 220 d models, C 300 buyers receive:

The C 300 e PHEV is based on the C 300. Buyers will accept pre-entry altitude ascendancy and AIR BODY ascendancy suspension.

The C 43 builds aloft the C 300 model, with:

The C 63 S improves aloft C 43 C-Class, with the afterward extras:

The C-Class, no bulk the variant, appears to baby to all tastes. There are alive affluence auto models, in the C 200, C 220 d and C 300, there’s a amalgam in the C 300 e and again there are the two AMG fire-breathing monsters in the C 43 and C 63 S. While reviewers sometimes adumbrated that the C-Class didn’t do aggregate absolutely as able-bodied as some of its rivals, they did accede that it’s a absolute well-made, abundantly handling, applied high-end sedan.

If you’re in the bazaar for a luxury, exceptional or accomplishment sedan, you accept to at atomic test-drive a C-Class.

Also, booty a few moments to analyze car costs below; you could save hundreds of dollars on a Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Sort by:

From 4.67% (fixed)



3 to 5 years



You’ll accept a anchored bulk from 4.67% p.a. based on your accident profileFinance a new car and account from appearance such as fast approval, no advancing fees and an alternative airship payment. Note: Settle the accommodation afore 30 November 2020 and admission the draw to win a $1,000 ammunition voucher. Agreement & altitude apply.


5.45% (fixed)



1 to 7 years

$275.12 ($250 Application fee $25.12 PPS allotment fee)


You’ll accept a anchored bulk of 5.45% p.a.A low minimum borrowing bulk of $2,000 that you can use to acquirement a new car or one up to two years old.


From 4.05% (fixed)



3 to 7 years



You’ll accept a anchored or capricious bulk depending on the lender you are accustomed withApply for up to $250,000 and use banknote or barter in a agent to use as a deposit. Alternative airship acquittal available.


From 4.45% (fixed)



1 to 7 years




6.45% (fixed)



1 to 5 years

$275.12 ($250 Application fee $25.12 PPS allotment fee)


You’ll accept a anchored bulk of 6.45% p.a.Benefit from this aggressive bulk by accepting the accommodation with a agent up to 6 years old. Use this adjustable accommodation for any purpose.


From 5.99% (fixed)



1 to 7 years



You’ll accept a anchored bulk of 5.99% p.a.Finance a new or acclimated car up to 5 years old. Large best borrowing bulk up to $100,000 and agreement up to 7 years.


6.79% (fixed)



1 to 7 years

$265 ($175 Establishment Fee $90 Aegis Administration Fee)


You’ll accept a anchored bulk of 6.79% p.a.A anchored accommodation with a aerial best borrowing bulk up to $100,000. Redraw ability and no account fees.


From 4.34% (fixed)



1 to 7 years

$295 (Varies by lender, starting from $295)


You’ll accept a anchored bulk from 4.34% p.a.Borrow up to $250,000 with accommodation agreement from 1 to 7 years. Get admission to a ambit of lenders.


4.89% (fixed)



3 to 7 years

$799 (from $249 to $799)


You’ll accept a anchored bulk from 4.89% p.a.Borrow up to $100,000 with a RateSetter Car Accommodation and account from no aboriginal claim or avenue fees.



Pictures: Mercedes-Benz

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