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Although Google set out to actualize a lightweight, web-based operating arrangement with Chrome OS, you can’t abjure that alive Android apps on a Chromebook is an agitative affairs point. Unfortunately, not every app works as advised on Google’s browser-based platform. 

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If you appetite to booty the Android attempt with your agleam new Chromebook, booty a attending at our best Android apps for Chromebooks and see if you accede with our selection. All of these accept been activated and begin to comedy accurately with Chrome OS.

Here are the best Android apps you can install on your Chromebook appropriate now.

Price: Free

This is a babble applicant mostly acclimated by gamers. It’s agnate to IRC breadth you affix to a server and accompany clandestine babble rooms. Discord will affix to assorted servers simultaneously, acceptance you to baddest a server and browse anniversary allowance for new messages. These servers and apartment are about invite-only, befitting the all-embracing association safe from trolls and predators. The Android app is agnate to the web-based version, but tighter in appearance. Discord provides voice, video, and awning administration casework too.

Price: Free

Forget Skype: Facebook’s Messenger annual for Android has you covered whether it’s a text-based bulletin or a video call. Sure, you can use the web-based adaptation in Chrome, but the app is added feature-rich. You can comedy amateur with your Facebook friends, accelerate payments, babble with businesses and their bots, and more. Aggregate you adulation about the web-based adaptation is actuality too, like authoritative voice- and video-based calls, sending videos and pictures. You don’t charge a Facebook annual either: Aloof install the app and admission your name and accurate buzz number.

Price: Free

Slack is a highly-popular team-based advice service. The Android app provides a added automated admission than the web-based version, like agreement adapter buttons over the argument admission field. The chase acreage is gone too, replaced by a simple accumulative glass, charwoman up the presentation. Otherwise, the annual charcoal banausic for Android, advertisement your channels and absolute bulletin contacts on the left. Your accoutrement abide in a card tucked abroad in the appropriate corner, such as ambience your status, alteration your profile, and more.

Price: Free

Adobe’s Photoshop-branded Android app provides basal accoutrement for simple sketches. Start a new book and you’re presented with a deluge of artboard options alignment from a accepted awning for agenda illustrations to print-based cardboard sizes. By default, you accept six altered besom styles apparent on the larboard toolbar. A “plus” figure resides to the appropriate for stacking on layers, admitting you can toggle off the layers bury by beat on the layers button at the top. Added appearance accommodate a Shapes card for creating boxes, circles, triangles, and more.

Price: Chargeless / $6.99 / $2.99 per month

ibis Paint X is one of the best cartoon apps you can acquisition on Android. It targets “social drawing,” acceptation you can upload and allotment your artwork on Facebook and Twitter from aural the app. It’s not aloof a simple annual tool. ibis Paint X is arranged with aggregate you charge to absolve your abounding aesthetic potential. By default, the paintbrush, eraser, smudging, blurring, effects, text, and added abide in a toolbar on the left. Added aliment to ascertain accommodate a adjudicator apparatus for cartoon absolute boxes, ovals, circles, and a adorable design. To abolish the ads, you’ll charge to pay a ancient $6.99 fee. The $2.99/month Prime associates adds a accent ambit filter, a clouds filter, and removes ads.

Price: Chargeless / $1.99-$5.99

Here’s a abundant Android-based cartoon affairs that works on Chrome OS. By default, the capital toolbar resides at the top accouterment buttons for painting, blending, erasing, alteration the besom size, color, and opacity. Aggregate abroad you charge resides aural the “up arrow” figure in the appropriate bend that lists added accoutrement in a drop-down menu. These accommodate guides, shapes, transforming objects, perspective, gradients, patterns, and endless more. The fully-loaded balloon lasts for seven canicule with options to alleviate specific features, like Perspectives Patterns for $1.99 each. You can alleviate aggregate for $5.99.

Price: $5.49 per ages / $32.99 per year

With this tool, you can amalgamate assorted layers of video, images, and argument into a distinct “professional” product. Appearance accommodate frame-by-frame trimming, up to four added audio advance alfresco the video’s capital track, acceleration control, blush adjustment, and more. Despite the “free” label, aggregate you actualize will accept a watermark, as apparent in our screenshot, unless you pay a subscription. KineMaster costs $5.49 per ages or $32.99 per year, which adds admission to exceptional assets and expedited abutment forth with eradicating the annoying watermark.

Price: Chargeless / $4.99 per month

invitation template google docs
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Quik is a abundant apparatus for abstraction video and pictures into one blow with aloof a few taps. Afterwards selecting your media, you can add an aftereffect from added than 20 listed beneath your clip’s timeline, like Activity that combines your pictures and videos application assorted sliders, faders, and a guitar-based soundtrack. Dandy does commodity agnate but trades the single-string guitar bombinate for a animated chord. You can alike change the theme’s accomplishments music, add your own, or abolish audio entirely. Projects save as drafts for seven days. If you appetite to save these projects in the cloud, you’ll charge a GoPro Plus cable for $4.99 per month.

Price: Free

This angel editor centers on three above tools: Filter, Edit, and Save. It provides 11 filters for acceptable your photos while the Edit console provides 28 altered tools, like Crop, Rotate, Healing, Head Pose, Lens Blur, and abounding more. You can save a archetype on your Chromebook, allotment it with bodies or through addition app, consign the angel as a PNG or JPG in three affection levels, and consign the angel at a specific size. You can alike use the Tune Angel apparatus to manually acclimatize the brightness, contrast, saturation, and more, or let the app acclimatize these levels for you.

Price: $6.99

What would an app annual be afterwards Minecraft? The Android adaptation works flawlessly on Chrome OS, acknowledging touch-based input, accordant gamepads, keyboards, and mice. There’s absolutely annihilation new to see actuality if you’re a Minecraft fan, with options to actualize a new apple from blemish or paid templates, accompany accompany arena on Microsoft’s multi-device network, accompany featured servers, affix to a specific address, and more. Accustomed Minecraft uses a chargeless Xbox Alive account, you can annual achievements reflected on Windows 10 and the Xbox-branded consoles. Gameplay absolutely feels added “natural” arena with a accordant controller.

Price: $5.49

This Zelda-style chance looks and plays abundant on our centralized Chromebook 13, hitting the game’s best 60 frames per second. Players booty ascendancy of an bearding boy in this bright activity role-playing bold as he searches for his absent father, who abolished afterwards ambience out to defeat the monster of conflicting seas: Oceanhorn. Typical gameplay consists of accepted a sword, cutting arrows, and throwing objects. Arena with a abrasion and keyboard is a awe-inspiring acquaintance at aboriginal while gameplay feels added “natural” application a accordant controller. This bold supports Google Comedy billow saves too.

Price: Free

There are a few awakening bold appetite apps that run appealing calmly on Chromebooks, but RetroArch has to booty the cake. The app’s one-stop admission to appetite agency you can comedy amateur from abounding altered consoles afterwards the charge to add assorted apps to your system. Unfortunately, the Android app adaptation of RetroArch comes with a sub-par UI out of the box, but thankfully it’s customizable. Once you bandy that out for commodity easier to use, abyssal your awakening library and arena your admired old academy amateur is attainable peasy.

Price: Free

If you’re attractive for a adaptable carbon of the Destiny series, attending no added than this gem. Shadowgun Legends runs altogether on a Chromebook, apprehension your appearance in third-person back visiting the market-based amusing antechamber while all missions backslide to first-person. The bold boasts added than 200 missions and added than 500 weapons as you action to avert the Earth from conflicting invaders. You can comedy these missions abandoned or aggregation up with added players from beyond the globe. The bold is chargeless to comedy but abstemious with in-game micro-transactions. It formed with our Rockcandy Xbox 360 ambassador too.

Price: Chargeless / $4.99 per ages / $9.99 per month

Here’s a acceptable way to apprehend live, bounded broadcasting afterwards a radio. iHeartRadio additionally streams radio stations from beyond the nation, channels based on artists and bands, podcasts, news, and curated playlists based on mood, occasion, genre, season, decade, and more. The Android app is simplistic in presentation, agreement an icon-based toolbar at the basal and aspersing advertisements. By comparison, the web-based adaptation provides a text-based toolbar at the top forth with a larger, uglier ad. The annual is free, but you can add exceptional appearance like offline alert and absolute admission with the Plus and All Admission subscriptions.

Price: Chargeless / $4.99 per ages / $9.99 per ages / $14.99 per month

The Spotify app for Android puts an accent on media, not interface. Actuality you’ll see music listed angular in a Netflix-style fashion, with Afternoon flow, Mood, and Holiday playlists confined as the top three categories. There’s no card on the larboard as apparent with the web-based player, and you don’t see any media controls until you bang on a song or playlist. At the bottom, you’ll acquisition Home, Search, and Your Library buttons, the closing of which provides admission to your profile, playlists, followers, and app settings. The basal annual is chargeless while the exceptional adaptation costs $10 per ages for unlimited, ad-free admission ($5 per ages for acceptance and $15 per ages for families).

Price: Chargeless / $9.99 per month

While iHeartRadio alone supports four countries, TuneIn covers eight. The Android app is acutely apple-pie too, removing the huge, beefy ads from the web version. It additionally tucks the card abroad into an figure abutting to the logo, putting media front-and-center. All the categories apparent on the web-based amateur abide beneath Browse in the app card forth with your favorites and the app settings. The Pro adaptation alone removes all ads while the Exceptional cable annual includes alive sports, commercial-free music, and ad removal.

Price: Chargeless / $9.99 per month

This accepted abundance apparatus includes a congenital app administrator assuming back they were aftermost accessed and their size. You’ll additionally acquisition a additional accumulator administration breadth advertisement anniversary bounded binder by admeasurement for a bigger feel of your accepted accumulator capacity. The book administrator allocation does commodity similar, admitting you can annual files by types (pictures, music, videos, etc.) and location. Accept files stored in the cloud? Astro supports Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, and Microsoft OneDrive. You can compress, backup, and allotment files application this apparatus as well.

Price: Chargeless / $7.99 per ages / $14.99 per month

Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps on Android, and it has been for years. It’s powerful, brimming of features, and it’s cross-platform. That agency annihilation you add to Evernote on your Chromebook will be attainable on your adaptable device, desktop, and in the browser. Unfortunately, you’ll charge to angle out at atomic $7.99 a ages in adjustment to booty abounding advantage of the service. On the added hand, the chargeless adaptation is still absolutely functional, and it still delivers the basics.

Price: Free

Mozilla’s Firefox browser isn’t accordant with some Chromebooks, but Firefox Focus should assignment perfectly. This browser puts an accent on privacy, blocking ad, social, and analytic trackers by default. You can manually block cookies, JavaScript, web fonts, anchored videos, annual commodity embeds, and more. Stealth approach prevents added apps from demography screenshots of the browser window, admitting you can still manually booty a screenshot application the CTRL Window Switch key combination.

Price: Chargeless / $6.99-$9.99 per ages / $69.99-$99.99 per year

If you’re asleep set on application Office apps against Google Docs, again Microsoft’s Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word for Android are at your disposal. You can accomplish basal tasks like abode a simple certificate or actualize a spreadsheet for free. If you appetite exceptional features, you’ll charge an Office 365 subscription. The annual plan additionally allows you to save files on Microsoft’s OneDrive billow platform, which is additionally accessible as a stand-alone Android app that runs calmly on Chromebooks.

Price: Free 

Google Tasks is a little simple compared to some added Android agitation annual apps, but it works abundant on Chromebooks. The alone downside is that the app doesn’t absolutely acclimate to full-screen mode. Whether you aggrandize it or leave it windowed, the app itself will break the aforementioned accepted size. The app seamlessly syncs with your Google account, so you can administer all of your tasks on your Chromebook, on your smartphone, or in your browser. It doesn’t alike accept a macOS or Windows desktop app (you charge to use it aural Gmail), so Chromebook users accept the abutting affair to a Google Tasks desktop acquaintance you can get.

Price: Free

There’s annihilation new to see here: It’s Facebook, afterwards all. With this app, you don’t charge to accessible Chrome and blazon in the abode or bang the bookmark. It isn’t alive like the web-based adaptation either, removing the website’s continued abyssal card on the larboard and the Stories and sponsored clutter on the right. It’s accurate and apple-pie in full-screen approach too against added Android app interfaces that break aural a attenuated smartphone-designed frame.

Price: Free

Like Google Tasks, Reddit’s app doesn’t absolutely abutment full-screen mode, attached the alive breadth to a attenuated band in the middle. Due to this limitation, you can’t use the abrasion caster to annal agreeable if the cursor resides alfresco this alive area. Otherwise, aggregate you charge to apprehend and column on Reddit are here, like the Home, Browse, Post, Chat, and Inbox buttons strung forth the bottom. You can admission annual advice by beat on your figure amid in the alive area’s top-left corner. Acclimatize the app settings by beat on the accessory figure at the basal of your contour panel.

Price: Free

If you are attractive for a solid countersign administrator to use on your Chromebook, attending no added than Bitwarden. It’s a newer amateur in the countersign administrator space, but it’s absolutely one of the best. It’s absolutely free, simple to use, and it saves all of your passwords to the cloud. Bitwarden alike works so well, that the app won’t let you booty a screenshot of it. Back you do, the consistent account shows the app absolutely blacked out. This is for aloofness reasons, and we anticipate it’s a abundant feature. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the app’s autofill annual to assignment in the Chrome browser, but it formed as accepted in the added Android apps we tested. 

Price: Free

Here’s a abundant apparatus by Google originally advised to apple-pie up amplitude on Android phones. The home awning lists your recently-accessed files forth with six categories: Downloads, Images, Videos, Audio, Documents & Others, and Apps. Accustomed Chrome OS doesn’t accept an attainable apparatus for uninstalling Android-based apps, the Files by Google apparatus is an attainable way to eradicate exceptionable and bare apps. The additional Apple-pie console shows the bulk of acclimated accumulator forth with accoutrement to abolish clutter files, duplicates, downloads, and ample files.

Price: Free

For parents, this is a abundant accessory administration tool. There are absolutely two versions you’ll need: One you install on a child’s Android accessory and one on the parents’ device(s). With Family Link, you can locate a child’s buzz application geolocation, lock or alleviate the device, accept or block apps, agenda circadian time limits, and agenda bedtime off-hours. Application the Android app on a Chromebook makes administration acceptable accustomed you won’t charge to alleviate your Android phone. The alone analysis is that the app isn’t advised for advanced screens, apprehension atramentous areas on anniversary ancillary of the alive area.

Price: Free

Here’s a free, able-bodied book administration apparatus that works on Chromebooks. Its continued annual of appearance includes affective accomplished sub-directories, sending files application Bluetooth, unpacking ZIP files, alteration text, and more. If that’s not enough, you can install plugins to accelerate files over an FTP connection, admission a Windows-based network, accelerate files to addition Android device, articulation billow casework like OneDrive and Dropbox, grab files from USB sticks, and more. The latest adaptation provides abutment for fingerprint readers.

Price: $8.99 or $12.99 per ages / $119 per year

Similar to Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video app provides a cleaner interface than the web-based version. Amazon removes the shopping-based aspects, so all you mostly see is the agreeable you appetite to watch. At the top you’ll acquisition Home, Originals, TV, Movies, and Kids categories. They’re additionally listed in a card tucked abroad abutting to the Prime Video logo forth with admission to your purchased video library, downloads, and the app settings. If you don’t accept a Prime subscription, you can still use this app to beck any agenda video purchased on Amazon. Prime costs $12.99 per ages or $119 per year, which includes the Prime Video service, or you can aloof subscribe to Prime Video for $8.99 per month.

Price: $6.99 per ages / $69.99 per year

Disney Plus is fantastic, and the Android app works abundant on Chromebooks. If you’re a Disney fanatic, you’ll absolutely appetite to analysis out the service. If you’re not, it additionally appearance bags of agreeable from Pixar, Marvel Studios, National Geographic, and alike the Star Wars universe. And back Disney now owns the Fox network, there are bags of added non-Disney shows and movies too. Needless to say, the annual has added agreeable than one being could anytime watch.

Price: $8.99 per ages / $12.99 per ages / $15.99 per month

The Android app for Netflix plays altogether on a Chromebook. Although you can beck the annual aural Chrome, the Android app provides a cleaner interface. For example, rather than cord the Home, TV Shows, Recently Added, and My Annual categories forth the top, the Netflix app packs them — forth with a continued annual of added categories — into a card button abutting to the Netflix logo. Netflix provides three cable plans: Basal for one beck ($8.99/month), Accepted for two accompanying streams ($12.99/month), and Exceptional enabling four accompanying streams ($15.99/month).

Price: Free

Tubi streams movies and TV shows for free. What’s the catch? It’s an ad-supported platform. You’ll acceptable see advertisements afore and occasionally during the show, depending on the stream’s duration. Accustomed the huge bulk of agreeable offered through Tubi, advertisements are tolerable. Tubi alike has a “Not on Netflix” section, which highlights agreeable you won’t acquisition on the paid competitor. You won’t see beginning new blockbusters on this service, but there should be commodity actuality for anybody to enjoy.

Price: Free

If you’re not accustomed with this app, VLC is a accepted media amateur originally alien in 2001. You can comedy audio or video files stored locally on the Chromebook, or beck stored agreeable from a NAS or desktop PC amid on the bounded network. Although VideoLAN provides a web-based adaptation in the Chrome Web Store, the VLC Android app automatically spotted our stored agreeable admitting the web-based adaptation appropriate chiral input. Moreover, we noticed the web-based adaptation acquired the Chromebook’s cooling fan to circuit while the Android app did not.

And that’s it for our assembly of the best Android apps for Chromebooks. Did we absence one of your favorites? Let us apperceive in the comments.

Are you attractive for alike added affection Chromebook content? We’ve got you covered:

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