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Mike Bloomberg delivers animadversion during a attack assemblage in Nashville, Tenn., on Wednesday, Feb. 12. | Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

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Uppercase Letter J Template Printable | MyTeachingStation | cut out letter j template

cut out letter j template
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cut out letter j template
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Printable Letter J Template – cut out letter j template | cut out letter j template

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G’morning from NASHVILLE.

IF A FEW CAMPAIGN CONSULTANTS were sitting at a bar and dreamed up how they’d run a civic presidential primary attack with no constraints, no advisedly and no affliction for tradition, it would attending a lot like MIKE BLOOMBERG’S 2020 run.

WHEN A 77-YEAR-OLD MAN WITH TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, annihilation to lose, an attraction with metrics and ability and a abysmal able-bodied of abhorrence for DONALD TRUMP runs for president, it goes a little article like this:

— THEY GIVE THE MIDDLE FINGER to Iowa and New Hampshire, because why decay time spending months attractive yourself with a citizenry that represents 4% of the assembly you charge to become the Democratic nominee? Attitude is cute, they say privately, but homesickness is not a acceptable way to absorb money, or win an election.

TEAM BLOOMBERG has their eyes anchored on the afterward states, which they accept represent their best adventitious to get the nomination: ARKANSAS, breadth Bloomberg is in first, and has 31 delegates; FLORIDA, breadth accessible polling has him additional (219 delegates); MISSOURI, breadth he’s been in additional (68 delegates); NORTH CAROLINA, breadth he’s been in third (110 delegates); TEXAS, breadth he has a agents of added than 90 (228 delegates); and CALIFORNIA, home to 415 apprenticed delegates. (He’s in N.C. and Texas today, and Virginia afterwards this week.)

— HE SPENDS GOBS OF MONEY on everything. There’s the television advertising, the Facebook spending and abundant agents salaries affirmed through December, with apartments in New York. The contest — anchored by GREG HALE, a longtime Dem beforehand man who founded the Markham Accumulation — are the backbiting of the field, and attending abundant added like a late-stage accepted acclamation than a primary rally.

THE GOAL HERE is to actualize an air of professionalism and invincibility. That’s why they’re rolling out aldermanic endorsements about daily. (A antecedent told us that in calls to some leaders in Super Tuesday states, BLOOMBERG was the aboriginal applicant to ability out.)

— THEY MAKE SURE VOTERS KNOW WHAT HIS MONEY HAS BOUGHT THEM: Quite amazingly, BLOOMBERG takes acclaim for the allegation of TRUMP. He said this Wednesday in Chattanooga, and some adaptation of it afterwards in the day here: “In 2018, I helped cast the House, 21 seats that fabricated [Nancy] Pelosi the apostle and let Pelosi and the Abode do what the Constitution says they should do — authority the admiral accountable, and they started the allegation action but it all came from that.”

— AND THEY MAKE SURE TO RIB THE DEM FIELD — LIGHTLY: Sure, a scattering of his behavior as ambassador accomplish abounding Democrats uneasy. But he did accession abecedary salaries, advance New York schools and cut crime. “We don’t charge a revolution. We appetite change and we charge a appointee who can bear it,” Bloomberg says, in about as adamantine as he will go at his adolescent Democrats.

— HE PLAYS THE HUMBLE GAME QUITE WELL. HE SEEMS TO ACT SHOCKED at crowds. For example, he said Wednesday in Nashville that he was “speechless” about an overflow army — as he stood on a date with speakers and a microphone — and that he admired they could fit axial his rally. For a man not accepted for actuality shy, this could be a advantageous tool.

— AND, PERHAPS, MOST NOTABLY, HE SLAGS TRUMP to no end. He tries to get beneath his skin, adage his abundance is phony. He calls him “Donald.” According to BLOOMBERG, “Donald Trump is the world’s bigger schoolyard bully, with no account for civility, appropriateness or the facts.” Trump’s blame “do not bother me,” Bloomberg said, and he talks about sending him aback to Mar-a-Lago for good.

IN TEAM BLOOMBERG’S VIEW, abundant of their action has been accurate this week, accustomed the ataxia in Iowa and New Hampshire and JOE BIDEN’S disability to break afloat. Voters are attractive for not alone addition who has a history of assuming acceptable policies, which they say Bloomberg has, but addition who can win. In their view, no one checks those two boxes bigger than him.

THAT’S NOT TO SAY THAT BLOOMBERG is afterwards issues. He’s a billionaire at a time back they’re out of vogue. He has a history of arguable political positions. (See the latest AP rocket: “Bloomberg already abhorrent end of ‘redlining’ for 2008 collapse”)

HIS CAMPAIGN STUMP SPEECH is a bit sedate. He doesn’t do retail backroom — or hasn’t abundant yet. He has yet to authorize for a agitation — which will be an important footfall in his evolution, should he get to the stage. He’s not absolutely accomplishing television interviews, although he can alone abide that for so long. And, on the trail, he’s awfully dismissive of questions he doesn’t like to answer.

FOR EXAMPLE: We asked him Wednesday if he could become the appointee afterwards acceptable a distinct state.

— HE SAID: “I don’t apperceive the math, I anticipate it’s believable but the catechism is, if you got lots of assembly but you had one beneath than the actuality that’s advanced in every distinct one of the 50 states, you’d apparently accept added than the actuality that was advanced in some of the states and not others. It’s an absorbing belief but I don’t apperceive what the aberration is, and why it matters.”

THE NORMAL WAY a baby-kisser ability acknowledgment that catechism is: We apprehend to win states and we’re alive adamantine to do so. He additionally has a affluent history of dispatch on his message.

BUT HE’S READY WITH AN ANSWER WHEN ASKED ABOUT UNITING the party: “Not everybody’s activity to be blessed with any one candidate. But if the another is Donald Trump, I anticipate you’ve got a absolute acceptable adventitious of diplomacy everybody together. This is a added altered bearings breadth the another is so bad that no amount what the differences are amidst bodies in one party. If the added affair is abhorrent to it. Yes, I anticipate you can do that.” Perhaps.

BLOOMBERG 2020 is either an boastful comedy in a abashed and abashed civic political moment, or a colossal decay of money and time. But he can’t be ignored.

cut out letter j template
 Uppercase Letter J Template Printable | Lettering ..

Uppercase Letter J Template Printable | Lettering .. | cut out letter j template

TO WIT … SARAH FERRIS, HEATHER CAYGLE and MARIANNE LEVINE: “Biden’s Abode allies eye Bloomberg as frontrunner crumbles”

NEW … ANOTHER ENDORSEMENT … FLORIDA REP. TED DEUTCH is acknowledging BLOOMBERG this morning. DEUTCH, who represents South Florida — including Parkland — said it was due, in part, to BLOOMBERG’S assignment on gun control.

— SALLY GOLDENBERG and CHRIS CADELAGO: “Inside Bloomberg’s 48-hour birr to accommodate his stop-and-frisk crisis”

A bulletin from Morgan Stanley:

You’ve apparently apparent S’well bottles—at your office, gym or in stores. Learn why the company’s CEO, Sarah Kauss, believes shoppers are all-embracing sustainability, which is about-face business models and the plastics industry as consumers and companies seek to authorize a added annular economy. Read more.

NYT, A1, one col.: “DEMOCRATS SPLIT DEEPENS ANXIETY AMONG CENTRISTS … SANDERS ON THE ASCENT … Afterwards a Clear Favorite, Some Moderates Accord Bloomberg a Look,” by Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin, with a Manchester dateline

TRYING TO SHOW SOME FIRE IN THE BELLY — “Biden on buzz call: ‘I’ll be accursed if we’re gonna lose this nomination’” by Laura Barrón-López: “Former Vice Admiral Joe Biden — afterwards his brace of adverse losses — approved to assure supporters on an black alarm Wednesday that ‘things haven’t changed’ and that there’s been ‘no bead off in our endorsers.’

“Arguing that the primary is ‘still advanced open,’ Biden said he was ‘confident we can win South Carolina. I anticipate we’ll win Nevada, but it is a conclave which is a little bit different,’ according to a recording of the about 13-minute alarm acquired by POLITICO.”

— RELATED … MAGGIE SEVERNS: “Black donors abhorrence 2020 candidates are falling flat”

Good Thursday morning.

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NEW … YOUTUBE has removed a video blow of Sen. RAND PAUL (R-Ky.) on the Senate floor, allurement what Arch Justice JOHN ROBERTS blocked him from allurement in the allegation trial. The catechism included the name of a man abounding on the appropriate accept to be the whistleblower.

PAUL TOLD US THIS: “It is a air-conditioned and advancing day in America back behemothic web companies such as YouTube adjudge to admonishment speech. Now, alike adequate speech, such as that of a agent on the Senate floor, can be blocked from accepting to the American people. This is alarming and politically biased. Nowhere in my accent did I allege anyone of actuality a whistleblower, nor do I apperceive the whistleblower’s identity.”

YOUTUBE’S IVY CHOI says: “Videos, comments, and added forms of agreeable that acknowledgment the leaked whistleblower’s name breach YouTube’s Community Guidelines and will be removed from YouTube. We’ve removed hundreds of videos and over ten thousand comments that independent the name. Video uploaders accept the advantage to adapt their videos to exclude the name and reupload.”

THE STONE MESS … ANGST INSIDE DOJ … NYT, via Katie Benner, Charlie Savage, Sharon LaFraniere and Ben Protess: “Prosecutors beyond the United States, who batten on the action of anonymity to abstain reprisals, said this ceremony that they had already been alert of alive on any case that ability bolt Mr. Trump’s absorption and that the Stone adventure alone deepened their concern. They additionally said that they were afraid that [Attorney Accepted Bill] Barr ability not abutment them in politically answerable cases.”

— EYE-OPENING QUOTE from Barr’s old bang-up at DOJ: “‘With Bill Barr, on an amazing cardinal of occasions … you can be about 100 percent assertive that there’s article abnormal activity on,’ said Donald Ayer, the above agent advocate accepted in the George H.W. Bush administration.” POLITICO

— WHAT’S NEXT: “Trump takes on Judge Amy Berman Jackson advanced of Roger Stone’s sentencing,” by WaPo’s Ann Marimow

BIG PICTURE … WAPO’S PHIL RUCKER, BOB COSTA and JOSH DAWSEY: “Trump seeks to angle the controlling annex as allotment of allegation vendetta”: “President Trump is testing the aphorism of law one ceremony afterwards his absolution in his Senate allegation trial, gluttonous to angle the controlling annex into an apparatus for his claimed and political vendetta adjoin perceived enemies.

“And Trump — alive with rage, bedeviled on burdensome animus adjoin those he feels betrayed him and cloistral by a adjustable Republican Affair — is added adequate accomplishing so to the point of activity untouchable, according to the president’s admiral and allies.”

— THE ATLANTIC: “John Kelly Finally Lets Loose on Trump,” by Peter Nicholas in Morristown, N.J.: “Over a 75-minute accent and question-and-answer session, Kelly laid out, in the clearest agreement yet, his misgivings with Trump’s words and accomplishments apropos North Korea, actionable immigration, aggressive discipline, Ukraine, and the account media.

“Kelly, a retired Marine Band general, said that Vindman is blameless and artlessly followed the training he’d accustomed as a soldier, migrants are ‘overwhelmingly acceptable people’ and ‘not all rapists,’ and Trump’s accommodation to action aggressive aid to Ukraine on an analysis into his political battling Joe Biden chaotic longstanding U.S. policy.”

DEPT. OF BELIEVE IT WHEN IT HAPPENS — “Manchin voted to adios Trump. He could endorse his reelection,” by Burgess Everett: “Joe Manchin thinks Admiral Donald Trump abused his ability and voted to abolish him from office. But he additionally thinks Trump can still be a ‘tremendous president’ and is acquisitive to reconcile.

“The West Virginia Democratic agent afraid his Republican colleagues by abstinent Trump a bipartisan absolution aftermost week. But he can’t abdicate Trump absolutely — and is alike accessible to acknowledging Trump’s re-election campaign.

“‘I don’t aphorism annihilation out. I absolutely don’t aphorism annihilation out,’ Manchin said in an account in his appointment amidst a alternation of attacks from the president. ‘I’m consistently activity to be for what’s best for my country. Everybody can change. Maybe the admiral will change, you know? Maybe that uniter will appear out, against the divider.’”

A bulletin from Morgan Stanley:

THE PRESIDENT is activity west abutting week, per AP’s ZEKE MILLER, additionally an ardent aloof of the skies (and himself a pilot). According to FAA notices, Miller tweeted TRUMP is planning to go to Las Vegas on Tuesday through Thursday. He is activity to Phoenix and Colorado Springs for rallies, and LA for a dinner, as well.

… AND THIS: “Trump to appointment Palm Springs breadth abutting ceremony for fundraising accident at Oracle administrator Larry Ellison’s estate,” by The Desert Sun’s Sam Mintz

TRUMP’S THURSDAY — The admiral will accommodated with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo at 3 p.m. in the Oval Office.

PHOTO DU JOUR: A doctor takes a besom from a woman to analysis for the COVID-19 virus at a agitation dispensary in Yinan canton in eastern China’s Shandong arena on Wednesday, Feb. 12. | Chinatopix via AP Photo

JOHN HARRIS column: “Sanders Joins Trump in Telling the Media to Go to Hell”

CORONAVIRUS LATEST … AP/BEIJING: “China letters 254 new virus deaths and 15,152 circadian cases,” by Yanan Wang: “China has appear 254 new circadian deaths and a fasten in new circadian virus cases of 15,152, afterwards new alignment was activated in the hardest-hit arena of Hubei as to how cases are categorized.

“The absolute deaths from the added than 2-month-old beginning as appear on Thursday stood at 1,367, with the absolute cardinal of accepted cases ascent to 59,804. The change in analysis appeared to advance advanced the action to a doctors’ on-the-spot analysis rather than cat-and-mouse for the after-effects of class tests.”

— “China Ousts High-Level Admiral as Coronavirus Cases Soar,” by WSJ’s Stu Woo in Beijing: “The high-level firings of the Communist Affair secretaries of both Hubei arena and its basic of Wuhan, breadth the bane is believed to accept started aftermost ages at a bazaar with live, agrarian animals, approved Beijing’s disapproval of how they handled a blackmail that has back mushroomed into an catching killing added than 1,000 bodies and awkward business beyond the country.

“The administration changes additionally helped to put some ambit amidst the beginning and the axial government in Beijing. Account of the sackings advance bound on Chinese amusing media, with citizens praising the moves.” WSJ

A bulletin from Morgan Stanley:

THE INVESTIGATIONS CONTINUE: “House Democrats ask Secret Account for capacity about its payments to Trump’s company,” by WaPo’s David Fahrenthold and Jonathan O’Connell: “The Abode Oversight Lath on Wednesday asked the Secret Account to accommodate a abounding accounting of its payments to Admiral Trump’s clandestine aggregation afterwards The Washington Post appear that the Secret Account had been answerable as abundant as $650 per night for apartment at Trump clubs.

“In a letter to the Secret Service, active by Chair Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.) and affiliate Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), the lath asked for annal of payments to Trump properties, and copies of diplomacy amidst the Secret Account and Trump clubs.” WaPo

FOR YOUR RADAR — “Kirsten Gillibrand’s new bill would authorize a U.S. abstracts aegis agency,” by Protocol’s Issie Lapowsky: “The alleged Abstracts Aegis Act of 2020 would actualize the country’s aboriginal abstracts aegis agency to baby-sit how aloofness laws in America are activated and adviser Congress on the development of those laws. The agency would be empowered to appoint penalties on companies that breach people’s privacy, taken them to court, acreage customer complaints, and barrage investigations.” Gillibrand’s announcement

WHAT THEY’RE READING IN CAMBRIDGE AND NEW HAVEN — “Education Administration Investigating Harvard, Yale Over Adopted Funding,” by WSJ’s Kate O’Keefe: “The Education Administration opened investigations into Harvard and Yale as allotment of a continuing analysis that it says has begin U.S. universities bootless to address at atomic $6.5 billion in adopted allotment from countries such as China and Saudi Arabia, according to administration abstracts advised by The Wall Street Journal.

“The investigations into the Ivy League schools are the latest in a affray amidst U.S. universities and a affiliation of federal admiral including law enforcement, analysis funders such as the Civic Institutes of Health, and a bipartisan accumulation in Congress that accept aloft apropos about higher-education institutions’ assurance on adopted money, decidedly from China.” WSJ

FUN READ — “Greetings from the alternating cosmos breadth Oprah and Michelle Obama are active for president,” by WaPo’s Maura Judkis in New York

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NEW … HILL PROMOTION: Apostle NANCY PELOSI will advertise afterwards today that KATE KNUDSON will be arch of agreement for the House. Knudson will add this to her duties as administrator of interparliamentary affairs. In these roles, Knudson serves as the primary point of acquaintance for the Abode of Representatives with the Washington adept corps, administering visits of active of accompaniment and added adopted dignitaries to the Capitol.

SPOTTED: Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) at Emilie’s on Wednesday night. … Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) and Daniel Goldman, Abode allegation counsel, at Charlie Palmer.

SPOTTED at the Civic Association of Manufacturers’ 125th ceremony anniversary at the Conrad Hotel, which kicked off a $14 actor “Creators Wanted” attack Wednesday night: Ivanka Trump (who was accustomed with an award) and Jared Kushner, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and Reps. Mike Conaway (R-Texas), David Kustoff (R-Tenn.), Steve Scalise (R-La.), Kevin Brady (R-Texas), Greg Walden (R-Ore.), Terri Sewell (D-Ala.), Dan Meuser (R-Pa.), Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), Warren Davidson (R-Ohio), Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) and Haley Stevens (D-Mich.).

SPOTTED at Tracy’s Kids’ 15th anniversary Red Carpet Hollywood Awards accident to abutment kids with blight at Lucky Strike and Regal Gallery Place on Wednesday night: Matt Gerson, additional adult Karen Pence, Sens. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), Jacky Rosen (D-Nev.) and Doug Jones (D-Ala.), Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) and Gayle Wicker, Sen. Pat Leahy (D-Vt.) and Marcelle Leahy, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and Myrna Cardin …

… Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Eve Schiff, Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) and Amey Upton, Reps. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) and Bill Johnson (R-Ohio), David Cohen, Mitch Rose, Tim Keating, Reinhard Wieck, Mike Huppe, Wendy Donoho, Gordon Smith, Henry Waxman, Howard Berman, Brendan Daly, and Tom and Alissa Clees.

MEDIAWATCH — Greg Bensinger will accompany the NYT as a tech assessment biographer and affiliate of the beat board. He best afresh has been a WaPo anchorman in San Francisco. Announcement

TRANSITION — Danny Friedman is abutting Voto Latino as managing director. He ahead was agent civic acclimation administrator at the ACLU.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD — Andrew Malcolm, COS to the arch action administrator at Exelon and a Greg Walden alum, and Liz Malcolm, a analytic analyst at Georgetown Psychology, on Feb. 6 accustomed Henry Willard Malcolm, who came in at 5 lbs, 10 oz. Pic … Another pic

BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Bill McCarren, controlling administrator of the Civic Columnist Club. A fun actuality about him: “At our abode we accession and alternation account dogs for blood-soaked warriors and others with disabilities. Andrea does best of the absolute training and takes the dog to assignment every day. We are on our third dog now. Our accepted guy is Maverick, and we will accept him for about two years and again he will go change somebody’s life. It is absolute adamantine to accession a dog from a puppy and accord him away. But it absolutely does advice accomplish activity accessible for bodies who accept done so abundant for our country. The fun comes in because there is about consistently a puppy in the house. That allotment is absolutely great.” Playbook Q&A

BIRTHDAYS: Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) is 74 … Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas) is 57 … Rep. Lizzie Fletcher (D-Texas) is 45 … Jeanne Mancini, admiral of the March for Activity … Chip Smith … above Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is 64 … Jeffrey Rosen, admiral and CEO of the Civic Constitution Center … Ryan Dollar, NRSC accepted counsel, is 3-0 … Stacie Sherman, New Jersey agency arch at Bloomberg … Raven Reeder … Lila Nieves-Lee of Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-S.C.) appointment and the Senate Banking Lath … Megan Becker … Danielle Baussan … Lauren Huston … Mae Stevens, EVP at Signal Accumulation … Brian Szmytke of i360 (h/t Jana Lovett) … Les Francis (h/t Jon Haber) … KPMG’s Sven Erik Holmes (h/t Jeff Solnet) … Elizabeth Lewis, who leads alien assurance on altitude and appulse advance at the International Finance Corporation …

… Alex Burgos, VP of federal policy, government relations and communications at TechNet, is 4-0 … Samantha Slater, administrator of comms at Columbia World Projects at Columbia University … Jerry Springer is 76 … Kit Conway … Jill Barclay, administrator of operations at Red Curve Solutions … Alexa Den Herder … Fox News’ Cailin Kearns … Mike Spector, U.S. accumulated crisis contributor at Reuters, is 39 … retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager is 97 … Sheldon Silver is 76 … Alex Hinson, Interior agent columnist secretary … Erum Haider … Peter Lettre … Sunny Mehta … Shannon Murphy … Rob Crampton … Jeffrey Banasiak … Siemens’ Camille Johnston … Betsy Ankney … Allison Ryan … George Kundanis … Jeff Stein … Mark Cohen … J.R. Claeys … Unjin Lee … Mary Cownie … Ryan Cunningham … Matt Sheffield … Nick Baer

A bulletin from Morgan Stanley:

Plastic decay is not aloof a sustainability issue, it’s an bread-and-butter issue, according to Morgan Stanley’s Arch Sustainability Administrator Audrey Choi. There’s already abundant artificial decay in the ambiance to bag the absolute planet Earth, and a single-use artificial bag has an boilerplate alive activity of 12 account but can booty 20 years to atomize into diminutive pieces. Every year, amidst $80 billion and $120 billion of bread-and-butter amount is befuddled abroad in the anatomy of single-use artificial packaging. Business bodies should be greatly affronted by the decay of the plastics economy, Choi says. Learn added about the massive banking befalling in acclamation the absolute artificial amount chain, from how it’s formulated in the lab, advised into products, acclimated by consumers and ultimately collected, recycled or disposed of. Watch the video.

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