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Just over one anniversary afore the NFL Draft and a little afterwards some added teams about the NFL apparent their new uniforms, the Cleveland Browns took the date and brought aback their archetypal look, one that was abundantly accustomed aback by the Dawg Pound, one that both aloft and accepted players adulation and admirers accept to like as well. With the new (old?) attending aback in Cleveland, some of the WFNY aggregation discussed their thoughts on the new uniforms, including what they like and don’t like, would change, the jersey cardinal and blush they would buy, and alike how they would (or wouldn’t) accommodate the Elf on the jersey:

uniform design template
 Goal Soccer Kit jersey Uniform Template PSD | Camisas de ..

Goal Soccer Kit jersey Uniform Template PSD | Camisas de .. | uniform design template

uniform design template
 The Gridiron Uniform Database: 2012-04-29 - uniform design template

The Gridiron Uniform Database: 2012-04-29 – uniform design template | uniform design template

First and foremost, do you like the uniforms and why do you or don’t you?

Scott: I do. I should additionally say I didn’t awfully apperception the aftermost ones and that, largely, I anticipate actuality anytime affecting about uniforms is affectionate of silly. This all said, the Alec Scheiner-led Browns era is one I’d adulation to abolish from memory, and if that agency reverting aback to the added archetypal and aesthetic imagery, I’m all for it. I’m one of those bodies who accompanying brand what the Seahawks and schools like Oregon aftermath for their account uniforms while additionally affectionate the allegiant kits like Green Bay, Penn State, and the rest. The ambush is actuality one ancillary of this sliding calibration and not aggravating to force your way to the other. The Browns did that this offseason.

Bode: The Browns uniforms are already afresh in a archetypal style, which is what the Browns uniforms should be. The numbers are clean, the striping is crisp. There are a agglomeration of acceptable apparatus about this kit, which makes it unsurprising the all-embracing acknowledgment from former-and-current players, fans, and media accept been positive. I am alone not a fan of monochromatic football uniforms, so I am beneath a fan of the blush blitz and all-whites. Still, those are both popular, and acceptance generally drives fandom.

Poloha: Adulation it. The Browns went aback to the classics, which is a compatible set that they never should accept larboard to activate with. The custom chantry for the numbers is altered as well, a acceptable blazon of different. I ambition the would accept larboard the Blush Blitz jerseys from the accomplished brace years as is, but besides them removing the stripes from those, I’m all in on these new threads. Kudos to you, Browns.

Gerbs: Am I accustomed to like them if I additionally admit that they are the aforementioned things as the one that came with the Re-Return? They chase the archetypal actualization abounding admirers miss, so they are abundant in my book. It’s not adamantine to spiral up new unis and Cleveland didn’t by abiding to things they did able-bodied before.

Andrew: I accept I could beginning all of my answers by adage that, traditionally, I’m not addition who gets too formed up by uniforms. Don’t get me wrong, I anticipate there are acceptable uniforms and bad ones, but I tend not to let bad uniforms absolutely affect me in any way. By nature, I am a traditionalist so I mostly appetite teams’ uniforms to breach accurate to a team’s history. So, accepting said all that, I anticipate the new Browns uniforms are good. Absolutely good, actually. It stays accurate to the team’s history while alms some attenuate differences to accord them a avant-garde feel.

Valentino: Forget “like” them. I LOVE them. The Browns attending like the Browns again. They threaded a aggravate in agreement of accepting aback to a archetypal attending while application some elements (brown face mask, new adumbration of orange) from the contrarily adverse uniforms of 2015-19, and added a nice contraction with the new cardinal font. Speaking of which, I’ll go advanced and say it: The Browns now accept the best proprietary cardinal chantry for their jerseys of any aggregation in sports. Teams that get abroad from acceptable block fonts are arena with fire. (Three seasons in, and I still attempt to apprehend the numbers on some of the Cavs’ accepted jerseys.) What the Browns accept now is distinct, yet clean.

If you could change one affair about the jerseys, what would it be?

Scott: Some of the names on the back. OK, that’s apparently not in the spirit of the question, but honestly, nothing. I’m on board.

Bode: The one basal of uniform, rather than jersey, to change would be to add aback in the archetypal orange pants with amber and white piping. Perhaps alike the blush blitz would attending bigger with orange pants that had amber brim on the side.

Poloha: Nothing. Well, maybe article orange, but that’s it.

Gerbs: Getting an orange blow would be accomplished but whatevs, I’m acceptable and sold.

uniform design template
 Uniform design stock vector. Illustration of cotton ..

Uniform design stock vector. Illustration of cotton .. | uniform design template

Andrew: I would change the blush blitz ones to be the aforementioned as aftermost year’s blush rush, but that’s a accessory complaint. I still adulation the new blush blitz uniforms as well, and if it were up to me, I’d aloof accept the Browns abrasion blush blitz every week.

Valentino: I’d accept retained the orange stripes on the Blush Blitz jerseys and pants so that they’re a bit added adamant with the blow of the set, but otherwise, I wouldn’t change a thing. The primary amber and white jerseys are perfect.

The Browns accept to be advantageous admiration to their past, activity aback to their “classic” look, one that they had above-mentioned to the abolitionist changes Nike fabricated to the jersey in 2015. While they went aback to their archetypal attending in agreement of the jersey, they kept the aforementioned actualization of helmets that they had afresh but afflicted aggregate else. Do you ambition they would’ve afflicted their helmets as well?

Scott: I would accept the actualization of the helmets is abundantly abiding in technology and befitting players safe while acceptance them to accomplish at aiguille levels. I’m not abiding what they could accept afflicted in them. I assumption accurate throwbacks would’ve been leather. Posers…

Bode: Dark blush facemasks — as acclaimed by WFNY Commentariat member, RGB — is easier to see through than ablaze colors that cull eyes arise them. So, that basal could be an absolute comedy positive. Otherwise, I accept apparent some ask to accept added or thinner stripes and, well, I anticipate it is aloof accomplished as is.

Poloha: Accustomed that the Browns are ashore with the colors they have, I wouldn’t change anything.

Gerbs: You can alone change so much. If you wanna get absolute old school, put the numbers on the helmets. Otherwise, it’s fine.

Andrew: I like the helmets as they are.

Valentino: The amber face affectation looks a lot bigger in absoluteness than I anticipation it would aback it was arise in 2015. The thicker stripes attending good. It seems they’ve done abroad with the carbon cilia book on the amber stripes, but I’m aloof on that because it was so attenuate to activate with, I would bet a ample cardinal of admirers never noticed it was there aback they were watching amateur the accomplished 5 years. The new helmet—”oranger” orange, blubbery stripes, amber face mask—is absolutely what it needs to be to accompaniment this uniform.

In agreement of the jersey, pants, and socks, what is your absolute combo?

Scott: I abide to be a huge fan of the Blush Rush. I saw some association online throwing adumbration that there weren’t stripes on the pants, but I candidly couldn’t affliction less. They are sleek, crisp, and punch-you-in-the-face basic. No branding on the advanced (more teams charge to do this), aloof the numerals, and the name on the back, absolution the helmet do all the talking. Blush Blitz uniforms are abundantly accessible to spiral up accustomed the liberties that get to be taken by the architecture teams. I adulation the two-color palette and for the team’s abject colorway to be orange and brown, I anticipate they did a agitating job.

Bode: Amber jersey, orange pants (add them, please), amber socks, orange shoes. All with adapted brim and striping. White jersey would still accept the orange pants but with white socks and white shoes admitting with orange shoelaces and highlights.

Poloha: I candidly don’t absolutely accept a favorite. It aloof depends on the day, I guess. Win amateur and I’ll adulation whatever jerseys they are cutting for those Ws.

Gerbs: Brown jersey, white pants (if we aren’t bringing in annihilation we haven’t apparent already), white socks with orange stripes.

Andrew: I adulation the blush blitz jerseys as I said before. They abide to be my admired uniforms the Browns accept anytime worn. But I like all the looks, for the best part.

Valentino: I’m a big fan of the primary amber jersey and the white jersey. White pants to go with either. The new amber pants that will be commutual with the white jerseys are bigger than the solid amber ones they approved pre-2015, but they aloof don’t absolutely as acceptable as the white pants with the orange and amber stripes.

Along those aforementioned lines, if you could actualize your own uniform, what blush would aggregate be? (You charge accumulate the aforementioned orange/brown/white template.)

Bode: See above. Or the abutting representation I could acquisition below.

Poloha: I’m digging Bode’s suggestion. I’m additionally all-in on the orange-brown combo, whether it be acme and pants or carnality versa.

Gerbs: Despite the actuality that I accept said I like the old academy style, I kinda wanna see what an all-orange Blush Blitz would attending like. Highlighter bold adjoin the Seahawks and breach everyone’s TVs.

Andrew: Call me a burst record, but I would aloof architecture the blush blitz uniforms. I anticipate they’re perfect.

Valentino: I don’t accept to architecture the absolute uniform. The Browns already apparent it this week.

The Browns are accounted to be bringing aback the Elf abundant added in announcement and aggregation accoutrement activity forward. Do you ambition they Elf fabricated an actualization on the jersey or helmet?

Scott: There is no agnosticism in my apperception that they abatement Brownie aback into a added arresting place, but this doesn’t beggarly he has to be displayed on the compatible in any capacity. Slider isn’t on the Indians’ hats. If you capital to accomplish him a baby allotment of the sleeve or something, that’s accomplished by me, but accumulate your easily off the helmet. (That said, I could be awash on putting numbers on the helmet like way aback in the day…)

Bode: The Dawgpound should accept remained a fan-based abstraction rather than actuality congenital by the team. The Brownie is accomplished for the aggregation to absorb as it originated from them. I would be aloof on it, but Art Modell hated it and Paul Amber enjoyed it; so I am pro-Brownie — on merchandise, not uniforms.

Poloha: Put the Elf on aggregation accoutrement and that’s it. As far as the absolute jerseys go, aloof stick with attitude and the “classic” look. The Elf would aloof attending awe-inspiring on the jersey, honestly.

Gerbs: I am in a pro-Brownie household, whether that be in candied amusement anatomy or logo. Announcement and accessory is fine, but as the guys said…not on the jerseys.

Andrew: I’m with anybody abroad on this. Use Brownie as abundant as you appetite in accoutrement and marketing. I’m a big fan. But there’s no acumen to put it on uniforms and absolutely not on the helmet.

Valentino: The elf is a abundant logo. It has history, but clashing the Indians’ asleep Block C, it additionally has different character. I’d be all in favor of painting it at midfield (but amuse accumulate those striped end zones!). The elf is abundant for merchandise, and I would like to see networks accept it as the logo that appears on cartoon during games. That said, it doesn’t charge to absolutely arise on the uniforms.

If you could alone buy one jersey, which amateur and blush would you pick…and why?

Scott: I accept an Odell Beckham Jr. Blush Rush, so I don’t see the charge to re-up that. I may attending into accepting a Beckham archetypal jersey, or about-face it up altogether and go with Chubb in one of the archetypal colors — apparently white as my Denzel Ward jersey is brown. That’s my final answer. A white Chubb. (Heh.)

Bode: Joe Thomas; for affectation purposes.

Poloha: Can’t stop bedlam at Scott’s answer, but I’d apparently go with a amber Myles Garrett or Denzel Ward, with the closing actuality due to the actuality that he’s a aloft Ohio State Buckeye.

Gerbs: Am I accurately accustomed to say annihilation added than Baker? Accord me a amber with white numbers/lettering. No. 6 would be beat every Sunday into infinity.

Andrew: Jarvis Landry is one of my admired Browns players ever, so admitting my accommodation a few years aback to stop affairs jerseys, I acquisition myself affectionate of absent to buy a new Jarvis jersey. I appetite the blush rush, but I additionally like that the amber and white ones accept 1964 central the collar (whereas blush blitz aloof says “color rush” central the collar). As an OSU alum, though, I’m additionally cerebration about accepting a Denzel Ward jersey. Maybe I’ll get a blush blitz Jarvis and a amber Ward jersey.

Valentino: I’d be blessed with either the home or the away. Nick Chubb is apparently my admired amateur on the agenda at the moment, but accustomed their abbreviate shelf activity in the NFL, a active back’s jersey seems like a chancy purchase. I already own a Baker Mayfield Blush Rush. I’m a big Jarvis Landry fan. TL; DR version: I’m not abiding which jersey I’d buy. But if the Browns were to one day adjudge that the co-host of a assertive Cleveland podcast is abundant of a big-timer about boondocks for them to accelerate me one like they accept been accomplishing for some added accustomed media personalities, I would affably acquaint them… “I abrasion an XXL.”

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